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Brooklyn’s Temperature, Languishing Lakers and the Bad Luck Bulls

This week and Nets Daily journalist, Matt Brooks hops on with the crew to discuss the Brooklyn Nets and whether they will be able to weather the storm of controversy and combustible chemistry that is still considered the envy of the Eastern Conference.

Also in our News and Notes
– Frank Vogel being evaluated game by game?
Russell Westbrook & a first-round pick for John Wall rumors/Anthony Davis returns
– Bad luck Bulls- Lonzo Ball and Alex Caruso out 6-8 weeks

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Cal Lee 01:04
This is the baseline discussing the hot button topics of the end. Be a welcome everybody you’re tuned to the baseline Callie Warren Shaw Jabari Davis discussing the hot button topics of the NBA. And we are here my man shot called it out man the three man weave is back in effect first time for 2022 and we are absolutely excited to all be on board to give you the hot button topics of the NBA. Really excited about this man and a great show ahead. Let me go ahead and roll out the red carpet to my peoples WWW dot show sports dotnet Big Kahuna Pete and see my man Mr. Warren Shaw repping out of Fort Lauderdale, Florida and hanging out in the west coast. As always the king. You know I’m saying of that California. Yay. My man. Mr. Jabari Davis. Out there in Tucson. What’s good, fellas.

Warren Shaw 01:57
Well, listen, it’s good to have all of us back because I can do like you bro. When I’m hosting. I’m like, Oh man, am I gonna get all the things in there. And I just cannot I can’t seem like you I can’t you know, do the, you know the quick transitions like you cause so it’s just great to be back here and have all my brothers here to do the baseline for the first time in 2022.

Jabari Davis 02:15
Literally the same because I that’s exactly where I’m at with it. I hate being in that seat. The only reason why you are the reason why you are great at what you do. And it is it is good to have you back. Quite frankly, I would have paid money just just to have you back to sing that. California. You can do that at the top each. Each week you beg man, I’m excited.

Cal Lee 02:39
I appreciate that. It’s It’s ironic because the only reason why that really just popped in my head is because I was watching the NFL Network. And I guess they they are now releasing the trailer video introducing for you know, Super Bowl 55 I think it is or 56 I can’t keep up X. I just don’t give a damn football like that. But I’m one of them. 50s. Right. And obviously the halftime show is supposed to have Dre Snoop Eminem, Mary J. Kendrick Lamar, and everything. And so obviously, you know, they got to, they got to drop that in there. You know, I’m saying if you’re going to put Dre on there and stuff like that. So I just had I just had a West Coast feel, you know, before jumping on. And that’s just what popped in my head when I thought about you guys. So as always, man, it’s great to have you guys on with me as as I’m sure that our listeners are as well, too. And you know, we’re excited. You know what now, you know, on the second half of the season, basically more than half of the games have been played in the NBA. And obviously, we’re inching a little bit closer to the NBA All Star Weekend. And then down we have the stretch run. But I got to I got to ask you guys this because it’s really been interesting. You know, since we all haven’t been together, you know, what has been the one thing that’s really stood out to you so far in the first couple of weeks into 2022 that that is really stood out like what is like the marker sort of speak about, you know, how excited we really should be getting now that we’re going to the second half of the season and what we really should be looking for.

Warren Shaw 04:16
I’ll jump in I think there’s I’ll take a couple quick things here. Obviously, I’m really excited about the Memphis Grizzlies shout out to Anthony saying who jumped on the show last week, and just to kind of see their overall progression. I want to touch on I think we will touch on this at some point to my MVP pick Joelle and bead really doing big things. But I think the biggest thing that I’m most most surprised by and this is a conversation I’d love for us to have maybe in a couple weeks here is these rookies, these, this rookie class this year is FNL standing. I mean, it really is it’s effing outstanding. So I’m super excited about the future of the league when especially when it comes to you know guys like that to my guy IO out there in Chicago like people he won’t even know what he’s doing out there. And he’s and he’s really really hoping right now as well to obviously Barnes Mobley and things of that nature but Yeah, yeah, there’s just a really great, great, great rookie class, I’d love to have some people, people have a conversation, even a couple weeks

Jabari Davis 05:06
here. Yeah, and honestly, right along those lines like to be like more than anything. For me, it’s been the fact that we’ve got a lot of teams in a lot of different circumstances, navigating some crazy stuff, like, like, I know, we don’t want to drag the conversation down, we’re talking about the pandemic. But guys going in and out of the lineup on a regular basis on a fairly consistent basis is crazy, you’ll like and you’ll let alone you’re dealing with injury. So really, you know, for me, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the season, obviously, not necessarily on a personal level for my personal feel for my team, but you know, for as an overall product, the fact that it has still been, in my estimation, very good considering all of that, like I said, all of the folks that have been in out, it is promising. So my fingers across for this second half of the season, I’m not gonna lie to you, because, you know, of course, we know the old cliche, you know, like, availability is a possibility. You know, so I see teams like Chicago, you know, with Alonzo out at the same time as as obviously Russo now, you know, unfortunately, going out, and I just, I just hope that they’re able to hold it together, because it would really be nice to see them be able to complete, you know, complete some of these early season runs. Yeah. So

Cal Lee 06:11
for me, man, I mean, Shaw, you said it, man, the Memphis Grizzlies. They are a there, they are a reckoning. I was expecting them to be good. I think we had talked about them made our predictions with them. I had had them as the second best team coming out of Southwest but there’s no question to me. They are the best team out of the Southwest division. And they’re going to be a dangerous team. I think when I say that, then I also talk about the fact that I don’t think that there is a clear cut favorite. To win this NBA championship. It’s really weird to me how very easily everybody has catapulted the Golden State Warriors because now they have Klay Thompson back I’m sure they’re gonna have Wiseman back. And if they have a healthy Draymond Green that this team is a shoo in, you know, to be playing out playing as the Western Conference as representation of the Western Conference. Finals. And nobody is like giving any kind of love or showing any kind of respect to teams, like the Phoenix Suns. When I look at how teams like the Memphis Grizzlies play the Golden State Warriors. I feel like the Memphis Grizzlies or the Golden State, the Memphis Grizzlies, or the Golden State Warriors kryptonite, you know, much like how I feel like the Milwaukee Bucks could eventually be the kryptonite for the Brooklyn Nets. It’ll be interesting conversation when we have our man on in a few moments to talk about this Brooklyn Nets team. But to me, I think what it just speaks to is what I’m seeing right now. I don’t think that there is a clear cut favorite to hoist that trophy. When it’s all said and done. I think it’s gonna come down to what we’re seeing as far as who’s riding, you know, on on a hot streak who’s coming in with the best momentum coming out of their respective conferences for us to better determine who is deserving to win that championship.

