December 2, 2022 | 4:30 am
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Marzz discusses being one of the R&B artist to watch in 2022

Rising R&B Star, Singer/Songwriter, “Marzz”, discusses being discovered by Timbaland and her musical influences. She dives into her feelings about her growing success notated by large musical platforms Tidal, SiriusXM, Youtube, and BET. The “Countless Times” singer talks about future music collaborations with other up-and-coming music artists and ‘cooking’ up new music with Timbaland. She also discuss her interest in ABC’s new hit show “Queens”.

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Warren Shaw  00:26

was good everybody and welcome to another episode of dope interviews. I’m your host Warren Shaw and we are back happy new year it’s season two. And we’ve got some new stuff going on here but make sure you rate review subscribe, do all that I didn’t want to talk about all that. I need to get to my back to my guests now if you know me, you know I love some r&b I love neo soul love all that stuff right now. And this week on the first edition of season two of dope interviews we have you too, named her and artists to watch title said she’s somebody got to rock with as well too. And 2022 Sirius XM named her one of the future five. She got all the accolades coming out right now. It’s the homie Mars. How are you family?


Marzz  01:13

am good, man. How you doing?


Warren Shaw  01:15

Oh, I can’t complain. I’m excited. I’m excited to be here with you. And I heard you just came off of vacation. So how was your vacation? Because it was real busy, right? Like you needed some time away? How was your vacation?


Marzz  01:26

Man, it was amazing. I can’t even play like I won’t go back when it’s time to just come back and keep working. It was no fun. I just got a little get away from


Warren Shaw  01:37

no worries, no worries. Well, I’m glad I’m glad you got some time to get away. And you’re back. So as we said, 2021 kind of closed out extremely strong for you. Right? I want to take it all the way back to the beginning. Right. And, you know, you growing up in Louisville, so forth and so forth. Just how did you get into music? Kind of what were some of your first musical inspirations?


Marzz  01:59

Um, well, I was, I was, I gotta say I was raised. But I guess I grew up in the church. But first was literally all I knew from like, we’re going to church every Sunday, Saturday, Wednesday, Thursday, you know, the whole nine yards for me. And really just being surrounded by people in the church that didn’t music, my family, we all can say my grandma, my mom, he felt me just hearing them sing around the house. It was a lot of gospel that we listened to most of the time. But as I started growing in, you know, being a part of my mom and my dad’s household, it was really, I got a choice of if I wanted to listen to secular music, as they say, you know, or gospel music and I kind of just got a little bit of both. still finding myself you know, in high school and middle school. Middle school, I wasn’t really like that verbal nothing but you know, it was always music playing around me and it was never know where I went where music was not their


Warren Shaw  02:54

word, word word. So when you when you made the choice that maybe you wanted to do something a little bit more outside of the gospel range outside of the church side, like what were some of the influences what music kind of in sparked you and inspired you a little bit?


Marzz  03:07

I’m definitely saying the Clark Sisters, my mom and them like they studied them and just hearing them saying all these songs around different churches and stuff really just kind of gave me that foundation of you know, I feel like it’s where I get a lot of my tone and stuff that I guess not even like I don’t know, like just a lot of gospel hymns and stuff that they sung it was more of like their older stuff, not the newest stuff that I’ve listed in here and stuff picking up on Lauryn Hill, Erykah Badu brandy, of course, for my generation. I was constantly looking at the movie with Whitney Houston and brandy and Cinderella. Like that was like my go to like, I was like so mesmerized by Whitney Houston and Brandi like, oh my god, like, like I was. I was nuts over that. So like, that’s brand new. Probably my top to show that I say that she’s got me as the woman right there.


Warren Shaw  04:02

That was ironically, I just started watching the show that she’s in now. Queens. Yeah. Yo, is live right? It’s pretty loud. Yeah, so we got similar tastes. I see you I see what’s going on. This is gonna be it’s gonna be it’s gonna be a good time. So I’m your name? Right, Mars. Where’d you come up with that? Yeah, I mean, obviously, we know the planet and the whole night, buddy like and you have a unique spelling on it. So talk to me a little bit about that.


