November 29, 2022 | 12:27 am
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Ep 140| 2015-16 Pacific Division Preview w Jabari Davis

Jabari Davis, Host of Lakers Nation Podcast,  Join Us to Preview The NBA Pacific Division and tackle some of the burning questions entering the regular season:

-Can the Warriors repeat their stellar regular season dominance a year ago?

-With last season’s disappointing finish, and the offseason additions, are the Clippers mentally ready to stake their claim as Division Best?

-Is Sacramento as good as they look or are fans subject to another Kings Ransom of Underachievement?

-Have the Phoenix Suns Flamed out or can they recapture that fire that made them of the Pacific Division’s toughest teams to defeat?

-Will youth movement usher the Lakers into a promising season or will it force the Black Mambas early departure from the Purple and Gold Tour?

We answer them all and then some on The Baseline NBA Podcast

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