September 27, 2022 | 3:38 am
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Josiah Johnson on Netflix’s Colin Kaepernick project, Ava DuVernay and the art of social media

Josiah Johnson explains how he parlayed riding the bench at UCLA into a career in the entertainment industry, social media personality, comedian and relatable dude doing it for the culture. Josiah also discusses what it’s like to get props from LeBron James and working on multiple projects with Ava DuVernay. Later he touches on imposter syndrome, the pressure of content creation and being a resource for serious up and comers in the industry.

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Warren Shaw 00:11
Welcome everybody to dove interviews. I’m your homeboy your host Warren Shaw. Today we’re joined by one of the most chill dudes in the sports and entertainment space. probably best known for getting those jokes off but so much to His story is I have Johnson is with us here today on dope interviews. How are you doing brother?

Josiah Johnson 00:27
Great man appreciate you for having me. Oh,

Warren Shaw 00:30
man, it’s it’s our pleasure. It’s our pleasure. You know, you are definitely one of Twitter legend already, if you will, and doing off a lot more. We’re going to get into all of that stuff as well too. So I just wanted to ask you kind of right off the gate, bro. Like, how’d you get into this? You know, how long have you been in the game, if you will, you know kind of in this in payment space. We know you played ball early on in Korea as well too. But how long have you been in the entertainment space moving into this

Josiah Johnson 00:54
way? So going on like 16 years now. So obviously I played at UCLA. I was at UCLA from 2000 205 redshirted a year. about midway through my career, I was playing with guys like Trevor Ariza Earl Watson, Matt Barnes, Dan geyser, Jason Kapono, NBA-level talent, I realized that I was not on that level. So I had to figure out some other stuff so after I graduated college, I started working as a production assistant at Fox Sports and NFL Network rose up the ladder on the sports entertainment side, I was simultaneously running a blog website called jersey chaser which was a predecessor to a lot of the stuff you see now like bleach report SB Nation, things like that, doing a lot of off kilter content funny just never taking the game too serious just trying to be on the lighter side and trying to keep myself entertained while I was working, kind of my square job so i’d basically double up I’d be working like 18 hours a day I’d work in NFL Network working on a bunch of different shows over there total access we got a show called coach big that turned into like around the NFL I don’t even know what it’s called now anymore but worked on like 1012 different shows there but after I get home from work, I would do a lot of stuff on the website and even be at the opposite NFL Just Between Us candidly on the work computers, getting off blogs and getting stories off and just immersing myself just in the world and the culture and I go back and look at that stuff you know 1415 years ago and a lot of it wasn’t well written but it helped really lay the foundation for the seeds that I have now but did a bunch of stuff there then from there was producing a show with Jim Rome called Jim Rome on Showtime which was kind of like his his version of like Real Time with Bill Maher where but all sports themed from that I kind of learned the social side of it and now though all those things kind of come together to to make me the person that you see now that the stuff that I do now on Twitter in various social platforms so just is had a pretty interesting lifespan on the procreative professional side but all that’s helped mold me into the person I am today

Warren Shaw 02:37
man Yeah Dad it’s quite the journey right? Um, so do you remember like the first the first job right and just like you said, Yeah, trust me we’ve all been there doing some of the stuff or side hustles on the work computer you know there’s still a lot of that going on.

