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Harden and Lillard struggle while Bridges and Barnes thrive…canvasing the NBA’s hot and cold starts

This week we have Heart to Heart to Heart on our thoughts of the NBA on TNT conceding to the TNF (Thursday Night Football). We also give our Who’s Hot… Who’s Not List including guys like Mile Bridges, Cole Anthony, Harrison Barnes, James Harden, Damian Lillard, Devin Booker and more.

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You can check out the full transcript of the show below (please be advised the transcript is not 100% accurate and contains typos)

Cal Lee 00:46
This is the baseline discussing the hot button topics of the end. Be a welcome everybody you’re tuned to the baseline Cali Warren Shaw Jabari Davis discussing the hot button topics of the NBA. Hot out the gate. Ready for a new slate, NBA basketball hot and heavy already going into the second week. A lot of things to get into much to discuss. So I’m not going to make a fuss but I’m gonna go ahead and roll out the red carpet to my dynamic duo. The one that holds it down that allows the trifecta to stand firm here for our podcast. Let me go ahead and speak on my peoples www F sharp sports dotnet Big Kahuna PNC my man Mr. Warren sharp and out of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. And also reppin out on the west side. My man out of Tucson. Mr. Jabari Davis. What’s good brothers we live in direct baby. second weekend NBA action, man and it does not disappoint.

Warren Shaw 01:42
It absolutely doesn’t man. And I love how you brought us into this one man. Again, the second week is really lovely. A lot of great content to get into. I think we’re starting to see well maybe don’t want to oversell it, but start to maybe see some trends. And you know, I mean, I’m already backtracking on some some predictions as I’m watching some teams out there like damn, I was wrong about them. So it’s nice to kind of have some of these overseas and earlier overreactions as well too. But like I said, we’re gonna keep pushing on the baseline as we always do, my guy JD, how you feeling? Right, exactly

Jabari Davis 02:09
where you left off. That’s where I was at. I was like, hey, you know, it was I was I wrong about the wizards? Was I wrong about you know, such and such? I wasn’t wrong about Orlando. But no, I mean, we got, we definitely got some overreactions, we got some folks that you know, are jumped either either jumping out the window, or jumping up and down all over the timeline. And it’s a lot of fun. But one thing I will say is, the people that are celebrating, you know, maybe you’ll just be in three in one, enjoy it, but let’s not let’s not go too far.

Cal Lee 02:35
Well, it’s kind of interesting that you, you bring it into perspective that way, Jay, because I mean, people out here in New York are, are in a frenzy, over the way that the New York Knicks have started the season. And it’s interesting, because when I listened to, you know, a lot of the, you know, sports radio shows that are, you know, there should be fully invested in talking about the New York Yankees are talking about the New York Giants are talking about the New York Jets, the Jets, for Christ’s sake, right? Like the New York Knicks are always like the third or fourth thing that you want to talk about. But suddenly now, because the New York Knicks are playing the kind of basketball that people are reminded of back in, you know, I’m saying the late 80s, early 90s. You know, now all of a sudden that, you know, the New York Knicks is like the savior of New York Sports Talk, right? And so much is being had I sometimes I feel like I’m walking into a completely different zone, when the way that they’re talking about the New York Knicks like four o’clock in the morning, five o’clock in the morning is on my way home from my from my regular nine to five. And I’m just like, You people don’t show this kind of love when this team is suffering except for, you know, finding something to bash them on. So I find it kind of new, you know, that these guys suddenly want to get on the bandwagon and really start hailing up these praises about this basketball team. And I’m not taking anything away from because it’s well deserved and earned. But I do find it kind of rich, that in these in these mega markets, right? Like even in Chicago, in these mega markets, there is a different tone that is a set with regards to their home teams and the way that they are starting as far as for the respective NBA teams.

Jabari Davis 04:22
I’m glad you bring that up, but I’m gonna keep it real with you. Like we alluded to last week, I think was on last week’s episode 1973 was a long time ago, like as much as we and I say we I mean, you know, the general basketball community, you know, at least for a extended period of time, you know, longer than you probably should have been. You’re referring to, you know, Madison Square Garden is the mecca of New York and New York basketball is the mecca of basketball, even though you know, recently, you know, we slid that title out west, as much as we’ve been making that they’ve been, you know, they haven’t really done much they haven’t really, you’ve been all that good outside of a couple short stretches throughout that period, so I understand it and quite frankly Well, I know people get tired of hearing like, hey, the league is better when the Knicks are good. I will say this, my, my viewing experience is better when the Knicks are good because quite frankly, it’s the only time I want to hear from Big fans, I don’t want to hear them whining about the story organization, you know, we are whining about James Dolan. Or you’re pleading, pleading for James Dolan, his emails to get released, or whatever the case may be, I’m actually happy that they’ve got some good basketball to be happy about.

Cal Lee 05:24
All right, well, we’ll see how long they continue to train that. But this has always been to me, this has always been the trend, I think there’s so desperate to be to have to feel like there’s a level of success to continually talk about them. But there’s only so much you can discuss before something happens to that team or that franchise, right. And if they implode, all of a sudden, everybody just you know, they jumped ship, they don’t they don’t truly ride this thing out. They don’t truly try to offer, you know, LinkedIn perspect, I think there was one of the topics they were talking about was because, you know, the Knicks played the 70 Sixers, and it wasn’t packed. And you know, a lot of it is because, you know, they’re pointing to the fact that the New York, New York City is mandating that people be vaccinated to be inside these puppies. I’m like, what does this have to do with the fact that the New York Knicks are a good basketball team. And if you are the sports media, you should be actually talking about things in a more positive light to entice and want people who probably weren’t able to come, wasn’t interested in coming didn’t know whether or not it was worth the money to invest to come to come, right. Like when you start airing out things that are just like, I don’t know, to me is somewhat arbitrary, because we’re still in the middle of a public health crisis and things of that nature. I think for a lot of people, they want to feel like, Hey, we are fully behind this team. We’re fully behind what’s going on. Listen, people can’t stand when the Celtics are not winning and losing, but you do not hear sports media, when we talk about the Celtics or other other markets like that, you know, basically just crapping on these teams and just diminishing people’s enthusiasm to want to continue to go out there and support the teams even when they go through the hard times. So I’m just hoping that that’s not what’s going to trend to happen because look, to your point, JD, it’s good when these teams are relevant. It’s good when the old to old school big market teams become relevant. But that responsibility isn’t just born on the players and just the organization is born on the city and the community that continues and should be supporting those franchises through the good and the bad.

Warren Shaw 07:22
And then expect you to act so poetically about the knickerbockers here, man, so I mean, what a waiting

Cal Lee 07:28
game wasn’t a topic is hot out the gate. I just thought I would just give him a little everybody a little bit of precursor. Anyway, we got

Jabari Davis 07:36
to live in a Johnny Gill as our guy JP from the don’t tales always called.

Cal Lee 07:41
Absolutely. We got a great show on top, we got some definite topics to get into a little bit. Later on in our segment of the breakdown. We’ll be talking about a couple of players, a few players who really have taken it upon themselves to make their presence and their name felt so far the outset of this NBA season and then it was a few people that we probably are kind of wondering, yo, when are you guys going to start to enter the party right like so. You don’t want to miss out on the list that we have going on there. As always be sure to get my Michelle Ashraf sports MBA, get him a man jabariya Jabari Davis MBA getting me a game face leader shows twitter handle at NBA baseline available on all the major platforms, you know where to find us just put baseline in at us your play is the playlist now allow us to be your go to resource discussing all things happening in the association. To find this episode and other episodes that we drop be sure to head out to the home site WWW dot the baseline Also remember that we all roll in with the 19 media group the 19 Media Group family runs these content streets so not a lot not only do you get great basketball content sports content to be discussed throughout the gamut you also get quality content that covers culture music entertainment, you need it you want it we got it it’s yours. Be sure to go to www dot 90 media All right let’s get right into the heart of it man sign for some important news and notes that are happening in the association. First up what the hell is going on with NBA on TNT right about now for a lot of us who are probably you know when there’s a hey, you know, you guys are recording the show but just supposed to be a primetime game going on as we’re recording right the New York Knicks and the Chicago Bulls is supposed to be playing and was probably one of those you know back in the day. You know I’m saying instant replay type of rivalry game atmosphere with two successful teams both on the on the hot side of winning and everything like that. Why are you not seeing it on TNT? Well, unfortunately, TNT is decided not to run against the NFL, who is obviously occupying Thursday nights with their premier Thursday night football that they have collaborated partnerships with Fox and NFL TV. So because of that we’re not expecting to see NBA on TNT for quite some time. Actually, the next time, you’ll probably see Ernie in them boys will probably be sometime in January, Shazam and let you start off with this what do we make of the NBA on TNT conceding to the NFL taking Thursday nights.