Jabari Davis 07:56
No cow, you make an excellent point, because the truth of the matter is, we all were preemptively crowning the Warriors. But in fairness, it was because obviously Steph was playing otherworldly basketball for a good six week stretch. And then you factor in the fact that all of their role players are that you know, it sometimes I feel bad about just like saying, Oh, they’re role players. But you know, like the non stars, though, like it felt like their younger players had each taken a step and, you know, to, in fairness to them, they still look great. And, you know, let’s be real, we all saw clay coming back. So we got a little bit of ahead of ourselves, we got a little excited. But the truth of the matter is, is if Steph is not playing otherworldly basketball, and you know, right now, he only simply isn’t doing that. They’re probably back in the mix. They’re no longer the favorites, but I would still have them as a contender. But, you know, let’s actually give some quick props to the Phoenix Suns, because I think I even alluded to it in during last week’s episode, they’ve been the most consistent team over the course of the season. They were, they were able to weather the storm when it came to the server situation earlier in the year even. And even though they started one in three, and a lot of us were questioning, okay, you know, you might inspiral they did a fantastic job weathering that and you know, you’ll props to them. So, while yes, I’m still I’m still a believer in what the Warriors can do. I will acknowledge that, you know, the Grizzlies are probably right there with him, if not a step ahead. You’re with Steph playing, you know, the way that he’s currently been playing. But overall, I would still anticipate all things consider, I would still anticipate the sun’s being right there, you know, potentially representing the Western Conference. And once again,

Warren Shaw 09:27
let me just say one last thing on all of this, too. I think maybe maybe we’re burying the lede, right. I think we’ve all tapped on top down a little bit, but it’s the parody in the league. And that’s what’s kind of made it fun, right? There’s no clear cut, hey, this team is the one even with you know, Brooklyn Nets, who will talk about etc, etc. Even as defending champions, Milwaukee Bucks. This is like hey, everybody feels like they have a chance you and I mean, so there’s only like a handful of teams that are like completely out of playoff playoff contention all together. But everybody feels like maybe we’re one or two moves away and they’re probably not, but they feel that way. and that kind of keeps things exciting. So I think that’s a great, great, great kind of sentiment. The league has gone through this first, you know, 45 plus games so far. Which leads me

Cal Lee 10:08
to my final thought and point before we get our get ready to talk about these news and notes happening right now is I think the other thing that’s really surprised me is that the Philadelphia 70 Sixers have not moved Ben Simmons at this point. And now, if nothing else, I’m glad maybe because now we really gonna count me licking our chops when we get to the trade deadline to figure out like, what absolutely does need to happen. Because if they don’t make a play, then Daryl Morey is telling Doc Rivers worker what you got. Right? And if your Joellen bead, Joel and B might be like, F dat man, like you got a big chest piece, man, you know what we need? We’re not clearly the best team in the Eastern Conference, we’re gonna need to be one of those top seeded teams to give ourselves a chance you got to do something, you know, like, so it’ll be very interesting to see over the next couple of weeks. You know, what isn’t happening on the basketball court as much as it is what we expect to be happening off the basketball court. Alright, so as always, we appreciate you and us for hopping on board with us. See you guys missed us right when the three man weave is doing this thing. We got all kinds of storylines to drop on your cerebellum. So, you know, don’t don’t be surprised when we keep hitting you week after week with the goodness. We got a great show on tap man, we we have a great, great guest on board. He is one of the premier writers that covers the Brooklyn Nets our man Matt Brooks, who is with basketball news. He’s going to be on board to talk with us about the Brooklyn Nets and obviously, the Brooklyn Nets definitely should be a hot button topic for us to discuss. In the meantime, you know, we got to get ready to do some of those news and notes but let’s do our you know our normal plugs. As always, man, we got to make sure that people recognize us and recognize our team. As always getting a man show Astra Sports NBA get me a gay face, Liam Amanda Bahria, Jabari Davis NBA, or get it to show his Twitter handle at NBA baseline, you know where to find us to go to www dot the baseline to catch this episode, and all of the previous episodes that we’ve been dropping since day one. And for our new listeners, be sure to look for the baseline in your play in your search engine of whatever platform you use to listen to podcasts, add us to your playlists and allow us to be your go to resource discussing all things happening in the association. As always, you know, the baseline rolls with the 19 Media Group. They are the team that runs these content streets. When you want to get some quality content, whether it be sports, music, culture, entertainment, you definitely got to go check us out, go to 19 media To catch us and the family of great shows that are on tap, you will not be disappointed. So let’s get right into it. News and notes happening in the Association on tap number one, obviously the state of play for the Los Angeles Lakers. Clearly, everyone knows that Frank Vogel clearly is on the hot seat. Not did he deserves to be on the hot seat. But he is on the hot seat because he is the head coach of the Los Angeles Lakers. Did I get that right, Jabari?

Jabari Davis 13:17
Yeah, look, I’m gonna be real with you. There’s a lot of folks that are out there. You know, you’re getting strong opinions one way or the other. Like, I think it’s really cute. We got these folks that are keeping for Frank that obviously have not been watching the games, because he has not been great. You know, there’s also folks that are going above and beyond trying to make it all about him, which it absolutely has not been the case. Like every I made the joke. Or I made the reference on Twitter that this year’s Lakers are like all like a ton of the spider man just pointed at each other. Look, everyone is to blame for this, everyone is but I will state when that when that rumor came out. Like this, that’s not a place in by the rumor I’m saying that he was potentially being evaluated on a game by game basis, let’s be real, that’s not a place where you want to make a decision of that nature from. So if you’re contemplating at this stage, or you’re truly evaluating game by game, you’ve already made your decision. So it’s either honestly, if you I’m going to reference Marlo on every episode now, do it or don’t, but I got places to be. So if you’re going to keep him in that role, then go ahead and you know, keep them in the role and say you’re going to reevaluate at the end of the year, if you’re going to fire him and if that’s what this is, well then go ahead and pull the trigger because this makes no sense whatsoever.