Marzz  04:28

Um, well, to be honest, I’m really a fan astrology. So I was kinda really okay. Don’t laugh. My first name. Like my stage name, I guess. I don’t know. I don’t know what phase I was going through in high school, but my name was Gumby Poppy. Mars. Okay. Like, I don’t know. Because, like, I don’t know. I don’t know what I was thinking. But one day me and we had a conversation. He was like, Yo, like, we get on stage like, what do people call you? And I told him that name. He was like, Nah, like, let’s take some LSD. It was like, okay, and we got back together a few days later and was like, Oh, I was like, bro like Mars, he was like I need to and he was like, oh, to make it sound dope, we put two Z’s at the end. So really just the name, the way that I spelled it. I feel like that’s just the uniqueness. I felt it was super different. You know what I’m saying? Now, the background behind it is I’m into astrology, you know, have the planet Mars just read, you feel me? I feel like that reflects me my energy. Like, I feel like I’m on fire. You feel me? It’s not really anything that well back then. It wasn’t anything. I still feel like now. It wasn’t nothing that they found on there. But it’s new technology. You never know. It’s something different. You understand. And I feel like that’s what reflects on me. And again, I just mess with astrology. I love planets. I love space. So everything just fit together for me.


Warren Shaw  05:47

I love it. I love it. And I think that’s really, really true. Because I think a lot of times artists, though there is meaning behind the stuff out there do and the lay person maybe not always may not understand that mean, but true artists like there’s a lot of hidden things and their music and their art. Like the album covers. There’s a lot of stuff that means a lot of stuff to them. So listen, timberland discovered you on IG. And you know, shout outs to Timbo the King The Whole Nine, just kind of what role does he play if any kind of in your career now at all, you still work with him a little bit?


Marzz  06:18

Definitely. He’s always definitely I’m sending my new stuff. He for me, and we just going back cooking up more stuff soon. I believe we’re gonna be getting together soon to cook up some more stuff, but he’s really just making sure I’m being focused and staying connected. He for me, um, I feel like I’m super like criticism of myself. And he helps me like not be so in my head about he’s like, just be have fun with to be better because I’m like, I’m such a perfectionist. Like so judgmental myself. And I hate that. And I’m like learning to not be so crucial. Because it’s like, literally, like, at first I didn’t think nobody related to me or you know, little me, but now that you feel me my songs going crazy and shit. And everybody’s actually genuinely, like, understanding me. It’s kind of puts me at ease where it’s like, Yo, like, I’m not alone. You know what I’m saying? And it’s really just been where his? You feel me his words? I feel like I don’t know. Like, it just means a lot to me, because it’s first off is timberland. You know what I’m saying? A lot of people be like, who’s tumbling? It’s like, whoa, you know what I’m saying? You know what I’m saying? Oh, he just being raised in a household where my dad listened to him. He told me like, he seen the whole nine yards. My dad gets super excited talking about it. So I was like, you know, that’s just crazy. You know, that’s all I’ve been raised around. So just having this super crazy for sure. super blessed.


Warren Shaw  07:37

100 100. Like, yeah, so So Tim is a great influence now as well to kind of help launch and things that nature now you kind of taken into the next level as you kind of push this thing forward. You’re still very young though Mars, I you know, you’re real young, like no offense, you know, and I mean, but there’s a lot of complexity, I think in some of the stuff that you write, especially when you’re talking about love and the complexities of love, you know, in the music that you that you’re writing just, where does that where does that come from? Because a lot of people might miss it like, yeah, man. Is she an experienced nun? Yeah. What does she know about that, but talking a little bit about