Warren Shaw 10:19
You know, when LeBron beef when especially in his heyday was coming down the lane, then some people would just duck out the way. And you say That’s a business decision. That’s what this is. The NFL is Duncan all over the NBA when it comes to the Thursday night ratings, and TNT was like, You know what, let’s just go ahead and make a business decision. They’re actually going to move their covers to Tuesdays, and then resume Thursdays kind of once NFL season is over. So I understand it. But it’s really interesting that one of the flagship shows of the NBA kind of in general, the one that obviously brings a lot of, for the basketball purists, maybe some of them don’t like like the show, but for the general general and kind of everyday fan. They love this show. And it’s surprising to see that they did make this business decision and decided, You know what, we’re just not going to go up against the NFL in this. I’m a little surprised by it, but I understand it from a business standpoint. JD

Jabari Davis 11:11
Yeah, I’m right there with you in terms of understanding from a business perspective. I mean, if you look at it, the NFL, you know, up until a couple years ago, we everybody would make fun of the Thursday night game, we always knew it was going to be a terrible game was gonna be a joke, it’s gonna have at least one sorry, team. And it was kind of a waste of time. But a couple years ago, they you could see that they made a concerted effort to not only, you know, ramp up, you know, ramp up the matchups, but really, you’ll you’ll put an emphasis on that Thursday night. So I guess from that perspective, you’re like, if you’re the NBA, you’re not making this decision. You know, if the numbers don’t tell you to selfishly, I would I would still prefer to have Thursday, you know, there’s a night basketball because y’all know that I don’t really watch the NFL though that much. You know, I represent from I know from my team, but in terms of watching on it, you know, on a weekend, week out basis, that’s not my thing anymore. I I have succumbed to the NBA. Ultimately, I guess it really, it doesn’t matter all that much. We’re only really a couple months away from January. So we’ll, it’ll be like a post Christmas gift.

Cal Lee 12:06
Yeah, so I get it, but I really don’t get it. Right, like so I think what it does is it kind of brings out a lot more questions than answers about the direction of what the NBA, where it’s going, how it wants to utilize the media platforms to continue to grow the brand, right. And then I think also, to me, one thing that it does acknowledges is that the NBA figures out a way to miss on certain opportunities or things that I think is more for their own edification rather than worrying about everybody else’s. Right, like so. Look, I totally get the fact that this is a business decision that needs to be made. But what I guess I don’t get is is that think about the perception that you’re actually giving to fans who are on kind of like the borderline like, to me, you’ve already kind of made that decision clear for people who weren’t sure whether or not they want to watch basketball, or they don’t care to watch basketball, right? And this is always going to be the case like, the NBA is never going to beat out the NFL, because you’re in the heart of the NFL season. And yes, this is the beginning of the NBA season. But that is even more to the point about why are you worried about the ratings for you know, between NFL what the NFL is doing, and what you really should be focusing on, which is continuing to maintain, sustain and harness your fans momentum to continue to want to be a part of and watch the NBA, we don’t tend to see these things sometimes because we’re because of the way that the markets are structured and the way that they have these TV deals set up and things of that nature. But this will be a continual trend where it’s going to be a bullying game. And the perception is is that if the NFL continues to bully the NBA, people are going to wonder like, Who are you actually, you know, showing these games for you showing them for us, the NBA fans who gave you the opportunity for you to see that you can get these TV deals in these partnerships, or you really just worried about in general just trying to compete so that you can take over the Thursday nights, it’s it’s a fine line. And when you continue to do little things like this, it starts to add up. And I think it will interfere in the long term goal about where the NBA wants to be as far as continuing to grow the fan base, especially when you continue to stretch your seasons out as long as the NBA does. That, to me is I think the one thing that concerns me more than anything when you see moves like this being made, because it also distances yourself from the from the the flagships programs that have helped elevate you as the NBA in a position for you to make the deals that you’ve been making over the last 10 years or so.

Jabari Davis 14:45
Okay, so I hear you I but I’m going to present just a devil’s advocate and if Warren disagrees, you know, we can have a back and forth on it. I think it’s more of they’re recognizing what the NFL has done. The NFL has established themselves there you know, like, you know, to Warren’s point that you know that you But I’m glad you added it in. They’re taking Tuesday. So you’re going to have NFL on Monday. And in the NBA it’s like okay, look, we want our chips in our do we want to do we want to establish Tuesday night as they as the NBA night. And then once the NFL is up out of there, we don’t take Thursday, Thursday right back so I can see like I said, from your from the other side of things I can see the reason I can actually see the reasoning here. it annoyed me when I honestly when I saw when I saw it on the docket, I was like, What the hell? Why are they doing that but after thinking about it, being able to beat it because like NBA NBA viewers are gonna watch on Tuesday, we go watch NBA on TNT on Tuesday nights, and then when they switch to Thursday, we’re gonna switch it and watch it on

Cal Lee 15:38
Thursdays. Yeah, but you remember a couple of years ago Jabari, they tried doing those Tuesday nights to quote unquote, players only. And that was that was an epic fail, right? And all I’m saying is I don’t have a problem with what your intent is, is if you’re you’re saying, Hey, you want to have your chips and dip, you want to move that over to the Tuesday nights. What I think is happening is is that it was it was established, right? It was a part of the reason why the NBA was okay with doing this is because the NFL was screwing up what they were doing with the Thursday night football, there was a period in which Thursday night football was not popular to people. Not only were the players complaining about it, but even the fans, they were like, Yo, these are garbage games that you’re putting out on primetime TV. And that is exactly the reason why that was awesome for the NBA. Because the NBA was focused on the NBA and people were just like, whoa, yo, there’s basketball going on. And there’s movement, and it’s going on for at least two hours. And it’s worth my time, because there was nothing else if there wasn’t friends, if there wasn’t, whatever else that you were probably trying to watch on primetime Thursday night or whatever. If you’re a sports fan, you got quality sports, but part of it was being led by the NBA on TNT. That was like the standard. And so now you’re you’re moving the ball, you’re moving the flagpole, I guess, is basically the best way to put it. And the I guess it’s the interpretation or the essence is what I’m pushing on is the fact that by doing that, it almost it’s like you’re conceding to what you naturally helped build, simply because you’re afraid of what another sports entity has always been trying to experiment and do no different than what the NBA has been doing. But that was your thing?

Warren Shaw 17:16
Well, I’ll say just one thing, you know, I think the essence of what NBA on TNT is is the casual fan. And you’re not going to get the casual fan on Thursday nights. So I think it does make sense. You know, as we’ve kind of talked it out here is a guy well, we can get the casual fan on Tuesday nights, because there’s because there’s no football, you know, and again, I agree does like that, you know, they’re kind of cowering a little bit but you know, I understand and as somebody says like, hey, you know what, they’ll probably bring back Tuesday nights and and now go go to Thursdays as well to once it once the season is done. But the essence of the show was for the casual, not the diehard and the diehard is fine with wherever you put it, the casual is gonna be like, alright, well, if there’s football, I’m going to watch that instead. And I think that’s why this was done in the way that it was.

Jabari Davis 18:01
You remember the movie Major League Two, yeah. And oh boy said no stand on the tracks when the train is coming through. Sometimes it’s a matter of that train coming through,

Cal Lee 18:08
I understand. But then you better hope that for all of the other platforms that you did kind of disperse through the course of of a week. In other words, your ESPN primetime games should be on point, your Friday night game should be on point, even the games that are being displayed on NBA TV, I think that the greater point that I’m making is for the greater sacrifice of something that has been a a pillar for to show us point for the casual fan to feel like okay, I can be a part of watching something that’s related to basketball, you have decided to gamble on the fact that in this meantime, while this is not going to be there until January, that the strength of schedule and games that you have on display on primetime TV, with the with the with the companies that you have funneled most of your partnership into, which is primarily ESPN, and ultimately what you do on Tuesday nights on NBA with the NBA on TNT, those need to be on par because again, it’s all about momentum going into an after the holiday season. And that, to me is a part of the things. Listen, we have an episode dedicated to talking about the way that the NBA sets up the schedules. And you can make the argument that part of the reason why the NBA came to this point is because the NFL Stop messing around and actually put together quality games is worth people’s time and effort to actually watch on a Thursday night. And I’m just saying, even if your intent is that you’re trying to concede to the fact that you don’t want to mess with the NFL. I’m saying part of the problem that has always been with the NBA is that they don’t really make an effort to make sure that they’re putting the best matchups on their primetime and they have the great personalities that they have talking about the game but they’re talking about trash games, you know, I’m saying And so part of that it’s all starting to come together and you don’t want that as you’re going into what’s quote unquote, your peak season the time when you are expecting your casual fans and your diehard fans culminating coming off the NFL to say, this is what I’ve anticipated to see, with regards to the NBA, I’m just saying they have to be careful when they make moves like that, because things like that doesn’t show proudly to how fans want to, you know, perceive themselves in the way that they want to get amped up and get ready to prepare themselves for the rest of that NBA season. And I will get off my platform on that part. All right, out in Denver, a little bit of a scare going on out there. You know, they go digging, but man, they don’t want to be digging up this kind of trouble. Nicola Yogesh has somewhat of an injury scare. And of course, you know, Mike Malone doesn’t want to take any chances. So he, you know, he’s making sure he has to talk the big man down off of a ledge and stuff like that. I guess the big question that we have to ask is, how much more involvement will coaches need to have when it comes to, you know, you know, their star players who are determined to get out on that basketball court, even at early outset of a season, and be like, yo, yo, man, it’s really not even worth it right now. You know, this is a marathon, not a sprint, and, and really saw players out of their out of their own head from feeling like they got to be out there knowing that they’re not 100% Or could actually further damage or injure themselves worse than then originally starts.