Josiah Johnson 02:55
Oh is it it is a quite what it is now so back then you get a lot of stuff off and didn’t have to worry about the IP address and all that stuff kind of you know nowadays you get that stuff going on you get you hear from HR you having meetings and all that type of good stuff. But my first job out of college was at a fox sports so I remember Pico Lott fifth floor cutting highlights and at that point Fox had a bunch of regional stations so we would essentially show up to work he didn’t know what you’re doing it might be so NASCAR might be some hockey might be some NBA if you were lucky college basketball, a little bit everything but it was kind of just got thrown in the fire and learn that stuff. And it’s interesting because a lot of people I was working with then people like Sarah Spain has gone on to become a legend over at ESPN Chris Thompson remember they brought her in, she was doing on air stuff but they want to teach you how to do highlights so she was around there but just a really unique crew and team of people and we just grind him and we would work you know eight nine hour shifts but I was working on the fox lot in LA you know, so I literally would lunch would go walk to the far commissary because they had all the sound stages. And all these actors and all these other people. We were kind of off in the cut in the Fox Sports area of it all. But just being in that world and being able to gain entry into the fox live, which I had always driven by as a kid and wonder what went on in there to actually be a part of that was a cool, cool situation. Then my first full time job was at NFL Network. I started there as a PA as well working a couple of days a week, login press conference, man and that was probably it was such a grueling, exhausting, I was shut up at 8am and go to like 5pm and I would literally just hand log press conferences all day long. So every coach you could think of back then it was like Romeo Coronel and Mike Holmgren. I remember like Mike, my Cobra was to see how I was coaching at that point. And he was like the last log I had to do every day, but he would talk for like 45 hours straight go off on all these tangents about when he was a teacher in San Francisco and just all this stuff, but I have to log all of it because mixed in there might be some injury report news or something that would be relevant or pertinent to the game. So learning that and kind of just getting thrown in the fire and immersed in that world. But I look back now and just kind of the man that I become as a result of all that stuff working with a ton of great people on that side. People like rich eyes and franchise Deion Sanders was through there, Michael Irvin Warren Sapp just, you know Marshall Fogg he just listed name of guys I grew up watching the NFL now. Literally on the NFL Network lot with them, working with them in production meetings and stuff like that. So there’s a tremendous opportunity to experience and just wonderful crew of people that I’ve gotten to work with over over my journey.

Warren Shaw 05:10
Now, JJ, I feel you on that man. Listen, I mean, here’s the thing, right? You do what you do. People kind of see you now, when you’re behind the scenes, you know what I mean? That is like only those people who know what it is. But now that you have a certain level of notoriety, they don’t know the hours, the logging and stuff like that as well, too. And I can only imagine, like, what’s your DMS must be like, as people are trying to Boston like, Hey, can I How can I be like you? And it’s a weird thing, because it’s comedy, like how you keep somebody how to be funny. Yeah, I mean, that’s kind of a more of a natural thing. And that was just comedy, obviously. But, I mean, that’s kind of been the more recent claim to fame, in some sense, so to speak. So how do you handle those who are kind of sliding into DMS and looking for advice and tried to become you basically,

Josiah Johnson 05:53
man, I try to be as helpful as possible. I really, really believe in trying to help the next generation, especially people that look like ourselves, who don’t realize just how much big business that socialism is for social especially, I mean, it’s you’re talking like a billion dollar industry now at this point. And I see a lot of people kind of profiting and benefiting off the culture that don’t necessarily give back and recognize so I try to be a resource for people, whether it’s hopping on a call, reading scripts, whatever it may be, however, I can help whatever wisdom and intellect I can give to that next generation. I just like to say I genuinely want I want to deal with people who are trying to do some of their lives. I’m not the entry level person that you just asked question that you could Google like, I don’t I don’t do that type of stuff. You know, there’s Google for that. But things like hey, I’m an entry level, social, whatever, just stuff I want to learn what’s your process, like, how do you operate, how do you move, and really just teaching people how to operate in the space and like I said, try to be a resource for this next generation of people because I had so many people that helped me out when I was coming up that were always willing to reach out and then to hand, give me some advice, take me under their wing and just show me thanks. So I tried to basically reciprocate that to the next generation that’s coming up and really whoever it is, I don’t really care and I’ve generally people would DM me I’ll kind of look at their profile real quick. Just make sure that they’re doing something in this space, they don’t got to be big, small, whatever it may be, but just somebody who’s working towards something you can be an intern at a company, whatever it is, and just try to offer them whatever advice wisdom and just how to approach this game how to move and also how to keep their mental health right I think marshawn Lynch is somebody that I really look up to and I think a couple years ago he did a press conference just talking about you know, take care of your chicken take care of your mentals and that those are the two most important things I think in any any professional space that you go into, because dealing with the mental health component and we’re seeing a lot of it now even with the Olympics and Simone Biles and I know Kevin Love has been super super open about it it’s tough being on that side and athletes deal with it but people in the working professional spaces deal with it as well and especially in the black community we’re always taught to to ignore those things and you know, you’re soft if you get into that type of stuff, but this is real life and these are the things that affect and impact us so it’s never wrong to ask for help it’s never wanted to be open and honest about what’s going on. And some some days you got to some days you don’t so you know when I’m working in team environments especially you know if I can’t deliver and I can’t be you know what I need to be for my team that’s why I look at somebody like Simone Biles and when she when she did a lot of people will point fingers and clown and kind of be negative about it but I think she did a remarkable thing and something that’s super admirable being able to step up and say look I don’t got it right now I’m dealing with certain things I need to get that get that figured out emotionally then I can come back and do what I need to do what she came back obviously was that when that bronze medal so those are the things I try and take in my life and those are things I try to communicate to a lot of people that are coming into this game like everybody you know, they see the good part of it they see the big following and all that stuff but I started my accounting zero just like everyone else and had to figure out through trial and error had to figure out through a lot of you know, people come in and be crazy saying reckless wild stuff and you know, you want to lose your cool and respond back but you just got to realize that that part of the game you really can’t succeed doing that and you’ll never win, you know, you know going that somebody else was coming at you so now I just kind of let them talk to a brick wall like they can say whatever they want to me and I’m gonna keep this thing pushing and moving and try to get to I want to be two in terms of success with my career.

