December 1, 2022 | 12:54 pm
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Operation Anfield

The game is in the 21st minute and the camera man and commentators at Anfield felt it necessary to remind Liverpool fans that Luis Suarez is due to be back on the pitch following this week of Premiere League action. Why the hell would they go out of their way to ruin, what thus far, has been a season that most Liverpool fans have been waiting for since the departure of Spanish striker Fernando Torres to London based rival Chelsea? Liverpool have gotten off to an incredible start which has featured 3 wins and a draw–all three victories with clean sheets as well, a feat not scene from the Reds in almost 100 years.

Prior to his zombie-like attack on Chelsea defender Branislav Ivanovic, Luis Suarez was giving Robin van Persie and former Tottenham attacking-midfielder–last seasons Premiere League Player of the Year and Real Madrid’s newest toy–Gareth Bale a run for the very title that Bale claimed; Suarez had tallied 30 goals in all team competitions and was certainly making a name for himself as one of the deadliest strikers in all of England–no pun intended.

In the moments that followed his suspension for “the bite”, Suarez never appeared to be truly apologetic and seemed to just be rattled by the media’s reaction to his reaction as opposed to realizing that he was an ass and he truly needed to take a moment to apologize to everyone in an actual public apology rather than cry about the treatment he was receiving following the meltdown that ensued. Now I know that was a very long run-on sentence, but the fact remains that like that sentence, what Suarez did made no sense.

Luis Suarez is delusional. He doesn’t understand the treatment he is receiving from the fans and the media because before he decided to take his frustration out on Ivanovic, he had already done it; bit another opponent. In his mind it was an acceptable way to express his frustration from not getting foul calls every time some one touched him or every time he went to the ground. He either knew that an apology, no matter how heart-felt, would seem like a lie or disingenuous because he is now a repeat offender or he knew that he wasn’t sorry and didn’t see the point. Either way, rather than attempt to pretend to be sorry, all he did was bitch about the treatment and the headlines then used the Uruguayan media during International play to say that he was done at Liverpool and that he expects the Reds to honor his transfer request.

I have a question. Why don’t you honor your contract, shut your mouth, stop talking, stop biting, and play the game the right way? The team has not lost in it’s last 9 games–a stretch that features 7 wins and 2 draws dating back to the end of last season–and sits atop the League Table for the first time in a long time; this all without the help of Suarez.

Now obviously, any team would most certainly benefit from having a 30 goal-scorer on its roster, especially one that is already sitting in first place, but what if he ruins the chemistry of the team? What if the cost of his goals means a chance at returning to the Champions League? If this guy hasn’t figured it out yet, when will he?

Keeping all of that in mind, it is now the 48th minute of a scoreless game versus Southampton and Anfield is nervously quiet.

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