October 5, 2022 | 6:59 pm
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2022 Baseline NBA Awards

Our 1st Annual Baseline Awards. Cal Lee and Warren Shaw doling out accolades and props for the attributes that often get overlooked or lost in the mainstream awards every year. We had fun creating these categories we hope you enjoy them too:
– Glue Guy of the Year
– Multiverse Player of the Year
– The MacGyver Award
– Say Hi To The Bad Guy Award
– You Don’t Want This Smoke Award
– Invisible Bully Award
– The Robin Award
– MVPBT (Most Valuable Player on a Bad Team)

Cal Lee 01:02
This is the baseline discussing the hot button topics of the end. Be a welcome everybody. You’re tuned to the baseline. Callie Warren Shaw discussing the hot button topics of the NBA. A we have finally gotten here. End of the NBA regular season. Eyes are going to be completely focused on Chapter three of this vainglorious season. We’re talking NBA Playoffs, but before we do, we got to make sure that we end the season properly. Really excited if we’re doing this, I guess you can can you can consider this the inaugural season of the baseline awards. That’s right. We have got select very finely named awards to handout for what has been an absolute fabulous season. I’m not going to you know get into any of those really, really dry, sarcastic. You know, lowbrow humor jokes that tend to happen. We’re not roasting nobody. But and listen, given the height and climate of doing niche disciple shows, I think it’s always good that you have at least two hosts on board. So let me go and roll out the red carpet to my right hand man. www STR sports net Bhikkhuni PNC my brother Mr. Warren sharp and out of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. What’s good man, you got your tux on ready to hand out some of these awards?

Warren Shaw 02:24
You know I do, brother, it’s been a long time coming. Right? I feel like we’ve been kicking this idea around for like three or four years. And they’ve always kind of just run out of time life circumstances. And we more or less give the people what everybody else gives. I’m a little embarrassed by that. But we do the same thing everybody has always done. We talked about who the MVP should be six, Max, etc. And all those things are great. But if you know us, we like to be a little bit different in a good way. And I’m very excited that we came up with our own award categories this season. Man, I think this will be a fun one.

Cal Lee 02:54
Absolutely. We really hope that you guys especially enjoy it. Obviously, we’re not going to keep you in the dark about what these awards in these title mints mean. But in you know, when you look at it within its context, it just makes for how we looked at the NBA season unfold. You know, the other thing is well, to show I think this is what’s really cool about this is that we’re acknowledging things that I just tend to think get either overlooked or really underappreciated. When it comes to the more mainstream baseline awards, that are typically being given out. And while you know, it continues to evolve, and you know, I’m sure that you know, the criteria that should be met. For some of these, you know, mainline awards, you know, are going to, you know, they’re going to always evolve. That’s how it is I what I like about what we’re doing here is that we’re picking at very specific things, Nuance things that I think, as a as a listener, as someone who’s been involved in this man, we appreciate that these guys go out there and they put in that work, they do these things because without it the game just isn’t as fun to watch isn’t as fun to talk about. And for the listeners isn’t isn’t as as vested for them to be able to have a good time with.

Warren Shaw 04:10
Yeah, I think those are great points. Like as we’re alluding to, there’s going to be some stuff in here that’s for your basketball purist, if you will, but looking deeper than past the kind of normal things that are in basketball conversation. And like so we’re going to have fun, there’s going to be some fun awards too. And you know, creative names and puns and titles that we’re utilizing to that we hope our fans listeners will kind of engage with. And as always, I cannot wait to hear what the reaction is, you know, on social media and kind of like, Hey, man, you got this board or or this board, right? That stuff is always fun for us, man, so I can’t wait to jump in.

Cal Lee 04:38
Absolutely. So without further ado, we are going to present to you you and yours. The first the annual baseline awards for 2021 2022. And as always, we definitely want to get your perspective so be sure to get at my main shot Ashar sports and media get at me again basically the show’s twitter handle Adding a baseline available in all the major platforms, you know where to find us to catch this episode and all of our previous episodes, be sure to go to www dot the baseline nba.com. Also remember to the baseline rolls with the 90 media family. So if you want to check out our show, and the litany of great content that’s out there, right now, be sure to go to www dot 90 media group.com. So let’s get right into it, man. This is it, the baseline awards. And as we go along, we’ll give you a little bit of a background of what we you know, what the award teittleman means, and what it’s supposed to mean to us. And hopefully it will mean the same to you. So the first one that we have up on our baseline awards is called the glue guy of the Year award. So I’m gonna go so then people say, I really want to go and my Okay, shout out to our Elmers if you grew up on Elmers, you know that that’s some serious Bucha. Okay, so that’s the kind of dude that we looking at, to post up. This year’s award died, it really holds this team together. And Shaw I think we have some really, really great candidates to select from. Ultimately, there is only one to choose to be our guy of the year.

Warren Shaw 06:28
No Homer ism. But we feel like in this situation this year, Marcus mark is the glue guy of the year. Take it back. He was around November ish. And I remember I tweeted out, man, I think the stuff is gonna be the first team to have one of those players only Locker Room meetings and literally the Celtics players only locker room meeting. Couple fast forward another couple of games, so to speak, market smart calls out Jason Tatum and Jalen Brown for basically not passing enough or not really being being able to move and flow within the offense. And he was promised to be the point guard duty. All of those things might be seen as negatives, but they were able to get past those things. And Marcus smart as a defender as a lead point guard has really helped to galvanize his Boston Celtics roster and this miraculous turnaround that we’ve seen from them, basically since the start of the new year, December 31. So for us, it ends up being smart. A guy who just you know, he gets some people’s nerves. Yes, he flops, but he’s been kind of the star was that the straw that stirs the drink here for the Boston Celtics outside of Tatum and Brown, who are obviously super talented, but great, great stuff from him this year and his first year as truly the Celtics point guard, I think he did an amazing job. And getting getting that team on the right getting that getting that team on the right on the right page, especially after the new year.