Warren Shaw 08:55
Nah, man I think that’s extremely well sad and that important to know kind of keep the reel to reel with people when they’re sliding in and trying to figure it out or whatever the case may be and looking to get back again, I mean, you have a large following so I’m sure that list those messages are kind of constant and consistent. So if you’re taking time to reach back out and try to help out but you can definitely do on your part which is something that we as a people would definitely need to always continue to do walk me a little bit walk me through some of your early struggles like a year and I made this you know not to say all the Hey, so to speak, but just maybe maybe any of those feelings of doubt when as you were trying to get into this space and all that you’re doing because lofty lofty resume my guy, right? But everybody I think everybody at some point suffers from a little bit of imposter syndrome and they’re kind of like is this really me? So talk to me talk me about a little bit about that.

Josiah Johnson 09:41
Well, I’m almost 14 I still feel like an imposter man. I’m still like, you know, the things that I need to check for now. I still feel like I’m stealing money, but I just stay hungry man. I remember as a kid I used to go to Michael Cooper‘s basketball camp. But one of the things Michael Gerber used to always tell us was to never be satisfied. And as a kid, I didn’t really know what that meant until I got into the professional space and realize that what he’s essentially As you know he was talking talking about a multi time NBA champion all the great stuff that he was able to accomplish in his career but you always should want more never get complacent never get lazy I always bring that same drive that same fire that you brought early on in career I just remember being a PA and stuck in pa hell for years and just be like am I ever gonna get out here I’m ever gonna really become a producer America really do the things that that I feel like I can do and I still deal with that now especially working on the entertainment side which I do a lot as well people think kind of social is my main lane but really that’s just one of my main bread and butter is writing producing working in the entertainment side working on TV shows and various things like that and you know you deal with a lot of rejection in Hollywood you may have the best idea in the world you may have everything put together you know you go pitch a project to a network a studio production company whatever it may be, and they may not be feeling it so you have to deal with that internal doubt frustration and constantly wondering Are you good enough so for me I like to harness that negative energy turn into a positive and really just channel it that’s really why you’ve seen the results on my social media accounts that’s where I take anytime somebody I feel like slights me or disrespects me or doesn’t you know one something I think is great all cameras will take it out on my social monkey running these numbers up and I’m gonna show them I have those same people you know you’d be amazed how many people try to play me funny style me you know not rolling me when the account was small same ones now showing up like oh man I always believed in you in this that whatever and that’s you know there’s that part of the game and it’s like okay, you didn’t believe me back in the day we didn’t think I could do anything for you now here we are and now you’re rocking with me and now you know you see the the Brian cosign and other things that I’ve been able to get along this journey and all of a sudden the man always believed in us like look I mean I’ll take all that with a grain of salt don’t take any of that stuff personally you know if to be a professional this game you’re gonna build a lot of nose a lot of rejection and now my thing is just to make them come back and when they come back just give him a quick look like Yeah, I remember how it was but then I got to tax you more on this bag that’s how I get my revenge my revenge is you’re getting taxed more on this bag. I’m not giving you homie prices now I gotta give you like, you know, your slide of your prices. And I got to really teach you a lesson so

