September 27, 2022 | 4:32 am
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BBall Breakdown exlcusive look at the team sets in NBA2K14

Fans of of simulation basketball have been treated in recent years with all the improvements the NBA2K video game franchise has made.

If you are like me (Lord help you if you are) you appreciate the nuisances and subtle realistic features video games now contain…especially if you play NBA2K.

Coach Nick from took a visit to the 2K studios where he got to do what he does best…breakdown plays. The video below shows the realism that NBA2K has continued to expand upon by illustrating the many offensive and defensive sets in the game.

What I particularly enjoy is the player read animations where if the defense overplays or thinks they have the play scouted, the offensive players with high basketball IQs burn them. Check it out.

Be sure to follow Coach Nick and his basketball friendly analysis on Twitter at @bballsource.


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