Cal Lee 07:47
And when I’m one of the things I highlight as well to show the turnaround that the Celtics had doesn’t happen without dhoka selling Marcus smart and having him buy into the idea of how important he’s going to be in getting Tatum and brown in a position for them to excel the way that they’ve been able to excel. I mean, we’ve seen now Jason Tatum get now you know, ponied up into the NBA MVP conversations with the second half surge, and how quickly the Celtics have elevated themselves with the potential for them to be, you know, a upper seeded team in the Eastern Conference. So, you know, again, that doesn’t happen unless a guy shows you that he’s willing to do whatever it takes in order for him and his team to be as successful as possible. And we just felt like Marcus smart just was that dude. So that being said, it doesn’t mean that he just by far ran away with it. We had some other really, really great considerations for this particular award. Shaw, Andrew Wiggins, Steve Adams, Pat Beverley McHale Bridges out of Phoenix Scotty Barnes and this is a rookie year for this kid right like what what he has been able to do for the Toronto Raptors has been tremendous. So let it not be said that while we did select Marcus smart, there were some other dudes more more more than capable of possibly holding that award down. But I think through the course of the regular season, you look at it as totality. Marcus spark was just straight up that guy. Yeah,

Warren Shaw 09:20
very, very well said. I mean, you can also see shout out probably the the the ultimate glue guy in NBA history and Draymond Green. Obviously he was injured for a good majority of the season and like that’s just kind of like who he is every single year. But for me, a very, very close second was Pat Beverley and then probably Scotty Barnes. I don’t think people understand how good Scott Barnes has been all year how many minutes he plays for that Minnesota. Sorry, Minnesota for that for that Toronto Raptors roster and what he does for them on a regular basis. That is everything. Not not always scoring. He’s played point guard for them for long stretches too when Fred VanVleet was hurt this year too. So all those guys are people who really hold it together for the rosters, but again, smart wasn’t number one choice here for us, but Beverly Barnes, Wiggins Adams all those guys deserve consideration as well.

Cal Lee 10:05
All right, now let’s move our attention to I did what we call as the multiverse. This is basically like the dude that comes off the bench and is more than what your is your prototypical sixth man of the year because the Sixth Man of the Year, and no disrespect to the NBA is perception of that, obviously, you know, everybody is still on their Vinny in the microwave Johnson, you know, Guy gotta come out there and just score buckets. But when we talk about the multiverse award, we’re talking about a guy who does more than just scoring the basketball, he comes off the bench and he just gives you so much more a spark a run sustainability, just there’s so many other attributes that I think tend to get missed when we consider those six Man of the Year awards at times because we’re so enamored with the way that guy comes off and scores the basketball and while it’s easy to give it to the Eric Gordon‘s and the Lou Williams of the world and things of that nature, we feel it best deserving you know, a guy that we thought it’s really hard to imagine that we’ve come to this point because he’s been in the NBA so long being a former champion being just an automatic double doubles guy and with the weight of the Cleveland Cavaliers have have elevated themselves who would have thought that for us multiverse award will go to Kevin Love what do we make of this man?

Warren Shaw 11:34
Well for me you know when with the selection love did so much for this team on as a just as a leader, right. And as a guy who could have been complaining started the year like he’s not going to take any type of buyout and all that and we all laugh we all laugh more or less than what Cleveland was trying to do play three big men and in the frontcourt with marketing and starting and figured this love situation was gonna blow up in their face, but the fact that he more than played good soldier, he actually contributed off the bench. And yes, he scored, you know, 1314 points again, still got seven and a half rebounds a game, you know, two plus the system still shot 30% from three, but his overall ability to kind of even galvanizes unit and that bench mob, if you will, that had that Cleveland has, to me really, really stands out as deserving as a guy when we’re going to talk about hey, it wasn’t just scoring that he brought to his six man role. He did a lot more for that team. Some of it are the intangibles that you can’t even see on a regular basis. So I think this was a great and intuitive selection here by us with Kevin Love.

Cal Lee 12:33
Oh, yeah, no doubt. I just think that his maturity in how he is basically embraced. The Cleveland Cavaliers means so much to this quick ascension. And I think it is bolstered the voice of JB Bickerstaff in showing that he is a player’s coach. And I think when you have that many young guys out there given you know all of the swirling controversy, you know what’s happened with Collin Sexton and Darius garland now basically taking over and things that nature, the whole idea is tempering down a lot of the stuff that really is not going to help them as much as it is what it is that he brings to the table off the court and especially on the court. I mean, how often do we talk about a guy who’s in a position to almost basically average a double double coming off the bench, we typically think it’s a one on one or type thing, right? Like when it comes to guys that play, you know, in the front court role. So I’m really happy for a guy like Kevin Love to show that level of versatility, especially due to years because he’s always played third fiddle to the Lebron years. Right. And I think a lot of people really didn’t respect or see the leadership qualities that Kevin Love truly can exhibit on certain teams where that opportunity presents itself and the fact that he’s doing it is completely awesome. Now let it not be said again, dudes are not running away with this. More than qualified we give that to Kevin Love. But LANDRY SHAMET out of Phoenix, I mean, a lot of people talk about it because they don’t recognize his importance to that Phoenix Suns team is the same importance that we would we would be talking about how he stayed with the Brooklyn Nets a season ago Shaw and Gary Payton Jr. While he kind of fell off the map a little bit, Man, that guy coming in for the Warriors when they were on that impressive run it early outset of this season. Let it not be said his gameplay is just if he’s given the minutes. Oh, I mean, he is basically must see TV.

Warren Shaw 14:41
Yeah, yeah. Great, great, great, great conversation there with both of those guys. And Gary Payne, I think had he not had the injuries and the warriors had the slide, you know, probably gets higher consideration as well too. I’ll throw one last name out there as well too. And it’s funny because I think oftheir you had mentioned it basically the entire Memphis Grizzlies roster you know was really kind of in consideration here but I’ll single out one guy I think Tyus Jones gets credited by some circles as probably the best backup point guard in the league like true backup point guard. So again we’re thinking about a guy who does more than score the basketball ties Jones does a great job usually leads League and insisted turnover ratio etc etc. Didn’t check the stats to see where you land on that this year specifically, but I know that guy to get who’s not just a score, but it’s very integral for what he does coming off of his team’s bench and then same thing even in Miami while they’ll have they’ll have the actual six men of the year entirely Harold because of what he did scoring and things of that nature. Their entire roster is really really littered with guys who you know who did a lot of great jobs for them like Kayla Martin came off the bench and did some stuff for them extras came off the bench for a while so to me like said it’s a really interesting situation but I love love our pick again, like I said with Kevin Love.

Cal Lee 15:47
Yeah, I mean, it’s it’s also pretty cool as well too. Because we think multiverse you know, I’m saying obviously we were thinking you know, like Marvel, like kind of context. So, you know, I don’t know I don’t know what which version of Kevin Love is the Andrew Garfield or Tobey Maguire

Warren Shaw 16:04
has a Doctor Strange looks. Exactly You know,

Cal Lee 16:07
I’m saying like, you know, a good a good a little cover Pat Cumberbatch. You’re doing to the baseline Cali award show discussing the hot button topics of the NBA and this is our first annual baseline awards. We’re handing out some trophies to some dudes who have made this a really exciting NBA regular season to watch. Alright, so in a little bit, we’re going to be we got some we got some titles for y’all. So you don’t want to be sleeping on these award entitlements and stuff like that. And to our you know, respect to competitors don’t be Buyten we ain’t about that. So alright, let’s go in to what we consider is the MacGyver basically, this is the award where you basically are working with practically nothing and you make it self alright. Tight situation. I mean, you just basically need to fix in Roseanne and and some duct tape. And suddenly this basketball team isn’t an NBA championship. I don’t know what it is, because some guys will make it work. And they’re working with less. So I let you go ahead and roll out the the the announcement of who you had dubbed the MacGyver award for this first annual baseline award.