Warren Shaw 11:55
facts facts you just touched on the LeBron thing as well if you I mean, it’s hard because you’ve grown up around celebrities, right? You none of that really fazes you so to speak you’ve been working industry so to speak but LeBron tweetsie, bro like it’s it’s pretty pretty damn special like tell me you know, how did you feel when that whole situation went down?

Josiah Johnson 12:14
So just just to be real with you like I’ve been in LA I grew up in LA so I’ve seen a ton of celebrities but weirdly enough I have the ultimate level of respect for local newscasters news anchors for some reason I hold them in the highest regard highest esteem like they are my my girls my hero just for what they’re able to do and give him out my local news. I live in LA so we got a lot of spectrum spectrum news and what they do over there guys like Timothy Parker works in their sports side guys I really admire but for me to get to LeBron cosign was probably the greatest moment of my professional career obviously I’m I’m a lifelong brown fan. I’ve been rocking with the brand since 2003. When I was at UCLA and he was in high school they came and played at Pauley Pavilion and while we were out of town they use our locker the Brian ended up sitting in my locker there’s a photo in Sports Illustrated to him like stretching out and you can see my chair my name on it so from that moment I’m like y’all rock with this dude he’s got good taste like you know he could have picked any lacquer in there he picked the one the right one so I feel like being the brand I’ve always had this connection since then but I’ve been I’ve been a super super fan of the brand dealt with the good and the bad you know there were some tough times in the early you know the early 2000s 2000 10s when he wasn’t quite delivering he was getting smacked by the Spurs and the finals and things like that. A lot of hate a lot of negativity that LeBron fans had to endure as we kind of knew you know early early on like yo this dude is gonna be special he’s gonna really get to that level but you know you’re dealing with MJ Kobe and everybody else and you know now I see it nowadays and I’ve tried to you know cool down on it with like the Steph fans and things like that where you know, you see these constant battles and guys going at each other and fans really you know, these guys have the utmost highest level of respect for each other. So now I try to approach it from that that lens. The brand respect, Steph Steph respects the brand. You know, you look at the you know, Kobe, obviously who passed away but his last tweet was literally showing respect to the brand I believe the run and pass them in the all time scoring lists, but it’s all about elevating the game. So you know, when I got that cosign from a bra for me, it was like, yo, the price of the brick is going up. I think, you know, at that point, I was just thinking about all the people who’ve been negative or hate me, and just how sad they’ve salted, they must have felt in that moment, the tears is running down their face. You know, I’m sitting here at the house laughing watching, you know, the NES game. And from that point, it’s really kind of elevated me to another level and now everybody’s like, Oh, we got to the bronco sign. So you think you’re this and now it’s like, I’m not I’m not changing up for anything, man. I’m a I’m a regular dude. I’m a family man. I got two kids and a wife. I like doing normal square stuff. I enjoy getting old and not being at the club and a lot of the stuff that I used to do when I was younger, and really just grinding and working and just doing stuff to help elevate and get me to where I want to be career wise. Like I’ve had a lot of great mentors in my life. People like Ava DuVernay, people like Michael Starr Berry, who was the CO creator on legend, the chairman heights with myself and was also the showrunner on Conan and black and white a show that I was able to be a writer and producer on but people that are always just looking out for me reaching out often positivity setting a great example so I want to try and follow that lane so to get it from the brand to have me I’ve been saying the brands that go for years and people You know I’ve been clowning me blast me whatever so to have the broad call me that go is like you know what else do I need to do I probably just need to retire from Twitter because there’s you know obama Oprah maybe you know our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ maybe you know but you know if I get one of those cosines that would probably be the only thing that’ll match this you know Beyonce some you know somehow there’s like five or six other people who potentially could co sign me but getting the Bronwyn if y’all might just need to shut it down

