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Kyrie Irving and Ben Simmons distractions, Zion’s foot and NBA Mailbag

Cal, Warren and Jabari are back with you to discuss the latest news and notes from around the NBA surrounding the Brooklyn Nets and Kyrie Irving‘s status, Ben Simmons ending his holdout in Philly, Zion Williamson‘s availability to start the season, Klay Thompson‘s return and more before wrapping the show with your mailbag questions!

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Cal Lee 01:00
This is the baseline discussing the hot button topics of the end. Welcome everybody. You’re tuned to the baseline Cali Warren Shaw Jabari Davis discussing the hot button topics of the NBA and as we are recording we are less than three days away from NBA tip off that is correct. Madness begin let the madness begin hail to my peoples Helter Skelter man they were they were predicting this long time and they said 2021 our song our anthem is going to be the platform the pogo stick to the conversations about how crazy this NBA season is going to be. So without question without affirmation without doubt, I gotta roll out the red carpet to my peoples. www dot Shaw sports dotnet Big Kahuna PNC my man Mr. Warren Shaw have been reppin out of Fort Lauderdale, Florida and my brother my man Mr. Gary Davis raylan halen out of there in Tucson Arizona. What’s good fellas man it’s amplified is ready to pop off NBA season baby I know y’all hype

Warren Shaw 02:05
I see what you did right there you know amplify voices together out here with 19 Media Group. So excited to be here my guys it’s amazing that we are you know is here the NBA season is upon us and the baseline just got so much dope content. We got a bunch of people rocking with us. It’s just gonna be an amazing, amazing season for us. So I’m excited brother JD tell us how you feeling

Jabari Davis 02:25
man I’ll be honest with you. I can’t wait for the start of this season. Of course. I’m excited to be rocking with you brothers again. On this fine Saturday, but though I’ll be honest with you I’m really excited for this season. That’s upcoming. I’m really excited for this upcoming Twitter spaces that we have coming up on Tuesday.

Cal Lee 02:41
Yeah, man Listen, we have so many things stirring around in the pot so please you know don’t get dizzy from from seeing all of the movement that’s happening man like like they tell you when they donate when they when they train and you know when you’re out there. And you’re you’re practicing they’re like pay attention to the waist, pay attention to the waist and everything else can move but the waist got to go with it pay attention to the waist. So we wasted no time in getting everything ready for you guys to be along with the ride that we’ve got laid out for you. Being part of the baseline NBA podcast and as always, we appreciate you and yours for hopping on board with us. Be sure to get my man show Astro sports NBA get at me at gameface Li Mo man Jabari at Jabari Davis NBA, the show’s Twitter handle at NBA baseline, you know where to find us, we are on all the major platforms Don’t be talking about how you don’t know where to find a baseline, you know where to go find it little search queue, put that name baseline in there, and you’ll see that logo pop up very loudly for you guys to add us onto your playlists and allow us to be your go to resource discussing all things happening in the association. To catch out catch on this episode and previous episodes Be sure to go to www www dot the baseline that is our home. That’s where you’ll find all of our shows station at so we encourage you guys head over there. Take a listen to some shows. And we also encourage you guys to drop some comments and thoughts. Hey, we’re not afraid of opinions. Whether you love us or hate us, you I’m saying if you if you’re in your your game fields, by all means let us know how you really really feel about what’s going on and how we’re presenting the topics for you guys to take heed to. As always you know that the baseline is rolling with the 19 Media Group. The family that we run in these content streets, go to WWE www dot COVID-19 Media where you can catch our show and the family of shows that 19 Media Group rolls out man we have got a plethora of great exciting content covering all gambits of your cultural listening fields. So please don’t waste any time make sure that you head over there after you finish finished finishing listening to this show. To get your fix for everything you need to know this going on out there in the streets. Alright, so we got a great show ahead of you guys. Obviously we are getting you amped up getting you ready for the upcoming NBA season. We We got a lot to get into as far as news and notes go, but this is a first you know, we’d like to drop exclusives and we’re hoping that this is going to be part of the staple of segments that we give to you guys at the baseline. We got mailbag time man on man, Jabari. Man Shaw went reaching out there in the the Twitter space in the social media space and said, You the listeners, talk to us, let us know what you want us to talk to you guys about, you know the questions and we’ll provide you with the answers. So we got mailbag happening and later on in the show. As always, we got to get into the digs regarding the news and notes happening in the association so obviously the first topic of conversation that needs to get dropped. Ben Simmons right we really really tried hard y’all to stay away from this being a topic of conversation to be had. But clearly y’all don’t don’t don’t think that there’s enough Ben Simmons talk that needs to be done yet so we got to talk Ben Simmons right where it is Ben Simmons is planning to return to the Sixers. The bigger talk however is about the way things have played out in the fact that team officials are actually discussing about possible plans to impose penalties and fines for players who are using the media or who are a publicly outright demanding for trades in the throes of a contract. I don’t know where my boys are at with this but I will tell you that if we have come to this point now we need to start imposing penalties obviously people feeling a little bit sour about what went down with Ben Simmons and to six his organization

Warren Shaw 06:38
that’s actually where I’d love to start with it and more than anything else, you know, I mean, the Simmons conversation is it what is it is what it is you know, he’s back Cool, cool, cool. But the fact now that some owners and some executives I hey, well, you know, what we might try to do now as a result of this is trying to find a way to penalize him for being vocal or voicing their their displeasure and and wanting out is I understand and I think we’ve discussed this on our show that maybe just maybe player empowerment has gone a wee bit over maybe just maybe just a slight bit. But now he’s folks now wonder now overcorrect and try to do something that has no shot in hell of ever happening. JD What are your thoughts on this? When you saw this thing come out there and Twitter bro?

Jabari Davis 07:20
Look, I’m gonna be honest with you. This is actually kind of along the lines of something that I suggested. Now here’s the thing. I’m in favor of player empowerment. But what what we really what we oftentimes are discussing when we’re when that subject gets, you know, gets brought up isn’t necessarily player power man, it’s it’s sometimes it’s a guy that just signed a contract extension that decided he wanted to leave, if you’ve been with an organization like so like to be clear, I’m in favor of guys being able to move i’m in favor of guys having agency. But if it’s just a matter of, Okay, I signed this, I signed the five year deal. And then that that, that very next offseason I’m deciding to go, I actually think this is something that should be up for conversation, it should be up for discussion, not necessarily through the media. But in particular with that next CBA, I think it’s something that they’re absolutely going to address, you know how like, for instance, like, when when guys have worked into their contract that they get trade Kickers, so they get like an extra 15 or 25%, or whatever the case may be in the event of your traded, I think if you’re publicly asking for a trade, after signing a deal, there should be something on the other side of that in order to be able to kick in, like you’re not going to be able to void your contract altogether. But I think I think it is now I think it is a natural conversation, I think is something that they’re gonna have to address.

Cal Lee 08:32
I absolutely think that this is something that needs to be addressed. And I don’t want to sound like, you know, I’m part of some sort of, like, communistic, like, you know, approach and in the way that I’m gonna word this, but I’m also all for, you know, player empowerment. But what I am not for is the recklessness that takes place simply because you can use that word trade as a trigger word trigger word that causes, you know, ramifications that can end damage that cannot be undone. Okay. And I mean that on both sides. So while the focus is more so about these team officials saying, hey, maybe we should start imposing penalties. I think the the onus also should be twofold. I think that whenever you have general managers, and we know that their general managers and executives who koinly like to mess around with that idea that the player is disgruntled or that the player you know, probably who doesn’t want to be here anymore, you know, to use that as a means to bolster up his his value or use it as a means to diminish the value and so you can move him somewhere that you know, he doesn’t want to go to whatever they all of that other type of stuff. To me, I feel like is more dependent in the pettiness of it. But the people that get hurt the most by what’s going on is the city and the people that support these organizations and teams and probably even the people that support the players and I think that they’re needs to be more responsibility on both sides. The one person who I don’t see getting talked about this, in most cases is the agents who are advocating for the players who use this as a vehicle for them to help kind of move the needle sometimes. And I think using the media as a as a dupe as a ploy in order to project that, I think is exactly what hurts the circumstance in the situation. So I think it just needs to be looked at completely and holistically. I think that especially when you have athletes who know that they sign that contract, and just feel free, whatever, because the organization is really at the behest of the player now that they can just go ahead and use that terminology and wording so that fans can be against the organization or fans can be against that owner and things of that nature. And like the NFL, where the fans are loyal to the shield or to the game. Fans are actually loyal to the players. And I think times there are times where players and organizations are reckless in their approach when they’re using this type of situation, to kind of gain momentum on what they’re trying to do is whatever their end game is supposed to be.

Warren Shaw 11:02
Well, here’s where I where I’m at with it. I think you both make good points. I just I’m trying to understand where and how the enforcement will take place. Because if that’s what it is, it’s just like how Ben Simmons came back. Are you gonna cut my checks? I come, I’ll be here. But now I got you know, I got a big toe injury. He’s got an ingrown toenail. So I can’t play like there’s all kinds of BS. It’s like, I’ll be around. I won’t publicly say it. But you’ll know just by kind of like common sense that I know, say want to be here. I understand because of the James Harden situation last year, we’re going to came in overweight, and he’s hemming and hawing and do whatever he’s doing that, you know, at the podium and all of that. And now the similar situation, you know, in the very, very next season, I understand why we’re here. I’m just trying to understand how we’ll get there. And your point cow is really interesting. Because do you hold now the player accountable for what the agent may say?