Warren Shaw 17:27
Well, for us, you know, it’s good. We take into consideration circumstances, expectations coming into the year and then just how things more or less played out. And it’s great to be able to honor a guy like Woody green here from the New Orleans Pelicans. For what he’s been able to do with the roster. I think they started off two and 16 or three and 16 to begin the year, and have now worked themselves into the playing tournament, not the playoffs as we record but at least to play in tournament without Zion Williamson the entire tire season from Griff coming out here saying oh, well you know, he’ll be back at some point within the first couple of weeks and then no update. Oh, will will will will will check in at all star break to oh, he’s not even with the team. He’s in Portland. Just and not even have that guy all year and even, you know, bi ran and Mingo he was in and our lineup a little bit as well, too. They didn’t get a whole lot from Devonte Graham, it didn’t matter. Well, the Green was able to persevere they obviously made that trade at the deadline to get CJ McCollum he’s been nothing but a shot of adrenaline for this roster. And they’ve usurped teams that we thought were probably going to be at least in the playing game. So for us will be green man great, great job here MacGyvering that thing, no business really being here. I think with some of the some of the guys on this roster. I got like Jose Alvarado, you know, just coming out of nowhere and being an integral part off their bench. And, you know, one of the best best deals guys, we have the NBA right now. Great job for Willie green and that New Orleans Pelicans team to kind of get things done here and make the playing game.

Cal Lee 18:47
Absolutely. And I know like you, especially when you were considering the MacGyver award you had like TyLoo and JB Bickerstaff listed. And it’s interesting because for me, I also thought that a person that deserves to be in that conversation is Billy Donovan for the Chicago Bulls. Even with the expectations that you had for this team, that they were going to be a much better basketball team and probably unlikely to more the second best team coming out of the Central Division. To me, what was more important about what I saw from Billy Donovan, his ability to still keep this team competitive and up as high as they’ve been in the Eastern Conference conversation, while all of Everything was happening, like you know, you lose Zach Lavine, you lose Lonzo ball, and it’s just, you know, a harsh, you know, just a mishmash of putting the roster together to have these guys compete and then getting, you know, great contributions from your younger players and things of that nature. So to me, I think Billy Donovan should have definitely been in that consideration as well too. And you know, Listen what the Cleveland Cavaliers there’s nothing to snuff that, like what JB Bickerstaff has done has just been absolutely amazing. But to your point, Shaw, we just felt that what Willie Green was able to do and even getting this New Orleans Pelicans team to even be into play in to me is just absolutely remarkable. Just just no words to express like Willie is Willie is that dude right about now? All right now let’s move on over to this is where we started getting really good this I love this one because this one and we were trying to figure out how we wanted to name this one. This one is why why why that’s why I say goodbye to Mr. Nice Guy say hi to the bad guy. Say hi to the bad guy. That’s right. This is that dude. You don’t want no part of this guy. When it comes to his presence in the pain. Okay, he is he dominates Okay, when he comes in there. You want some luda move Get out the way. All right. So we had really deliberated on this. And look when we give out these awards. This is not about shunning our top tier players, okay. There’s a reason why they are who they are. Yes, we can consider them for MVPs and other but these are the type of awards where even when you don’t this is what helps separate us in our ability to identify what makes them the great players that they are. So with that being said, say hi to the bad guy award Yanis the Greek freak Antetokounmpo okay, what more can be said I understand that people are sick of Yanis because he is always in the MVP conversation. But there’s a reason why he’s an MVP conversation. He is the reason why we respect do to actually work and get theirs in the paint. When you see yawn is go down there man, he is a menace. And when you are getting the same praises from even the other bigs in the game of basketball, saying they sometimes don’t want no part of it. When Kevin Durant says he wants no part of defending Yiannis in the pay rather see him coming down like a locomotive train. You know I’m saying in transition and have to deal with them in a pain that speaks volumes to the kind of player yawn excited to Kupo has been. He’s a blue collar old school kind of dude, even though he is one of the most athletic bigs you’ll ever see. But to me sure, when we talk about say hi to the bad guy. That’s that debt connotation. I mean, like, you don’t want no part of that do when he’s in his home space. You know, I’m saying when he’s in his way, I don’t know what Thanos planning is. When that went Thanos is resting in his homeland. Y’all don’t want no no part of it. You know, I’m saying Why don’t you want one know that static when he’s in his home space?

Warren Shaw 22:46
Yeah, I love I love this pic as well to you. I mean, and some people are like, alright, well, yeah, it’s obvious. But, you know, even if you run some of some of the numbers by, you know, by our listeners here, you’re kind of just like, oh, you know, we can really kind of understand, you know, what the situation is? Well, you know, when when, when it comes to Yanis. Alright, so basically half of his shots, you suits eight teams, point six shots again, right? Over nine of those shots are within five within five feet. He’s shooting 74% on those shots, which you would imagine I mean, it is within five feet, but it’s just because of the overall physicality seven basically 6.94 9.3 is our his field goals. Major infield was attempt, you know, within the paint range, he is just dominant, absolutely dominant. And I think it’s one of those things where you know, he’s there, you’re just kind of like damn, if he if he’s gotten to that spot if he’s Euro stepped or features flat out posted you up there, it’s a done deal. So you know, shout so Yanis I think this is kind of a no brainer here. When when you talk about say hi to the bad guy, nobody’s rocking Uranus in the way down there on the block.

Cal Lee 23:53
Now, let it not be said though, people who read certainly considered for that coveted award, Joel Embiid. And listen, we talked about this Shaw, this is the kind of mentality Jolin beat has to have, if he’s ever going to be considered for MVP. It’s not just his savvy, you know, his ability to shoot from beyond the arc. It’s also his ability to dominate down low and I think we’ve seen him take that step forward this year, you know, because he’s obviously a runner up right now for the MVP while a lot of people are leaning on your yoke EJ to probably win it win in a four second time. If there’s ever a time where he is that that close, and I think Embiid is going to wind up getting the most points per game. This season is gonna get boring, boring title. But when it comes to Embiid ability to do that, it had to be him being more of a physical presence, down in the blocks, establishing himself and dominating down there as well too. And I think we definitely saw that from Embiid this year.