Warren Shaw 15:25
that’s a lot but I’m gonna desire Johnson follow him on twitter at Kings I have 54 really doing major major things and all things entertainment social media and the like. So I want to kind of take this to kind of the next next conversation into this how do you go about your process so we’re going to stick to kind of the social media realm right now right? Because my bro you are quick and everyone I think always people anytime you want them but you’re so quick with like, you get that specific tweet a lot, you know, because you have things out there. But what’s the research like? You know, I mean, because there’s a lot of great stuff from movies and you know, entertainment clips and things of that nature, like what’s your research process like? Or is it just kind of being abroad and just watching stuff on a regular basis and it just kind of like comes comes to mind when you’re when you’re watching stuff.

Josiah Johnson 16:12
The main piece of advice that I give people, especially people in the younger generation is watch as much content as possible. I was blessed we had cable back in the day my dad played in the NBA. So we had the baller cable, we had a satellite dish where we could literally get like East Coast feeds. So I was watching WGS, I was watching all the like we used to joke around, we would watch the NBC shows when we get the East Coast feed, and we have friends come over, we pretend like we hadn’t seen the episode and then dropping like my best such search about the puppy right here. Watching so many movies, TV shows, I usually just immerse myself in that culture in that world. And that’s what I tell a lot of people it’s like, I’m on the older side, you’re not gonna see me run a SpongeBob meme, that’s just not my lane more power to the people that do it. But that’s just not, that’s not where I came up. And I came up in the area of john Singleton, and pootie, Tang and Chris Rock and everything going on in that space. So DJ pool and ice cube and just everything they were doing with Fridays, and all that type of good stuff. So those are the resources that I just have him growing up in team environments. Being a locker room with players like back in the day, we didn’t have social media, we had to entertain ourselves by dropping movie lines or whatever it may be, we found that connectivity and whatever we were doing, or if we saw a game, we couldn’t tweet about it right away you had to remember our made you see MJ drop 63 or whatever, you know, you had to talk about that at school the next day, the next couple of days. So really, those things would just resonate with you. So I have basically this library built up in my brain man, that of just stuff that I’ve seen so whenever I’m watching stuff, it’s like I just see it kind of in meme form. And it’ll remind me of a clip or a video or a photo or whatever it may be. So I try to just keep those resources locked and loaded. And you know, a lot of people look at the meme game and the social game and I compare it to kind of being like a DJ right? When you’re a DJ working at a club or house party, whatever may be your job is to keep that crowd entertained keep a move you do that by playing tracks, sometimes you may play a track that you’ve played before that just is what it is right but I know right around 1130 I can play this track and the whole club is gonna get jumping and get live and this is your this is the nostalgia in the hot joint whatever. So I really rely a lot on just nostalgia, creativity and like I said when I see something I’ll see it in mean form. And really the years of working on the sports entertainment side working in highlights like we’re gonna highlight NFL Network, we would be on the air of a show sometimes you have the Sunday night game or the Thursday night game, whatever it may be. So you become that highlight while while the show is about to start so as soon as that game has zeros you got to run that shot sheet out with all the information on you got I got like rich eyes and read it or I got like franchises or Deron Horton, it’s got to be top notch, right? Because there’s any mistakes on it. Now you make your talent look bad. They look bad on the air who you think’s getting yelled at worse, they go to commercial break, you know, I’m saying so you had to have right tight ready to go. So all that stuff kind of just being in those high pressure environments where now when I’m watching a game, I love watching the game because I know that basically everybody’s on an equal playing like we’re all watching this thing at the same exact time. We got to react to whatever goes on, you know, I mean, so when those type of things happen, I really pride myself on everybody just saw something they’re talking about it I was the mean for me this or what’s a way that I can get into this conversation or discussion with a piece of content that people are going to really relate to and find humorous.

