November 28, 2022 | 11:11 pm
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Ep 130 | Free Agency Frenzy Begins | Draft Recap | Chaos in Sacto

As the NBA Draft completes, the biggest noise made in the NBA will be the marquee names ready to be wine and dined by all 30 of the NBA Teams as Free Agency officially begins. Shaw and I take a closer look at some of the major names expected to shake things up over the summer and what would be the most ideal destinations to elevate their success moving forward

We also recap the NBA Draft. Who truly won, the Highs and Lows of what Shaw called a rather subdued night for the NBA Future

What is happening in Sacramento, apparently no throne is either jewel or Crown in Kings City as more management turmoil and rumblings have bestowed an unfavorable black cloud of perception over what was a once promising franchise when David Stern decided to keep the team in Sacramento. Are we regretting that decision

We also recap some of the Free Agency News happening in the league. 


We go all in with out ongoing coverage of the NBA Offseason on this week’s episode of The Baseline 

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