Marzz  08:11

is really just, like, I feel like I’m already like, of course, you know, people, people have been through things and they’ve, you know, witnessed certain things. But this is as real as it gets. Like, I’m, I’m not, you feel me, like, everything that I write is nothing more. I’m just like, oh my god, I’m wake up right about this. Like, I’ve either seen it, I’ve experienced it myself. I’ve seen people that I know, around me strangers, it can be a situation at a store that I see, you know, I’m saying and I’m just thinking the way that my brain thinks, oh, no, I just be putting myself in other people’s shoes and really just, you know, expressing the real the raw, and it’s the realness whatever emotions that I’m feeling, because most of the times I feel like, I’m really even get to explain my songwriting process. My song doesn’t necessarily always have a story with it. It’s just whatever I was feeling at that moment. That’s literally what I wrote. Or whatever, freestyle that’s that’s generalized. At that moment. You know, I’m saying, people I want people to go, and that’s it, whatever, whatever way they want. You know, I’m saying but know that. It’s not even a backstory behind it. There’s just some things, it’s life, you get what I’m saying? Like, it’s like stuff happens. You have feelings, you have certain emotions, it’s okay to feel that way and then fill a hole completely different. Another way, the next day, you know, I say, like, Oh, you’re mad, you got to stay mad for this long. It’s like, No, you don’t. If you feel like you want to be in love with that person this day and get mad and do that. Like, it’s okay. You’re human. You know what I’m saying? So, you know?


Warren Shaw  09:38

Yeah, no, I think that’s that’s a great answer. Honestly, because again, like said, Life Life is that and everyone lives I know, sometimes. It’s not some things I talked to other people about all the time. Like, you don’t necessarily have to have lived that to know that this thing. That’s how that works. I mean, like, yeah, so so I can definitely appreciate you know where you’re going with that. We’re chatting with RCA recording artists. Mars ma r z z make sure you following her on IG at Mars underscore, somebody has your Mars official right like they kind of they kind of jacked me up but maybe you can also follow her on Tik Tok and Twitter at Mars at spelling. Talk to me a little bit about your your tick tock as well, too, right. So you’ve got a pretty big following there as well. Like so is that like your favorite platform? And I got to ask this, I got asked this question. Did you participate in Can we talk challenge?


Marzz  10:31

Oh, my God. No, I did not. I go on tick tock is becoming one of my favorite platforms just because like, I got so many drafts in there, but I’m like, I don’t know. Again. Like I’d be like, nice. Oh, no, like, I’m gonna be like, What the hell like, then again, I don’t care. But then again, it’s like, you got up you got a platform like chill. Okay, you know, it’s like, I know, I’m still figuring out but it’s definitely become one of my faves and like a lot of Instagram heavy too, just because I know I feel like I’m more connected with my audience. You know what I’m saying on Instagram, but Tik Tok is definitely on its way. I’m, oh, no. Yeah, I feel like it’s everywhere right now. Like it’s a little bit of my personality, a little bit of my music. I’m trying to show my personality a little bit more, but I don’t know. I think that’s the sad Jimmy just contemplating everything. Like, no, don’t post this.


Warren Shaw  11:23

Let it let it ride. I don’t think you’ve had a misstep yet. I mean, just, you know, continue to be you. I think it’s going to be fine. So but so no, so no, can we talk? So for you know,


Marzz  11:35

I was thinking about it, but I was like, Nah, I’m gonna do it. I was like, I wanted to sing a different one. I was like, dang, if they did another one by Tim and I was just like, Okay,


Warren Shaw  11:44

well, we’ll start it up. Whatever you want to do you start out there. Come on now that we want to get into that just wait a minute. I’m gonna be watching I’m watching. Sounds like a great time to take a quick break. We’ll be right back with the homie marks



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Warren Shaw  12:41

And we’re back with RCA recording artists, Mars, Mars, let’s continue to keep this great conversation pushing your EP love letters, man, it’s that’s a vibe. It’s a vibe. So no. So tell me a little bit more about that project. And you know, I mean, is that the highlight of your career thus far? Would you say getting that EP out and getting all the love that you’re getting on it?