Cal Lee 11:52
Also? So let me quickly throw something out there. And you guys tell me if I’m often thinking this right? The government we have, at least in general, right? There’s expectations that whenever a certain branch does certain things, are they doing it right? Are they doing it for the good of the people, right? And you have what inspector general’s you have an independent we’re supposed to be an independent party, who is overlooking certain things that are being done that is led to what is going on? I’m just saying that whenever there is a trade that does take place or not trade, it doesn’t cause a an emphasis of someone wanting to be traded, or someone who’s looking to be traded that if something like this is occurring is being played out. I think it’s incumbent upon the NBA to step aside, not being affiliated to the owners not being affiliated to the players, and arbitrarily look at are the things that are happening in line with the way that the NBA wants to be portrayed and how fans are going to be impacted when this actually happens. Like is it a legitimate reason that the trade needs to happen especially since someone like Ben Simmons or someone like James Harden signed this Supermax deal, knowing that their intent is that they’re supposed to stay there for the duration of the timeframe. Now, I’m not saying at the end, hey, you know, you cannot finance finagle a way around that. But what I’m saying is, is we ultimately don’t find out the real reason for everything until after it happens until after someone loses out on this. And I don’t think that that’s right, especially since nobody chooses to follow the letter of the law in their contractual negotiations, and follow the letter of the law in the way that they’re portraying the situation as it’s being played out, and the way that they’re using the media to play out those narratives.

Warren Shaw 13:34
So I like where you’re going with it. So let me get you the jabariya and ask you this JD so what is your interpretation? Because it’s a lot of things we talked about publicly versus privately then sevens could have privately told you know, the general manager, Elton brand and Moray and so forth. Hey, you know I want to get up out of here. But now some team official says yeah, you know, our wolves will tweet you know, Simmons told the club privately that he’d want to be traded now was public knowledge. So how do you maneuver a situation kind of like that because then the team now come back and say oh, what do you want to trade everybody knows he wants to be out of here now I let’s find out like what’s your interpretation of it?

Jabari Davis 14:05
Yeah, I’m gonna keep it real with you. I think it’s all a matter of dirty pool to begin with. I like I understand where we’re going with this in terms of like how it should be, but I don’t think that’s ever going to be the case you know, like, like, most recently, even after he checked back in or you know, tried to check back in, there’s leaks of there’s continued leaks about his behavior surrounding the postseason, those things article incident so the truth of the matter is this agents or your agents are going to do what they do and say and act in the way that they feel is in the best interest of their client that you know, the player is usually is probably no is always going to and understandably going to, you’ll act in his own selfish his or her or whatever your own self interest. The organization is doing the same. The unfortunate thing in this situation is the reason why this is all you’re boiling over is because they honestly they didn’t act when they should have and they waited too long. And it just so happened that Ben Simmons ended up having the worst moment My obvious career most recently, quite frankly, this year I like while Yes, there’s blame to go around to everybody. I think this is ultimately your like this ultimately came to a head because they didn’t act when they should have a couple years ago.

Cal Lee 15:13
Well, I’ll agree with you to that extent. Jabari. I do also think though, that the Philadelphia 70 sixers had numerous opportunities to say, you know, just do it do do what you really say is in your heart, man, like look, you don’t think that this relationship with you with mbeadh and Simmons is gonna work? Like why are you still clinging on to this man? It’s it’s kind of like, dude, like, this doesn’t have to be like, you know, Kardashian and Kanye West. You know, I’m saying y’all have kids together with this, you know, there’s nothing binding the fact that you got to play off right? Like all teams, there just comes a point where Hey, the relationship just isn’t working out. And you clearly see that the future of your franchise is more on NBC than it is on Ben Simmons. So I think the more actually the Philadelphia 70 sixers continue to keep fighting this is the more that you’re telling Joel and bead that his value and his word doesn’t matter as much and therefore you’re going to force him to make that decision to be like yeah, I’m good. I don’t give gave you my six, seven years. Um, good time for me to move on. I’m gonna go to an organization that I know when I say that somebody a rival with me somebody a rolling with my priorities about how I want to win. I don’t want them on my team. You know, I’m saying and they’ll probably be like, you know what, MB You’re damn right. Deuces. You know, I’m saying deuces to you. Um, you know, I’m saying a sim and sim and pseudo. Like, that’s what’s gonna happen, that’s gonna happen.

Jabari Davis 16:37
I’m glad you brought that point up. Because like to be honest with you. This really just feels like a marriage that’s over both sides. Do they know that it’s time to walk away? And then at the last second one party goes, Well, hold on. Now hold on, hold on. Wait, wasn’t really all that bad, but not even for the right reasons. Not because they really want to get together just because they need a softer landing spot. You know what I’m saying? Like, like, like, my man’s ready to get out the house. But he doesn’t necessarily have a you’ll have an address to go to yet. Though. He’s like, Well, why don’t you please make a plea? That’s what this feels like. And in your point about mbeadh? I’m glad you brought it up. Because while Yes, he’s saying the right things, or at least it appears that he’s saying the right things. He’s going to be patient, he’s going to be professional. And at least while Ben is kinda in the building, he’s not going to go out there. He’s not going to go out there and publicly lambaste, you’ll lambaste him, sooner or later that patients were standing, sooner or later it absolutely will. And some of these guys will start to react and will start to you’ll publicly comment or like me, or maybe privately, but not so privately comment, and then you have an even bigger headache on your head. And quite frankly, Doc Rivers ain’t the guy that I want in that in my boat. You’re stirring the boat, you’re driving the boat in those circumstances.

Warren Shaw 17:45
So even taking it back to Vegas, the original argument, so to speak, is there like Jabra? I think you’d post it out like hey, like how the players have the trade kickers. So would it just be kind of that like whatever that trade kicker is, though now you’ve you know, you’ve asked for for trade. So the percentage of that trade kicker now gets deducted from from your salary or exit, I’m just really interested in, in the dynamics and the end the financial aspect of how you actually execute such a situation as as what is being proposed.

Jabari Davis 18:14
So here’s one for you, I obviously there are much smarter people than than myself that can put these Neil put these figures together, but let me just throw it out there. So say, for instance, you’re you have you just signed a four year extension. And all of a sudden, at the start of that extension, you say I want out of here, well, then you forfeit a third of a third of your contracts get to your of your of your salary gets voided. That goes back in terms of your so when they trade you, that goes back in terms of relief to the team that just traded you, and then the team that gets you you’re still getting paid, but you’re only getting paid, you’re getting paid two thirds of what you would have been paid now in willing will it be that simple and that easy? Of course not these guys are gonna have to negotiate that. But to be honest with you, I think specifically because of video like the impact Yeah, I don’t really want to call it the empowerment movement is specifically because of how the the way that several stars have forced their way out over the last four to five years. I think that’s going to be something like I said, and that’s why I mentioned the CBA the next time they come around to this, they’re going to have to have that as a part of the conversation.

Cal Lee 19:14
And I think it’s not even the Ben Simmons situation that’s really driving this you can go as far back as to the situation that happened with Anthony Davis and look that you know, you have called out Anthony by his government name Jabari. Right. And when when he was a part of the New Orleans, New Orleans Pelicans, I’m sure that you personally felt like hey, you know, as much as I want him on my team, I want him where it’s not casting aspersions on a team like the Los Angeles Lakers who have been known to do whatever it takes in order to bring you know the the top notch stars to come play for that team. And you also don’t want to see a small market team who obviously has been starving for some longevity success since Chris Paul to suddenly just be withered away because a player is just totally dissatisfied with the way The organization’s handle. Now I’m not saying that this is a bailout for the organization. What I’m saying is, is that on both sides, there should be some level of accountability and everybody should like for everything that you do, there’s going to be a level of consequences, good or bad. And I think that players who just basically get their way in doing things, the bad part about it is, is that it hurts everybody else, at the expense of them still getting theirs. And I don’t you know, as much as I don’t want to put that on a guy like Anthony Davis, I don’t want to put that on a on a guy like James Harden no matter what I like them, or I hate them. What I’m talking about is how do how does the league? How did the fans, how does the viability to mark ability of the game? How does that hold up when things like this continually keep can occur? And everybody’s just like, Oh, well, that’s just kind of the way it is? No, it doesn’t have to be that way. And teams don’t have to go through 10 years of suffrage, simply because they knew the day sign they took that risk signing a player who had no intention of being there for the long haul, you know, I’m saying like to me, you got there has to be something that is going to help and put relief on both sides of it so we can get past it. Because now this is a trick This is like it’s adding on is a compound effect, because now this is starting to become the trend. And it’s very, very few instances, unless to your point, shall we get to CBA situations, very few instances where they’re going to stop full stop in the middle of it going on and saying we got to put a halt to this. Like we really cannot let this continue to go on until we start getting to a point where now this starts to turn visceral. And as a vehicle between the players and the owners that they’re going to use this as a as a tool for them to stall the whole season simply because of something that has been trending for the last five or six years.

Warren Shaw 21:45
Well, we continue to wait for certain guys to maybe go this route, right and I think if that trend happens if Dame or B or some of these other big name guys come out here and start doing that stuff, then this really may gain some more some more deeper level traction, if you will. One guy to keep in mind though, for sure. It obviously is you know, Mr. Broke foot there is in New Orleans of Zion Williamson, who was not on an extension deal. Right? So he’s still on his rookie scale. And we’ve talked about that here a little bit as well to that Trey young starter to quietly put pressure on the Hawks like in year two about what was going on and what they potentially lose him. There’s been some rumors even in Dallas about Luca in the first couple of years, but now that Carlisle is going maybe that’s gonna subside, but I’m just like wondering how far will it go, you know, we’ll even come to like rookie scale, guys. And, you know, I mean, not always going to be stars. I remember a couple years ago, when Eric Blitz Sosa tweeted, I don’t want to be here or whatever it was, you know, I mean, it wasn’t a star player. But it caused like we were there all we were all there for the discourse. And it brings a whole lot of, you know, Bs and drama around your team in your organization. So I think this is a very interesting topic. I’m just, I’m just trying to figure out the mechanism and wish how they could potentially get it done if they continue to pursue it.