Warren Shaw 19:04
My guy, one of the things that I think is really great about what you do in that specific space, too, because I think I feel like I heard you say it on on my homeboy Jabari show, but you know, I’m gonna paraphrase a little bit. But basically, we have a philosophy that anybody can get it. They like, it doesn’t matter whether it’s a team you root for or don’t root for. You keep that bias and I think that’s what kind of keeps the following organic. I mean, would you believe that’s kind of one of the keys to success for you.

Josiah Johnson 19:31
Yeah, you know, I think TNT has the motto during the NBA Playoffs winner go home, my thing is winner get cloud like so it doesn’t matter. I found myself in the appropriate moments, you got to just have self deprecating self deprecating humility, and just be able to joke about these things. At the end of the day. I see a lot of people getting riled up and fired up about basketball and it tastes kind of too much control of their life as though it’s a game bro You didn’t play unit score any points. I know you’re emotionally invested in this situation. But this isn’t war there. You know, we’re in the middle of a pandemic right now. There’s a lot of other terrible stuff. going on so I know I’ll never really get into those debates about such and such addition that NPR and how many points is the average and blah blah blah that stuff doesn’t really concern me and there’s a ton of people that do that do it much better than myself. What I’m concerned with is like yo Do you see such as like picking his nose or whatever that that funny moment in the game where it looked like he was doing this or you know, whatever it may be, I tried to be ultimately always respectful though. That’s the one main thing I stand on. And I see a lot of that on the internet and that’s kind of just a part of the culture now, people are super disrespectful call people all kinds of wild names and basically stuff that they would never do if they saw that person face to face so I try to be more just comical and whatever I’m doing something that I know a guy like if Trey young you know, does something I put a meme up Trey’s go see this in the locker room and I want him to crack up to I’m friends with tres dads I wanna trade dad to be able to crack up to DM me like oh man I was hilarious just things like that so try and kind of keep it more you’re more locker rooms kind of banter how guys will play the dozens of go at each other as opposed to being like mean spirited or just trying to tear us down I think at the end of the day athletes whatever we got to have a level of respect for all of them you know i mean and these guys are playing at the highest level sometimes they don’t perform the way we want them to but we can’t allow that to to make us call do’s out their name or just be super disrespectful and say stuff that you know personally a lot of these guys follow me now so I gotta be super respectful and mindful of how I approach this thing because if I see these dudes in the street you know I’m gonna win some fights I’m gonna lose some fights but I gotta go look at face man I’m trying to stay I’m trying to stay pretty and you know any I might win the fight but if I catch a swing or whatever, it messes up my jaw line or my structure my cheekbones it’s gonna be problematic

Warren Shaw 21:30
Oh no, no we can’t have you like Kanye through the wire I mean for sure. I wonder though i mean but you brought up a great point right because I is one of the things I’m sure you get asked all the time but it’s like any everybody who goes on social media like I start typing whatever like yeah, I mean so do you do you go through that as well to what you maybe retract or even just have any doubts about anything that you ever have to post?