Warren Shaw 24:57
Absolutely. Again, while the number Don’t say he was living down there because he has so much versatility because he can shoot that that mid range that pick and pop as well to 72% for him you know on field goes below five five feet five feet and under basically four out of six if you will, on his on his attempts, field goals made the field goals attempted and what is many considered to be you know, his best shot at winning the MVP Yan is obviously uses in that conversation as well too. So, you know, it’s amazing to see Joelle be healthy and be able to put put together a campaign like this that is extremely noteworthy for multiple awards, baseline or otherwise.

Cal Lee 25:34
All right, so now we’ve got a litany of other words to get into especially one of the our, you know, I love this one, we call it the robin award. I’m sure you guys, you guys are some smart individuals. I think you know where we’re going with that one. We also have the invisible bully award. Shout out, shout out to my man, Notorious BIG, you can never find a person who can rock a line better than big did when he uses that term, invisible bullies. So you want to figure out what we mean by that. You got to stay tuned with us. Also, you don’t want smoke. You don’t want this smoke award. Can’t wait for you to find out who we selected for that award as well too. We also got a litany of filler awards coming up in a few moments. So you want to hang with us man, the baseline award show is on and poppin Callie Warshaw baseline, more to come here in a few moments.

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Cal Lee 27:15
We are back Callie Warren Shaw, the baseline NBA podcast and this is our first annual baseline awards. So let’s keep this thing moving. Right. So now we got the you don’t want this smoke award. What do we mean by that? Ah sure. I love you for this one bro. This is the best shit talker man like this is the dude who is going to really get up in your headspace. And have you really really contemplating whether or not basketball is your is your career. Okay? Let it not be said man if you’ve been following you know, your your social media outlets. There’s really only a couple of dudes out there who really put themselves in that spotlight. Obviously, there can only be one. Hey, listen, if you don’t know then you just don’t pay attention. All right, it’s Kevin Durant KD you know, I’m saying my man elevates the smoke better than anybody right now. I mean, he’s straight up vaping when it comes to his, when it comes to his when it comes to him yakking on cats, man, like his trolling is I mean he he talks smack with the best of them even to the fans, your arms and I mean, it just don’t get no better than KD man who you always think is like the quietest one. But let not that skinniness for you. My man talks trash with the festival.

Warren Shaw 28:39
He’s talking trash on the court. He’s talking trash in the locker rooms. He’s talking trash on social media, you know, on his own platforms. And it’s just it doesn’t doesn’t matter. You know, Katie is about that life. He is not the typical athlete who’s just gonna sit back and you know, cower and bow down his head if people are coming at him. I think for me, you know, when he he did the itsy bitsy sign a couple weeks ago. But I was like, Yo, this guy is on another level when it comes to it. And the thing about it is not there’s not shit you can do about it. You know, he’s gonna talk stuff to you. And you just kind of Oh, no, no,

Cal Lee 29:15
no, no, no. What about that one time and I think this they caught this on on Insta. When he was goes down. Somebody was talking smack to him. And the person next to the person talking smack was filming this and Katie was sitting there standing like as like half court because it was like a free throw attempts or whatever. And he just turned it and he just lip given that dude lip right? Then he comes down to the other end of the floor. jacks up was three hits that and and he tells do shut the EFF up. was just like, Yo, how do you find time to do this?

Warren Shaw 29:53
Yeah, me he certainly was. He was

Cal Lee 29:55
not even in the planet playing right now. And he’s telling a fan to just shut up. effort while he drains a three in the opposition’s Island. Like just just to get no better.

Warren Shaw 30:06
Yeah, Katie walks with the hero. And so you know, and Anna burner, I guess as well Sue. So, you know, at the end of the day, you just got to watch what you say man because Katie can definitely give it to you. So shout out to him for you know, creating some new ways to be a shit talker and some in some aspects, but a lot of fun watching him play this year and do what he did to the competition. And, you know, to people on the timeline as well too, if you feeling froggy out there,

Cal Lee 30:30
I mean, but what I love about KD is the fact that he can be very sophisticated with his shit talking. And then he can just be grimy. Just saying like, he’s just, I mean, I don’t know what I don’t know where it’s coming from. And I just I basically tell people, you know, watch where you go with this, because you don’t know what version of Katie you’re gonna get, you know, I’m saying now let it not be said though. Gotta give shout outs to DEVIN BOOKER, Pat Bev, and big cat, who I consider the spawn of Beverly, ever since Patrick Beverley don’t come to the Minnesota Timberwolves I don’t know what version of Karl Anthony Towns is right now. But if this is this Karl Anthony Towns I’m all about that energy man. This he he’s not he’s not I mean, no more Mr. Nice Guy that might have to be award somewhere down the line. Like no more Mr. Nice Guy award like that, dude, that was like coming in all clean cut. You know, I’m saying mama boy, like kind of play. And then all of a sudden, you know, a couple of minutes with Patrick Beverley and my man is just all up in everybody’s head space. So I gotta give shout outs to call Anthony Towns because he didn’t flipped his personality real quick. And now he’s one of them kind of dudes, man. And he’s all about the head games against his opposition. Yeah, real talk.

Warren Shaw 31:45
And I think even him proclaiming himself to be the big big man shooter. You know when the in the in the league, and then it goes out there and wins the three point contest at All Star Weekend and things of that nature. He’s out here screaming, he’s out here, you know, hyping up the crowd, or if he’s in the opponent’s arena, he’s antagonizing the crowd. He does. Again, he’s looking like somebody who is probably going to continue on this path, as we’ve seen him maybe take a little bit of a step in the positive direction in terms of his you know, a lot of people consider his stats potentially to have been empty calories, if you will. But now what’s equating to winning he’s got Anthony Edwards alongside with them as boy, the Angela Russell and the Timberwolves are a different franchise. And a lot of that is, is is like it’s not like you said, because of this morning, Pat Beverley, but catches internalizing, understanding he needed to be a bigger and more vocal leader on this roster.