Jabari Davis 22:54
So let me just quickly throw something out there because it’s funny. I in now I’m going to upset like the old heads. I see old heads talking about the NBA now like saying like, oh, man, you know, like, back in our day, this never happened well, because they didn’t have the player agency that they have now. And to be honest with you, I would not like to go back to back in the day. But I will point out, and this is this is something after my own heart. Magic Johnson was like a second or third year player when he went into his organizations for an office and said, hey, look, if Paul Westhead is going to continue to be the coach here, I don’t think that I’m going to be able to be playing here, and they got his ass up out of there. That’s the reason why Pat Riley ended up being the Showtime Lakers head coach. So what I’m saying is, this is not necessarily it’s not, we say like it’s something new, it’s new, because there are more opportunities for players to do it now. But this, you know, players having an agency within an organization, especially if you’re the star player, that at that is something that has always been the case.

Cal Lee 23:48
Man, this is well, let’s put it like this, we need to definitely put a placeholder on this type of conversation, I think it can be extensively discussed. And I would be, I would be remissed, if we did not figure out a way to maybe involve additional people as part of those of the conversation and agent, someone in the executive office or something like that, for us to really kind of have this because it’s not a question about saying we’re trying to mandate What do I do think needs to definitely happen is we need to make sure that this is being identified that it’s being evenly discussed, where it’s not just the focal point of saying, Oh, you know, Ben Simmons, just because he used that word. Let’s also keep in mind as well, too, that the Philadelphia 70 sixers put this plan in place called the process that also triggered a lot of the mentality that we see taking place for some of the younger players in the way that they handled themselves. From a social media perspective. I’m not saying that they’re outright at fault. What I’m saying is, is that there is some culpability on this as well, too. And this is part of the reason why going back to my original point, that I think that there has to be an independent person looking at these things so that this can be documented and itemized. Like this is how we got to This place, we’re using all of the media Trump’s his social media tropes as a mechanism for us to forward these conversations. And I think that that does a disservice when you’re genuinely wanting to sit down at the table and saying, Hey, this is something that’s going to hurt the league moving forward like this is something that is going to hurt the brand moving forward. If you’re Adam Silver. I do think that at some point, you’re going to need to actually address this you’re going to need to figure out a way to separate the league itself from the owners and from the players so that you can find an amicable way to make sure that both parties are responsibly handling the situation. This is the baseline Cali Warren Shaw Jabari Davis discussing the hot button topics of the NBA support for the baseline is brought to you by man skate, who is the best in men’s below the waist grooming champions of the world. manscaped offers precision engineered tools for your family jewels manscape just launched their fourth generation trimmer the lawnmower 4.0 you heard that right 4.0 join over 2 million men worldwide who trust manscape with this exclusive offer for you 20% off and free worldwide shipping with the code baseline and make sure you go to when you put in that promo code put baseline you’re showing love to the crew but more importantly you’re showing love to you

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Cal Lee 29:10
This is the baseline Kylie Warren Shaw Jabari Davis discussing the hot button topics of the NBA continuing with our news and notes. All right. Again, this is another topic that we were trying to kind of stay off to the side of the road for you know, I’m saying like all that traffic is backing up but everybody got to be talking about this this particular topic we were just like, Yo man, let’s just wait until the traffic subsides. But clearly that is not the case. And we got enough people saying yo y’all got to talk on this, right? Y’all got to speak on this. So we’re gonna have to speak on it. And obviously what we’re talking about is regarding the certain situation with Kyrie Irving and his stance that he’s taking in reference to his, you know, his, I don’t use the word defiance. But his proclamation that he is not planning to take the vaccine as of now, and obviously the Brooklyn nets as an organization as a team have said hey if you’re not taking the vaccine we understand but you cannot be here right you cannot be playing and participating practicing with the guys because you’re only going to be available to us part of the time that’s not going to work. So you know we wish you well keep practicing when you come around to it we’ll be here for you. Alright, so I want to know show like what do we make of this situation regarding you know, Kyrie Irving and his stance that he’s taking and obviously to the you know, he had to make sure that that proclamation was made when he jumped on his Instagram Live

Warren Shaw 30:36
man it’s a little odd you know, I’ll give you all personal story that none of you will care about, but you know, I was in the middle of my manscaping and then all of a sudden I saw a damn tweet about Kyrie Irving talking about you

Cal Lee 30:48
he almost took out and he almost took off you know one of one medic medical tragedy because of it right

Jabari Davis 30:58
no no thanks thankfully manscape is cool you can lose sense of where you listen

Cal Lee 31:02
he almost he almost made you question of whether or not it’s flat or it’s round right yeah, I get it okay true All right.

Warren Shaw 31:11
Well max gave you know they keep it throws I would have been I no matter what and I was like damn Alright, you cut off the law more Let me see what’s going on here on faculty live and you know, I clocked in you know, he had been he ended up having some technical issues so I caught it like maybe midway through or whatever the case may be. Listen, you know where I’m at on this situation is like he is entitled, like everybody to the opinions of like, whatever whatever’s motivating you, I think it’s just a very fine line that we’re at right now where he’s trying to come off as like some sort of, you know, martyr activist or this voice that I don’t think is super authentic and just like how he’s entitled to his I’m entitled to mine. And it comes off and I mean, it’s I don’t know what I was listening to but it was it made me die laugh and it was like, Oh, he’s he’s PTO Chi, you know, he just he just wants to be off and get paid. And now the fact that you know, they’re not going to offer them a contract extension and stuff of stuff, and it’s not about the money. I mean, he’s got deals upon deals and does a lot of philanthropic work and stuff like that as well too. But he’s confused. That’s a confused individual and while I know he’s you know, she’s saying he’s he’s thinking what his third eye and oh, nine, I just, I can’t get there on it. You know, and I think this is just the biggest distraction for the Brooklyn Nets who are obviously trying to be in a championship level season and and get to get to glory that they haven’t seen, right and for Kyrie to be this type of distraction around a public health you know, pandemic is just it’s certainly a choice and I think that’s the thing we have to recognize this is kind of his choice. JD What are your thoughts?

Cal Lee 32:46
I’m sorry, but you may you just being so nice. You ought to be you ought to be his PR Rep. Man. Seriously, he is confused. Okay. All right job. JD drop knowledge bro. I’ll come in afterwards.

Jabari Davis 33:01
I’m sick and tired of putting energy into this story look, because the truth of matter is this is always felt like a situation where Kyrie is eventually going to end this crusade and join his teammates. But at this stage, I don’t even care I straight up do not care do not get but what Who was that? What was the coach of the Steelers? Do not care that that’s how I feel about this. I’m tired of trying to decode cryptic and contradictory messaging. You know, look, there’s few players out there as visually entertaining as Kyrie when he’s at his best. And as much you’ll honestly But much like the next, I’m ready to move on from this being the center of the conversation as we’re heading into a season. I’m done with pseudo intellectual conversations. I’m tired of folks embracing the idea of being a contrarian simply for the sake of being a contrarian. I have no more time for strawman arguments. And honestly, I don’t give a shit about all of this stuff that we’ve continued to debate for the past year plus anymore. Now everybody knows the facts. Everybody knows what you’ll know what the reality is. Everybody knows what we’re facing. Anybody that’s saying stuff like, oh, man, I’m gonna do my research. No, you’re not you’re not doing any research has been doing it and you still ain’t doing it. Quite frankly, if you don’t want to get the shot by now then don’t get it. suffer the consequences of your actions and let everybody else move on with life.

Cal Lee 34:11
Yeah. Listen, man, and I’m gonna, I’m gonna say this. This isn’t about carrier room being confused. There’s no confusion in Kyrie Irving. It’s, it’s us trying to placate him in a space where we are loving the fact that he’s such an intellectual person. There’s no doubt he’s intellectual, and his intellect is exactly the same cunningness that he is exuding right now. The biggest problem that I have with this again, and exposes the contradiction of how social media is responsibility, or lack thereof, exposes this full blown. I don’t have a problem with you expressing your views. Where I have a problem with it is you are doing this on a platform that I don’t think genuinely has always been the best place for you to really show your true intent of what argument you’re trying to present. To me, it live means nothing to me, you want to have this conversation, you want to really display that argument, do it in front of the, the millions of doctors who are out there right now still doing that research, have that kind of do that in front of live television, challenging them, who actually went to medical school who actually you’re doing the necessary work, to present an option, a viable option to keep us safe, right, because that’s who we lean on. So when players are doing things like this, it’s always in this little, little minute space, because they can control that narrative, they get this, they get this much money from an organization, or from you know, their team, or whatever the case may be. And they feel like I can be this kind of way. And I even put this on, even actors, I put this on, you know, music artists and things of that nature. They feel like they have the empowerment and the affluence, the influence of the popular fan, the popular vote, but we don’t, but they don’t realize that in that level of popularity, they do a disservice to truly have a good conversation about what’s right and wrong here. And that, to me is the problem. While the focus is always about whether or not Kyrie Irving is going to be a part of this thing that the New York nets or the Brooklyn Nets are doing, and whatever the case may be, it’s strictly about what he is doing and how he is saying and what and how he is coming across becomes more dangerous for more people. Because you’re not genuinely providing people with an understanding of why you’re doing it, you’re just flip flopping back and forth, because you’re dissatisfied with another organization, another entity who controls your money choosing to go a different path than you want them to go. And that to me does not help anybody, right? When you get up on there, and you start spouting off about a whole bunch of nonsense that has nothing to do with what you personally and genuinely feel. You don’t want to take the vaccine, don’t take the vaccine, nothing wrong with that. But stop putting everybody in this space to be jump on board with me because this is where I want to be with this and things of that nature. That’s not genuine, that’s not genuine. And that makes him look more foolish in doing so, and puts us all at that same type of risk, because we’re surrounded by people who mindlessly follow this kind of verbiage on these type of platforms.

