October 5, 2022 | 6:10 pm
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Does the ‘Delivery Man’ truly make its destination on time?

It’a always interesting to read a story that has unrealistic and fascinating scenarios that people can attempt to wrap their brains around. In most cases, these far fetched stories are typically science fiction movies about the future. That way we can fantasize about what we may not know about yet. However in this movie, that is set in real time in the 21st century, this film is asking the audience to believe that a man could possibly be the father of 533 children from frequent visits to a sperm bank when he was younger?? Additionally, this remake is based on the Canadian film titled ‘Starbuck’ that was considered a successful comedy when it came out in Canada?? So, it goes to show,  that if the film was successful in another country, why not make a remake of it for the American public to see? Interestingly enough, the film works!  Vince Vaughn plays the lead role as the irresponsible and lacadasical ‘delivery man’ that works for his father’s meat distribution company. His best friend is wonderfully played by Chris Pratt. In going to see this movie, the expectations were that this far fetched comedy would fail to deliver. Fortunately for the movie, that is not what happened. The film was a pleasant surprise and it was able to get the audience engaged, in this farce of a storyline, and the comedy was refreshing and genuine to watch. Movie goers were literally laughing out loud at the clever writing and the excellent comedic timing of Vince Vaughn and Chris Pratt.  In the end, I would definitely recommend that ‘Delivery Man’ be seen…. when you can, via a rental. Although it was a funny comedy, I wouldn’t go see this film in the movie theatre. ‘Delivery Man’ is the perfect rental when it comes out in a few months.

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