Warren Shaw 21:20
Well, Michael Malone did what he needed to do and there are nuggets a, I think he’ll try to go back out there was a knee contusion he thought he was gonna try to give it a go. And they just said not, no, we’re not gonna play that game. They’re already out down Jamal Murray and Michael Porter Jr. is not playing up to snuff as it is right now. But they don’t want to just continue to add insult to the injury as well. So I’m glad they shut him down for the rest of that game. He was, I think he had 25 and 5% like that at halftime. So he was he was doing work against I believe that was Utah. But they made their made the right decision there. And I think ultimately, gamers and guys like that, a reigning MVP, they want to go out there and prove that they that they are still on top of their game. And that’s why I respect your coach, why you don’t have to like his game, aesthetically, you have to understand how good he is and the fact that he is a gamer. So I respect his wanting to go back out there. But I think they made the right decision to kind of shutting him down, and just kind of just kind of take this thing day by day to make sure that he doesn’t injure himself any further.

Jabari Davis 22:12
Yeah, I absolutely respect his his desire and his willingness to but Mike, Michael Malone, excuse me, then and I’m glad that you that you pointed that out more. Um, Michael Malone made the right decision, because he knows, hey, look, if we, if we fall off, you’ll fall off the cliff. I could be out of here at the end of this season, but also we probably cares about you know, the the players overall well being and sometimes you just have

Cal Lee 22:33
you think you think he took the player away? JD you think he’d be out at the end of the season? You think the loans on the hot seat?

Jabari Davis 22:38
No, I don’t think he’s on a hot seat. But I’m saying like, you know, say you’ll say for instance, you know, Jamal doesn’t come back, you know, or doesn’t, or doesn’t, you know, doesn’t return at that top level. And then you have Yogesh out for the year because he you know, you tried to get his way through it. Who you never know how things are gonna go? Like, am I saying that I expect him to, you know, to get fired? You know, if they have a disappointing season? No, but would you be shocked? You’re me?

Cal Lee 23:04
Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised. I I don’t know. I feel like Mike Maloney has earned up enough equity that I think he’s the man there. And I think short of whatever goes on with executive, you know, leadership and stuff like that. If there’s an overhaul there’s a change, like there’s a new executive and or President of Operations. And they’re just not feeling Mike Malone that yes, I would, I would probably think that that they could use that as leverage in order to assure him out the door, but I don’t think I’ve seen where there’s, in my my perspective, what I’ve seen for what he’s been able to do with what he has had to work with. It’s been pretty, it’s been pretty good. Yeah,

Jabari Davis 23:41
coaches are hired to get fired. And that was a lesser point of the actual point. That was just more like, Oh, if you’re protecting yourself, you know, beyond protecting the team, but ultimately, I’ve never shot them goes under fire. But that’s not really the point that I was trying to make with that. The point I’m trying to make is you’re trying to protect his best player and protect one of the league’s greatest players, great players at this time. So I’m glad that you made all

Cal Lee 24:03
right now in other words, Mike Mike Malone is trying to you know, I’m saying tell you Nicola Yogesh, bro. Wu Tang, that nonsense, right. Protect your neck. That’s he. He knows whatever it is, but Right, exactly. Channeling our old DB man, we’re gonna keep it moving along. Out in Indiana. Malcolm Brogdon is suffered a suffered injury to his hamstrings. Obviously he is out. Daniel Gafford from out of Washington. He’s also suffered like industry, like injury, excuse me. And so both of these teams are awaiting results as far as you know whether or not these guys are going to be able to return to play. You know, listen, Malcolm Brogdon has proven that he is in quality guard in the NBA. Certainly quality guard that the Indiana Pacers have spent clearly $90 million for and Danny offered is one of those up and coming guys, you know who has shown that you know, he could definitely be a part of it. Have a roster so what do we make of it? Who whose most important obviously expected to get back? You know the Indiana Pacers jaw or do you see it more so for the Washington Wizards who surprisingly look like a really good basketball team I think three and one as we were recording this podcast

Warren Shaw 25:17
yeah it’s really interesting at Indiana just they can’t I don’t want to say it but I don’t say they can’t catch a break but that’s basically what it boils down to you know the Pacers

Cal Lee 25:27
Malcolm Brogdon his leg because I really would have been salty right there so but but this

Warren Shaw 25:31
dude I mean, he’s one of those guys who I like my term is like he’s gonna take it annual siesta, something’s gonna happen, where he’s gonna miss 10 to 15 maybe 20 games during the season like that just just what it is. So you already have to do worn out Harrisonburg. He said, Remember he he broke his back or whatever wasn’t said he’d be ready for the start of the season. Yeah, not so much. But in the Vert apparently is inching towards coming back as Brogdon maybe taking again, his annual CSS. So to me, it’s it’s Brian’s injury that’s more impactful, not because he was also playing at a high level, but because the Pacers are already hurt as it is, I think in Washington, Gafford. He means a lot to them, especially with the energy coming off the bench. But you know, her REL, who we’ll talk about later on is playing extremely well, in the interim time. And then also missing Thomas Bryant as well, too. But Broglie just means too much for them. Because they don’t have another true true point guard. TJ McConnell is cool and all but I don’t think you want him running out there, like 35 minutes at night. Yeah, and

Jabari Davis 26:22
there’s not much, you know, not too much that I can add to that. But the reality is, you know, Washington as we like you said, We’re gonna speak to, you know, speak to them a little bit later on. They’re three and one, while the patients are one in four. And honestly, going nowhere. They’ve got several guys that I don’t remember how you just phrased it, but you know, they’ve baked in PTO every single year. And I just don’t know how they’re going to get out of that, to be honest

Cal Lee 26:43
with you, or so. I hope so. HR.

Jabari Davis 26:47
Yeah, you know what it is? Yeah, I

Cal Lee 26:49
know what it is. I mean, HR, right. So I was like, We don’t like wasting I didn’t write your guys’s scripts. I don’t want you throwing out this PTO. Like you guys know what that’s supposed to me.

Jabari Davis 27:00
In my professional life, I’ve dealt with that as well. Hey, let’s just say it’s the late career Dwayne, we play gotcha. Some baked in PTO. Exactly. And you know, I honestly like I, I’m, I’m saying it jokingly, but I hate seeing that I hate you know, like, Yo Wiles, injuries or injuries are always going to be a part of professional sports. I hate seeing it, especially with guys that continue to kind of have to have their seasons derailed. It’s still early, you know, so you’ll maybe the Pacers can can get healthy and get everybody in there and you ain’t compete. But yeah, it just really stinks to see.

Cal Lee 27:32
All right, well, hopefully both of these guys will find their presence on the basketball court sooner than later. And na to you guys’s point, look, it’s certainly it sucks all around when teams are not fully, fully staffed, and they’re not healthy to be able to compete on a high consistent level through the course of an NBA season. Finally, Zack Levine obviously one of the early front runners for you can make an argument man that he’s playing at a very, very high level to help elevate the bulls team was we’re recording this podcast is, is undefeated. But more than anything else, it’s you know, he’s just basically at that precipice of being like one of the star star players like he’s, he’s always been a well known player, because of his athleticism and the fact that he’s won dunk contests and things of that nature. But he is definitely being recognized as one of the premier two guards in the game and having a team like the one that he’s playing with right now has helped elevate that as well too. Unfortunately, we now have to start watching his whole season through a microscope because apparently he’s playing through with some serious ligament issues. And you know, much like we talked about how you know, Mike Malone is be like, yo, yo, yo, yo, step back, step back Nicola Yogesh are we gonna have to do the same thing if you’re Billy Donovan, when it comes to Zack Levine and being able to preserve him, because much like the guys that we were just talking about before with the baked in PTO, that has also been the MO for Zach Levine as well to ever since, uh, he has been given the, you know, starting shooting guard duties of the Chicago Bulls.

Warren Shaw 29:17
Well, for me, Levine is just coming off that Olympic low. And his team is balling as, as, as you alluded to, he doesn’t want to miss he wants to be a part of this. It’s also a contract here. So I think all those things kind of come into play. And my guy’s like, Yo, this is the best team I’ve been on, you know, from terms of talent. You know, I just I want to be out here. I want to be a part of this. Remember, he did have, I don’t want to I don’t want him to see but I believe he contracted COVID At the end of last year after the EU savich trade and Miss they’re probably missed opportunity to get into the playing game. So I think he’s like listen, I need to be on the court and make it work and it’s one of those things that doctors probably said you can’t make it any worse as long as you put a brace on it and you know, whatever it says non shooting hand I think is someone is Non shooting hand. I applaud her for trying to go out there and get it done. But there might be some some scheduled days off in the future, especially the bulls can say hot.

Jabari Davis 30:08
Yeah. And that’s where I’m at with it. They’re foreign. Oh, they look very good. I’m not just saying that because we were all very hot, you know, pretty high on them yet in but you know, it is nice. Sometimes it’s nice to see a prediction, at least start off on the right foot, you know, especially compared to some of the other ones I made. Um, yeah. Now, if you’re Zach Levine, yeah, I do recognize it’s a contract year, I do recognize this the first time that you’ve been able to, you know, that you’re going to be able to play you’ll first you’ll contribute to some winning basketball, or first time in quite some time. If I’m, if I’m that organization, I’m going to I’m going to take it as easy as possible, I recognize that, you know, you don’t want to just pull someone off the cord altogether. And you certainly want to be able to rely upon him to trust his body. And if the medical professionals have stated that it can’t technically get any worse. Yes, all of that factors in, but I’m certainly going to be monitoring the situation closely.

