December 9, 2022 | 7:51 am
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LFM’s Pull List: Issue #49 “ARROW Through the Heart”


LFM’s Pull List: Issue #49 “ARROW Through the Heart” Spring Break is not forever James Franco, you liar. The Pull List is back from break with some big Lil Furry Monster news. The crew is hitting the road! Find out where you can meet up and hang with the LFM crew. Los may need a few extra shoulders to cry on after the latest ARROW. Oliver Queen you philanderer, you broke the kids heart.

ORPHAN BLACK is back! Any Clone Club members out there? Not into clones? Perhaps witches are more your thing, we’ll let you know if WGN America’s SALEM is worth your time. Move over Don Draper, there is a new man for the ladies to swoon over. No Vito D’s pilot for the Real Florida House-Husband did not get picked up. Jason Voorhees is coming to TV. That’s right; we’re getting a Friday the 13th series.

Many hours were spent in front of the television so to balance things out we like to expand our minds by reading some of the best comic books around. We finally have the Batman title we’ve been waiting for with BATMAN ETERNAL. Los’ boy Jeff Lemire brings Justice to the Great White North with JUSTICE LEAGUE UNLIMITED #0 f/k/a Justice League Canada (DC, you wimps), Vito D has a leg up on STRAY BULLETS #2, a new friend in the Watcher with Marvel’s ORIGINAL SIN #1, HULK #1 and an art-crush on Elektra #1.

Oh yeah, and Cyborg is going to be in the BATMAN / SUPERMAN movie. Welcome back everyone, its episode 49!

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