Cal Lee 32:27
All right, and listen, man, DEVIN BOOKER. I mean, we knew that there was a little bit of edge to him, but ever since he’s got what Chris Paul, he is very, very boisterous, and he will make it be known and don’t even don’t even sleep on on on what version of DEVIN BOOKER we see for this upcoming playoffs, there is going to be a level of chipping as to him, because I think that he recognizes this window of opportunity for them to be able to get to an NBA Finals and ultimately capture an NBA championship. So DEVIN BOOKER on edge is very, very dangerous. I’m looking forward to seeing just you know, if the Golden State Warriors can step their game up and really elevate, I’m willing to I want to see how he fares against the Klay Thompson‘s and the Steph Steph Curry’s of the world and stuff like how much John Beck he’s going to do with Draymond Green and stuff, because there’s a lot of respect there. But this version of DEVIN BOOKER that I’m predicting is going to take place for the playoffs. This guy is a threat and if he’s talking talking shit, you know, I’m saying like, Yo, like just just watch that space just straight up and down. Watch that space. Alright, now let’s get into another favorite award comes the roses fools is shaken visible bullied called the invisible bully award. Okay, so what do we mean by invisible bully? Right? Like we’re just talking about that dude, who straight up a bully, you know, a physical presence against you against anybody. You know, I’m saying like, there’s no fear intimidation whatsoever. And I really, really appreciate this because it’s a little bit different than saying the guy’s got to be dominant. The guys that we’ve selected for this award, under no circumstances would ever be considered for any kind of MVP, whatever the case may be, maybe for something like Defensive Player of the Year or something like that, but I’m really just talking about his physical presence can literally change the outcome of wherever they are on the basketball court, particularly in the front court, like their presence, their intimidation factor all of that. So I’m gonna let you lay out Who do we have is our invisible bully award winner

Warren Shaw 34:32
Yeah, I think this was an interesting one as well too because some people may not understand and recognize how just damn physical but Ben autobio in Miami is he’s a monster you know he he’s rock solid. He’s still an undersized five if you will. And you don’t ever really know the size miami miami really getting abused by by by bigger guys out there. You know every now and then maybe somebody gets over but BAM holds it down at that five spot, but still very coachable.

Cal Lee 34:58
Go ahead. Can I add something to that to that into what you’re just saying Shaw. Bam by the by you with the you Donna’s Haslam symbiote okay if the reason why we’re saying that this dude is who he is, is he’s got a sim by opening you Danis Haslam, you download some are busted your ass as I’m talking to his ear. This is the elevation of what happens when the dude is is around you down as as this is the byproduct

Warren Shaw 35:31
yeah man now that’s the move right there for sure like that now he culture is real and a lot of it is built on kind of you know a grit and a physicality making sure that you’re in the right headspace and physical shape that can take on the rigors of an NBA season. And I think bam, you know, is a guy who is renowned around the league for for his overall physicality and play, like I said, Because he can kind of oscillate as well too. He can give you some of that, that guarding and switching out on some gardens and wings to that just makes him so valuable. So while this isn’t a defensive player of the world type of situation, I just think what he does for the Miami Heat and kind of in the NBA space where it is a little a little bit more finesse. Now he’s still a very physical player, I think who we who would love to watch out there on the floor.

Cal Lee 36:10
Absolutely. Now, some consideration some honorable mentions. We’re not trying to be homers, we’re just saying what it is. I don’t know when the switch flipped for this dude. I often said to myself that the Celtics need to get bigger in the front, the front court, right? They try and try and try and they always still wind up just getting smaller players like almost felt like they were just getting smaller when they really should have been getting bigger. And I really wasn’t sure about where I would be with the time, Lord. But this has been the year that I don’t know what it is about Robert Williams, but he has elevated himself to another level in his ability to show some intimidation to be that invisible bully. And remember, we talked about how the Celtics needed to be a better team defensively they had to go back to their roots. This doesn’t happen without the Time Lord making his presence felt. You know, I’m saying like he is the kind of person that has gotten that’s gotten everybody else in the league revisiting and rethinking about what a big man should be doing if they’re not out there scoring the basketball like Nicola Yogesh or Joel Embiid Time Lord has taken his back and I’m appreciating every single moment of

Warren Shaw 37:21
it yeah yeah real talk and you know hopefully you can come back to the court soon here you know Celtics need him but you know, just you just want to continue to see that and see how he can translate kind of his new self if you will into the playoffs and see how it performs in that aspect as well to jail but shots are going to get great great picture for the invisible boy.

Cal Lee 37:38
Absolutely. I know and we also got to make sure we mentioned on man PJ Tucker right yeah when PJ when PJ when PJ Tucker got Mama’s talking about this is basketball not football you know you invisible bully. Say it. Yeah. Shout out shout out to big papa Notorious BIG man, nobody does it better. All right, coming up, we got the third block. And this is the creme de la creme of our awards will be given out the robin award and then will also be given out this is this is a short elongated version of this one. But we call this the MVP Beatty award I like dare you I dare you cast to try to say that ship fast. But the MVP BT award Most Valuable Player on a bad team award. Yes, it’s been long overdue, man, we need to stop not acknowledging cats having envy or putting up MVP type numbers because they play on a sucky team. Well, we’re gonna give love to them dudes in a few. Okay, but in the meantime, before we do that, we got to drop our filler awards. So here we’re gonna lay in this awesome background music as we go ahead and run through a listing of awards that are not highlighted as our main awards, but certainly are well deserving to be mentioned for the purposes of our show. So shall I will start with you can go ahead and start us off who gets the video war.

Warren Shaw 39:03
The MIDI award is for the best mid range shooter for us and our the big mystery mid range score and while DeMar DeRozan as well renowned Ben random Mangrum Chris Paul, all those guys he’s in DEVIN BOOKER. Yeah, we were gonna give that to Katie double up here on the bass suit. He is just that damn good as I think you know what are the best mid range shooters people just kind of don’t think about the totality in the in the three level scoring that was that is it in within his game. But shooting 56% for mid range this year. One of the leaders in that category for you know for for anybody taking over at least five to six shots in that space. So Katie, the media board

Cal Lee 39:40
man, all right now obviously we got to acknowledge people who shoot the basketball right? So this is what we call the light em up award and light them up award winner. I am handing it over to Memphis Grizzlies Desmond Bane. I mean, wow, my man looks literally like vain. Okay. He is not your prototypical guard but the fact that my man is just shooting from wherever he feels like it and makes it you know what I’m saying at a very, very high level is absolutely impressive. And typically we would be mentioning Steph Curry or Klay Thompson or even maybe even DEVIN BOOKER or those guys and stuff, but you got to give it to Desmond Bay man such an awesome shooting display from him is really elevated himself as one of those core key guys and people that you should look out for in the future. notables Seth Curry, Jason Tatum, Tyrese Maxey, all of these guys have an absolute fabulous season, Jason Tatum throwing up multiple 50 Point performances. I mean, listen, it cannot be said the lightened up award can certainly give him out to a ton of different dudes. But the reason why I give it to a guy like Desmond vein, he don’t shoot that basketball like he shoot. We’re not talking about the Memphis Grizzlies in the same way that we’re talking about. The Memphis Grizzlies. Love it. All right, next up, like this one, man. We got the don’t dance. No Mo. They don’t dance. No Mo who dances with the basketball like no other? Well, listen, you can all probably point your your fingers at Jama rant cuz my man dances like you know what I’m saying? Like it’s nobody’s business. But if we talking about the Fred Astaire of basketball, and while I am not completely high on this guy all the time, I give him a lot of shit, because he just makes our lives just a headache at times. But nobody dances the basketball better than Kyrie Irving. This guy is just a savant when it comes to that basketball handle. He just be making moves that just, you know, remind us of like Michael Jackson is a gay man. It’s just awesome to watch him do his thing. You know, now that he has, he is fully able to be on the basketball court with the exception to being in Toronto. Outside of that, man. That award goes to the Kea.