Cal Lee 30:57
Well, I mean, listen, this is what it’s come down to, right. And I think this is going to be the case for all of the guys that are borderline. You know, listen, you can make the argument that this probably is as good a time as any for us to acknowledge has Zack Levine turn that corner, where, you know, he’s able to know his body and to know how he needs to play the game for him to be able to stay on the court. I don’t think we’ve ever really had this kind of conversation I’m hoping that we do at some point through the course of this year, right? We got tons of shows for us to find a way to kind of squeeze this in. But I think one of the things that we never ever talk about is is no, we look at some of the guys that we really admired. And they’ve had some, some pretty decent careers but could have had great careers. Could part of it been because of the fact that they were so in tune to the moment of how they were as a player and needed to be as a player that they never figured out how they needed to transition after that first initial or serious injury, after a certain point, recognizing that they shouldn’t or couldn’t play the same way that they were playing earlier in their career, that they needed to do something different in order to preserve their ability to play consistently for an extended period of time. So what I’m talking about like is when we talk about the derrick roses, and then Russell Westbrook‘s, you know, guys who we know, if they were playing the same way that they started the first few years of their career, especially going through the injuries that they went through that if they didn’t realize when they needed to turn that corner, could it have preserved a couple of seasons where they could stay healthy, and not for us to talk about how extensive the injuries are, they probably will never be able to get into court again, or may not even be able to start again. I always kind of wondered that about Zack Levine. And it’s interesting, because the way that you you kind of mitigate that is by playing with a group of guys that can help pick you up and not force you to have to do the things that I think you were so used to trying to do that got you injured in the first place. And so it’ll just be interesting if whether or not what we see through Zach Levine over the course of this season is him starting to show his actual potential of being that to guard the complete repertoire. And part of that is being able to pick and choose where he doesn’t put himself in a position that he’s compromising that ligament and making it worse than it needs to be so he can stay consistently present to be available for the bulls to try to make this run.

Warren Shaw 33:26
You’re like a philosopher this evening, my guy like you just did that very deeply into these. That amazing I’m not even ready. I’m ready for all this.

Cal Lee 33:34
Yeah, I made sure I popped a couple of us. What did they call those? Ginkel gingko boa, ginkgo biloba,

Warren Shaw 33:44
like Bradley Cooper limitless, right? The brain is poppin

Cal Lee 33:48
Yeah, exactly. So I’m glad you like it. I’m glad you like it. So speak. So speaking of which, right? We got a lot of stuff to get into. And so while these guys are sitting here waxing poetic on my style, we’re gonna make sure that we get up into other other dudes style. The guys that are actually keeping the NBA in front and center attention in our segment of the breakdown so you won’t want to miss out on this my man Shaw, my man Jabari and yourself Yours truly, we will get into some things in our segment of the breakdown. But before we do that, support for the baseline is brought to you by manscaped who is the best in men’s below the waist grooming champions of the world. manscape offers precision engineer tools for your family jewels. manscape just launched their fourth generation trimmer the lawn mower 4.0 You heard that right. 4.0 Join over 2 million men worldwide who trust manscape with this exclusive offer for you 20% off and free worldwide shipping with the code baseline and make sure you go to www Got manscaped COMM When you put in that promo code baseline, you’re showing love to the crew, but more importantly you’re showing love to you

Jabari Davis 35:08
guys I gotta be honest with you I it’s almost like I have seen the light. I’ve seen the light I’ve it’s not quite a come to your moment, but are you familiar with you remember the second Dave Chappelle comedy special, where at the very end, he talked about the work that he was going to get done? The Botox that he was going to get done? Well, I’m just saying I didn’t have Botox. I use manscape and it is absolutely incredible. They are as like, like, like, almost like fine china. Almost like fine china and I’ve gotten no complaints.

Warren Shaw 35:41
I’m loving it to my guy. I can’t even front on you. So same thing, like you know, this is it’s a weird thing to discuss, but the ball deodorant, that’s nothing is lovely, man. Listen, I was walking around. My wife was like, Yo, what’s up? What is that? She thought I had on cologne. And I was like, I don’t say that’s my manscape ball deodorant. So listen, at the end of the day, these products are fire, they’re gonna have you have you smelling right looking right as well too. And I think you know, your your friends will definitely be know, they’ll be about that life if they see that you’ve manscaped and you don’t utilize these products, man. So good stuff all around,

Cal Lee 36:16
right. So whether you are walking around with some with a new swagger that your significant other sees you with or when you’re at the dinner table you kind of I in your your your your grand cabinet, the antique china display a little more I just think of us as we are full full fully on board with the brands and products that are represented via manscaped calm and as we said before, be sure to go to the site, select the package that is best suited for what your needs are, especially when you’re copying that law more 4.0 and be sure to add baseline in the promo code so that you can get that exclusive 20% off and also take advantage of that free worldwide shipping. Be sure to go to Coming up we got the breakdown right in through me and the crew. We’re gonna be talking about some of the guys that are coming right out the gate and a little guys a little too cold to hold. We’ll get into that and some more here on the baseline.

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Cal Lee 37:55
Time to break it down put the time now for the breakdown Callie Warren Shaw, Jabari Davis and we are getting right into the thick of it man. We’re gonna talk about some players man that have obviously decided to What’s that movie with Jada? Or no I’m sorry with Usher, I think was lighted up. Yeah, so

Jabari Davis 38:18
yeah, I was like set it Oh,

Cal Lee 38:20
yeah. Well, I mean, you could actually make that argument to man these dudes are you know they on the court. And they pretty much have had enough of the criticism, probably not even being discussed or being recognized as as you know, being important players that are going to help kind of set the tenor and a tone to give us these x MBA excitement fields. But either way you look at it, light it up, set it off these dudes you know, they came out already out the gate hot, ready to represent. So Imma let Shaw started off. Give me Give me someone who really stands out in your mind and is certainly you know, giving people a reason for them to kind of like turn their heads over in their direction.

Warren Shaw 39:06
Well, my guy I gotta be honest with you. I think when we when we have a conversation like this for me, it’s just like the people that you don’t necessarily see come in, because I know I could raise you like John Marange, I’m razzball into begin the year and you know, but he’s kind of expected to be eventually a census level. It’s a couple of some roleplayer guys, I’m just like, what is happening here? Like what why are you hoping at this level? And the first guy that says that, to me is friggin Miles Bridges. And in Charlotte, I think everyone was probably two years ahead on him. He had a great rookie year he’s coming out dunking on everybody. They’re gonna say oh, he’s going to be this great slashing type player who’s going to get you a lot of points and a lot of highlights. I mean, it’s figured out a way to be a decent stand still shooter spot up guy. Um, he can still cut to the basket. And he’s he’s physical and he can even post up a little bit is right now 26 points a game and eight rebounds on 52% from the floor, you know as we record what MILES BRIDGES that that’s that’s that’s definitely not a buzzkill You know, me and Charlotte? He’s flying,

Cal Lee 40:02
but I’ll be honest, Shaw. I don’t think I was. I don’t know if I was necessarily. I’m like, definitely surprised. It is 26.2 points per game. But I always saw this kid when he was coming out of Villanova. I always saw this kid as someone that was gonna average somewhere close to 20. He just, you know, I don’t know if whether or not you know, his game just wasn’t translating to what the NBA was kind of like, or maybe because he was in Charlotte. And they, you know, certainly just was no, there was no stability in that back court. The back court position, but my like, I always liked miles game, and there was just a ferociousness of veracity to him. When he gets out there on the basketball court. I’m just like, you just that guy cannot be denied the opportunity for him to get buckets if it’s being presented to him. And I think he is actually kind of displaying that. Sorry to jump in on that, JT. But I want kind of want to make that because I really did like that kid. And I thought that was part of the reason why I wanted to be a little bit more higher on the Charlotte Hornets future. You know, well, before that there was any talk about them getting lamella ball. It was because of Miles Bridges, I thought that there was an opportunity, they can move the ball forward if they had to move on from Kemba. Walker. Yeah,

Jabari Davis 41:10
and, you know, I All I’ll say is this, I didn’t necessarily, you know, anticipate I’m scoring 26 A game, but I did see that, you know, there was potential there. One thing that, and I guess, I, I feel like I sold it even more short than I should have, when we were doing, you know, some of the preview, talk about this team, you know, they’ve done a really good like, I’m looking at this roster, and I’m looking at all the productivity they’re getting from everybody, they’ve done a really good job of just, they’ve got talent there. This is not just a, okay, they got a couple guys, or they got one guy, they got five or six guys to meet you in any and even beyond that, that can contribute. But they got five or six guys that can also score buckets in the fit. And while you’ll I would have anticipated Gordon Hayward maybe, you know, maybe being up around 20 points, I could absolutely see this stand right around 25 or 25. Or even higher, because like, you know, two points that Warren made in 2.2. And some of the points you made, you know, he’s worked on his shot, he looks, he looks more comfortable. He knew you always knew we can get out on the real get out on the break. And with a team with a mellow and Aubrey and some of those guys, you know that there is going to be plenty of opportunities for that. But he just looks like an all around just a well rounded player at this stage. And I don’t know if it was just a matter if it was always in there, or if he if it’s a testament to the work that he’s done since getting into the league, but it’s really fantastic to see.