Warren Shaw 14:30
Day to day. It’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve seen in a while, you know, as far as a report like even that’s an internal thing, they let it be thing but for that to kind of come out. It’s like all right, and the game by game evaluation. So like, is he now having to kind of coach in that same situation, but right now if I do this rotation, are they going to like this is ridiculous. You know, it really is at this stage. There’s no level of continuity in that and guess we all know the Lakers have been massively injured, haven’t had their full complement of players. But you know the whole situation to rust, which I think we’re gonna get to a little bit now as well, too. You know, Vogel was like, alright, well, if this game by game then I got to do things in my way. And him benching Russ, you know, at the end of the fourth quarter of a game or two ago, that was a big, big sign, I think to him is like I will, if it’s going to go this way, I’m going to put my stamp on this team the way that I think it should be ran. So I mentioned to see how this ultimately plays out. I know they’re on kind of a little bit of an east coast swing right now. And we’ll see if he’s able to return to play and still be the head coach have

Jabari Davis 15:26
a look more than anything. This shed light on the fact that Kurt Rambis has still been influencing rotation and strategies for this group and it’s just 2022 Okay, like I’m i i try not to be that guy that just look, I’m here for the jokes. Y’all know that, like, you know, I will get them off on Twitter. I get them off on this show. But when it comes to like actual analysis, I try not to be that guy. But Kurt Rambis if Kurt Rambis is advocating your further report for double center lineups that include DeAndre Jordan and 2022 Well, then you know, where the answer starts? Yes, everybody’s got, you know, everybody should raise their hands. But the answer starts there. And that’s at the top. I hope they can get it together. But this is probably going to end up being you know, like, this probably going to end up being one of the more dramatic seasons, you know, for the Lakers, you know that we’ve had more entertaining, you know, one way or the other as well.

Cal Lee 16:16
I mean, the only thing that I guess I’m gonna say to this is, you know, it’s not good when the Lakers trade away Rajon Rondo and I’m not saying Rajon Rondo is head and shoulders, the best point guard or nothing like that, but there was a reason why you brought him back. You trade him to the Cleveland Cavaliers to bring a player or bring back whatever assets you’re getting. To still not address the elephant in the room, that you’re not getting smart guard play from the guard that you want to benching in the last four minutes of a game that you probably could have had Rajon Rondo in to help you win that game. Right? Like it’s just, it’s just it’s crazy to me, where all of this is going.

Jabari Davis 17:03
In fairness, this is the one this is the one that was the one move they actually made that I was like okay, that makes sense about Yes, you’re right in that moment, it’s potential that Bronto could have helped but it’s also potentially would have come in there and snuck it up as well because quite frankly the their problems oftentimes lie on the defensive end and he’s not bringing that to you he’s not bringing it to you when it comes down to money time you know honestly I want the ball in the Browns hand either way, but the reason why they made that move was specifically to clear space so that STANLEY JOHNSON once again I don’t care if we got them off the scrapheap their best perimeter defender their most interchangeable defender especially with with Anthony Davis out so that was in that regard. They made the right move, but it’s really indicative of where they are they had to make that move in order to basically they had to borrow from Peter to pay off Paul, but Peter still wants his money

Cal Lee 17:51
well, listen Laker fans gonna want their money as well too. So you know I’m saying because like because no matter Let me put it to you like this and I think you bring up an interesting point and we’re gonna go right into this situation regarding you know Russell Westbrook my whole thing is is yeah, it might be a stink but it’s a common stink that you know how to fumigate you don’t know how to fumigate this kind of stink all you’re doing is adding new new when I say new nuanced fumes that you don’t know that you don’t know how to fumigate when it comes to the Los Angeles Lakers addressing their back court problems and so high you know ironically enough it leads us into the next point of our news and notes as regards to the rumors of possibly trying to move Russ first for John Wall who is you know dang loose hanging out there you know, obviously he’s just doing this thing you know? And then what are we talking about in the end? If you eventually do get Anthony Davis what what is exactly supposed to be the outcome of this and I’m posing this question for you to jump into it just start this off with Shaw.

Warren Shaw 18:58
Well, let me say this The rumor out there Russell Westbrook and a first round pick I believe it’s the Lakers 2027 Something like that so far away because they don’t have that many picks to give away but it’s a coveted pick because I guess no LeBron who presumably going to be out of the league and so forth so for the for the Lakers might be bad or whatever the case may be I again all the deals that that are reported are very Laker favorable what these these deals do shit for the other teams when I hear about them like even the Jeremy Grant whom I’m just like, Why? Why would the pistons do that? Who who does that help? How does that help them so well I like why we haven’t seen Well, I think he might be a better fit for LA than Russes. I’d like wall and a lot of different teams. You know that that could potentially use some point point guard help, and we don’t know what that fit is. So it’s like we just know that Russ and Elaine right now isn’t working. It’s unfortunate. I’m a big rush guy. But I even I’ve had to really I was like alright, it’s like said it’s just the proof is in the pudding. We’ve seen enough there when it comes to that. So I don’t know how realistic that is. Because the Lakers are also trying to shop that same for round pick to get Jeremy Grant or to get others maybe Myles Turner, or things of that nature is to one really true asset they have alongside tht. So it can’t go to everybody. So I don’t know how true that rumor is ultimately. But what would be I think, an interesting fit here. I can’t say an upgrade. I just know it’d be different and potentially better than Russ. Currently, as it stands. What about you JD? What do you think about that rumor?

Jabari Davis 20:22
I feel like if they’re truly considering this, it’s a sign that they’ve at least internally accepted that the Westbrook trade was an absolute all out mistake. And here’s the deal, you know, that I was I’m a rustproof proponent. I’m a, I’ve been a fan of his all along. I was very, I was highly optimistic on this show, folks, you don’t have to pull up this view. This is just seeing, seeing it, seeing it in action and realizing oh, no, what I hoped for was not what it was. Like, it’s really that it’s really that simple. You know, make no mistake, you know, it would be an absolute desperation move. You know, given the fact that, you know, as you just alluded to, while hasn’t been playing, you know, for the better part of the last couple years, he also has an additional year on this deal. You know, Westbrook Yeah, and I want to point this out, specifically, the Westbrook deal would end after next season, while there’s two more seasons at 40 Plus, and here’s it and while I, on paper, I look at it and say, from a personality standpoint, and kind of what in the approach, it would probably be be a better fit. But what you would do is you’d also hamstring yourself, because we’ve seen what happens, we’ve seen the results of having to depend so heavily upon vet minimum players, which these Lakers have had to do this year, and would obviously have to do for another two years. But you know, beyond this season, if they were to make a deal of that nature, so I look, it’s, it would be a desperation move. If they did it, it wouldn’t necessarily shock me, I just wouldn’t anticipate it kind of to what you know, to the point that you that you alluded to, because I think they probably want to get a big wing more than necessarily anything else. And you can’t use all of your assets on this deal. If you’re if you are out there shopping for a big wing, whether it be Jeremy Grant, or you know, Harrison Barnes or somebody of that ilk.