Warren Shaw 41:50
Yeah, good call there. I think Steve Smith, I believe on his show called him the dance instructor. So when you say the Fred Astaire reference, I think that might make a lot of sense as well, too. So definitely kind of read definitely the probably the best player in the game with the ball in his hands, making people dance for sure. And not like Nancy.

Cal Lee 42:06
Absolutely. All right, last one to watch to talk to us. Last one

Warren Shaw 42:09
award is definitely going to, it should go to a guy that was on a team and now they feel bad that they don’t no longer have that. But I’m me. And I’m kind of in a hole and I couldn’t just pick one guy. So this is going to be a shout out to all the former Lakers from last year. So KCP who’s montresor rel? Even Alex Caruso? All those guys? I think those are the last ones you know and shout out to Lauryn Hill for for giving us that reference. But players that I think a team wish they had I think the Lakers wish they had that from a roster and maybe would have did something a little bit different than what the requirement was the person will say to us, but I think the Lakers wish that would have been on the with a shot to Cape cap. So the wizards and the bullets were picking up low former Lakers.

Cal Lee 42:52
Absolutely. It’s funny how money changes your situation. Miscommunication, miscommunication or Rob polenka. Anyway, all right, all of the lights, all the lights, who you given out for that.

Warren Shaw 43:10
So follow lights, you know, trying to figure out who’s the most fun player to watch this year. And I think a lot of people will just kind of default to jaw you know, and I understand that as well. But again, I meet and we’re here at the baseline, and we want to do something a little bit differently. You know, when it comes to the, you know, all the lives awards and shout outs to shut up Charlemagne to God, you know, kind of chimed in here with us on Twitter, because he said he listened, you know, you should be paying attention and understanding that, hey, DEVIN BOOKER was actually a lot of fun to watch this year. And I think when you’re thinking about it from kind of like the true basketball sense to kind of see that maturation take place, especially when this all went out. I definitely can agree with that in terms of like, Hey, I was happy to see that per se, but I’m trying to figure out okay, was it fun to watch? Or was it like kind of more of a proud moment? For me, maybe it’s more of a problem. But, you know, Jeff shouts for Solimar for for for for definitely chiming in on that. For me. It’s a gonna go to lamella ball, just because of his you know, intuitiveness with with the basketball, being a great passer, being a guy who’s infectious, you know, with the roster and getting his guys involved and stuff like that, to me. Really, really exciting to watch what he did this year. So lamella ball, definitely all of the lights

Cal Lee 44:15
like that one. I liked that one, the penny wise award player giving the team most bang for their buck. Shaw. I can’t believe I’m saying this. Thank you, Dennis Chu. Thank you, Dennis. Thank you so much. Dennis. shrewder gave the Celtics the most bang for their buck. Why? Because the Celtics got him at the very bare minimum deal when he was banking on himself. Right. And then midway through the season, his value was so good that we managed to move his ass and then we were able to get Daniel Teece back saying so like the Celtics for for doing this. I actually have restored faith in In in Brad Stevens being an executive for the Boston Celtics, okay, so thank you so much, Dennis. Sure. But no, in all seriousness, if you really look at it, what the Celtics were able to do, what that signing was supposed to represent and what they turn that into to where do you see the Celtics I cannot say that Celtics did not maximize every single dollar they did in having that kind of weight on their roster notables though. The Kelly goobric going over the Charlotte Hornets. big big big deal, Jeffery out in Denver. I’m sure that the Brooklyn Nets wish they still had that do show and I we talked about this all the time I said that there’s one player that the Brooklyn Nets which they still had on their roster, while they’ve been going through everything they’ve been going through. Jeff Green should have been that guy, Andre Drummond, moving from the Philadelphia 7060s to the Brooklyn Nets, people even paying attention. But Andre Drummond really has been a key player in that deal. Not between harden. And and. And Ben Simmons. Y’all can look at that that’s true gays, the fact that Steph Curry and Andre Drummond his backup is over there with the Brooklyn Nets. This is the reason why the Brooklyn Nets probably are now in the seventh seed. As we’re talking as we’re recording this podcast with the potential to host a playing game rather than still hovering around the 910 C and then having to go on the road. Those two players moving from Philly to Brooklyn, key key key moves to me and are the most dollar out of that trade. So that to me, is what

Warren Shaw 46:37
I like I like it. So I’ll go ahead and transition us here to the next award. And it’s if you all know, Roy Jones once made a song he wants not only was the boxer but he also had a rap song and it was called y’all must have forgotten. So shouts to our to my guy mo definitely listens to the show on a regular basis and knows I say this all the time. But y’all must have forgotten that this guy was nice and this would this sport is he’s basically the true comeback clear. You’re not the most improved player, but the comeback player is a guy who maybe got a lot of slack last year for whatever reason or maybe are thinking about what was going to come in as hot this year. So for me, it’s actually Pascal Seok, I think what he’s done for the Toronto Raptors team for team that I actually do kind of right off from year to year. siakam is at 22.8 points the game the second highest just 5.1 points per game in terms of his career average going through your high eight and a half rebounds for your high 5.3 assists for your high 1.3 steals really out here just doing the damn thing for this Raptors team that nobody wants to see going into the playoffs. Shouts to him man definitely y’all must forgot combat for the year Pascal siakam It sounds to DeMar DeRozan as well to a lot of people weren’t paying attention to him having a great season in Zaman quick seasons in San Antonio previous to this but obviously Chicago Bulls now we’re talking about Rosa Patel’s the MVP candidate this year but I think a lot of people forgotten flipped on his on his skills but coming into year 13 of his career and putting up these types of numbers definitely come back of the year come back clearly yourself for me as well too. But Seokguram gets my

Cal Lee 48:07
nan you know who you know who didn’t forget Magic Johnson even screaming from the rooftops over the last week and a half talking about he should have been a Los Angeles Laker should have been a Los Angeles Laker. I guess it’s only fitting then that I give the next award right? Because who was it? That Magic Johnson was saying that they nixed the DeMar DeRozan deal for in order to be a Los Angeles Lakers So what is our war gonna be it’s the goal and get a war yeah I’m saying like I’m saying is not to be disrespectful to Russell Westbrook but maybe I’m saying it to be respectful to Russell Westbrook Well, I know he’s an LA dude. Well, I know you coming from Cali Listen man there’s some other teams out in LA you could probably give your services to man Sacramento could use a guard you know I’m saying you probably play next to D Aaron you know I mean you know you could try your luck out with Los Angeles Clippers you know I’m saying if you want to right but listen man a work if you in LA so the going and get a war going to my man Russell Westbrook because even even even our boy, Jabari Davis news Your time is up and I ain’t talking that Oh see Tom up okay. It’s about that time right like