Warren Shaw 42:26
Can I just say one thing, though, you know, and so I brought him up and I don’t want to be the fire extinguisher to the blaze. That is Miles Bridges. Terry Rozier and PJ Washington haven’t played a game. So I think there’s gonna be less shots go around naturally. But I think bridges is still due for a career of some poor but there’s I can’t imagine he’s anywhere near 25 For the rest of the season. When rose year my guys Gary Terry, former young son comes into jackin. But hold on, bro.

Jabari Davis 42:58
Go to really efficient 2021 21. Good to see you there.

Cal Lee 43:01
I have an interesting question. I have an interesting question to ask you guys real quick before we move on to the next dude. To me, and I’m just saying to me, I feel like this team, it really reminds me a little bit of what we’re seeing from the New York Knicks. Right? I’m really curious from either one of you guys. Which roster built in this type of similarity? Is more sustainable? Do you think it’s the Charlotte Hornets? Or do you think it’s the New York Knicks

Jabari Davis 43:32
kinda need to see the Hornets fully intact see what that you’ll see what they look like with this version of miles and in which get you know what scary Terry back in there. But just on the surface, it looks you know, I look at this Hornets team and I see them definitely built for the regular season went up, you know, sneak sneak a bunch of games, be competitive in a lot of games, you know, just outrun a lot of teams along the way and perhaps win more games than a lot of us anticipated. But if I look at you know, but if you’re asking me between the two in terms of sustainability, like say for a series, like when you know when it comes to that I’d feel a little bit more comfortable with the Knicks and yes, that’s even with the Knicks coming off a disappointing disappointing showing in last year’s postseason

Warren Shaw 44:11
Yeah, I’m agree slightly. I’m more excited about Charlotte long term, though, I think long term and especially with with the ball factor there as well, too. And Bronco was one hell of a coach and I think he’s, he’s getting his props now. And we’re starting to see that, hey, you know, he’s got the attention of these young guys. And he’s gonna allow them to really develop under his under his regime, if you will, and even the competent management that’s going on there. It’s great. It’s a great, it’s a great parallel calicoes I think all of those things come into play. Coaching is playing a factor into the management and the front office is playing a role for both of these teams now, especially both have been notoriously pretty shitty. So to see these things now on the uptick is really interesting. So I’m excited for both these teams but I think right now this season, I’d go next but I’m excited about Charlotte long term.

Cal Lee 44:57
Alright and definitely on my gingko today bed Let’s, let’s see if we can keep this rolling along. Alright, so, JD, I’m gonna let you throw out who you have on your radar is a dude is coming hot out the gate.

Jabari Davis 45:11
Alright, so, you know, I threw the you know, I threw the little hot rocks at the you know, at the magic and you know, maybe you know, maybe magic fans would be upset about that earlier, but I’ll clean it up here cold llanthony looks impressive. And let’s be real, like, of course, they think their guy ultimately is going to be Jalen Suggs. And ultimately, that could be the case and you know, he had some flashes. But it’s been pretty slow in the early going, but you just never know because quite frankly, when I look at this roster, it’s a roster full of guys just a roster full of guys, and you know, if one of them or a couple of them, or some of them prove that, you know, we’re not just guys, you know, we’re we’re not just going to be the next guy that’s gonna you know, take a leap once we leave Orlando we’re actually going to build some things here. Well, then I’ll be happy to be wrong. But you know, I’m happy for Colin Anthony right now he’s giving you 17 A game you know, over seven boards a game he’s right out right underneath six, excuse me six assists a game. And you know it this, it you know what, shout out to our guy John, as well as our guy, Steven, because the both of them were actually a little bit higher on him that I anticipated it both of them did mention him as a potential breakout player.

Warren Shaw 46:17
He more or less said I’m not here to come off anybody’s bench either. I mean, and he didn’t give a damn who they drafted and who was there before him, you know, especially in the case of false and for him to come out here. I think he’s one of the I mean, his numbers are inflated because he had like a 15 Rebound game, which is absolutely you know, when apeshit but the end of the day, he’s he’s he’s doing his damn thing. And I love I love his grit on it. He’s a great interview, we need to get him on the baseline. He saw here he talking some wild stuff in those postgame stuff. So I’d love to see him on our show at some point.

Cal Lee 46:45
All right. Well, we like the sound of that. All right, so let’s also keep it moving along and look call Anthony chip off the old man’s block. I mean, you can clearly see but I think he’s a newer version of them. I am I am. Before we jump on next person, I want to ask Jabari this question, do you think that Cole Anthony‘s career will ascend further than his dads?

Jabari Davis 47:09
Were certainly we it’s certainly possible like I do my best and I’m not and I’m not you know skating the question it is a good question and a valid when I do my best not to you know, put that you know that on these guys, when they come into the league like oh, yeah, you will be as good as your daddy you gonna be or whatever the case may be. But I think the potential is there. I think I think he has that type of game.

Cal Lee 47:27
You know, the reason why I asked that question is because obviously his father was a college legend, okay, and part of a college legendary squad. And then as far as what he did in the NBA, I don’t know, I kind of felt like it was it was adequate, but it was marginal in comparison to the college success that he that he attained, right? Whereas with cool Anthony he is set up where if he can help a suffering franchise like the new Orlando Magic and be a cornerstone type player, while you know, averaging what really essentially is the median level of what guards can do and I think that there’s more upside for him to be able to score even more depending on the direction that that that team goes, I think that he has the opportunity for him to be a more important factor you know, going especially during the latter part of his years in the NBA that may be with his dad because I feel like there’s just more opportunity to room for him to get moved around other places but still with the way that his game is set up. He can actually do more things and I often that thinking show

Warren Shaw 48:33
no, I don’t think so. But and I think a lot of it too is just like you said his his overall mentality. You know, this is a guy who wants to be successful. And that goes a long way sometimes, you know, I mean, like Jay Z once said, I just might this he’s just gonna willing to happen and I can respect that especially as a Jabara was open to a bunch of he’s a guy amongst a bunch of other guys and he’s like listen I’m not I’m not like the rest of y’all you know one of these things is not like the other in call Anthony’s my and I respect him for that so I think he’s gonna go out here and have a magical season. Dammit no pun intended again. Shout out to Steven man for close up magic man, but I think we’ll Anthony’s definitely on his way for for a good year.

Cal Lee 49:12
Alright, let’s go ahead and keep moving and look, what can we say about the Sacramento Kings man, they actually are being competitive. They don’t fear the fact that they are in one of the toughest divisions right now in the NBA. And Harrison Barnes is said Yo, man, I know that the AMA and foxes is that Dude, what the hell am I chopped liver? So you know, obviously, Harrison Barnes has decided to make his presence felt and Shaw I think you’ve been keeping a very close eye on HB. Is this is this the revenge tour? Is it the middle finger tour for everybody basically writing him off and his tenure as a Sacramento king.

Warren Shaw 49:50
He’s been playing good ball for a little while since being there he hasn’t complained and you know all that stuff where he was the number one guy out of high school and blah, blah, blah. Like, you know, he didn’t live up to all that. That’s fine. He’s he’s he’s more than a solid Pro. His name was thrown around a zillion times and trade rumors last year because he was productive then this start though it nearly 27 A game. 10 rebounds. 51% from the four but 51 from three and not like oh, you know, he’s one of two. My dude is like four of eight. He’s shooting eight threes a game and making for them what the? Anyway, HB black Falcon is out here doing the damn thing in Sacramento and he wants to be there. Or maybe he doesn’t maybe that’s why like so well, so he can get his his stock up and get traded up out of there. But yo shouts Harrison Barnes man, I’m loving what I’m seeing out there in the game one or the other night as well to turn around three.

Jabari Davis 50:37
Yeah, all I have on him is it’s quite it’s crazy. Like where the narrative or the general conversation will take a guy in terms of like the over your, our general perception of him? Because basically, simply because he wasn’t KD? A lot of us just say like, oh, well, yeah, Harrison Barnes whatever. You don’t say like, you know, when we when he when they when they essentially swapped KB you’ll him out for KD yo, it was almost like it was a he was an afterthought. In fact, he was an afterthought, yo, but then again, you’ll go into teams like Dallas, you know, when they weren’t necessarily you know, great. And Sacramento, you know, you can kind of hide in plain sight. It’s very good to see this for him, quite frankly, I want. Like, when when, when his name was being mentioned, in terms of trading rumors, I was like, Hey, man, I hope the Lakers get involved in this because he’s exactly the type of player that honestly should be on a good team. And you know what, let me not disrespect kings and kings fans. But y’all know, y’all No.

