October 4, 2022 | 3:04 pm
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2K Confidential: Nets GC & Zenni explain their unique partnership

The popularity of eSports continues to expand with the NBA 2K League serving as a leader in that space carving out a path for its players and teams to shine. The pandemic brought about fascinating opportunities for various brands to align themselves with the 2K League and no brand did it better than Zenni in their partnership with Nets Gaming Crew.

In this edition of 2K Confidential, we bring both the sponsor and the ambassador to the table to discuss their exclusive deal. Sean Pate, Brand Communications Officer from Zenni and Ivan Curtiss (OG King Curt), General Manager and Head Coach of Nets Gaming Crew join the show.

Tune in as they discuss:

  • The makings of a deal…why Zenni entered the eSports space and chose Nets Gaming Crew as their partner.
  • Blue light and how Zenni’s eyewear helps protect players against it
  • The importance of optical health as more and more gamers are playing long hours
  • OG King Curt’s impression of the brand and stylish frames offered by Zenni
  • The special relationship that has formed with Zenni and OG King Curt that includes sponsorship of his podcast
  • What’s next for entities after a successful first year

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