Cal Lee 22:03
Let me put it like this. It doesn’t in my response is going to go way off the grid with this. So I apologize in advance. Do you guys? Um, isn’t it ironic that we talked about the teams that LeBron James has had access to has influenced on I think one of the one positions where he has been able to command a level of respect to to get the best out of his been who he has playing at that quote, unquote, point guard shooting guard position, right. And so to me, what you’re telling me is this, LeBron James couldn’t get that same kind of respect from Russell, not because Russell’s being disrespectful, I think, to a degree, Russell Westbrook has, like kind of conceded too much to the fact that this is LeBrons team and not really honed into what he really should be for that Lakers team, to show LeBron, that he needs to change his mannerisms in ways about how he has to go about elevating this team to be on a championship level, right? Which is probably what I don’t know, maybe in some crazy minded way. That’s what they were thinking, I don’t know. But you’re telling me you’re gonna take someone who does not shoot the basketball really well. And Russell Westbrook and you’re actually entertaining the thought of bringing somebody like John Wall, who doesn’t really shoot the basketball really well, when what everyone has been saying across the board is, is that this team does not shoot the basketball really well. So my, in my mind, I’m thinking, what exactly is it that’s triggering the idea that you have to now totally move away from Russell Westbrook? If you know that, what you’re looking for, there is nothing available that’s out there for you to make that move. It almost seems like if you do something out of the sense of desperate desperation, it’ll make you look even more foolish for doing it simply because you can’t get off of the fact that what your initial move wasn’t with the same level of confidence than it should have been when you did it. You know, and that, to me is part of where my it’s like, I don’t get it. Like it just confuses the hell out of me.

Jabari Davis 24:14
No, I hear you this, I’ll be honest with you, the shooting really isn’t the major criticism of this team. The idea behind you know, the reason why the wall you know, the wall move would make sense it’s a mindset and a mentality thing. Russ is going to be rest regardless of where he is, no matter what the case is. It is never going to adjust, you’re going to adjust away from that. And, and and that’s not a criticism. It’s just an acknowledgement. It’s total it’s it’s truly just an acknowledgement. he’s at his best when the balls in his hand when he can attack when you can be aggressive, we can play with pace, and the Lakers simply are not at their best when that when that is the case. So it’s unfortunate that we’re here with this because if the if we’re talking 2012 Russ or 2015, Russ, even maybe even 2017 Russ honestly, the ends would justify the means but right now he’s not that guy anymore. He just is not and he’s not he’s not he can’t be that for this team.

Cal Lee 25:10
Can I quickly push back on this? Because I don’t I know you don’t want to belabor the point about this for a moment to the other points, but isn’t that what doesn’t that typically what you get with Lebron James when he has the ball in his hands

Jabari Davis 25:24
yes and and hit and it seems like his thought was okay, I can kind of take a step back let Russ do the heavy lifting through the regular season and then I’ll you know, assume assume my position you feel like when it counts when it’s needed along the way but obviously you know down the stretch the trouble is because of all of the circumstances that have gone into this because they’ve had guys in and out of the lineup because Anthony Davis you know missing a month is a is a major theme and also because quite frankly rest simply had the connection between those two simply hasn’t been we’ll what they what we might have anticipated. This is this is why we’re here it’s it’s it’s basically LeBron acknowledging I wanted this it didn’t work.

Warren Shaw 26:07
So what else say this is real school real quick kind of like the wrap up maybe the rough side of it as well. I think there’s a perception or a hope really more than anything else that if it were wall or another point guard, it’s because I think how your point is very valuable. You know, the shooting aspect wall is not knocked down guy so to speak. But I think playing with a different level of speed and pace, and most importantly, maybe a basketball a higher level basketball IQ. I think that’s where people are starting to really kind of doubt Ross’s ability right now. And again, we have a scene wall, we don’t really know what it is. But I think there’s a hope and perception that maybe his basketball IQ will be higher. And some of the silly mistakes that Ross has made in big time plays a big time moments in the fourth quarter would maybe go away you know with a guy like Wal who’s also maybe a little bit less, you know, less usage like he doesn’t well needs the ball in his hand. But he’s not going to kind of pout if he’s not getting and he’s probably more likely to run and cut off the ball when he doesn’t have it then I think Russ is but I want to take this last kind of point about the Lakers where we are now the rumor is that Anthony Davis at least for one recording is upgraded to questionable or I think a probable for this game against Miami. So presumably we’ll be back here sometime this upcoming week. Is this the elixir? JD? I mean, I know it’s not we know we said it. We’ve been saying it’s not one main thing. But is this the thing that can at least get things back on the right direction and more importantly to Frank Vogel maybe save his job?

Jabari Davis 27:31
In here’s the trouble. That’s a great question. And I appreciate the way you posed it. It’s enough to get you know, to get Frank Vogel off the hot seat, it’s enough to get them you know, backplane you know, positive basketball because to be honest with you, I know nobody actually pays attention. They just go with what they just got to go with whatever the you like, the general narrative is they were playing pretty pretty well together. Right before his injury. It just sucks. It sucks the timing of his injury, it didn’t help. I think it can regulate them. It’s not going to make them like the championship contender that a lot of us wanted it to be and and and you know, there’s gonna be Lakers fans out there that are saying like, well, how can you know because if you’ve watched basketball long enough, which I’m assuming you’ll all of us have, you know what a champion looks like. And that’s not it.

Cal Lee 28:17
Interesting stuff man. Interesting interesting stuff. And obviously this means that this this topic is not going to go away anytime soon. I think when something when a shoe drops, okay, when a shoe drops, then we might be able to get a clearer view of what the master plan is going to be for the Los Angeles Lakers for the remainder of the season, but in the meantime, it’s all up in the air all up in the air. Alright, let’s talk about the Chicago Bulls and Dave had a stretch of bad luck. Lonzo ball meniscus tear Alex Caruso you know he got he got got laser tag by the Black Knight Grayson Allen and so he’s gone for two six to eight weeks. I’m sorry, not the Black Knight The Dark Knight I’m sorry. Oh, wait, why is he the Black Knight said the dark was any

Warren Shaw 29:08
kind of night but

Cal Lee 29:14
you guys you guys remember now you know when Batman had this dark side to him this evolution he no longer became Batman. He became the Dark Knight right like and listen. This has not been the first time that Grayson Allen has been known to be a dirty player to be a cheap shot artists this that and the third. I thought that he kind of got that past a man you can’t shake off who you are, man. So I guess he just had to remind the MPAA and Alex Caruso, if he can be that dude. Right? So obviously, that flagrant foul that they committed on Alex Russo’s force crew, so to be out to 68 weeks, and this obviously in a stretch where the Chicago Bulls are the second best team right now in the Eastern Conference. So you know how bad is this for them and can demand Rosen and the bulls weathered the storm.