Warren Shaw 49:20
There’s a song I think in the West Coast right I made the Sands of Time is up and so yeah, that is that’s what it is though for us and it’s fitting that it’s a West Coast thing. So sorry man. Go get

Cal Lee 49:31
going good. All right. And final filler award. Coast to coast this is basically the award it goes to the guy who just looks so good and transition. Probably one of the most athletic people you’ll ever see me on that basketball court and it’s hard pressed for me not think of anybody else but this person definitely comes to mind. I’m sure it comes to mind us brought to our coast to coast the world goes to Muhammad Rastafari Am I right. That boy flying up and down that lane man is just beautiful basket Well to watch his elevation execution man, what I would love to see Shaw and hopefully this will happen come next year and for years to come is those is lamella ball and John Moran on the same team all star. Yeah, that’d be like, Oh my god, oh my god, you talk about highlight reels for days cannot wait to see them. All right coming up, we got our final block of the baseline awards you got to that we that we definitely feel proud of, and I think is a great way for us to end off the show. So you don’t want to miss out on this and more here on the baseline.

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Cal Lee 51:39
All right, and we are back Callie Warren Shaw, the baseline NBA podcast, and we are giving you our first annual baseline awards. And we’re down to our big two, like to end off the show properly, kind of like, you know, when you’re when you’re watching the Oscars, right? Everybody’s pretty much fly through the rest of it. They just want to be here who’s getting Best Picture of the Year? Right? You know, that’s kind of the sentiment or if you’re in the Grammys, who’s getting Album of the Year, you know, like that sort of thing. So these are considered our big winners, right? Like, you know, we talk about these guys, because we think these awards are just also be fitting with the acknowledgement that while it’s like to us the MVPs. Alright, so the first one is going to be what we call the robin award. Okay, this is basically look, we already know who our Batman’s are, we know who are, you know, Superman and Wonder Woman and, you know, I’m saying the Justice League, we need those that we need like those those dc Titans, right? You know, I’m saying we need we need like the that secondary, that second tier group, when the main group is out there and is unavailable, doing other worldly things. These are the guys that are holding it down. These are the guys that are making us appreciate why you can’t win an NBA championship with just one star. You need a ROB Shaw, I’m gonna let you go ahead and hand out who we got has our selected Robin award.

Warren Shaw 53:08
Yeah, this was a great, great conversation, I think even off air for us. And maybe we can get to a little bit here too. But for us the robin award. So basically the guy who’s kind of accepted that, hey, I’m the number two option and I’m just going to help this team thrive. And that is going to go to Jaylen Brown. And a lot of that is going to for the fact that roll identification that happened kind of throughout the course of the season, where it seemed like to be some sort of kind of push and pull between Taylor brown to begin the year, at some point round kind of found his groove and let him call you and I mean, and I think that’s just like it just kind of shows the the growth and the overall maturity of DailyVee because I think he can potentially go somewhere in view number one if need be. I think he has that level of talent. He definitely has that level of confidence, if nothing else. So for us Jaylen brown just kind of stood above the rest of the crop of guys who have a very heavy lifting list of all stars and potential hall of famers and the whole nine when it comes to full court. Second options around the NBA. Jalen brown man amazing, amazing, amazing season this

Cal Lee 54:06
year. Listen, I completely am on board with this one as well, too. We had some really interesting candidates for this award. Zach Lavine. Chris Middleton tried and true for the Waukee bucks right. Anthony Edwards show you selected that one. I really liked that one. Because while all the focus was on D’Angelo, Russell, and you know, big cat Anthony Edwards has like inserted himself in showing that him in in Karl Anthony Towns are the best potential combination with upside than what we what we typically see with DeAngelo Russell and with big cat, right. Chris Paul, and it’s interesting show because we talked about this before we were even recording the show that if this was last year, Chris Paul was so much the quote will quote proverbial MVP favorite with the Phoenix Suns in the way that they elevated themselves, because it was so vitally important to see how he would have an impact on that Phoenix Suns team. But we all knew that eventually it was going to come down to when will DEVIN BOOKER take that next step? Or does he concede to the fact that he’s playing next to Chris Paul? And is this Chris Paul’s last run? You know, I’m saying as his attempt of being an MVP, like kind of candidate, and what I think you finally saw for this season, is when Chris Paul went down, DEVIN BOOKER took that next step. DEVIN BOOKER said, I’m going to be the guy. And Chris Paul knew that and Chris Paul wanted to see that and Chris Paul got that. And now, it’s easier for Chris Paul, to play Rob, while still being the one of the more important players, but at the same time, he knows that he has got to be the rod, he has got to be good enough to put Booker in the best position for him to be the Batman because he is the Batman. And sometimes we don’t recognize that because we always see Chris Paul, aka the point God doing point godly things. But we’ve seen even in Greek mythology, Zeus steps down to pass the mantle to somebody that he knows is going to change the course to change the narrative of the way that we’re speaking about that team and their success. And that to me, is also what elevates Chris Paul in that conversation as well, too. He made it really close between us deciding between him and Jaylen Brown. And really more of the attributes that Jaylen brown brings that Chris Paul just can’t do at his age at this point. Let’s still not be said Chris Paul, is that?

Warren Shaw 56:39
No, he absolutely is. And I think in some ways, it’s a testament to Chris Paul’s overall greatness because they’ve, he’s helped to cultivate the team, obviously alongside Monty Williams of the bookrix attics, etc. But they can. They’re more likely to survive without Chris Paul than the Celtics are to survive without Jaylen Brown, especially like in a first round match. I think both obviously, both guys are immensely important, and they need them for any type of real real run. But the Celtics were to lose Jaylen Brown, you know, knock on wood and not have them in the first round of the playoffs or something the case would be I think it’s over from Boston. I think it would be a done deal. Right. And I think Conversely, in Phoenix, they could survive a first round matchup without Chris ball because they are just so much of a machine. So Chris ball has, has changed the culture has coached guys up, worked with them and created and helped Monty Williams create a machine if you will, as I keep alluding to, that can kind of sustain a little bit without him more so than Celtics would be to be without doubt Jaylen brown. So extremely, extremely close conversation here. And again, it’s not to disparage any of the guys that we’ve had for consideration. Even Zach Lavine having to kind of take a step back after being the man in Chicago for the last couple years in Vermont rosin coming in. And now being the guy that DeRozan is on that team Chris Middleton obviously the number two Tijan as well, and your points earlier by Anthony Edwards. But Jalen brown here with a slight edge over over Chris ball for the rubber. All