Jabari Davis 37:10
Cow, that man said he wants to be the voice of the voiceless we have regarding a group that has been the loudest voice in the room for the past year. Okay,

Cal Lee 37:17
exactly. Exactly. Exactly. Like it’s just, it’s absolute aggravation that I feel when I see things like this occur. And when we say okay, what does this have to do with with with basketball? Well think about it. Basketball is is spearheading an effort so that they can have fans be incensed in the stand to watch play basketball. And you cannot get to that point unless you’re being responsible with your own public health and safety. Now, if you choose not to take the vaccine, okay, that is fine. I don’t need to talk to you about that, because I know what I did. You know, I’m saying I know what my brothers have done, right. And if they chose not to do it, I will respect you for owning that. But in no way shape, or form, am I respecting someone who’s just bouncing off of every conceivable excuse that you can throw out there, because you’re hesitant about it, or you don’t feel like doing it or whatever the case may be right. And yet, you still want to enjoy the same privileges that we all sacrifice, that’s the difference. It’s a sacrifice, we all are making sacrifices for the greater good of something, if you’re choosing not to make that sacrifice, don’t hold that against me, because you choose not to want to do it. That’s, that’s asinine. that argument is asinine. And if you’re going to sit here and sell me on the idea that it’s not right, that people should make you do it or whatever the case may be, then I want you in front of the podium, I want you in front of your ID live whatever vehicle you want to use be up in front of there in front of those people who are out there who is showing you statistically, factually, science based showing you the arguments that you are making there to inform us, right, like I want you there, I don’t want you in some arbitrary space or some foreign Island, or whatever the case may be trying to sell me on this, if you’re not going to be in front of the people that you’re trying to challenge on this, then you should not be talking about this, you should not be spearheading anything about it, you should quietly just be in your space and do your own thing. And then when you’re ready to kind of really hop in that conversation, then do so. But that to me is where I completely stand with this whole thing on Kyrie Irving.

Warren Shaw 39:17
Well, my, my final take on it more or less is really you know, I think with Kyrie he it’s like things but what you both said, it’s just like it’s either shit or get off the pot, bro. And at the end of the day, you know, you’re, you’re sacrificing what you feel like you need to sacrifice but you’re also alienating teammates. And, you know, I know it’s gonna be some conversation throughout the course of the season. And we’ll see how long this last but at the end of the day, he did what he did, he’s going to continue to do what he does. And I’m just kind of here now for the jokes if you will, in terms of how some people and even maybe the teammates are starting to respond for it. But there’s no joking matter when it comes to his message that is a little bit not a little bit. It’s just it’s just it’s just flat out wrong and confusing for for people who are just not wanting to buy into the science. So one guy Unless you carry

Cal Lee 40:01
one last one last thing before one last thing before we, you know, obviously we move our energies towards something else. And I want to make sure that this is understood because we probably going to have this kind of conversation later on down the road. You remember when we were sitting here having conversations before about Ben Simmons and remember when I was making my arguments about when we you know, we keep talking about you know what you do with a guy like Ben Simmons right like this, this all star superstar capable player, you know, who can really help a team and things of that nature. This is what I’m talking about when you’re saying you want to put someone in the type of role or position that you’re asking them to be in. And so I’ve been saying this, even from Jump Street with regards to Kyrie Irving is Kyrie Irving, one of the most exciting guards you’ll ever see on that basketball court. Absolutely no question. But as Kyrie Irving one of the best point guards in the game of basketball, or should be in the conversation of being the best point guard in the game of basketball. I will challenge you on anything that you have seen, even the numbers that is presented, and the teams that he’s played with him played on where he quote unquote, was that God because now you see how he acts, right? That is not just something that just comes out of thin air. I’m not I’m not gonna go out and say, Oh, you’re Kyrie Irving is selfish and he’s self absorbed. Y’all can make that decision. What I’m saying is, is that don’t sit here and have this argument with me about saying that Kyrie Irving Kyrie Irving is a true point guard. He was never a true point guard. He was always a scoring guard who is asked to do point guard things, but he was never when you put him in that conference conversation you insult the Chris Paul’s, you insult the Steve Nash‘s you insult guys who actually have made those type of sacrifices for the betterment of the team, even if they didn’t like it, dealing with the coach, even if they didn’t like it dealing with another superstar player, you make sacrifices, because at the end goal is to win a championship and things that you see Kyrie Irving being done. And this is not hate, because he used to play for my Celtics and nothing like that. You can go as far back to when he was playing with the Cleveland Cavaliers before LeBron James came on that team, because now you can make the argument that the real point guard on that team has always been LeBron James, even when he was playing next to Kyrie Irving, you just asked him to do point guard things. This is what I’m talking about when we keep asking certain players who are not capable of playing that role at that position. And you keep forcing him on your team to do those types of things. That becomes the end result. They don’t win championships.

Jabari Davis 42:28
How’s it dropped the mic situation? We could have come over to top but the reality is I think we’ve all kind of expressed that we feel on this guy. The truth is this man carried you know, to your point, he’s fantastic to watch. He’s incredible. Like I have nothing your ideal. This is nothing against the weight plays or anything of that matter. In fact, again, you’ll do to the point did you know that you made I have nothing against him, you’re having a different you’ll have a different opinion. Do your thing. Just honestly live up to the consequences? That’s all I gotta say live up to the consequences and we can move on.

Cal Lee 42:59
You see that that’s the drop the mic moment Mr. Mr. Mr. Davis, that was a drop the mic moment. You’re tuned to the baseline Kelly Warren shot discussing the hot button to end, Jabari Davis. You know, he’s a man he stands on his own discussing the hot button topics of the NBA coming up. We got a few more news and notes before we get into mailbag time. I can’t wait for that man. So hang with us. We got a lot to get into. And you don’t want to miss out on it here on the baseline.

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Cal Lee 44:09
This is the baseline Kelly Warren Shaw Jabari Davis discussing the hot button topics of the NBA continuing with our news and notes. Let’s get right into it. Zion Williamson is not ready for the season. I know everybody is just like, oh, bummer. Look, Zion Williamson, his foots not right. This is David Griffin’s you know, project. He can’t mess this up. Because you know saying that all eyes already on him as well too. Like I think you know Jabbar, you’ve been questioning him. Shaw you’ve been questioning him as well too, right? Like so he can’t mess this up with ion. You know, I’m saying so what do we make of the fact that Ziad is not ready for the pelicans?

Warren Shaw 44:52
Maybe Grif can go play a piano. He tried to get him to sue those bones. This is a disaster. Like New Orleans like there’s nothing good and

Cal Lee 45:03
NCIS New Orleans is off right there’s no more NCIS New Orleans Damn man I mean come on come on

Warren Shaw 45:13
it’s sad time Quantic gram not looking like the greatest addition and Ingram micro keep buying couple individual to he’ll be ready I assume as well but you know voluntariness and tequila I was on your Walker probably enough to hold this thing down here for a little bit it’s just that you know a guy I think he’s played like 50 something games out of 180 something games you could have possibly played like it’s just not looking good and the fact that he’s not ready to begin the season as Griff had indicated he might be and then tried to clarify I was like oh well around the start of this you are right now you Why would it so you know, hey, I hope he gets a speedy recovery. But it’s starting to get real real shaky when it comes to the Zion Williamson, you know, tenure in in New Orleans. Jabari, what do you think,

Jabari Davis 45:55
man? Listen, we all had the same physical concerns, you know, from our we all had the same concerns from a physical perspective back in college. You know, I was I was split very specifically concerned when he wound up in New Orleans given I know, I am Yeah, I’m raising my hand right now, this is an audio the people listening. But right now I’m raising my hand. I know how good the good evening is. I know how good the good drinking is down there. And I know how good the good living can be down there. So honestly, if you look, he’s a professional, you know, you would understand that you would expect there to be a certain level of professionalism, but maybe not necessarily for an 1819 year old, you know, you’re being thrown on the NBA stage with his capabilities. Look, I don’t know how it’s going to end in New Orleans. I just know that eventually it’s going to end in New Orleans.

Cal Lee 46:45
You know, man, I’m gonna say this. And I hope this is not a cowspiracy theory, like kind of approach to it. But I agree with you, Jabari, I think that this is going to end in a travesty. And if you really think about this, you go back to the travesties that have happened to the New Orleans Pelicans, which is happening quite often, right? I think this is going to be the, this is going to be the worst of the worst, right? Like the situation happened with Chris Paul, that was bad situation with Anthony Davis, and make the argument like really, really bad, right? This, I think, is this, this could crush the organization. And it could, it could force, it could force things to be in a space where you know, we’re talking about down the road. Team contraction or moving a team or something like that. pelicans could be right there in that space, you know what I’m saying? I just feel like the way that they have gone about doing the things that they’re doing, the way that they have taken the kind of risks that they’ve taken with, you know, with the organization and the fan base, based on the way that they’re trying to keep players and, and, you know, it’s just, it’s sad, man, it’s just really, really sad. What I just want to make sure that people understand is is that no matter what happens here with regards to Zion, you better hope that this kid is still every bit as much the hype that we basically just spent this whole year playing him up to right, he is a solid basketball player, right? But with this now comes this. He can’t stay healthy thing. Right? And I’m just saying, How much are you willing to invest in saying that he is a a, the main building block, right for your franchise moving forward, I can’t I can’t emphasize enough it. To me the correlation I make to this is if this guy has been injured as much as he has been since the beginning of his career, and you’re talking about he is going to be the pillar that holds everything else up that you’re doing moving forward. liken that to having a cinder block that already has pieces of chip than you’re crazy gluing those pieces back underneath, just so we can hold up everything else it ain’t gonna work. It’s just not going to work. You know, now you want to put him up pillared up with some other solid structures. Okay fine and he has to acknowledge that he needs that kind of help but you’re gonna ask him to shoulder that kind of burden for an organization like that it’s not gonna end well man it’s just not gonna end well

Warren Shaw 49:21
I got what I mean we I know we got to go but I got to get this in here. Do you think there’s any type of buyer’s remorse in New Orleans at this point where damn maybe we should have gotten number two number three pick they could be sitting with john Moran right now instead of Zion I knows I’ll put up 27 and eight and it’s it hasn’t been that long but do you think there’s even like a hint a sniff of buyer’s remorse JD kick it to you real quick.