Warren Shaw 30:02
Yeah, I’m concerned, you know, luckily Levine’s knee injury was is was minor and he may be back this week. So they’ll be able to have some of that one two punch clinic going and booster which is still been there. But what made this bulls team good to begin the year has been the continuity and just kind of the injection of what ball and crews would do at the point of attack and kind of distributing for the for the for the main guys as well too. So it’s gonna be rough. But again, you know, my one of my favorite rookies I want to talk about a little bit earlier, he’s getting a lot of playing time as a result of those guys being out. And he’s done well with the time that he’s had. But this bulls team again, just like their basketball curse this year, like the gods just don’t want it to be great. And I don’t understand why, because they jumped on the scene and have been amazing to watch. But all these injuries continue to just knock them back a peg. So you know if Rosen and Levine presumably can kind of keep them near the top that might even bolstered to Rosen’s NPP case. You know, really and truly if they continue to be men down, so to speak, Chicago Bulls, the biggest at the top of the Eastern Conference, I think that would bode well for Drozd What do you think? JD?

Jabari Davis 31:05
Yeah, I’ll be honest with you, I it was doom and gloom for me initially, because I was like, wait isn’t Levine out as well? And yeah, it made me first ask, like, who? How did they fit in the basketball gods because they they very clearly have, like, if there’s one of those where, you know, if this is one of the more fun stories, it’s one of the more you know, you know, compelling stories in the NBA, it’s, it’s been great to see. So I you know, I hated it. But cooler heads have prevailed. And I do agree if they can keep that one, two punch there. And if if everybody else can stay relatively healthy, you know, they could use this as an opportunity to kind of see what else you’ll see what else they have within that roster. But actually, this is where I was going to turn it back to you guys. Part of me does worry about on the defensive end like me in stretches they can get by but over long periods, not having Lonzo ball and not having Alex Caruso, like along the perimeter and just in terms of their switch ability, just in terms of you know, what they bring from a defense event, you know, mentality, I feel like it might get to them, because you know, two months is a long time. So Do either of you think that they need to go ahead and play the field in terms of finding a stop gap? For some more defensive pressure around the perimeter?

Warren Shaw 32:15
Let me tap in real quick, I think yes, because this is a year that is not promised anybody and anything can happen. So push your chips. And as long as you’re not mortgaging your proverbial future, and in some ways, maybe they already have because they they don’t have a whole lot of picks to give, because they got to get Vukovich and Rosen to get get those two major guys so but if you can find the, you know, again, the proverbial wing defender that everybody wants, then yeah, you try to do that Kobe White might be a valuable trade tip that you can utilize. Patrick Williams is a rookie, obviously, he’s hurt. But maybe somebody will take a flyer on him, so to speak, and invest to try to invest in him and in the future. So I think if you’re Chicago, you know, in your cars novice in that front office, you’re like, you know what, listen, we have a chance, the bull sorry, on the bucks or not? I’m running away with things. And that’s look somewhat mortal. This is our year, why not give it give it a chance? Cow, where would you go with it? Would you make a move to try to bolster some of the defense on Chicago Bulls this year?

Cal Lee 33:09
Absolutely. And I think that what I think is going to be the bigger question for this bulls team is going to be their depth. You know, I had an opportunity to watch the bulls take on the Boston Celtics a couple of weeks ago. And to me, you can clearly tell that this team is very dependent on their star players. And obviously at that night, it was Whoo savich into Martha Rosen. Now they got quality contributions. And Boston Celtics are a type of basketball team that makes you know you’re up and coming. role players look like freaking superstars on the damn court. That’s not going to be the case. When you’re playing against teams like the Milwaukee Bucks teams like the Brooklyn Nets, or even the Miami Heat they’re going to have, they’re going to need depth. And the depth is not just in the sense that you’re only looking for quality wing players. I think depth is going to be guys who can come in and get you clutch buckets, when you cannot stretch your star players, as much as Billy Donovan would love to. And I think you know, one of the things that you touched on Shaw, which is part of the reason why I wasn’t a complete believer on a 10 game turnaround for this team, was the fact that Zack Levine has never been the most healthy of players as quality of player he is when he’s on the court and he’s healthy. He’s as lethal as they come. But his health will always be an issue. We’ve had the same issue with Lonzo ball. He had propensities when he was playing with New Orleans and not be able to stay healthy and it’s it’s ironic that this meniscus tear is in the same general areas where he’s had issues with regards to his lesen his knees and legs. DeMarco Rosen I thought probably because he’s a little bit older a little bit longer in the tooth and what they’re asking of him to bang down low to be a little bit more physical, more of a downhill player that he was going to probably want Taking some, you know, some tough blows. So all of these things, I think, come into play and I think it just exposes the reality that if the bowls team does want this year to be their year, they’re going to need depth then either that and if they can’t find it, then they’re going to need their role players that they currently have to mature very quickly to step up to make this stretch run worth something.

Warren Shaw 35:22
Yeah, and last thing I’ll say is I mean, they, they they’ve been ravished really it’s like it’s been ravaged, remember why miss a good portion of the year, he’s back now. We already talked about Caruso and ball here, even Derrick Jones Jr. is out for them as well too. And he’s playing like 17 minutes a night for them, and was trying to be, you know, one of the defenders, wing type defenders for them as well. So they really, really have been hurt. So it’s a great testament to Donovan and the rest of this team being able to pick it up and kind of you know, keep keep keep the pace here a little bit. But more recently, they got blasted by Brooklyn, you know, when they had all three of their guys, they got blasted by Golden State when they were when Golden State was also short, short handed as well. So you’re starting to see some of the you know, some of the issues kind of come to light here, but some of the depth that the bulls don’t seem to have. So hopefully it’s got to get back in the fold really, really quickly.