Cal Lee 51:33
Real ones. No, ever once. No. Listen, this is exactly what the Sacramento Kings are gonna need. Right? So I completely get where you’re coming from. He is deserving to be someone that’s out of the gate. But I think I’ve always felt like if we if this was going to be the opportunity when he got shipped away after, you know, he was part of that team that squandered having that second consecutive championship. This would have been, I would have thought that would have been easily motivation for him to go somewhere, and be a thorn in the side for the team that he helped win that championship for Steph Curry and those boys. And it’s just interesting to me, because it’s never been so much about the point scored as much as Harrison’s Barnes presence and him wanting to be the man. It’s ironic, because I think he’s letting his points actually do a lot more than dictating. Because he knows that Darren Fox is supposed to be the man out there. So he’s got to figure out a way for him to be able to quote unquote, work with it. Like, he’s got it. He’s got a he’s got to basically be the errand foxes. symbiote. Right. And therefore, that is the king’s version of venom, you know what I’m saying? But right now seeing what he’s doing is like damn near carnage, this so if you’re a Luke Walton, maybe you should ride with this right now. And hopefully, this will yield out some competitive success. Because like we were talking about before, if there’s a person who’s probably going to be on the hot seat, as far as coaches go, is going to want to be in Luke Walton but having what Harrison Barnes is giving that team right now and you know, an above 500 team are being competitive through the course of the early outs into the season, maybe even getting out to a fast start, I think is definitely going to bode well for them. And extend Luke Walton stay out there in the sactown Honorable mentions, there’s a couple of guys that I’m sure that we you know, probably want to highlight. I’m gonna I’m gonna throw it over to you, Shaw. There was one person I definitely hope that we do make mention of and I know that you love what’s going on with mantras are out there in in Washington

Warren Shaw 53:26
Bollin. And as we record tonight, those numbers are going up. Yesterday’s price, not today’s price, my guy, he’s 25 and 15. Tonight, to add to the 17, or basically 18. And 90 was already averaging for the year. So hurry, well, it was like, Yo, y’all forgot about me. I had a crappy year in LA, y’all don’t shoot me over here to this Washington team. That is actually not that bad. As we record again, they actually won this evening. So earlier in our show, they said there were three one there now four and one as we push through the evening, this was their team is looking really good. And her role is having a great bounce back season out there.

Jabari Davis 54:00
Listen, I’m happy for mon Trez I’m happy for KCP I’m happy for Kyle Koosman you know what you you know how to you know how we roll. You know exactly how we roll. I didn’t know what to expect. I didn’t you know, in fact, you know, when they first made that deal. It was like okay, are all of them going to wind up there? Or are they going to get parted off anywhere? But I’m very, I’m actually very happy not only for them, but I’m happy for wizards fans because like as crazy as it sounds, even though they had a ton of roster turnover. They almost they almost brought in continuity, because those guys are all familiar with one another not only have played together for multiple years, won a title together. Well, not tricks, but you know, no disrespect to him. I think it’s I think it’s just great. I’m happy for the wizards. I’m happy for wizards fans, Joe. You know, Joe Cardoso, our guy and his crew, they can get off my back. I heard I heard, you know, they were sitting shooters out for me. Know what? I’m not anti wizards. I just didn’t believe in him like this. Y’all didn’t either. But that’s okay.

Warren Shaw 54:58
Y’all who’s y’all remember I had him up there. My tear um,

Jabari Davis 55:02
I’m talking to Washington fans, they can lie and say what it is to be that way, but they didn’t anticipate being for one, but either way they are now let’s go.

Cal Lee 55:11
It’s early, but I get I get it. I’m just saying it’s early. And and the other thing as well, too, is that let’s remember, they haven’t played against the heat, they haven’t played against the Hawks. I’m not so much worried about what they do against, you know, all of the other teams right now that clearly in the beginning parts of the season, they’re struggling, we’ll see what happens, you know, when they revisit and play like, you know, the Boston Celtics, when they find themselves in a groove or the Brooklyn Nets when they’re actually, you know, fully, you know, fully engaged and fully aware of what they’re going to work with for the rest of the season. And, you know, the Philadelphia 70 Sixers, when they finally get off the, you know, the stump with the the bill, the Ben Simmons hangover and stuff like that. I’m more concerned about what they do against their own teams in their division. They play against the Hornets, and they play against them. That to me is when I’m gonna see I’m gonna test their mettle. So I love my man, Joe, and I know that you already you know, I’m saying I know you got the Kevlar on already for them and stuff like that, bro. But I’m just saying, just don’t don’t panic just yet. Right? You know, I’m saying you ain’t got to get into the panic room just yet. I want to see what these guys true. Because part of my problem at times, especially with the Washington Wizards is, it’s it’s always that stretch of games, and it happens to them every single year, it’s not that they lose a couple, it’s that they lose a lot. They go in these horrendous stretches, losing 10 of 13, or, you know, nine of 12 and things of that nature, and you just can’t afford to do that, especially in their division. But if you’re the Washington Wizards like that just hammers a team’s confidence and, and a whole point of the whole being, continuity being you know, being together, you know, I’m saying that familiarity and stuff like that. So I want to see what these guys do when they play against their own and then I’ll jump on on on wizard wizardry bandwagon. I’ll get all you know, Harry Potter with them and everything like that. So alright, coming up, we got a little bit more to get into. We got to talk about these guys. Man, it ain’t as hot as we thought that they were going to be. They actually they cool. They probably too cool for comfort. And we’re gonna get into that. But before we do, we just got to make sure that we let our peoples our listeners, those who have been with us and those who are planning to be with us. We got to let you guys know that the NBA is back and DraftKings sportsbook, an authorized sports betting partner of the NBA. The key to victory is a strong starting five new customers can bet just $5 on any NBA team to win their game. And if they do, you win $200 in free bets. So why not make your roster Washington Washington, Washington, Washington and oh yeah, Washington. DraftKings. sportsbook customers can also get their skin in the game with new same game parlays content combine multiple bets from the same game for a bigger payout. The more legs you add, the more money you can win. DraftKings is a safe, secure and reliable platform. Best of all you can deposit and withdraw your cash whenever you want. Download the DraftKings sportsbook app now use promo code baseline bet just $5 on any NBA team to win their game and win $200 in free bets. If they win, you win with the promo code baseline this week at DraftKings sportsbook and authorized Spitz sports betting partner of the NBA must be 21 or older New Jersey Indiana or Pennsylvania only new customers only minimum $5 deposit and $1 wager required one per customer restrictions apply. See draft Dude’s here on the baseline.

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Cal Lee 59:36
Alright, this is the baseline Callie Warren Shaw, Jabari Davis and we are back with our segment of the breakdown. So we’re topping it off with the chilies No, no not not not not the Red Hot Chili Peppers. No, no. We talking about the do’s man is just a little too they’re playing a little too cool. For the outset of this season, man that they’re gaming in quite sizzling. You know So, and you know, listen, let’s be real. It’s quite frankly, the people who are the superstars of the game. It’s kind of weird man. Like, I really thought that like with the way that everything is taking place, and you know, the NBA is kind of almost back to its norm, that some guys will just come hot right out the gate. But that’s just not the case. And I guess maybe it’s gonna take a few days before that happens. But Shaw, we have to acknowledge that, you know, there’s, you know, some guys man and I don’t know if it’s, you know, they’re getting around that time of their careers where you know, they get out, get out the bed a little bit slower than they normally do. You get out to get to these NBA seasons a little bit slower than they normally do.

Warren Shaw 1:00:43
Well, people come in with the excuses. And the first guy I think we want we want to touch on here. And it’s been talked about on other shows only because Brooklyn hasn’t been what we thought they’d be but a lot of that is because James Harden has not played up to par averaging 16 points six points per game right now shooting 36% and just three free throw attempts per per game. What’s happening, you know, this is not you know, the coined the term we use. Lastly, last last week, this is not hefty Harden from last from last year, where he was out here complaining and didn’t want to be in the city that he was at. He came into came into town and shape. Ready to rock. Yes, there are some distractions going on. But I figured he and Katie would have combined my boy trying to really make off and tell heartstart for the Brooklyn Nets and it just hasn’t happened. I’m going to pass it to manage ad man because, you know, hard is definitely disappointing out here on these NBA streets.

Jabari Davis 1:01:35
Listen, I’m gonna need James Edward Harden Jr. and his coach Steve Nash to stop with a little whining about Whoa, they’re officiated him differently. Yeah. Okay. Now I’m gonna say what I wanted to say for years. And I don’t care if I’m called a hater. And this is the way I specifically didn’t say for years because I kept on getting called a hater anytime I would even bring it up. The brand of basketball that he yelled that he perfected over those last couple of years was garbage. I’m not saying he is garbage. James Harden is absolutely fantastic. He’s one of the he’s one of the more dominant, offensive, just offensive threats that we’ve seen in quite some time. That is actually why it bothered me so much when he resorted to the silly little, grab your arm and flail and do all that stuff. Because it just what he didn’t need to do that. I understand taking advantage of those opportunities, because the rest we’re calling it. And so I’m not saying oh, man, you know, he’s just the biggest a hole in the world. No, I’m saying the NBA should have done something about this a long time ago, because we wouldn’t be here now he would have made the adjustment and he wouldn’t be looking as garbage as he has for the easier that for these nets this year. Is he going to stay at 16 and a half points game? No. Is he going to stay at three free throws? No, they’ll probably start giving him some of those calls, or at least giving them giving them a little bit more love. And he may be up to around five or six. But all those days of him shooting 35 to 25 Free throws in a game, you know and not because they were fully earned but specifically because he was doing all the all of the antics. Those days are done. And I’m glad I’m glad the NBA made that adjustment. I’m also glad that now because remember last year, Steve Nash was the one that was trying to clown Trey young for doing those types of tactics saying that’s not basketball. That’s not basketball. Well, you know what dammit, Steve Nash. It’s not basketball and you’re not going to get that call for your benefit either.