Jabari Davis 49:43
I don’t know if there’s buyer’s remorse but I like I think okay, I think that’s that type of conversation begins to creep in. If this year goes the way that it could go the way that Cal is kind of alluding to, yeah, like if he if he only plays you know, say 35 games or whatever the case may be, you know it obviously none of us are hopeful that this takes place none of us are like taking any amount of joy or happiness like in this but quite frankly if he isn’t able to boot up you’ll at least 6065 games there’s got to be at least that consideration I’m not saying they’re going to move them anytime soon but there are at least has to be that consideration of okay What does What’s his body going to do really going to be able to withstand over the next whatever 510 years?

Cal Lee 50:25
Yeah, I mean I think true basketball fans basketball survice in New Orleans and those who know the history and of its, you know, discourse it’s gonna be like yeah, this is a I regret that we we gave up this much and we didn’t get anything that because of it like I often liken it to the fact that you’re gonna make this kind of investment make sure you have a solid security insurance policy and every single general manager from Griffin to Demps in on they just don’t have an insurance policy for the risks that they’re taking. And in the end you should know this right when you’re in places like New Orleans when you’re in places like in the south during hurricane season. What’s the one thing that you own most homeowners wish that you had you wish you had that insurance right and i don’t know understand how they just don’t have that same kind of mentality when it comes to the type of players that they’re they’re funneling all of this invested loyalty to I’m not saying as I will see will not be your star. I’m not saying that he may not do some great things for the for the for the city and for the state of Louisiana right? But what I’m saying is is that what he’s showing you right now is whatever you’re getting may be just short success it doesn’t feel like it’s gonna be long term because he can’t stay healthy to do it for you and he shouldn’t be you shouldn’t ask him to do that knowing that he can’t stay healthy enough to be able to do it for sustained long period of time

Jabari Davis 51:49
is going to be been a Barkley you’re being gay Jason Mexico. You let me

Cal Lee 51:55
tell you that all right Klay Thompson straight Cassius Clay baby he’s ready he’s a he’s a he’s ready to go bad but they’re saying they’re expecting them back in a month I’ll be buying into the idea that Klay Thompson will be ready with the for the warriors in about a month’s time

Warren Shaw 52:15
yeah I think so. He’s he’s he’s in good spirits I think Jordan pool is probably like BAM he’s gonna get a chance to cook a little bit and maybe he will switch to maybe him coming off that bench and you know maybe it gets in the war for most improved or maybe even six men depending on how it goes but the Warriors want to get played back they don’t want to rush per se but if I think they’ve been really kind of guard things very very close into comes to that so the fact that they’re willing to read this comes out via Shams more than anything else. I think there’s some truth to it and there’s bite there so if Clay’s back here within a month time, he probably won’t be up to speed probably still until you know January or may at least mid January at the at the latest. What about you JT?

Jabari Davis 52:54
Yeah, that’s what I was. That’s where I was gonna take it. I think if I’m not mistaken, or at least you’re my interpretation of the report was that he’s going to be back to full practice within a month, but the return to action would still likely be it’s at some point in either December or early January. So hey, so the truth be told Jordan Poole still gonna have his opportunity. But like, Look, if the doubles are going to be tough I I’m not one is going to overreact from preseason. But if clay is even even a semblance of his former self, I can do I think they’re going to absolutely be a tough out and I kind of can’t wait to see what they look like with clay back into the mix. But also, you’re working in a Jordan pool and working in some of those younger guys they have.

Cal Lee 53:33
Yeah, I’m, I’m completely on board with the fact that as Klay Thompson says, he’s ready to the month he’ll be back in a month. He there’s just something about him. And I think it’s something that the Golden State Warriors truly need. I think a lot of people are kind of weighing in on on their hopes of seeing the old crew come back and make this one last run, starting to wane, the more that we still have to wait and see who’s going to be here and who’s not right like in other words, if Klay Thompson still has time left to you know before he’s fully ready to come on on there and be out there with the guys and stuff like that. I think it kind of really dampens people’s emotional spirits like you know, the Golden State fan base and people who really appreciated that dynasty that run of those five years that they had in which you know, they really took over the the basketball world by storm, right? And kind of changed the narrative of how LeBron has to put teams together and and what could executives need to do you remember when the owner was like, Yeah, I think we’re ahead of everybody else in the NBA. Right? So I think, I think the key for Klay Thompson coming back as much as more everyone’s fixed, fixated on the physical, I think it’s more on the mental. I think it’s more on our perception that we want to still see this trifecta added into the conversation about which trifecta is going to hoist the trophy at the end of this year. Is it Milwaukee’s trifecta? Is it the Lakers trifecta, is it the next trifecta, you know, I’m saying and now you could probably say, hey, maybe the bulls they probably have themselves a trifecta. going on. So I want to see if this guard can actually do it. And I think seeing Klay Thompson in the way that he is, I think is gonna benefit the Warriors, I think it’s gonna benefit us, those who still believe that they may still have one run left, whether they do it or not. I still like them truly and authentically being in the conversation, where I think it helps guys like Jordan Poole. And Damian Lee and those guys is you got a true veteran shooter that is going to be able to enable and help playing that position. Those guys to step up and take a little bit of that pressure off of trying to fill in Klay Thompson shoes, they’re not there to fill in their shoes. But this is an opportunity to your guyses point to kind of kind of kind of etch their own name in where they can be a contributing contributory benefit to the Golden State Warriors and this intent to try and make a playoff run.

Warren Shaw 55:49
No comment for me on that. I think you’re right. Golden State is going to be better than you know, a lot of people think especially if it pays back sooner than a lot of people anticipated. So exciting times in G SW brother.

Cal Lee 55:59
Absolutely. All right, finally. Tyler hero. A man Tyler. What was it called? Tyler the Creator, right? Yeah, no, but I’m gonna call him Tyler the creator because my man is creating fantasy. Man is creating fantasy right now let me before he was creating music yo now recreating fantasy Tyler hero. He says he wants to be mentioned in the class of Luca dockage, Trey young, and john Moran. All right, which one of y’all wants to start laughing before you actually get into the throes of your conversation? Or maybe you seriously think that there’s some justification where he’s coming from about this JD?

Jabari Davis 56:42
Look, there’s an old saying that applies here. It’s hope in one hand and crap in the other and see which one fills up first. Okay. I know that might be a little bit callous, and like, you know, and folks, your folks might be like, Oh, man, why do you have to do your why you have to do my man like that. But the only way that he’s going to be mentioned in that classes if he was actually when he was in there if he was actually in their draft class, right? Yes. So okay, yeah, so that’s the that’s the way he can be. He can be missing that class.

Cal Lee 57:09
I’ve never seen the teacher was calling roll call. Tyler. Are you here? Yeah. Okay. All right. Yeah.

Jabari Davis 57:18
Look, I don’t really I don’t truly begrudge players for having supreme confidence like all jokes aside, like no because frankly, why wouldn’t they you know, they’re already playing they’re playing a game at its highest level you know, amongst the group you know, some of the greatest ever have done it. So you know, and they’ve already proven it you know, like they’re incredible players to begin by making the league let alone having success while there so I’m not you’re like yo while I’ll make the jokes and yo and be still straight up that I don’t think he’s you know, that quote, you know, that classic player, I actually don’t have a problem with your real saying this. And quite frankly, I like it. I you know, if anything, I wish he would have just owned it and gone along with it, instead of trying to clean it up after the fact. What did you think about it?

Warren Shaw 57:54
Yeah, I mean, you know, truth be told, Tyler is his own hero, right? He’s, he feels like he is the man. And it’s like, what is the old adage, you know, NBA player has a rational conference, a rational confidence, you know, news at 11. This is not surprising that he thinks this highly of himself, you know, if you will, I mean, I guess a little point of clarification, john, this was in science class. So I guess it’s, you know, whatever. But at the end of the day, with hero, like, this is what the heat wants and expects out of him in terms of his confidence level. And he just says he has to be a guy now, that just goes out there and does it on the court. I need to hear you talking about it. Because I think you know, after that bubble season last year, wasn’t wasn’t the greatest and wasn’t terrible. It just, it wasn’t what a lot of people would have expected. He’s been tearing it up in the preseason, so I got to give him props for that. He’s still my pick for six men of the year, ultimately, because I think he really is going to be locked in. And then eventually, maybe he does force his way into that song in London, because he’s just too good. But I think he has a comfortable role in niche right now. And his confidence level as an all time high as you can tell about this. Cool.

