September 29, 2022 | 7:44 pm
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Does the combination of NBA2K14 and LeBron James work for gamers?

Our friends at CBS Gamecore received a copy of NBA 2K14 and posted their review outlining some of the games newest features. 2K14 could have very easily released an updated version of last year’s edition and probably get the same success with sales as previous years.

Remember 2k’s chief competitor, NBA Live, is coming off a three-year hiatus and will only be released for next generation systems. Nevertheless, 2k has put on a fresh pair of kicks to speak and gotten down with King James to give fans a new experience.

Check out a snippet from the review:

Its latest entry in the series – NBA 2k14 – adds a new mode, brings back a heavily requested one and further enhances the gameplay that has become its bread and butter. But with the developers preparing a next-gen version of 2K14, is the current-gen release a worthy upgrade?

2K Sports landed LeBron James as its cover athlete for 2K14, and the developers leveraged LeBron James’ involvement. With James about to become a free agent again this summer if he chooses to opt out of his current deal, 2K Sports thought it would be a great time for you to choose where The King’s next destination should be. But you don’t have total freedom in this mode. You can select to stay with the Heat or select a “Fantastic Journey,” which has LeBron bolting the Heat but you can’t decide where he goes next. In my experience, LeBron chose to go with the Knicks, but I’ve seen other scenarios where he’s chosen to return to the Cavs.

The article goes on to outline the return of My Player, the return of Crew Mode amongst other tweaks. You can read the full article by clicking here.

NBA2k14 will be available to the public on Oct 1.

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