October 4, 2022 | 4:51 pm
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Putting LEGO pieces together truly becomes ‘The LEGO Movie’

In thinking about ‘The LEGO Movie’  before its release, there were some serious doubt that this film could entertain and hold the attention of more than just children.

Yureka what a happy surprise,  it was completely “AWESOME”!

The movie was really creative, funny, witty and absolutely enjoyable for the whole family. The director and creative geniuses who innovatively made LEGO pieces ‘real’ for the audience was simply amazing. The writing and wit of the comedy was truly ‘laugh out loud’ funny. Even the serious and ominous voice of the great ‘Morgan Freeman‘ was used for some great belly holding for movie goers.

The lead LEGO character was perfectly voiced by Chris Pratt and his mysterious love interest was uniquely voiced by Elizabeth Banks. Classic LEGO characters such as ‘Batman’, who’s voice was expertly done by Will Arnett, coupled with the hysterical ‘Will Ferrell‘ completed all the necessary pieces for ‘The LEGO movie’. The film captured all the scenes from the classic to new LEGO worlds that are featured in a toy store near you.

All in all, the audience was left with a cute and catchy song to hum along to for the rest of the day, as well as a unique cartoon comedy that works for everyone. This movie was fantastic…”Everything was awesome”! Make sure to ‘assemble’ the family to catch this at the theaters very soon.

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