December 9, 2022 | 7:17 am
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Nike Air Jordan XXXII launches globally in September

Debuting in 1984, Michael Jordan‘s “Air Jordan” shoe collection with Nike started an NBA trend that has lasted over 32 years. These days, it’s common to see most NBA superstars with a shoe line, but the Jordans are in a league all their own. Nike has chosen to base the creation of this world renowned shoe in Italy as the Italians are known for their attention to finite details that are centered around quality and unmistakable style.

This week, Nike announced that the 32nd installment of the Air Jordans will officially be released starting in September. The latest model of this elite shoe will have two separate styles. The AJ XXXII Rosso Corsa (Italian for “Racing Red”) will debut September 23rd, and the AJ XXXII Bred will be released about a month later on October 18th. Since the dawn of the shoe line, Air Jordans have only expressed three colors: black, white and red–signifying Michael Jordan’s decorated career with the Chicago Bulls.

Jordan himself is still an integral part of each year’s shoe release. For this year’s edition he stated,

“We’ve always explored new materials and technology to create the best game shoe. That was evident when we went to Italy to make the II, and it still rings true today. On the XXXII, we challenged our designers to push the limits while staying true to the brand’s DNA.”

Nike stated that the shoe’s style often distracts consumers from understanding the engineering that goes into designing the best basketball shoe in the world. For example, the upper part of the shoe incorporates a high-tenacity yarn that works to combine stretch, support, and zonal lock down. The AJ XXXII also includes tuned-up flight speed technology in the cushioning that unleashes the energy of the zoom air units. On the bottom of the shoe you’ll also notice a herringbone pattern that delivers multi-directional grip.

The AJ XXXII Rocco Corsa expresses passion and boldness with its classic crimson red coloring. The simple black laces crossed up the front compliment the familiar trademark symbol of Air Jordan. The shoe’s designer Tate Kurbis worked to make the laces disappear into the knit structure, but underneath there is a harness system with webbing that works to lock the foot down.

The AJ XXXII Bred communicates a much more serious vibe in all black, and would best be worn by a player that is all about business, while allowing a little time for style. Players like Russell Westbrook fit the personality of the XXXII Bred perfectly.

Westbrook tried out the XXXII before its release saying,

“The XXXII is a great combination of performance and style. The way I play demands that I have the best performing sneaker on my feet and style is something that is ingrained in me as a person and player.”

The XXXII Bred is also designed to be “suit ready” for those who choose to wear the high-end athletic shoe paired with a suit for more formal events.

Kuerbis also designed the XXVIII, XIX, & XXXI and has acknowledged that the XXVIII is viewed as one of the best Jordans Nike has made.

“The XXVIII is still regarded as one of the best playing game shoes we’ve had…For the XXXII, we pistoned the bag just as much as the XXVIII, but we smoothed out the transition. This set-up allows maximum surface area on the court.”

For the first time ever, Nike also plans to release a low version this year to coincide with the mid-rise XXXII.

Nike has done it once again with this year’s edition of their Air Jordan collection. You’d be hard pressed to find a more stylish and custom engineered basketball shoe on the market. For me, I like the XXXII Bred version a little better. But, for those who are looking for a little more fire and flare, you’re just a few short weeks away from your chance to buy.


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