Cal Lee 1:03:24
Mm hmm. Sorry. That’s all. Yeah, well, maybe that’s all that needs to be said.

Jabari Davis 1:03:32
No, it is also i It’s always fun because Knicks fans worry. They usually tag me in in cute little impulse and whatnot, except for when it’s about their team. I’m gonna need the next fans that are fans of this show. To not just tag me in Laker struggle, tweets in Laker struggle stuff, I’m gonna need you to tag yourself, because you are up on the screen.

Warren Shaw 1:03:55
Worried about yourself,

Cal Lee 1:03:56
worry about yourself. All right. I mean, I don’t know whether or not anything really needs to be said. I will say this. Okay. I thought that this was going to be part and parcel the problem with the with the Brooklyn Nets and in this ability for them to probably win in any kind of a championship. Because while this could be very much the most talented team that you could possibly think of, and let’s just even just even put it on record, let’s say say the pandemic never happened and you still had Kyrie Irving on this team and you had a Kyrie Irving roster, the way that the point guard role has to be played. I really feel like you are, you’re taking a big risk when you’re asking James Harden to be and do things that he’s never had. He’s never had to have true accountability for doing right. And you’re kind of seeing this. Part of the reason in being a really quality point guard is being able to know when you know how to make adjustments and transition and a perfect person that can kind of correlate this to a little bit is look at what happened with Chris Paul, if you looked at what Chris Paul had to do when he was playing with New Orleans, and then transitioned himself when he went out to the play with the Los Angeles Clippers, and then had to transition himself again, when he played next to James Harden, at every single turn, Chris Paul had to make adjustments for him to maintain relevancy for him to be the guard that most of these teams needed in order to elevate their team and their franchises to levels that they had never been to in quite some time. And you see him do once again last year with the Phoenix Suns, right. And you can make the argument because we’re going to talk about his co partner right now. And his chill vibe struggles, why part of the reason why they’re even hanging on a thread of not being like, you know, kicked, kicked to the ground, literally, buried out in the desert is because of Chris Paul. Right, and the reputation that he is amassed in his ability to make the adjustments through the years. And this is why he’s still relevant in the game. And this is part of the problem that I always have seen with James Harden. When does he find a way to make the adjustments, because you know, he doesn’t do that. And you can clearly see it in his demeanor, you can clearly see when he gets up and he says things and postgame press conferences, and you see it now in his gameplay, right? He’s going to have to learn how to make these adjustments. And these adjustments are a reflection on the success of the Brooklyn net. So he better figure it out really, really quickly. Because it’s not about him scoring the 16 points per game. We’ve seen nights where James Harden scored 16 points per game, but he gets you 10 rebounds, he gets you like 13 assists. He’s not even doing those things properly. So clearly, him and like Joel and bead, it, they’re there. They’re these ebbs and flows with them. They’re either in it or they’re not. And I think part of that comes to the maturation of them understanding where they are in this moment of where the NBA is going and where they want to be. It’s kind of like the NBA is like you either get on this train, or get off the train. But the train is still moving. And I think that’s where we’re at with James Harden.

Jabari Davis 1:07:01
Also, folks out there, I mean, yo, y’all are free to do what you want. But when it comes to being on my timeline, don’t you ever fix your Twitter finger lips to say that James Harden was a better offensive player than Kobe being Brian was Don’t ever say that to me again.

Cal Lee 1:07:16
Anyway, I swear to God, they’re gonna bring out the show enough in June and JD right now, man. Take Home Free it out, boy.

Jabari Davis 1:07:27
You know, obviously I can’t.

Cal Lee 1:07:29
Are you in your red row right now? I wish I wish to do a video are you in your red row right now?

Jabari Davis 1:07:35
On the timeline most nights I really do. But y’all like the stuff that I get in this thing when they say it on their own time is one thing, but they want to keep Kiki with me and want to DM me and I got you I got my boy and shout out to my boy. He will he he’s so bad. He knows all the norm on Twitter. He’ll hit me on Instagram during the middle of a Laker game in order to I’m like, Alright, man, that’s enough. I’m gonna have to let I’m gonna have to let the chopper saying I

Cal Lee 1:08:01
was speaking of listen to chop as a man, we got to let the choppers hang on DEVIN BOOKER, right. Like I was just mentioning how Chris Paul and the struggling Phoenix Suns part of reason why they struggling is because DEVIN BOOKER is I don’t know man. He’s he’s he’s clearly not fully here. And I don’t know how much of this is just a blip on the radar. Maybe there’s some mental fatigue because of the fact that he participated in the Olympics don’t know. But all I know is is that from from JT and Shaw’s perspective, you guys feel like hey, where you at Devon.

Warren Shaw 1:08:36
He’s got to be better than what he’s shown. And he started to show it in the last game that they still lost on the HB, you know, turn around three, ironically. But he’s never really been like, there’s this perception, at least in my head, that he’s like this great, prolific three point shooter and he’s not, you know, he’s always been around 30 to 33% from the three point line. So he makes his his hay in the mid range. So if that’s not falling, and he’s not able to kind of get to that spot consistently or get to the free throw line. You know, he’s he’s just not as potent offensively. He’s still a decent playmaker, as well, too. So I think he’s trying to figure out some other parts of his games, but, you know, the sons need him to be a guy that’s, you know, 2526 points per game, you know, shooting efficiently, and I know he wants to eat as well too. And, you know, he’s a little salty about not getting his contract, but Booker’s where they’re going to truly thrive. So hopefully turns things around. But I am a little shocked that he struggled this especially coming off to the you know, the final school, I thought he would come on here, like, you know, reckless, ready to ride out and really put, you know, kind of put the rest of the Western Conference on notice. It just just hasn’t happened as of yet.

Jabari Davis 1:09:40
Yeah, when it comes to Booker, I don’t want to overreact. And I know that everybody’s gonna say, Well, everybody’s only played four or five games, but yeah, because, you know, they came off the finals because he also participated, you know, and and went to the Olympics. It really does feel like you know, maybe he’s just a little bit off. I don’t anticipate this being the norm. In fact, he no look He was great for them last year, he, you know, he, you know, made way for, you know, for Chris Paul to step up and be, you know, assert himself, but he was still great when he needed to be. And I anticipate him being great, you know, moving forward. But the one thing I will keep it real honestly, this is another one of those, we’re going to monitor the situation closely. Because you know what, Phoenix? We went into the we went into season with some questions like prior prior to finding out about the contract situations, I was very high on them. But then, you know, and I know that, you know, there have been plenty of people to say like, oh, you know, eight and it’s fine. Nobody’s tripping. Nobody’s struggling to kneel. Nobody’s stressing about that. But you, the three of us know, and you know, the viewers, the listeners out there, they know, sometimes if a team just gets off to a start, that’s in a funk, it just never materializes for him. I don’t anticipate that being the case. But I will say it’s not outside of the realm of possibility.

Cal Lee 1:10:51
Do you think that you think that this this type of struggle is heightened even more because of the surprise play of the Sacramento Kings and the Golden State Warriors coming out out the gate and seeing that the Phoenix Suns are clearly struggling because DEVIN BOOKER is not playing at a level that they’re going to need him to be able to play to the course of the season so far?

Jabari Davis 1:11:11
I think it would be more of an issue if we’re 10 games from now. And I know that you know, like I said that, you know, last week when we’re having the conversation when it came to the Lakers, but at the same The same goes for the suns because I do I do think they like you know, quote unquote, bought enough, you know, they have enough in the tape coming off of that, you know, coming off of that run to know that they can turn things around. Now if we’re at a situation where they’re three and 12 Wait, that’s another con you know, that that that is that is a serious concern. If if two episodes from now they’re still you know, they’re still struggling real conversations have to be had

Warren Shaw 1:11:45
double down on that, you know, I think Phoenix after they’ve paid everybody and except rain means the logger might be a little a little funky, you know, I don’t know so we gotta we gotta watch this one because I’m really excited to kind of see how it all plays out. There’s a lot of high hopes for the Phoenix Suns and you know, Chris Paul doesn’t want to just be making $40 million and not having a chance to win the NBA championship again and so if they’ve regressed that’s gonna be a huge problem and then stop that server stuff working as well too. So watch on Linux

Cal Lee 1:12:12
these emails All right. Next up dolla Dame Yeah, I mean, right now, his videos seem to be you know, getting more getting more hits than you know, I’m saying in the shots that he’s putting up for for struggling Portland Trailblazers team and hey, he pretty much got everything that he wanted right he wanted Chauncey Billups as the head coach I’ll be it I think people can kind of question you know, whether or not having Chauncey Billups as the head coach is like the move right now. It looks like he’s going through his managerial struggles and stuff and the Blazers have not looked at that impressive. So what do we make of Damian Lillard struggles out the gate

Warren Shaw 1:12:55
Well, there’s some rumors going on out there that he may not be fully healthy you know, he might have some sort of abdominal injury that might be pseudo serious you know, and if he were to have surgery on it would potentially take him out for the for the remainder of the season. I don’t know this is just stuff that is kind of flying around out there he’s a gamer wants to play and you know wants to give his all for the City of Portland and that trail blazers team but my guy shooting 17% from three points like what am I what are we really doing right now for a guy who’s a volume shooter at three so it’s problematic for sure but he’s he’s one of those guys that you think will turn it around he just hasn’t really started off this low to begin any any any season thus far so that’s why we have to you know, we got to put them out man jilbab for damn little it bro. What you got

Jabari Davis 1:13:41
man I’m gonna be super quick about this they should have moved on from wow I’m not I’m not sure No, no, no, no, I’m not saying he’s lost or like that. I’m saying like this feels like a circumstance where it’s like we’re all just waiting you look Dame is one of my boots like I play of all the NBA players that do not wear purple and gold. Let me just say for the record because I haven’t made this clear on this show. I used to do it all the time. On previous shows dame’s to do that I will always want in a Lakers uniform just to be clear even though I recognize what the limitations are there is just across the board but what I when I say they should have moved on is because it’s like what are we doing even if you even if David come out the blacks just fire just bawling did Would anybody believe that? This was you know that it would last Ned Portland was going to make a deep run this year. Or do we all are we all kind of figuring look dames a gamer to Neo to Warren’s point Dame is incredible. CJ is CJ is also dope in his own regard. And yes, those guys are you know, they can turn it around. But are we really going to believe it? No, we wouldn’t know. So honestly, until they until they pull the trigger and figure out what they’re going to do with that roster. I’m not really going to worry about it.

