December 2, 2022 | 4:38 am
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My Father, My Son and My Dreams

Today is Father’s Day. This year is the 25th anniversary of the “Field of Dreams” movie. This is also, most likely, the day I become a father.

I was just a boy when “Field of Dreams” came out. At such a young age there is no way I could’ve understood the movies significance. Nevertheless the movie, along with Robert Redford’s “The Natural” probably led to my life long love affair with baseball.

My father, was not a baseball fan himself. Well at least he wasn’t until I got old enough to join little league. However he did teach me how to throw. Our ballpark wasn’t a corn field in Iowa, but rather the concrete playgrounds of Brooklyn, New York. His quiet but quite obvious pride in my throwing helped me win a couple of trophies in little league. More importantly those positive feelings made me a confident child.

Not surprisingly I grew into a confident man.

Only as a man do I understand the true depth of “Field of Dreams”. A man able to play catch with his deceased father. His late dad, not only alive, but in his prime. That climatic scene stirs emotions within that I struggle to contain. Especially on this particular day. I miss my dad. I can’t wait to meet my son.

Unless reincarnation is a reality, I will never play catch as a child again. However one movie will always remind me of how it felt. My child will never get to play catch with his grandfather, but I will make sure he knows him well.

I will always love my father. I will always love “Field of Dreams”. And my son, I will always love you.

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