December 1, 2022 | 12:46 pm
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Andrew Wiggins stars in new Kids Foot Locker spot “Little Pro”

Our friends at Foot Locker love to make the public laugh and show different sides of the athletes they work with. This time reigning NBA rookie of the year, Andrew Wiggins, get’s an ear full after innocently encouraging a child rocking adidas Originals gear.

Wiggins had this to say about the commercial:

Any time you get to be in a commercial, it’s a special feeling,” said Wiggins. “This commercial especially made me remember what it was like being a kid, looking up the pros and wanting to dress like them. It’s cool to have kids look up to me the way I used to look up to my idols.”

There is little doubt Wiggins will have kids looking up to for a long time but he might want to go easy on the advice when speaking to kids trying to angle their parents.


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