Cal Lee 58:55
So Tyler hero if you’re listening, we have an exclusive offer for you my friend. Okay. 20% off baseline free worldwide shipping. Use the code baseline, bro. I mean, damn, right, like real tough. Shameless promotion. Absolutely. But I mean, my man talking about just whipping him out, right? Like he’s just straight up like, Hey, I shouldn’t be mentioned in the class on Lucca. dockage Trey young, and john Moran. Look Hey, listen,

Jabari Davis 59:27
I’m not gonna hold if you hold them like that. You better

Cal Lee 59:31
get I’m saying like you got to make sure you listen man. They’ve got they’ve got toner. They got smooth it out. You know I’m saying I’m just listening man. Look, let me be let me be straight up and down like, and again. manscape is a great brand and stuff like that. So you know, obviously check them out. No question, but in all realness. I applaud Tyler hero showing us his his confidence, right? I applaud the fact that he wants to believe That I just hope that you’re not putting it on us to try to make that argument for you. And I’m just thinking if you’re making that argument for yourself, you’ve got a long way to go right? Because you’re not you’re not the backbone of the Miami Heat. Okay, there was a reason why the Miami Heat treated to get Jimmy Butler while they had you, okay? You’re you’re not necessarily the one AB player they’re wanting you to get there yet there have been instances where you have not put yourself in that situation right? And so when I look at guys like Luca dockage, Trey young and john Moran somehow some way they’re putting in that work to put them in that best the best situation possible for us to have that conversation about them. So I’m hoping that this is the year that while we’re talking about the moves that the Miami Heat have made, getting Kyle Lowry and adding PJ Tucker and putting these necessary pieces in His focus is still about you know, Jimmy Butler I hope that in that locker room in that that that space in the executive office in this in the in the the war room where Spoelstra is sitting here having this conversation with his coaches strategizing what they’re saying is for us to get to the promised land Tyler hero needs to be that dude if we’re hearing that kind of conversation emanating throughout the course of the season then we can have that conversation about tala hero being mentioned in the classes but Lucy Luca dockage is in the Trey Young’s in the john Moran’s

Jabari Davis 1:01:29
Kal yo I know we’ve been joking around about this but I think you just kind of hit it on the head The difference is those guys are expected to be yield the system whereas you know hero has been a part of a system and that’s not to say that hero doesn’t have that yo yo doesn’t potentially have that as a part of his game we just haven’t seen it yet. So while you know again, you know like none of us are begrudging my man I will just you know we really you know excuse me reiterate that his jumpers wet jumpers real quick just like the manscape you can get it you can get it wet it can it can be handled in any you know, any conditions it’s actually quite nice so, you know, while I might not see him as a one day type guy will say that he probably should use that baseline code.

Cal Lee 1:02:11
Definitely. I will say this before we move forward. If Tyler hero wants to take a page out of some type of pathway to getting to that point, maybe he should look at the way Kyle kawhi Leonard you know elevated himself in that space because remember when kawhi Leonard came in he came into throws that last run with the big three in San Antonio and he found a way for him to be recognized as the future for the San Antonio Spurs however long that was supposed to be for he became that dude so it’s not like it’s not impossible I know sometimes people get caught up when we say he is a part of the system and the system is always going to work against you know those type of guys we’ve seen where some players have figured out a way to break the system or to change the way that the system is supposed to operate if you see that the skill set of some players are just so good so all world like that you have to think about changing the way that that system needs to work for a player like him Tyler hero can have that opportunity you know I’m saying and I hope that he figures that part of it out a certainly gonna happen by him mouthing off about other players doing other things for other teams he needs to worry about what he’s doing for his own team

Warren Shaw 1:03:23
well said and I live in an area bro no I’m sorry I just wanted to clean it up. I said things Wilson I live in the area and again I get a lot of Tali hero news and information regular basis so I’ll keep you guys posted you know maybe I’ll go down to Miami and and check in with him and offer him that baseline code 20% off.

Cal Lee 1:03:40
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Jabari Davis 1:05:26
The largest heart and soul to savings and allergies central yoga, visit our registered and shop our large selection of new and use inventory. Pick out your perfect vehicle head on down to see Renee Dexter, Paul or Mike just to name a few in the new car building or you can link up with Joe Lisa Nick. Oh my boy Dimitri at the outlet at our Hendrickson shop, our Hutchison Toyota and remember South Florida who saves you money. Our hands extend Toyota.

Cal Lee 1:05:55
All right, this is the baseline Cali Warren Shaw, Jabari Davis discussing the hot button topics of the NBA mailbag time. That’s right, man. Y’all gave us the questions. And hopefully we will be able to provide you with the answers. So without further ado, I’m gonna pass the mic to my man Jay D. Roll out that mailbag for us, brother.

Jabari Davis 1:06:17
All right, we threw up the bad signal and y’all didn’t disappoint. We definitely appreciate everybody for participating in this and we may do this in the future. So we definitely hope you hope we get even more next time. But we it looks like we have a good selection here. Let’s go with our first one. It came from our guy, Alan Ramage, that’s at Ellen Ramage. He’s the host of liquor side chats here for 19 Media Group definitely recommend you guys check that out. But he wants to know it’s very simple Warren I’ll come to you first with this. What do you do with Kyrie if you’re the Nets?

Warren Shaw 1:06:46
Exactly what they did don’t offer me any more damn money. No, and let this thing kind of ride out. I feel bad for the teammates Kyrie is definitely alienating a lot of them, you know, with his decision here, KD and harden. They’re all tired of answering the question that at this point, so I think they’re booking this franchise recognizes you know what, he got us to a certain point. He may not be able to get us over the hump. And that’s okay. You know, and I think you thank him for his time. You play this contract out and he will come back because I think you were alluding to JD I think he’ll probably back up at some point this season. You know, maybe things all go well, but if you’re a franchise owner, you don’t want this problem, you know, four or five years in a row for like, I think you can figure out a different way, especially when you have Katie lock up already, and you’ll probably get hardened to resign as well.

Cal Lee 1:07:33
Y’all remember when Malcolm X the movie Malcolm X, played by Denzel Washington, remember that moment? It’s all it’s all it’s always on part of those gifts. Right? You know, that moment where he’s sitting at the desk glasses on? His office slams a table that you know I’m saying? I’m sure that’s exactly what Shawn marks is feeling. You want to know why? Because in his head, he’s thinking damn it to hell, man. I still would have had Spencer Dinwiddie I take Spencer Dinwiddie re about now Spencer Dinwiddie out there watching me like, an untold, Yo, I don’t want y’all right, because you probably would have had a legit guard under your contract. Right? Yeah, you got to deal with the injuries with so you deal with the same thing with Kyrie Irving could have had yourself a legitimate point guard who’s been nothing but upstanding, solid stand up guy for that organization than to deal with you’re dealing with right now with Kyrie Irving I’m gonna leave it at that.

Jabari Davis 1:08:27
Fair enough, fair enough. And I gave I gave plenty of thoughts on Kyrie earlier so I will stop dunking on it and simply say, once he’s back in the mix, and he’s playing, we’ll talk about them then. Until then, let’s keep pushing. Alright, so for the next question, we’re actually going to combine two of them I want to shout out our guy at hedge and trap. But the other gentlemen who you know what, I’m gonna keep his anonymity. He’s a member of the Knicks media. So hedging trap says who is going to whose emails are going to be leaked, he’s hoping for Mori, and the member of the mixed media says someone needs to leak James Dolan’s emails and texts. So Cal is going to stay stay there with you on this. Who’s most likely to be the next victim of the leaked emails?

Cal Lee 1:09:11
Dolan? stolen? I’m gonna tell you this right now. Like, I think it’s only a matter of time before the next New York sports franchise that needs to be that needs to go through a transition of leadership. It’s only a matter of time before Dylan’s name gets thrown back out there and stuff. Now I’m not saying that this is going to compromise the New York Knicks. I think if you are the New York Knicks and you figure out a way to separate yourself from the James Dolan tendencies, that you will be a good franchise moving forward you will always you will be competitive you got a good coach you got a you know, solid number of players right now, but I just feel like it won’t be long because Dolan is not in the spotlight. That he’s going to put himself in the spotlight where we gonna be like, let’s come see them emails bra which who you communicating with right about now. Right who you talking to in the background, bro? Yeah, I’m saying like that’s just me.

Jabari Davis 1:10:04
For the record for anybody that’s not aware the reason why this is a part of the you know part of the general conversation is because of what took place with an investigation surrounding the Washington football team that ultimately resulted in jumping to the head coach of the Las Vegas Raiders. Jon Gruden, who formerly you interacted with him via email you know, and basically got caught up and lost his job as a result of it. So the warning I’m going to come to you with this because look, and for the record I’m not saying Mark Davis was you know, crying any crocodile tears for Jon Gruden, but I’ll just say I think he I bet he dabbed these tears with those 60 million that he saved by getting out of that contract. So but the only difference with that with those scenarios and I’m not disputing it well cow I just I just present this. This is an owner of a team as opposed to a representative of a team it’s a little bit more difficult than if anything that Donald Sterling saga showed you just how terrible for an extended period of time the league will allow you to be before they get you a better they’re what say you weren’t

Warren Shaw 1:11:01
yeah I’m right there with you. And I think there’s a lot of people like I’m I’m one of those nosiest people in the entire world when it comes to NBA stuff and politics I’m the one who wants to players miked up because I want to hear everything that’s happening so when it comes to like whose emails could be out there Give me the entire league see whatever you’re talking about. I think I think Mark Cuban already got caught up in some stuff you know in the last several months yeah so there’s that you know it’s interesting now I think because now Sarver’s kind of chillin in Phoenix you know now that they’re winning and stuff like that too but I’m sure there’s been some shady is going on there. I’d love to see what bombers talking about you mean is as is wild coyote of an owner in LA for the Clippers I think there’s just there’s so much bite to this story. And and even Damn, I forget that I forget their names right now is it the Bensons whoever owns New Orleans right? Yeah, what are they talking about right and what are they talking about right now with with design stuff I think there’s a lot of juice that could be happening and to to everyone’s credit though if you think my emails would probably be some shit in there I wouldn’t be so proud of this will too but you know i’m not i hear disparaging people you know on a day to day basis like some of the some of the conversations that we’re having here right now so I think there’s a great great great great question so shout out to those who used to send it our way man

Jabari Davis 1:12:11
Yeah, shout out the heads and trap and once again shout out to the member of New York media that jumped in my DMS and said yeah, let’s go and get this out there. Alright, good keeping it going. Our guy at j underscore sports talk that’s just for the folks that are aren’t aware he’s the host of just kickin it once again here on 90 Media Group definitely go ahead and check him out check that check his show out he’s absolutely fantastic at what he does, but he wants to know and Warren go ahead and stay with you if the Lakers struggle from this to the start of the season Do you see them try to shake it up you’ll shake up the roster quickly or give the guys some time that you know kind of form and Gil

Warren Shaw 1:12:44
blink is always gonna tweak but I don’t think he’ll panic and I think that’s going to be the situation he got they got to try to stay the course there’s a little there’s a certain level of embarrassment that could happen to if they do one of they start to struggle but then just like damn we were wrong. I feel like in some ways they may try to wallow in and like hope they just kind of figure it out because they wouldn’t want to be wrong two years in a row with all the roster over all they’ve been doing in the last couple of seasons it would really be an admission of like we don’t know what the EFF we’re doing up here like we know Seiler brought an ad who just kind of lucky so I think they’re gonna wallow in it and hope it all works out we’ll push come to shove if they continue to struggle cow what you think.