Cal Lee 36:06
And let me highlight one real quick thing. I’m sorry, Jabari, I’m gonna highlight one quick thing that I don’t think it’s discussed is, you know, what kind of depth is the bulls have with regards to most of which right to fill in for a guy like boots, which I think Vukovich is versatile player as he is, you can clearly tell that, you know, he’s not the player that he was when he came over to came from Orlando. And not because he they’re the focal point is not for him to, you know, be able to score the basketball, but he’s clearly getting away from the basket a lot. And a lot of what I think is going to compromise the Chicago Bulls is their ability to be able to rebound and to be able to establish themselves in the frontcourt a lot more. And to me, if you don’t have anybody that’s going to be backing up your frontcourt players in that same capacity, like what you’re getting out of the votes of it, I think that’s going to be a big problem as well, too, especially when you’re going to play against the longer and lengthier teams like the Milwaukee Bucks and the Brooklyn Nets, there’s going to be mismatches. And that’s going to require you to get not just stretched with the wind vendors, but you’re also going to need physical presences to opt to kind of like offset a little bit of that frontcourt play, if they’re going to beat you hide and you got to beat them down low, and they don’t have that right now all they’ve got is Ooh, savich

Jabari Davis 37:18
that that is an excellent point. And just to kind of cap it to kind of tie it together. It’s really it’s really why I respect and appreciate the work that a team like Phoenix has done with their roster like you know, for instance, look champion, the difference between a championship team and just a really fun team is sometimes we go like how you how you solidify along the margins. So for instance, you’re talking about Chicago, they’re you know, they’re letting you know that I was gonna say lighting the lighting to behind but you’ll they’re going to run into some matchup problems. They could absolutely use a guy like to fail Mickey they could absolutely use a guy like Bismack BIYOMBO that they just picked up do the Phoenix was able to pick up off the scrappy, so I I’m here for that. I absolutely agree and their depth, especially considering considering the injury history with all of their principal players is going to be a concern for the rest of this season.

Cal Lee 38:07
Alright, they’re good stuff coming up. We have our man Matt Brooks. He is content writer and contributor for basketball news. He covers the Brooklyn Nets. He’s going to be hopping on board with us to help us kind of decipher the the code right now. That is the Brooklyn Nets. You know they are they the Vinci code of the NBA right now, we got to ask our man and uh, hopefully he can help us settle down. A lot of those those percolating questions that are obviously going to be emanating from now until the rest of the season so you don’t want to miss out here on a baseline. Over

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Cal Lee 39:31
Time to break it down put the time now for the break down Callie Warren Shaw, Jabari Davis, discussing the hot button topics of the NBA and probably no hotter topic that is percolating right now. Aside from the fact that you know, the Golden State Warriors got their caches clay back is probably the idea and the perception that if you’re a Brooklyn Nets fan, your caches clay is realizing that you have You know Kyrie Irving back on that squad and probably one of the best people to kind of really break down the impact and the magnitude of what it might look like for this Brooklyn Nets team to be able to to forge themselves ahead and be and be the formidable force I think a lot of people would have predicted is our man, Matt Brooks. He is national writer for basketball news. He covers the NBA like no weather, Matt, thanks for hopping on board with us this week.

Matt Brooks 40:27
Hey, thank you guys for having me. Excited to talk about what’s been like the by far the most exciting portion of this net season and really the, I guess, the month I’ve really been actually invested in the team the most. So I’m excited about this.

Cal Lee 40:42
Yeah. And I guess that’s really where we should start from is, why would a resounding writer like yourself, someone who, you know who, obviously you have your finger on your pulse on everything that’s going on with Brooklyn Nets? Why would it seem like for you, and maybe a lot of your contemporaries feel like this is the most exciting part of it when I think all of the drama has led up to this point about, you know, whether or not this team can thrive without having Kyrie Irving. And knowing that you have again, if Kevin Durant stays healthy MVP caliber James Harden is informed, you know, what he can contribute? Why, up to this particular point? Is it now such a like, crazy, you know, notion that this is where the excitement really begins?

Matt Brooks 41:31
I think a large a large part of it’s just that Kyrie is kind of the heartbeat, the heartbeat of the nets, just in terms of the energy that he brings. I mean, you can look at the on court product, how much faster they play, how much they’re able to do with, like their actions and stuff like that. But even just like in terms of the personality of this team, I do think that nets take on carries personality a lot more when he’s on the floor. So you look at the way that they’ve been playing lately. It’s just, there’s more movement, there’s more, there’s more pace, there’s a sense of like, just, I don’t really know how to describe it, like bubbling energy, when you watch him play with the nets that I don’t think you necessarily saw for the first two months of it, I’ll be honest, like, then that’s really boring to watch for the brilliant tour until like January, it just weren’t that fun to watch. Like, you know, we don’t have a lie. Like every, you know, it would turn into these lineups where there’s a bunch of non shooters, and then at the very end, who would be like, Alright, let’s get Katie to bail us out. So those whatever, fourth quarter minutes would be fun. But a large part of it was a really strange product to watch. I think so. Now it kind of feels like the team that you saw last year,

Warren Shaw 42:39
I think would one of the things that was shocking for me is I think as Joe Harris‘s, the lingering a mild amount of his injuries. And we looked at this next team, I think, coming into the season, kind of felt like alright, they’ll be okay. You know, I mean, they got two superstars Kyrie will be there whenever, but Joe Harris is a major part of this team in this roster as well, too, maybe more so than I think people maybe initially realize, especially as you talked about there, not having some of the shooting and things of that nature, just when is he expected back because we know Katie is now also while but once he expected back to kind of bring some attitude in a needed depth to this roster. Yeah, I

Matt Brooks 43:12
mean, I think there was early optimism that he’d be back end of January, obviously, we are there at the end of January. And there’s no sign that he’s back, I think he’s the latest we have is that he’s doing like, like shorting drills, like light shooting drills. So I mean, that kind of tells you, he’s probably not going to be back to like full five on five or anything like that anytime soon. I know that Harden, briefly said in a recent, I think was in a postgame said that he’s expecting him to be around, like after the all star break. So that’s what you’re looking at when he comes back. And that’s just going to add so much to what they do. It’s funny, I think him and Patty mills and harden playing together is like something like plus 14.2 points per 100 possessions so that that group is going to be just outstanding, you’re going to get so many different groupings, and the things that don’t look great about the nets, I think are going to solve themselves, just with the sheer threat of his spacing. So it’ll happen soon, but it’s going to be a while till we get this team whole.

Jabari Davis 44:14
And on that note, you know, like, where I was going with it. The team has to in one sense, Katie went out, you know, they want a couple games against the wizard and spurs obviously at the time of recording this, you know, they dropped the tough one to the Cavs. But you know, we’re right at the place where we’re looking at another three to five weeks where until Katie’s reinvent your reevaluated. But they look looking ahead of the schedule. It’s not necessarily the worst of the worst of things go from a timing standpoint, specifically because 11 of the next 17 games are on the road, meaning obviously Kyrie will be eligible for those games. And while I won’t ask you to predict, you know how they’ll do over that stretch, it did bring up kind of like the elephant in the room concern that I’ve had for them down the road. For folks like yourself that are really tapped in with the team. What’s the level of concern about this group from a continuity standpoint, once we get into like A series and you may or may not have a major chord going in and out.