Josiah Johnson 21:54
Yeah for sure. I mean, I think we all this is the thing to nine oh, I got like a target on my back now so everything’s got to be top notch because if nowadays if I don’t post on that that’s high level I’m you know, I’m getting clowned in every every burner account you can think of coming out the woodwork to kind of take their shots and spit in my face and kick kick me when I’m down but it’s funny I see all the people I mean you don’t miss like not miss plenty of times it’s kind of like like the Michael Jordan failure commercial like yeah, I’ve missed a missing Miss but that’s why I succeed because I learned from those misses learn how to improve my cadence, whatever it may be. And take criticism a lot of times you know, as a creative and an artist. You don’t want to take criticism everybody’s not gonna like your stuff and I feel like there’s a lot of people who don’t like my stuff but my employers do so those are the people that matter like a lot of people who don’t like my stuff don’t sign any checks so at the end of the day, you know that people don’t like my stuff saw that the brand gave me that cosign and they were in their feelings about it and it made them miserable and honestly that’s one of them made me super happy to know that they were walking around moping like oh I can do that too. That’s my thing I tell anybody but you don’t do that especially you don’t do this you don’t do that it’s like well we got the same internet burn the same 24 hours you know your wife I might even be better than mine go get it go you know go go knock me out of business because once this stuff stopped hitting I’ll guarantee it I’ll retire I’ll get I’ll get you know be turned obsolete or whatever it may be so it really just I see that negativity and bitterness a lot of times I know people are just projecting man and they’re they’re more frustrated that their own lives and their own shortcomings and they try to take that on on you so I just try to keep my my head to the sky right just try to stay positive and focus on what I want to do and I’ve been having a lot of success as of late doing that stuff so I’m gonna keep doing it. And again you know, I see a lot of these young kids like man middle aged men only rock with this this that whatever it’s like I’m a middle aged man dog This is the people I’m catering to. I’m not trying to I’m not trying to impress you 1516 year olds I don’t you know, you guys have this stuff that you’d like that’s your way and knock yourselves out. You posted stuff that you all like it run your numbers up. I know who my demo is. That’s what I’m tweeting for. So a lot of times kids won’t get the jokes but people who know know and be like oh man this is hilarious and they’ll be like wow you I think that was funny. Like because just because you don’t know it doesn’t mean it’s not funny there’s stuff that you guys put out I got no clue about but I look at the numbers and have a level of respect for it. But I just say you know there’s a ton of stuff that I don’t like or whatever but you won’t see me on the internet trying to tear people down I know how difficult it is to be a creative and an artist and all those types of things that go into this So ultimately, I may not rock with their stuff but I’m not gonna go out of my way to tear it down I just don’t find any value in that and ultimately that’s not gonna make me feel better elevate me man I try to really just uplift and sometimes people you know they reach out for advice whatever it may be and we might not be on the same wavelength in terms of about content or creativity. But yo like go go rock out you know look at the stuff that you’ve got that’s performing well and go knock that out they’ll be like Yo, is this funny? Like it’s not funny to me It might be funny to a lot of people that’s not you know, I mean I’m not gonna sit there and be like damn How come this you know how can this perform well like what kind of do what I be I feel like as older dudes we kind of get that they think oh man are bitter and get off my lawn type of mentality. But like these kids feel the same way. It’s like at the end of the day, we Oh, we just want to rock out we want to rock out to here’s what it is now if y’all test us and try to bring us into these discussions Yeah, well have some words for you. You know ain’t no punks around here but at the end of the day, you know everybody do what you like. That’s my kind of whole thing.

Warren Shaw 24:56
Talk to them. Joe talk to them. Last couple ones before I let you get out of here fam This is talking about that is your family right so like you’re in this kind of wild space you know and I know I said people coming at you crazy all kinds of ways sometimes you keep your family off Twitter especially like it gets I don’t know how old they are so to speak but i mean you know Do they understand kind of what it is your what your what your life is like in some ways and how you kind of how you hold how’s family holding you down and kind of vice versa?

Josiah Johnson 25:23
Oh families bear in mind My wife is awesome. She’s basically the first line of defense for anything I’m gonna put up I asked her if she thinks it’s funny if she nods. Yeah, she’s like woo I don’t know chief like that. I won’t rock it. But I try and especially on Twitter, Twitter feels like a space where it’s so reckless right and you know, you got these kids now I just noticed, like I’m big into social but I really studied like it’s an art form. I just noticed trends and stuff. So I’ll notice when these kids when burner cows try to come with me, you know the nowaday The thing is like to put ratio and see how many likes they can get on it, but the likes will all come within like a 60 to 92nd window which is the perfect amount of time if I created a bunch of burner accounts to switch between accounts to go like the tweet to give the appearance that multiple people liked it so from an outsider’s perspective they don’t realize those type of things go on so I kind of get bombed and blasted and realize I was just like the same dude running 10 different accounts and you start going through their mentions and looking at how they tweet and literally they’re just going on people all day long bitter negative yelling you know basically trying to argue and try to go in and just like it makes me feel sad for I’m really at the core level because like damn bro go test some grass go get outside go get some friends like you know like when we were coming up we’d like to play the video game nowadays they want to watch other people play the video game for hours and hours and hours because they’re not good enough as I will go How you gonna not get good enough if you’re not playing the game like that it’ll make no sense to me. Okay, more power to them and what they got going on but I tried to just stay above and negativity becomes a certain point where you can’t really you know, if you engage in that type of stuff, it gives you an appearance that they want and like a lot of these people like to fight battles on social media and think that they’re successful and it’s like yeah, when my direct deposit hits that’s when I know I’m successful I’m not pocket watching or anybody else’s business but I know me I got to take care of support my family I got kids I need to feed so when as long as those checks keep coming in I know I’m on the right trajectory so really nobody can tell me anything that’ll sway me off that you know even the bride could be like yo your trash I was like yeah, you call me the goat or a Brian so you can’t take that point I was uh you know I’m saying so here we are.

