December 5, 2022 | 2:09 am
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NBA Baseline: Cap smoothing, the NBA Power 5 & the Celtics and Pacers late push for the playoffs

Finely tuned and ready to discuss the latest topics in the Association, this week The Baseline hits you with some business and pleasure from around the league.

  • We look deeply into the “smoothing cap ” proposal presented by the league to NBA Players Association. The players rejection of this proposal can potentially mean what for both sides? Are these possible signs for another potential lockout? Does this proposal help or hurt the league despite the intent to prevent a salary cap spike from the new TV Deal? And how does having stars at the top of the union leadership in Chris Paul and LeBron James affect the rank and file players in the league?
  • Shaw provides us with his ‘Power 5’ rankings in the NBA. While there is very little doubt on who gets the top spot, it may surprise you who he has penciled in at fifth place.
  • We also look at the NBA and NCAA’s collaboration to help reshape the draft combine rules and regulations which may help not just the league in its participation at the combine, but the student-athletes who must choose the “Game” over “Education.” Find out what the rule does, and why its actually a good thing for both sides.
  • We also discuss two teams in the East who are quietly crashing the bottom seed party with some signature wins in recent weeks.  The Boston Celtics and Indiana Pacers are turning their seasons around in different ways and may come full circle to finding postseason destiny. As the Pacers gel the question on whether or not Paul George should return looms. The Celtics have been fortunate with the play of Isaiah Thomas but it’s been Brad Stevens and the team effort approach that has Boston in charge of their own fate.
  • In Coast to Coast we touch on Kyrie Irving‘s hotness, Bradley Beal‘s guilt, Steve Kerr resting his Warriors and much more.

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