Matt Brooks 45:05
Yeah, I mean, that’s, that’s gonna be a big factor. I’m not necessarily worried about them when it’s all three of them, because like you saw it against Chicago, these guys just like they fit together so naturally, that it really only took like two or three games initially last year for them to build some chemistry. And you saw what it looked like, in the playoffs last year against the Celtics, like this team, they fit very well, you know, for all of the hand wringing about, oh, there’s only one ball and I don’t know how that scripts gonna look. They they fit really like a hand in glove together. So I’m not really worried about that necessarily. It’s more of like the like, how do you how do you transfer that energy that you’re having on the road? So when you’re playing at home, because I mean, the team shot down a bunch saying, Oh, well, we don’t really think you know, this situation is affected us play at home, but you watch them play at home and it’s like there’s a different energy and the team is what right now at home they are 12 and 11 which is not something you’d expect to see from a number one seed it’s so I think there is like a sense of that bleeding into how they’ve played when they’re on their home turf without Kyrie I just think, the weirdness of it and having to change your team dynamics in a way where this roster was built for having Kyrie you know, just in terms of his spacing, his secondary creation, all of those things. This team was built for that. So you have so many like, you know, DeAndre banbury’s, Bruce browns, like those guys are just meant to hover around three stars and make plays from there and fill the gaps and and especially just play defense. But without him without Kyrie, all of a sudden those guys get thrust to into a bigger role. And that’s where you start to see why it looks a little weird, or things feel a little more clunky at home. So I’m a little worried about the home stuff. But together I mean, that team is they’re nuts. They’re my title favorite, for a reason if they can get those three together, consistently.

Cal Lee 47:02
NBA content kind of sore. Matt Brooks joining us here. He does his thing with basketball news. You can also catch him with nets daily. And you can also make sure you catch him on Twitter. He’s got a lot of people following and it’s not just Brooklyn Nets fans, be sure to catch him at Matt Brooks NBA. All right, Matt, I want to go back to the part that you mentioned because you highlighted something to me that I think might flow a little bit more towards that whole big elephant in the room question when we talk about the different energy that you say, you observe, because Kyrie Irving’s on this team, and I’m gonna harken back to one of the things that is always concerned me when you talk about putting together these quote unquote, super teams, okay. It’s not about the ball as much as it is Who has to have the ball when it matters the most. And I look back to the opportunities that the Brooklyn Nets had last year, when they could have defeated the the Milwaukee Bucks. And I don’t think a lot of those questions are properly answered. And given the circumstances of how everything played out in this offseason for the Brooklyn Nets. We’re going to probably revisit this question again. Eventually, when Kevin Durant comes back and is fully healthy. So I’m going to ask you this question from your perspective in your eyes, when it matters the most, who should be taking those necessary shots? Who should be the fourth quarter person? Because I think to me that is the bigger question. When I look at this Brooklyn Nets team is I feel like there’s still this level of dependency on figuring out which guy has to have that has to be that dude has to be that moment. We never saw that with Kyrie Irving, when he was playing next to LeBron James in Cleveland, because O’Brien knew that Kyrie was that guy. I feel like there’s this great friendship between him and Durant. But I worry about when it really matters in that fourth quarter, somebody is going to elect to defer when they really shouldn’t be. And I think that that might damage the opportunity and chances that the Brooklyn Nets will have against good defensive teams like the Chicago Bulls and like the Milwaukee Bucks, who do you think should be holding that rock in the fourth quarter?

Matt Brooks 49:13
Missing a question because we haven’t really seen I guess the answer to that unless you go all the way back to like the what was the overtime game against the Cavs like their very first game that they all played together? The Boston series last year where all three of them were healthy was not a great I guess way to measure that so yeah, I think for one we can do a process of elimination to heart and I think is not necessarily the guy that’s going to be taking those big shots in the fourth quarter not because he’s like this is not like me trying to make a heart and joke or anything like that but literally just watching him this year. He’s differed a lot to Katie and on the stretcher thing he’s been very comfortable with doing that. And in the little bit of time, that Kyrie has been back he’s done the same letting Kyrie take those shots down the down the stretch and the fourth part is just tended to do a lot more of his damage. In his good games in the first half, it’s just something I’ve noticed throughout this year. So then it becomes a question of okay, well, now you have Katie and Kyrie, a, those guys can trade off buckets. And they could play the mismatch game, if they rebound the ball and push it in, in transition, and they like a match that they have in front of them. That can be an option for them to score or, and I think this is, for me, like, the most interesting way to think about this is putting those guys in actions together. So it can be one of them screening for the other. That’s a way to, you know, if you if you’re able to build a mismatch out of that, then that’s a great way to take care of a problem of like, hey, we have two guys that are probably both worthy of taking shots down the stretch, but we don’t know who to go with. Well, if you just put them in an action together, one of those guys is going to get a better match, you know, I guess, opportunity to score. And that kind of takes care of that problem. Other one I like is you could play Katy out of the post, and you could have Kyrie as the entry passer and then if the double comes off the entry passer, well, then it’s an easy kick to Kyrie who can create from there. So those are just kind of a loose idea, I think a large part of it is those guys are going to be able to handle it organically. And, you know, alternate, I guess, in those big stretches. But if it is something that becomes contentious, I think there are ways to be like, if we use those guys together, they can, you know, kind of come together as two great scores into the power of one and create whatever they need to create from there.

Warren Shaw 51:27
Matt, I think that’s a great answer. And I kind of want to take it to part of the play calling. And that goes to the coaching, right? One of the things this team has been was surprisingly to me in some ways that they’ve been at least an average defensive team, they’ve slipped, I think they were top 10 for the first month, month and half the season. I think they’re around 14th or 15th. Now, but what what’s your assessment of the job Nash has done when it comes to balancing the roster, all the injuries and stuff with Kyrie etc, etc. And how kind of keeping this team afloat, and even kind of some of some of the play calls. I know he’s getting criticized a little bit last year, but I think he’s done a lot better job this year and try and especially with a better handle and mix of the roster. Just what’s your assessment of Nash and what he’s done so far this season?

