December 5, 2022 | 2:48 am
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NBA Jordan Brand All-Star Uniforms to Debut February 18

In less than a month, the festivities of NBA All-Star weekend will begin in Los Angeles. This year’s All-Star lineup is different than it has been in years past. LeBron James and Stephen Curry were named as team captains, and they met this week to take on a General Manager role and draft their rosters. Unlike previous years where the Eastern and Western Conference have been separated, James and Curry got to pick their lineup regardless of what conference players resided in this year. To see who was selected on each roster check the NBA’s official release here.

Given that the All-Star tradition has made a groundbreaking shift, it’s only fitting that Nike would supply a fresh uniform for the occasion. This year, for the first time in league history, the NBA All-Stars will sport the iconic Jumpman logo on their jerseys for the All-Star game on February 18th.

Nike hosted the Future of Flight event in Los Angeles this week where they announced the NBA All-Star Edition uniforms along with other marquee products. These new threads boast the classic Jordan Brand style with the latest innovation in sports-wear. Nike chose a crisp black and white color scheme including individual team logos with a font that was inspired by Los Angeles street sign typography. The goal for the design was to create a premium look for both on and off the court.

Other interesting components of the design in addition to the Jumpman logo feature “All-Star Edition” above the size tag and knit tape debossed stars down the side of the jersey paying homage to past All-Star uniforms.

Jordan Brand VP of Design, David Creech stated,

“Jordan Brand has always been fearless when it comes to pushing the boundaries of innovation and style. The Jordan Brand NBA All-Star Edition uniform embodies that attitude with a distinctive look. Our goal was to combine the street-premium Jordan sportswear feel with Los Angeles style for a jersey that looks just as good on the court as off it. We’re excited to see this year’s NBA All-Stars represent their teams in Jordan style on the biggest, brightest stage.”

This year’s unique special edition jerseys are sure to be the first of many as Nike has aimed to capture the culture and style of Los Angeles as the host city of All-Star weekend. Abandoning past traditions for a black and white ball of sorts, this year’s new approach and style to the All-Star game is history in the making.

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