Marzz  13:03

Definitely, I don’t know. It’s like, I’m gonna say yes. And no, it’s one of those things where I don’t really, I don’t know, I’m still I guess taking it all in and understanding. Like, receiving the love that I’m getting my guests because it’s like, again, I never thought nobody would relate to me, but I’m definitely super grateful that I can put my story out and actually I just want to speak on you know, the LGBT community. It’s not a lot of masculine, I guess, artists out that’s right now that’s doing what I’m doing. So just being able to have a platform first, I feel like that’s super super like, honoring because like dude, like, we struggle already with so much. But especially as females as black females, you know, I’m saying it’s a lot that we deal with on a daily basis. So having this type of platform and them showing me love and I don’t even know I take it real personal, you know, like, I’m being super vulnerable. It’s crazy, you know? So I really I just appreciate everybody showing my love and just message me man like it means a lot I know I’m not alone. Sure. It’s crazy.


Warren Shaw  14:05

No, no and your humility is I think is what is genuine right? And that’s what kind of translates to you know, fans and people are now discovering you and and so forth. And so I we kind of slipped off the episode with all the accolades right but I I’m not a musician I’m never going to be you I’m never going to have title knocking on my door saying hey, you know what we want to select you how does that process go? How does title Sirius XM and YouTube all say Yo, this is this is somebody we need to be paying attention to, like, how does that process even come to you and just tell me what were your feelings when that happened?


Marzz  14:40

I don’t even know like no, they they just be waking me up like most of the time I’d be sleeping in the studio or I’m just chilling. He sent me in time I’d be asleep like I’d be out cold around 11 And I always have my phone was not disturbed because I just don’t like I’ve been having you know, to detox from technology on like doing all that but most The time is literally they just been and I look at my textbooks I’m like, why are you kidding me? I was like why? Like I don’t even know like when title has a they didn’t meet for the Artist of the Month I was like I call my mom my grandma’s I was like oh my god thank you Jesus I was like man I’m shouting for joy right now like it was it was such a surreal moment like I’m you know, like all I can do is keep working hard and I say I appreciate everybody stream yes


Warren Shaw  15:39

keep keep the vibes going. You also had an opportunity to perform on the Soul Train award so talk to him a little bit about that and how that opportunity came to you.


Marzz  15:46

Man is really surreal man. That’s my that’s my girl right there. She was like, Yo, we can get we can get this popping. And I was like I always said to us like I wanted to do even the Grammys or the Soul Train. I really didn’t know which one I didn’t characters. I grew up watching the Grammys literally every single year in the house. So it was like a tradition. We come together every year you go to my grandma’s house, watch the BT awards, watch the Grammys, you find me and I was like I’m saying or some one day and boom, she was like, sell the train. I was like, what? You know what? She’s like, Yeah, she like next week. I was like, let’s go. I was like, well, Whitney Houston performed in there. Like, get out of here. You feel me? Like I was just such an all like, it was such a surreal moment. I was super grateful. Man, I still, everything hasn’t even hit me. You know what I’m saying? Like, I’m just taking everything in because it’s like, there’s only the beginning. This is crazy. Like, I’m super grateful. Like, that’s all I can say is thank you. Thank you. Thank you, man. This is crazy.


Warren Shaw  16:49

Excited for you. I mean, it’s like damn, I can only imagine what it’s like to get that call for something that you’ve been kind of growing up on, am I yo now it’s neat. To see me on the screen


Marzz  16:59

in front of the TV every you know, the the hot new singles and stuff like and I go like I was super nervous to sing in front of Jazmine Sullivan like I was like, Please like if I pick this up like kill me. Like Like she’s definitely one of my one of my like, favorite artists vocal wise that I like look up to he filled me like she’s literally 100 brand new like vocal beats like, oh by say like them women. That crazy for me. So I was like, This is my chance you for me? Like I gotta I gotta show my girl I gotta set the


Warren Shaw  17:38

show. You rock that out? For sure. Countless times. It’s definitely one of the one of the joints right now is like I remember I think I actually heard it first time on Sirius XM. And I was like, and no offense. I hope you don’t take it any offensive. I was like, but I think the DJ at the time was oh, man, this could pop off like LMA? Yeah, and I mean, and I was like, yeah, it’s got one of those. It’s a boss like you feel it? Yeah, I mean, it’s a good vibe. So guys, let me do some research. Who is this artist because the vibe was the Bible Sirius on that one and Cleopatra and everything else that you have popping out there as well, too. So I know you’re, you know, you’re humble. And maybe you don’t want to give too much of a peek into behind but you’re a bona fide celebrity. Now Omar is like tell me a little bit about like, kind of what’s what’s the life in the day of you right now? Like what’s like are your DMS crazy? Like what’s what’s going on?