Cal Lee 1:13:22
I don’t think they’re going to they’re going to panic. But I do think that what you should look for is seeing who wants to be the Alpha Dog and step up and own the struggles that the team may go through. I’m more curious about how Russell Westbrook is is coming off like listen, Russell Westbrook has always been a maverick he he’s always been someone that you know, kind of like walks on his, you know, walks his own path even when he’s playing alongside of other dynamic players. And he tries hard I think at times to not step on anyone else’s toes but it just happens to be that he is allowed figure right he’s allowed person in the room even when he wants to be quiet. But I’ve noticed even now he’s very tempered I think he’s he’s he’s he recognizes that the pathway for me to winning a championship and me being here and being a Laker. I think I don’t know maybe the mystique of being a Laker is humbled him a little bit like he knows that he is not more than the Laker brand. Right? He may follow more in the shoes of what LeBron says he may open up, you know, a path for Anthony Davis to step up and be more of a leader. I am more curious about how long he waits before he jumps out and start saying things are coming off in a way where you can clearly tell he wants to be the alpha for that team. So I say right now, it’s not so much as about shaking up the roster as much as it is shaking up things who’s going to do that, and whether or not that triggers the effect for polenka to try and shake up the roster. I think it’s just going to come down to that dynamic between and remember to comment on Anthony’s there as well. And even though we don’t talk about him in that same elk. Remember he is an Hall of Fame player, right? He’s a great and he has also been asked by LeBron James to come and play with that team. So there’s there’s a lot of moving parts to that is this the reason why it’s just not so easy to tell people shake it up just because they come struggling out of the gate to start with?

Jabari Davis 1:15:17
Yeah, and I’ll be honest with you unless the wheels totally fell off and they were somewhere around five and 15 through 20 games and and facing darker times ahead. I don’t think they pull any quick triggers. You know, I will say this, you know, with how last year’s deals were structured, you know, they’ve at least positioned themselves to be potentially active around the deadline if the roster still needs work for the playoff push. But in the meantime to answer this question directly and again, thank you very much, Justin. It’s just an awesome host of just kicking it here with 19 video group, but to answer it directly, I don’t think you swing mightily as they swung this offseason if you don’t have the stomach to enter a rough patch or two. All right, keeping it going. Let’s go ahead and go to the next one and shout out to at state side or extra excuse me at the at state side Ram. Now this was kind of a tongue in cheek when he wants to know who’s spot with the mellow take on the Dream Team. And let me let me chime in with this one. Actually, no, Warren, let you have fun with this because I have some thoughts on this.

Warren Shaw 1:16:12
Well, I think the the low hanging fruit, and assuming this is an original Dream Team, you know, that’s Christian lateness, Christian Laettner. That’s the low hanging fruit. But I will shake it up. Because I didn’t really care about the dude all that much. While I respect his game, he’s a Hall of Famer and all that I just didn’t get a whole lot of excitement out of john Stockton. So we’re gonna go out here and replace the point guards. Hey, Butler, melawan that Jonah and I have john, you know, kind of chill out in Utah, bro.

Jabari Davis 1:16:37
Cow, are you going to disappoint you know, all of Salt Lake as well? Or do you have somebody else?

Cal Lee 1:16:42
I actually think that the person that lamelle would probably have taken even though it would never happen, but I think he would have taken Chris Mullins spot. I just feel like, you know, I mean, he was there. You know, he was a part of it. But I would not have been completely opposed to seeing the metal doing what he does, you know? So

Jabari Davis 1:17:07
this is you there’s a certain portion of the crowd that may say like, Hey, hold on. Where are they going with it?

Warren Shaw 1:17:13
It’s so I know exactly what

Jabari Davis 1:17:14
I’m going to be conscientious of that when I as I answer look, now listen, look for years, you know, I’ve enjoyed the debate over whether Zeke should have been overstocking which he should have, or Shaq should have been in over latency, which he should have. But you know, while the question, like I mentioned was, you know, somewhat tongue in cheek, and it’s obviously a hypothetical i’d absolutely love and I’m going to adjust it a little bit, I’d love to see lamella with the 2012 spot squad, KD Braun, Russ Hart and Blake you know, like even even being near like the end of his review at the end of Israel, or the 20 or the 2018 you know, so we can get a random Rubio versus mellow matchup because I think Melo would would have dogged them even in an international play. So I think it’s a fun conversation it’s hypothetical then of course you know that you know that we’re not you know, we’re not truly being you’re not truly attending to be disrespectful to you know, legendary Hall of Fame players, but it would be fun.

Cal Lee 1:18:05
Absolutely. All right, keeping

Jabari Davis 1:18:07
it going. Let’s see we got we got two more and you know what they are some there from some familiar faces at a Mojo King that’s our guy mo now I just want to quickly take a second to point something out most got you know, the hidden gems golf and hidden gems hip hop or hip hop hidden gems and forgive me mo if I butchered that. But you know what, you’ll understand. I’m gonna be straight up I’ve never cared about golf even back in the day when we talked about Tiger Woods again, of course I was like, Yo, I want I want him to win. You know, though that red shirt on on Sunday. That’s cool, but I’ve never really paid attention to it and I am sure didn’t really watch any golf. And I am sure didn’t, you’ll consider betting but most got me considering betting and playing the margins with daily fantasy sports and golf, just simply from listening to this hidden gems golf show, and this hidden gems hip hop show. Well, why don’t you give people a couple thoughts on that.

Warren Shaw 1:18:59
My guy. I was sitting at work. I got the alert, the bat signal was a yo with dropped and I said God, that thing is otter otter autofire our guy the Mojo King, with another homeboy of mine Willie Freeman they come out here and just right out the gate talking about that amazing versus battle with big dedicated chaos one hip hop legend conversation, but the way they break this thing down is it’s super lovely. If you are hip hop enthusiasts, like many of us are here on the baseline NBA podcast, you’re gonna enjoy the show so please please check it out. Give it a five star rating rate reviews, subscribe the whole nine hip hop hidden gems is an amazing amazing show that I think is definitely gonna take 19 low 19 media to that next level.

Jabari Davis 1:19:45
But you know what, and I’m glad that you correct it on the app. It’s actually it’s funny. So he’s the the description he’s got for his name is the Mojo King, but let me correct if you’re looking for mo on Twitter. It’s at power Mojo But anyhow he wants to know kept coming to you with this one, which coaches getting fired first

Cal Lee 1:20:06
as a really tough question, but I would expect not you know, nothing less than than that from from our man Mojo. Cuz you know, he will ask the tough ones. Can you imagine he was on our show bro, he would challenge the listeners listeners will have to actually go back to school on some of this stuff man I’m telling you right now only because of the fact that there just isn’t that many head coaches like because there’s a lot of head coaches that are basically assuming new roles, new positions, I’m kind of inclined to basically say if there’s the one person who is next to go, I hate saying it, but it’s likely to happen because just the feel and the setup is kind of positioning themselves that way to happen that way. I think Luke Walton is probably going to be the next person to go, I was debating between him and Dwayne Casey. But I think the pistons as long as they see that there’s a good working relationship with Kane and Casey, that they’ll go another year or two, you know, before they’ll realize it, whether or not they’re going to have to shake things up. But I feel like with Sacramento, they’ve got some young players. And I don’t know if this drought that’s going on the backdrop of them, you know, moving players back and forth and things of that nature. I don’t know how much, much longer they’re going to continue to hold out if they don’t see that the Sacramento Kings are going to be either playing or playoff worthy by the end of the season to still continue having him as the head coach.

Warren Shaw 1:21:27
There’s no other answer than Luke Walton legacy alluded to everybody else is too new or is tenured in their position where they will have a job until they want the only person who’s next to leave the position and probably is Popovich and they’re not firing them in San Antonio, I don’t care what they do this year he will go out on his shield and go out whenever the hell he wants to so Walton to me is the is the only answer barring any scandals or leaked emails, you know, coming from some of the coaches and rankings

Jabari Davis 1:21:51
plus the fact that quite frankly, this is probably the most positive they Caine’s fans have been in quite some time they finished the season though on a nine and seven clip and yeah in your before folks knees at that, let’s be real this show love where you know where it deserves. They look good. In the preseason. There’s all types of expectations from year to Alberg, the Aaron Fox continues to kind of ascend at least within the conversation you’re like in terms of the better point guards in the league. So yeah, that the thing that would get him is unusual, unusual expectation that comes a lot you’ll you’ll come in from that fan base so I do agree I’m not necessarily predicting it but I agree with both of you he’s probably the most likely Alright, let’s go ahead and wrap it up and also thank you once again mo for that question that difficult. You’re always asking the tough ones. Let’s go and wrap it up with another familiar face. It comes from our guy at Joe Cardoso 301 the host of just three with Joe you know him from nuts and bolts sports you can get at him pretty much across the board he’s you know, fantastic across the board he wants to know what do you do if you’re the OKC Thunder

Warren Shaw 1:22:54
well for me OKC is in a situation where they they know who they are and they got to start playing these young guys it’s all about development. So they’re not at a stage where they need to be trying to package their pics to get other established players to kind of turn it around I think this is probably you’d hope like kind of one more year of just ridiculous terrible basketball, lots of rebound and basketball and then next year because that would be another year you know I think that would be what the fourth year of Shay being on this team he’s probably going to be frustrated so you gotta want to start to see something it’s kind of turning around so I think as it goes into next offseason that’s when they should be trying to look to like Alright, we got to start figuring out a way to to compete but I think this year specifically is going to be about growth of the young guy see what you have and Mr. Getty he’s looked good in a couple preseason games here right now he may end up taking that starting point guard role you know melodyne is probably gonna come off the bench we got you got a guy poco coming off the bench as well to Isaiah Roby a lot of Young Dudes they just need to figure out what’s going on here with so that’s I think that’s the plan if your case he developed this year and then try to make strides to like okay, we’re still developing but now we’re actually trying to move into a realm of trying to get back to the playoffs and thing next season.