Cal Lee 1:14:54
I think that this is just, you know, I look most of these guys they all participated in the Olympics. And I think that they have not given themselves really any kind of mental rest any kind of chill, not making any excuses to say that this is a byproduct but I think that even then then they can they will probably tell you is just what it is. But I listened they’re fooling themselves. They don’t we all go through it. You know, we just run through everything, right? And it all just seems to kind of come together. It’s almost like you didn’t even realize that the season has already started. And you know, these numbers, they’re, they’re being counted now, right? Like, and they’re a reflection of the teams being successful and the teams are struggling, at least as you can say, for some of these other guys, man that if they they’re struggling shooting the basketball, that they’re contributing in other ways that will help the team win while they’re still trying to figure things out. Because you’re always going to believe that the Devin Booker‘s and Damian Lillard, and even James Harden’s, they will figure these things out. Right. They’re expected to that’s what they’re getting paid for. To your point, though, shot is a very interesting nugget to be dropping in there that he is not 100% healthy. Because I do think that that might actually be a problem, in the sense that if you’re talking about what do you do with Damian Lillard? If even if the intent is you’re going to try to move this guy you want to know fully Hey, where are you at? Like completely like health wise like, is this something that’s going to be nagging you for duration of wherever it is that you’re going to be moving on that we’re going to pay you gazillion dollars for and things of that nature? But uh, no doubt he is a gamer and I’m hoping that he’s able to turn things around. Let’s go ahead and wrap this up man and put it with a bow shot I’m away I’m gonna because I want I want a man to come in last on this one shot so obviously, we before we were recording we made it a point that that we needed to highlight the other dude was on some chill vibes. Man Russell Westbrook like my man, my man is like riding action Park rollercoaster rides right now like with the way that he’s going? And part of the reason why is that when you see how he is on the court, he just looks like somebody that’s pressing man. I don’t know what it is. But he looks like he I swear to God, it’s not a game that you don’t look at him at the end. Where you just waiting for the Michael Douglas falling down version of him to start coming out on people and it looks like he probably did that just the other night.

Warren Shaw 1:17:22
Yeah, Russ is a wild dude. There’s no children. It’s kind of a misnomer.

Cal Lee 1:17:26
Part of why you should have been headline Silva like

Warren Shaw 1:17:31
my guy, you know, he’s

Cal Lee 1:17:33
never say no fuss, Russ. There will never be a connotation for him. No fuss, Russ. There will always be fussing, Russ.

Warren Shaw 1:17:41
The big thing here is like, you know, can he can he get it together when the when LeBron is actually on the court. You know, his big number games are coming with the brawn off the court. And then now he gets all up in a tizzy because it’s easily there’s a young guy you don’t really know. No better and I guess for us, Russ wanted to teach him. But you know, after that OKC loss, you know, they blew a pretty big lead. You know, Russ was definitely in his feels a little bit. So JD take us all, man. What did you see with Russ going after Dara is basically bro. Man.

Jabari Davis 1:18:10
It’s as simple as this. They were up 26 Everybody was feeling good. I had tweets on deck ready to, you know, ready to roast. Russ had tweets in his head not tweaked. But you know what I’m saying? And then they and then the bottom fell out and they lost to OKC in OKC. You know why Ross was mad. I understand what he’s saying in terms of Blue Moon you shouldn’t do that. But like, let’s be real. I’ve actually seen Russ do that at the other games as well. And quite frankly, to hell with all of the unwritten rules. If I’m on the basketball court, and I understand in years past it was different. If I’m on the basketball court you’re on the basketball court. It’s your job to stop me you don’t stop me you need to be talking to yourself and not talking to me about what shot and when I shot it.

Cal Lee 1:18:51
I’m gonna I’m gonna reach into my HR bag. This is why rules need to be written this is why you need an SOP you need a standard operating procedure too many damn rules and just unwritten unheard unspoken of whatever the case may be man you expect there is basically supposed to remember all these damn rules even an NBA ball but like what like

Jabari Davis 1:19:18
a minute man is happy and going up against probably a player that he may have looked up to even or you may have been appreciative of and honestly it’s it’s it was embarrassing and I understand why they were embarrassed but that all that did was add to it yeah because what it did what it was was your last year you know you you know your loss and now you don’t cry about it.

Cal Lee 1:19:39
Well, it’s so funny because when is when is when is rough it doesn’t look like crying right? It just looks like a crazy act. It literally just looks like a crazy he’s like I’m just gonna act crazy cuz I know. When I sit down people gonna be like, Why do you spaz out like that? Because I’m Russell Westbrook Damn it. I’m not gonna show you tears. So I wanted

Jabari Davis 1:20:02
to be clear I love risk Russ always have I also acknowledge and recognize the limitations that are there that have you know significantly increased over the years and when when when the Lakers signed in when the Lakers make you made that deal, you know, for him I recognize it’s going to be an adjustment period and still the end I’m only acknowledge I’m only saying this because I don’t go on the timeline, you know, defending the Lakers, but anybody that went into this season thinking it was just going to immediately fit in everybody was going to go everybody was just gonna, you know, be Kumbaya and throw it laughs everybody that was that’s silly. They turned over more than half the roster and you’re working Russ into a bronze system. So yeah, get to talk to me and talk to me in a couple weeks and let’s see what it looks like. But Russ chill like don’t talk anybody out there

Warren Shaw 1:20:49
good luck to the Lakers bro. I think I think they’ll ultimately be fine but like we said earlier on like in the first week a lot of dancing on graves just because it’s them and you should we should we should all know better by this point, but I personally we don’t

Cal Lee 1:21:03
leave it to the Los Angeles Lakers to go from the Bold and the Beautiful to the young and restless awesome stuff. Awesome stuff man. Wait, wait a way to top off everything quite lovely man. Great topics of conversation and great perspective being had by all final thoughts, Mr. Davis?

Jabari Davis 1:21:23
Man, the NBA is incredible. The NBA is dope the players are dope. I wish that more people on NBA Twitter would just chill the hell out and not always try to be able to you’ll bring up somebody shortcomings and not always try to bring up something like a negative sometimes it’s cool to truly just celebrate the game. Now this I’m not going to make it a whole soapbox go rant but really it really is okay to just celebrate the game and celebrate the what is great about the NBA. I don’t see enough of that.

Warren Shaw 1:21:52
I think that’s very well said you know and we’re definitely in a tear down era people can’t wait to see you fall and you know like they just alluded to like they want to dance on graves 24/7 So you know I think I’ve learned a lot you know covering the league and and being being here being on this show with you all as well too. And as like you know, we probably need a little bit more reserved we can come out here and we can talk our ish on our on our show but when you’re out here on the Twitter street so to speak, like you know let’s maybe keep it a little bit more reserved in some way and a little bit more respectful nothing else you know for these players out who are going out there and they’re out here entertaining us and they’re giving it their all you’re trying to be the best they can as we all know they bust our ass if we ever saw him in the gym, so probably the chill anyway.

Jabari Davis 1:22:34
I’m gonna tell you guys another another show remind me to tell you about Gil was on my traveling team on the younger squad on my traveling team growing up. I’ll tell you about that another time.

Cal Lee 1:22:43
Huh? Find it. You talking about talking about? Never meet them heroes yet right? Whatever. Oh,

Jabari Davis 1:22:50
no. I met him as a 13 year old. I was 16 We ain’t gonna talk about that. Go ahead.

Cal Lee 1:22:56
Is it oh? Oh is that was that one of one of those unspoken beat downs? Is that what that was?

Jabari Davis 1:23:02
A Listen listen. It was a practice it all I did was they messed up that they messed a kid up a beat. I was 510 he was five to 13

Cal Lee 1:23:14
and a hit like he was 13 Exactly man so once again, man. We appreciate each and every single one of you guys as always for the baseline Cal Lee, Warren Shaw, Jabari Davis. You know where to find this man keep rolling with this baby. You know, we bring in you to hot button topics of the NBA. We’ll catch up with you next time.

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