December 5, 2022 | 3:16 am
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A Michael Jordan story you might have missed

The legend of Michael Jordan has been felt throughout the globe and there are countless stories about him. One lesser known story–at least for some people–took place in 1985. Stop us if you’ve heard this one before:

Fresh off the heels of a rookie campaign in Chicago, Jordan traveled to Trieste, Italy, and treated basketball fans in the coastal town to the same brand of ferocious play that thrilled his followers back home. It was just another game to Jordan; a game that happened to be punctuated by a moment everyone watching will never forget.

“Glass was everywhere. The backboard exploded. I’m looking at his eyes, his ears…looking for little bits of glass,” remembers Howard White, VP of Jordan Brand. “In the moment, it was wild. It was a little scary, because we didn’t know where the glass was going. They were playing and then there was that moment. I don’t know of any moment where one can detect something otherworldly has happened, but that one has become something grand. For MJ, though, it was just a moment in the game.”

The new AJ XXXI “Shattered Backboard” and AJ 1 “Shattered Away” colorways are a celebration of this moment. Both shoes will be available on October 8.

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