Marzz  18:28

Definitely. It’s been a crazy journey like you’re super oh no people be recognizing me and I just be like, I’ll be in Walmart and I just be chilling and I’d be like, they’d be like yo mind and be like, Yo, how do you know me that I’m like, oh snap I do. Like I just be like I’d be in my own world I just be like dang I’d be forgetting like girl you got music it chill out like oh no I just everyday life I wake up I see what we’re doing if we’re going to the studio if not I go make my rounds around town go see my family is going to go peek say hi to my grandma. Come see my dad. My little brothers or sisters and as my babies I didn’t like my limbs Mackey’s like forever like my little baby my baby so I’m always trying to be here with them before I start going out you feel me getting more busy and stuff so doing that if I’m doing that I’m literally in the studio like that’s it like I just stay around my family in the studio for like other than that. It’s what I’ve been doing for sure.


Warren Shaw  19:31

So earlier you mentioned you know, Brandy, Lauryn Hill, etc, etc etc. You know, Jasmine Solomon is a person that you kind of rock with right now as well too. So I got to ask like, two part question. Okay, favorite song of all time and what song or who you rockin with the most right now currently?


Marzz  19:50

Hmm, let me see her. Okay, so back then my my osu song. I’m gonna say let me see her dang what was I just listening to? Oh, it’s hard though.


Warren Shaw  20:05

You can give me a list. Go ahead give me a list of the first things that come to mind.


Marzz  20:08

Okay, I’m gonna give you okay, I’m gonna give you Fantasia when I see you I’m a doer I would give me okay okay I’m gonna give you a I’m gonna say Jennifer Hudson Where are you at because that lady and coma she she’s been on playing list anything Alia anything Alia anything Erica body like for me like it was my back then recently I’ve been having um I’m trying to figure out how to say her name right Nia Nia submontane I think that’s her name but a song called ambience like I feel like she’s really dope I don’t know if she’s like, I don’t know where she’s from, but she’s going crazy. I’m gonna have a hallmark replay. I’m just to think of Generico I have a whole my playlist recently. And brandy. Anything brandy like, Brandy is my top. She’s probably like my top Spotify artists that I listen to on a daily like you probably know that you’re gonna hear Randy like, you’re not gonna want to know, like, let me out right here,


Warren Shaw  21:21

right. So, you know, I guess I guess I have answer to this next question. Maybe a little bit the artist you’d like to collab with the most outside of brandy? Because I think you know what, I think honestly, we need to get you on Queens, right? I saw cam on Queens. I saw Jade on Queens and stuff like that, too. So um, it seems like you know, that might be that might be a route for you. Maybe season two of that says we need to twist you got the Timbo connection. Right? You know, I mean, you can just kind of rub those elbows but who? Who would you like to collaborate with?


Marzz  21:51

Oh, ankle I Like recently I feel like the stuff that I’ve been making. Like I feel like Chris Brown will mess with it with a lot of my stuff. You know, I’m saying like, I definitely that’s, that’s something that I want further though. Like, if it happens sooner than that. We don’t go crazy, but I feel like I kind of want to have a little bit more under my belt. You know what I’m saying? Just to like, even feel worthy to be in the room and like, I feel like a lot of people don’t really like they be spying on Chris like that man is literally like, like, he’s he’s up there with Michael Jackson. I personally feel he’s up there with like, you know what I’m saying? Like, all due respect to him, you find me? So I feel like Chris Brown Jack Harlow from the 502 You know, I feel like me and him will make some dope stuff. Who knows? I call my like, I seen a Shanti live and I think that I would definitely want to get a feature with her like, ASAP you know? He’s crazy. My girl Cody Shane, for me. We got some stuff picking up ASAP you feel me like I’m excited about that. Like I feel like this she’s on a whole nother different way before me so I’m definitely excited about that and cache page. Like come on now. Like me Like I think she goes down so I think that was my top my 2022 that’s my list right there. Chris cash page and Cody Shane. Right sir. That’s my least.