Jabari Davis 1:24:03
I’m glad you took it there and Calum coming to you with this in order to close this out I’m glad you took it there in terms of the shape of the shape of it all because this is a deal like while yes young players have to be patient you know it’s not going to happen overnight. I do think this is an issue get off the pot situation no deal look you got to you’ve got that war chest of picks you know you’ve you’ve done a decent job of putting you know your prospects around him but this isn’t the time you’re like you know moving forward you’ve got to you’ve got to play or the level of SGA it’s not time for prospects it’s not time for potential decipher players so coming to you to close this out. Do you think that they’re on the right path or do you think they need to push things for you? Well, maybe you know, fast forward a little bit you know, the in OKC

Cal Lee 1:24:47
I hate saying this, because I guess you guys like really, you know, you really buy into, you know, to SGA being a cornerstone player. I’m not there with him. Now. I’m not saying that he is not a star player. I think he I think he’s, I think he’s all star caliber, absolutely no question. And he’s proven that he can score the basketball, where I’m just not sold. That is it. If you’re the Oklahoma City Thunder, and doing what you’ve been doing over the last couple of years, this is this is what your your holding ground to write like this is really is what is all is left of what you had, and I’ll even go out on a limb, there was more hype about loot next door. And when they were making that playoff run, than it was about SGA. I’m not saying that SGA doesn’t put numbers together to make you seem like he’s, but he doesn’t like me personally, he doesn’t excite me, he may excite the basketball savant, the person who’s really looking at the nooks and crannies of what a potentially great player is going to do. But he doesn’t excite me. So you better hope that SGA figures that part of it out if you’re saying that this is everything that of what pest of Joe Presti has been pushing towards or investing towards with the boatload of the pics and stuff and saying we’re still going to keep SGA or this is about what we’re going to do with SGA moving forward I’m just saying I’m finding this is the first year to actually feel like I’m having a very difficult time seeing the future of the Oklahoma City Thunder because if it’s only about what we’re still seeing is remaining and it’s on SGA I’m like SGA and go put fans in Oklahoma City Thunder seats he bet you better have something surrounding the aspect he helps make that team exciting but he is not your excitement at all. Now with that being said I will just say for this last point. That being said, if you look at this roster, this is such a guard heavy roster like it’s ridiculous the amount of guards so I have to assume that they’re going to be moving the plethora of guards that they’ve got before they thin it out and finalize who their future backward is going to be if that’s part of the the narrative.

Jabari Davis 1:26:53
Yeah, no and that’s the thing I don’t I think we all actually agree or agree on this point. Whether he’s you know, your whether you know, he’s a sexy enough player for you, you do have to put other pieces around him. That’s my point. Like Yeah, he’s not going to be necessarily and you know, for the record, nobody is the is that just a single driving force, you know, the ultimate to Team success. But he may you know, he may not be you know, that you’re that guy, but you know, he’s a guy that’s 22 years old, that average 24 you know, 24 points, you know, on, you know, 50 on over 50% from the field as a guard. He shot almost 42% from three point line last year, he’s over 80% from the free throw line. He gets you almost six assists, he’s getting you almost five rebounds. Now while he may not be sexy, I feel like if you put that if you put talent around that the result could be

Cal Lee 1:27:42
right. I’m sorry shot to your point, Jabari a lot of that has been the way of the Oklahoma City Thunder I think right like over the last couple of seasons when people doubted the move to bring Chris when they got Chris Paul right he really helped elevate SGA and then like you know they just let Chris Paul go so it kind of left you feeling like what do you think SGA is ready for this you think he’s actually ready to go you know I’m saying because I would have thought that they would have at least extended Chris Paul another year for that us press to buy into that the moment he left it was just like alright you know

Jabari Davis 1:28:14
wait just just just to be clear that year was the year following Chris Paul the year that he was with Chris Paul his numbers were good but they weren’t even Neil they weren’t as good as they were last year before they shut them down.

Cal Lee 1:28:24
No I understand what I’m saying like what you’re asking SGA to be to your team right like he was the purpose also was to have Chris Paul really be a mentor to to SGA in certain aspects of what you’re asking him to be as that guard right that point guard I guess that you know that hybrid point guard where he can score but he ultimately is going to help make the team better and I just felt like I thought there was going to be an extra year that there wasn’t

Warren Shaw 1:28:50
well i think he is a classic case of you know good player stuff into stat sheet on on a bad team and he went from like this darling great fine from the Clippers to a you know the principal piece and a trade for Paul George to guy like you said learn from Chris Paul to now a guy who is now supposed to be the shoulder shouldering the franchise you know in a very proud franchise that’s had the likes of Westbrook and Duran leading them for years. Miss j is not going to be either one of those two players and even say what you want to say about Westbrook SGA is probably not even that level of a leader yet can you get there that definitely remains to be seen. I think they’re in a situation where everyone’s saying like they do need to surround him with some other talent or move on from him and that’s why I thought it was bonkers that they offered him up in a deal to Detroit I think to get the number one pick and then was like alright cool no Detroit alright well we’ll just go ahead and extend them and now you’re you’re going to be paying him you know, $35 million, or whatever it is for for a long time for a guy who I agree like I said like it doesn’t excite you he gets the numbers and he stuff in the stat sheet but it’s we’re not convinced yet but he’s still so young. And I think this is a year of like if he shows you that he really is ready. That’s why what they are along with the Other guys that they’re trying to develop, I think you use this year as a development year for the entirety of the organization. Who are you? Who are you with SGA? And is he the guy we want to build around and start making moves to try to do just that. It’s very,

Cal Lee 1:30:11
I gotta show I got to tell you this man. And I know this sounds kind of crazy. If I was, if I was Brad Stevens, if I was Danny Ainge, or whatever if you were going to you’re going to sell me on the hope that you guys knew where you were doing trying to figure out a way to put sto on that roster with with Tatum and with brown that would have been telling me or selling me on the idea that like because I think that those three guys can get their numbers collectively but still be that dynamic of akuna they would completely wreck shop in the Eastern Conference like I was expecting something like that but I see again the press the plan it’s you know, saying my man will bluff you all the way to the very last hand he is banking on that final card being flipped is gonna give him that Royal Flush or that straight flush you know saying he’s playing the numbers and so this is exactly to your point yeah, he’s playing the numbers

Warren Shaw 1:31:05
now last thing I’ll say is like I still don’t think he’ll be there to to realize all these pigs at the end of day he said he said the organization upgrade and I think at some point he’s probably going to move on from this situation like cool y’all are good you have 5000 draft picks the next year I’m going somewhere else to maybe try to be you know a winning GM on a team that’s a little bit closer than okay so he is right now

Cal Lee 1:31:27
man good good good good good stuff. Whoo. I’m talking about man forget United States Postal Service man. You need to look at baseline Postal Service baby because our mail bag that we bring it we bring you bring you the correspondences, lovely, lovely, awesome show this week, fellas. You know what more can be said. So much is going on. Leading us right up to NBA tip off October the 19th. how excited you guys?

Warren Shaw 1:31:56
Well, I can’t be any more excited than I am family. As I said at the outset of the show like it’s just we are bubbling 19 media is busting through the door. The baseline and a podcast is just out here working with great sponsors and people were backing us right now our listeners have been just amazing and interacting with us as well to JD coming here bringing the heat cow you come in here doing everything that you do as an amazing host and provided that expert analysis like we are like truly, truly, truly in a great group. I think this is going to be our best season yet.

Jabari Davis 1:32:24
Not only that, make sure you tune into our Twitter spaces for anybody that does Twitter spaces do dainty Media Group Twitter spaces, October 18. That’s a Tuesday 6pm or excuse me 9pm Eastern I don’t want to I don’t want to exclude y’all and always make it about the West. Nile correction

Cal Lee 1:32:40
Jabari. 18th is Monday 18th is a Monday

Jabari Davis 1:32:43
Thank you kindly I appreciate that even better you know it’s almost like I haven’t done this before but do that it’s it’s I’m really excited about it’s going to be hosted by our guys snotty and JP that’s at snotty dripping in at j underscore p 619. But you know some familiar faces some 90 or all types of 19 video love will be in that mix.

Cal Lee 1:33:03
definitely definitely. So you know again, we’d like to thank you guys we really appreciate y’all riding with us through the course of the NBA offseason. Obviously all roads have led us to this October the 19th the start of NBA season, but again, be sure to check out 90 Media Group check out your peoples from the baseline to check out all of the different content heads that are going to be on board to get us prepared for the start of the NBA season October 218 on Twitter spaces, be sure to check out 19 mediagroup. For the baseline Cali pawnshop Jabari David, we appreciate you guys each and every single one of you enjoy NBA tip off. catch you guys next time.

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