Matt Brooks 52:07
Um, he’s been okay. I mean, he’s, he’s been fine. Like, I don’t think he’s like a bottom five coach, but I don’t also I don’t think he’s like this, like, incredible. You know, I don’t I just don’t think he’s like an incredible coach. Um, but I yeah, he’s been fine. I think the big thing for him this year has just been like, certain rotations that he’s thrown out that we’re still seeing with the full group back. So like, anytime he plays LaMarcus Aldridge and Blake Griffin together, I just don’t understand. I don’t understand the upside of playing those guys together, especially at this point in their careers. And those those moments still happen, even with the full team or as close to the full team as we can get with Kyrie and you know, I guess Katie’s not playing but Kyrie is spacing back with with this group? So um, yeah, I think he’s been okay. I will say like, they’ve started implementing more detailed play calls to their book, as the season has progressed. I think a big part of that is that this group, obviously, in training camp, which they had in San Diego, they had Kyrie there. So all of these ideas and things that they scripted, they haven’t really been able to run for the first two months, until now. So that’s why now the last couple of weeks, I’ve noticed, they’ve really started to run a lot of different, more, I think, for me, just more profitable sets that I think have generated great, you know, much better looks. And I think that’s why you’ve seen the offense sort of the way it has. So for them, I think they’re finally getting a taste of like, Hey, here’s what this would look like, if we had our full group, if we had, you know, as close to our full group as we as we can get. And now we’re starting to see them dig into that, but in terms of how he’s done, I mean, his job really is to just like, you know, manage personalities and, and just kind of keep the ship afloat. So he’s done well on that again, for the most part, but in terms of like some of the more, I guess, minute coaching details, rotations timeouts. I don’t know, I think he’s been okay, if not below average, and that, I guess, category of coaching,

Jabari Davis 54:11
that is fair, keeping it keeping it actually with that focus on the roster. You know, once they are back fully intact, you know, and do you feel like they’re good to go for the postseason? Or do you? You know, we got the trade deadline coming up. But if I’m not mistaken, February 10. And obviously, the eventual buyout market is looming as well. You know, obviously, not necessarily in terms of any major deals, but do you feel like the roster is set or do you think that there are potential avenues or spots where they could go go about solidifying?

Matt Brooks 54:39
Yeah, I mean, first off, like you to look at what assets they have, like, I think they have one first round pick that they can trade and then it’s like Bruce Brown, Javan Carter, Nicholas Klaxons, probably their best asset that they have. Would you want to trade a young center that I think has had some good moments for them? I’m not sure. But in terms of what they have, it’s not crazy. I think they’re more likely to to be active in the buyout market, they do have to trade exceptions as well. We’ll see if those get used. So I mean, they have an okay. You know, I guess war chest of assets that they could use. For me, I think the big things that they’re going to want is like every other team of three and D wing. But again, you know, there’s 30 teams in the league that want that, and only so many teams have the assets to make that happen. I also think weirdly enough, I know they’ve signed all these bigs and they actually just are in the process of moving on from Paul Millsap. But I do think they could use another big, I don’t know, I don’t know what if they’re gonna find that or what but, you know, Blake LaMarcus. Like they’re fine. They’re probably, you know, backup bigs, maybe even third, string bigs. I don’t want to say that lemarcus I’ll say backup bigs, like they’re fine. And I think the big thing for me is like, as exciting as it been to watch de Ron sharp play a lot of minutes for the month, the rookie out of North Carolina, he’s been starting a lot of games. You’re also starting a rookie center, and a center that’s got a lot to learn just in terms of like defensive coverages, I believe the other day, he said that this is his first time playing drop coverage was the first stretch of games. So that kind of shows you like what the acclimation to the NBA is, like, for a lot of these guys, like you’re doing schemes that every single team runs, some guys just haven’t done that. So I think in that in that I guess like that’s, that’s something I’d be looking at it even if it’s like a if you could combine, like if you could get a Larry Nance who can play center, but also be like your bigger wing. If you can find somebody like that, that’d be great. So I think those are the main things I’m looking at is just those two specific things. But shooting is got to be way up there for them.

Cal Lee 56:48
Right, he is the man. You know, again, if you definitely want to get all of your fields with regards to what’s happening with the Brooklyn Nets, you got to be able to check him out on man, Matt Brooks, be sure to check him on basketball news. And again, catch him on Twitter at Matt Brooks, NBA, madman, we really appreciate you really kind of giving us some in depth insight about where this Brooklyn Nets team is and where you see them, you know, kind of moving the needle forward for them as we start getting down to that stretch run of games left before we start talking playoff basketball. And we hopefully we’ll want to definitely bring you back on as we get a little bit closer to that time frame because we definitely want to get your insight because it’s no longer going to be about regular season. Brooklyn Nets. Man, we’re definitely going to be talking about is it championship, Brooklyn Nets team that we’re talking about. When it’s all said and done, Brother.

Matt Brooks 57:42
Oh, that’d be great. Yeah, hopefully my Wi Fi has a better showing. So that’d be great. I mean, I’m always gonna tuck the nets. And this was fun. So

Cal Lee 57:50
worse. Worst case. Worst case scenario, man, we’ll take we’ll take the show out on the road, man, we’ll bring it out to you to your home yard man. Because you know, maybe maybe that might be what the key is, man.

Matt Brooks 58:03
It sounds good to me.

Cal Lee 58:05
Yes. Yes. Awesome, awesome show all together, man. Great stuff. And definitely great perspective given from our man, Matt Brooks, who you know, SHA JD man, kudos to you. Two guys for collaborating. You know, the Mad Mad Mad Men minds that you are to be able to bring such a, you know, appointment person on to help break some stuff down about, you know, the burning questions that’s taking place out in Brooklyn.

Warren Shaw 58:33
Oh, that’s all JD? Yeah, I mean, I think when we talked about what’s going on here to take stock of the landscape, the NBA and Brooklyn with this major injury to Kevin Durant. It was a it was a great question to kind of pose like alright, well, where are they? How can they maintain themselves ultimately, so you know, shout to JD for getting mad on man, I thought was a great conversation.

Jabari Davis 58:52
No, I mean, I was gonna say it’ll sound like we’re just, you know, kissing each other’s beehives. But no, you guys are fantastic. Throughout. Matt is phenomenal. And, and Kyle, you made a great point. We definitely need to have him back on

Cal Lee 59:04
again. Oh, absolutely. And listen, there’s obviously a lot more that is now going to kind of rise based off of our conversation about what we should be looking for and interesting thoughts about how to interpret this basketball team moving forward. I think to me, it was also pretty amazing. We stayed much more away from a lot of the controversy that is coming from what’s happening because of Kyrie Irving and strictly keeping it focused within the context of the impact that the team will have in the way that they’re building their continuity and a strategy for them to be able to be successful. To me, that’s what stands out more than anything. And I’m hoping that you know, as this team continues to play, that there is a little bit more insight that we’ll get from Matt Brooks as we get a little bit closer towards the end of the season. Once again, we’d like to thank our man Matt Brooks, and as always be sure to check him out at Matt Brooks and a for debate. Slide Kelly Warren sharp JD you know we love you guys, we appreciate you guys for hopping on board with us this week, catch up with you

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