Warren Shaw  23:06

That’s a that’s a solid list. A couple more for that to get out here. I know you gotta you know get back to life. You know, I mean bobbin so you know the music industry is real real big until the kind of the vs thing, too, right. So what if you could pick one who would you like to go against in a versus


Marzz  23:25

who would I like to go against Yeah, I go wow, like I feel like if I was to go against somebody I’m gonna say Queen Isaac got like a good catalog you know? Or eco lie. I feel like Paris pushing it a little bit because I know that probably like that’s probably where I’d be aiming to get you for me like catalogo done for me like he turned he turned the whole like hip hop record into r&b with little baby like that that joint was crazy for me so she’s doing some crazy stuff so


Warren Shaw  24:08

I love it I love it and I’m so you’re and I think versus now was more of a celebration as opposed to like, Yeah, I mean a class Yeah, I mean, so I think he had some of these other you know, lovely ladies out here to kind of perform and just kinda like that. That’d be adult super dope look for you. For sure.


Marzz  24:23

Be crazy. The


Warren Shaw  24:29

last one before before let you right out of here and I know you kind of tipped your hand a little bit in some of the stuff you’re working on. But just in general, when 2022 was done, like what what do you want to accomplish like what do you want to set that boom 2022 was a year of Mars and here’s everything that happened


Marzz  24:46

I’m gonna definitely say I feel like now not even my name known but what I stand for, you know what I’m saying? And that’s peace, love. And not no no judgment, you know, and this is a no judgment For me feel like I’ve gotten bullied on my life or not even on my life, like, from middle school to high school, you know what I’m saying? So I know what that feels like to feel left out. And people, you know, be called weird and all this other stuff. And I feel like not a lot of people talk about details about that, because it’s like, most of the time when I’m writing, um, I’m literally like, whatever I’m feeling if I’m feeling upset, I’m feeling sad. That’s what I put down. I’m not putting on a facade for nobody. This is as raw as it gets, you know, what I’m saying? And people being afraid to show their true selves. And it’s like, don’t, don’t be don’t be scared to be vulnerable, you know what I’m saying? Like, you never know, you feel me if somebody is feeling upset. And, you know, it may take somebody just to ask them, you know, how are you, you that changes their whole day, you know what I’m saying. So just be willing to be loving and be open to different things, you know what I’m saying? So, that’s what I actually want to just leave behind. Like, that’s what I want to do. For 2020 to, like, let people know that this is a safe thing. You know what I’m saying? Of course, you know, sell out arenas, but genuinely, I feel like the battle is not within here. It’s within here. You know what I’m saying? I just want to connect with people up in here and just, you know, know that they’re not alone. Because I feel like, music is a scapegoat. For me, it’s definitely a staple of me, music helped me get through a lot. So I feel like if my music helped you out, in a way, I kinda, you know, let it mentally that SEC detox, you know what I’m saying? So, that’s what I will leave behind.


Warren Shaw  26:24

I have no doubt that that’s what 22 is gonna bring bring for you, Mara. So thank you, again, you have a gentle and genuine spirit about you. That’s why success is coming your way. And it’s going to continue to come your way. I see endorsements, I see a new tick tock challenge. I see versus I see the whole nine coming in 2022. And I’m excited for you. Of course, of course. Well, that is all the time we have for today. Make sure you copy love letters on all streaming platforms. Make sure you follow the homie Mara’s on social all them tick tock IG Twitter the whole night. You might even be on Facebook, I don’t even know. Make sure you follow my show dope interviews. We can follow me on Twitter underscores interviews. Make sure you hit up rich kid clothing you know giving me some nice swag out here for the YouTube media as well too. I’m your host Warren Shaw. Thank you so much for joining us here on season two of dope interviews. This has been another dope interview with the homie Mars and we’re out.

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