Warren Shaw 27:12
Last one Matt just what’s next bro? Like what do you have kind of in the fire like said you don’t you’re not just a social media guru if you will big into this entertainment space and writing lots of projects that you’ve worked on. I saw you know the Colin Kaepernick thing earlier in the year and all those things about you so kind of what’s next for you man? What can we look forward to that’s not necessary social media.

Josiah Johnson 27:31
So common and black and white on Netflix which will be a six part limited series episodic A lot of people think it’s a documentary it’s not it’s literally you know look back at a narrative look back at Collins life in high school not sure when that’s going to now shit but I know everybody in the team over at array is getting ready to go you know AV no play. When it comes to announcements and release dates and all that good stuff. She always she always got it ready to go and geared up so working on that developing some stuff with Michael starbury, who was the showrunner on that show and a good friend. Actually. Ava Ava like the writing I did so much a column that she asked me to come on and work on the show she has called chairs today. Okay, I think there are production right now season two. And Lulu before I came on, they were announcing more and more members of the cast. I think we got like Richard Roundtree and a couple of other people on there like him Henry Simmons enjoy Brian so again like me no play so just being around her she’s a UCLA person like myself UCLA grad so you know bro is taking care of Bruins I’m super super appreciative and thankful to her for just giving me the opportunity to let me cook and the chairs today obviously is a one hour romantic drama you know anthology series which I have never in my life imagined that I will be writing and working on but we had a tremendous team showrunners Terry Shaffer Reno swimming on that one and just an amazing writers room just full of the most talented people that you can imagine that taught me so much about just you know how to write and how to get to those deep emotions and things like that so that should be out at some point hopefully in 2022 if not earlier and then just developing a lot of shows man I got my show out of pocket on a wave that runs on their channel buckets. So doing that having a great time without my co host Zach Schwartz and the whole crew over there at wave and wave doing big things as well so I try to stay as busy as possible man you know I grew up in the Living Color days and I loved Heyman which was one of their best segments and you know the running thing was like you only got one job like now you’re gonna have jobs now you can become a writer or one job that’s not enough you know i’m i’m a baker a dentist a lawyer you gotta you got to have multiple hustles wear multiple hats so I just try to try to stay busy try to stay active try to keep that direct deposit still hitting you know every Friday at midnight you know that’s that’s my goal in life

Warren Shaw 29:31
that’s the vibe and I you know I’m Jamaican by blood so that that definitely a certain type of way

Josiah Johnson 29:41
you know, I know before we jumped on you just got a better job that’s what I’d like to hear you know we’re always like working doing other things and passion projects and all that type of stuff. But you know, I mean, I definitely respect what you got going on to man I really appreciate you having me on the show man.

Warren Shaw 29:55
Nah, not the pleasures all mine and I think listeners are definitely going to enjoy this and All the time we’ve got family Make sure to rate review subscribe hit me up dope interviews to underscore interviews Oh of course on twitter at Shaw sports NBA make sure you follow my man I can’t deny 54 he’s doing it big and all outlets out there again don’t box my dude and this is not just a social media Twitter thing this is an entertainment thing a lifestyle coach I

Josiah Johnson 30:20
named them bags. Others fluffy insufficient alright don’t come with the mediocre bag I come with the full the nice one the fluffy,

Warren Shaw 30:30
fluffy this is. This has been dope interviews. Thank you so much for joining us. We’ll definitely catch up with y’all next time.

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