Cal Lee 58:00
right now, we’ll get into now Our final award. And this one is what we call the MVP btw, the most valuable player on a bad team. Listen, I know y’all laughing and giggling at that, but there’s some real shit man, we got guys out here that are pulling up some damn MVP, like kind of numbers, and they will never get a sniff of being considered a most valuable player, because they play on a sucky team is like it. And I hate saying it because it’s not that these numbers are empty calorie numbers. These are numbers that really if if they just had decent guys around them would would elevate them just to a degree where we’ll be talking about the about that team in a much different manner. But, you know, you know, not everybody has has the is fortunate enough to do that. Listen, there’s been times that we’ve spoken to the fact that because of these guys putting these kind of great numbers that you need to go to somewhere else and move them on. But at other times, we’ve also recognized as well too, that they are a foundational piece. They could be the start of something. So to me, MVP, BTW, I think is just a vital award that really acknowledges players really posted up some really phenomenal numbers of the course of an NBA season, even though they will not merit anything as far as the MVP conversation. Shawn, I’ll let you go ahead and present the MVP VT award.

Warren Shaw 59:19
Yeah, love it. Love it. Love it. Love it. I think you know, when we thought about this, and even though you know, our fair conversation, it became pretty clear quickly who that who that should be. And that’s going to be J Gil, just Alexander’s. SGA

Cal Lee 59:32
Oh, you all thought we were gonna say Lebron James. Right? Slow yo,

Warren Shaw 59:38
and why and why it can’t be LeBron James because I think in terms of expectations for for a bad team, the Lakers were not supposed to be a bad team. They weren’t supposed to be here in the play in conversation and then ultimately out of the plane and conversation. So while LeBron is the best player for sure. I’m not giving him the best player on that team, because it wasn’t supposed to be this way. And what are the circumstances All right, it is it is what it is SGA with OKC, the tanking thunder and even though they’ve sat him out for the final stretch of game for the two seasons in a row, he still managed to average basically 25 You know, six and five, you know, for for the course of the season, just stupendous, stupendous numbers, you know, for a guy who a lot of people are still sleeping on to play fifth to six games this year, and you know, probably should have been more in that 65 ish range. Had you not sat out or had some of those injuries as well too, but SGA man, the most valuable player on a bad team.

Cal Lee 1:00:30
Yeah, and and I am so on board with that one. I really love that pic. And, you know, we could have also had Deontay Murray. I don’t think a lot of people expected the San Antonio Spurs to be as good as they were. I know that they expected him to be decent. But with the way that the Southwest division played out, I think everybody predicted the Spurs were probably going to be in the cellar. Right next to the Houston Rockets. Ultimately, it was supposed to be the the the Mavericks, the Grizzlies, and the pelicans perspective. But now that we’ve seen the emergence of Deontay Murray, and it he’s not going to get MVP votes, okay. But his his performance this year is MVP like, or else the Spurs don’t make it into the player. And so I think it just cannot be overlooked. I listen, under any circumstances, I guess we’re saying, because the thunder suck that much more than we gave it to SGA. But you can make the argument Deontay Murray, is very well deserving, because the numbers that he is put up, and the fact that he’s been healthy, which I think is another big thing, I think really lends to the fact that the San Antonio Spurs position themselves to get where they needed to be, which is in the plane.

Warren Shaw 1:01:50
Yeah, the Shante is obviously one of my former young sons, and really averaged a triple double this year, 21, nine and eight, throughout the course of the year led the league and steals. So just just beautiful, beautiful season for a young man who’s still growing into his own, and I think is going to be maybe I shouldn’t say I don’t think he’s going to be I don’t know what’s gonna happen in San Antonio, you know, I mean, I have no idea. Because there’s conversations like, Well, is it getting good now that you probably need to move on from him. But either way, the Jonathan Murray is a is a great piece to have on your roster is a pass first guy, but still can get into lanes more, you know, still evolving as a three point shooter and overall score from from the outside. I’ll put on an amazing, amazing talent. I think the Spurs have and we’ll see where where life takes him. But great, great conversation here for him also for being included in the most valuable player in the fan team conversation.

Cal Lee 1:02:35
Quick question to ask you, Shawn. I don’t know if whether we did this. You know, we have our COVID segment. Right. So would you

Warren Shaw 1:02:48
have a great conversation that I think we should table for another? Oh, first, some teaser content, you know, for the baseline to kind of come on. So but if we can get our fans listener going in on that one to jump to John David Murray versus SGA. I think that’s a really good conversation.

Cal Lee 1:03:11
Yeah, absolutely. Absolutely. So what do you guys think you think we did pretty well, with our selections for the baseline awards, we want to hear from Be sure to get at us at NBA baseline, and a listen to give us your perspective, who you think would be deserving of those awards. Given the type of awards that we have listed out, you certainly want to get an idea of where your head is at, on on on these selections as well. But this has been an awesome, awesome show. A lot of fun shot, the energy, obviously is always there. But I’m always for this type of energy man, which is highlighting and given love to a lot of players who don’t normally get those same kinds of acknowledgments and mentions, and then also just having some disgruntled, plain fashion. You know, what we’ve seen this year, a lot of these players helped make these these award ideas possible.

Warren Shaw 1:04:05
Yeah, we’d love to hear from our fans and listeners about other awards they’d like to see, you know, I mean, kind of off the wall, a little bit fun, but you know, still keeping it relevant to the NBA conversation. So this is the first annual hopefully, we’re able to continue to do this. You know, I don’t know if we could even go so far as to do preseason awards for these types of things. Or who knows, man, but I think this was

Cal Lee 1:04:24
you. That’s how your mind works. You know, why not? Keep trophy shop. So

Warren Shaw 1:04:33
different content, you know, we got to we got to differentiate ourselves from these other podcasts out there. A lot of people don’t realize we were one of the first people in the basketball, podcast space. And everybody’s here now, man. So you got to make sure that we do a little bit something different to keep our fans and listeners excited about what we’re having conversations about. So please, please tap in with us at NBA baseline on social media man, let us know what your thoughts are on some of the baseline.

Cal Lee 1:04:55
Absolutely. Listen, once again. Thank you so much. I see you listeners, our creativity and thinking and putting this together doesn’t happen without having your support, getting your input and also getting your energy. So we thank you and we hope that you guys enjoyed this show and enjoy all of the shows that we are continuing to do and obviously you want to keep keep us locked as we get ourselves ready for NBA playoff basketball, which is just around the corner for the baseline Kali warrant shot we appreciate you guys each and every single one of you and we’ll catch up with you next time.

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