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Robert Sarver and the Suns plus the surprise of the Cavs, Knicks and Celtics

This week we weigh in on the Robert Sarver scandal that has rocked the NBA and the foundation of the Phoenix Suns. Who should take the brunt of the blame?

In our segment of The Drop, some of our favorite social media/podcasting colleagues gave their confessionals and may need to reverse course on their early-season predictions. We have a little fun with our listeners as they admit maybe they were wrong about…

@winduster – I thought Tyler Herro wouldn’t do anything this year.

@MNKeatonH – I didn’t think the Knicks would be better than last season.

@ejchristian7 – The Cavs. I thought they would be a bottom feeder of the Association. Lots of ball to be played and I still don’t think they’re a playoff team BUT certainly much better than I anticipated.

@tylerjmcdowell – Miles. Bridges.

@abtohassan – I thought the Celtics were going to be good. I was dead wrong. I thought Jalen Green was going to be lights out and I was dead wrong there too (so far)

@gamefacelee – The Bulls look to run up on that 10 wins above last season’s wins. And they look like they may do it.

It’s a jam-packed episode. Download and Discuss with Us!

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Cal Lee 00:58
This is the baseline discussing the hot button topics of the end. Be a welcome everybody. You’re tuned to the baseline Callie Warren Shaw Jabari Davis discussing the hot button topics of the NBA. It is hot and heavy in these NBA streets. As much as the action is going on to court man, there’s so much happening off the court. And it just cannot be said man it’s this is exactly the reason why it’s important to make sure that we keep our finger on the pulse of what’s going on in all aspects of what’s happening with the association. So let me go and roll out the red carpet to my right hand man’s my peoples WWW dot shot Big Kahuna PNC my man Mr. Warren Shaw, and then also out in Tucson, Arizona. My brother repping out that west side, my man mr. Jabari Davis was good fellas, man Hey, the NBA STS is talking loud and clear.

Warren Shaw 01:49
Yes, that’s an understatement family. It’s screaming at us like a banshee guy like it is wild, wild wild stuff happening in the NBA and you wish and you would hope it would be a little less dramatic and a little less political. But you know, a lot of NBA shows and podcasts are talking about the new basketball and they’re talking about the files and the new rules and all of that. But we have a big big story to cover as one of the owners are here are tripping. And we already knew that was gonna be the case. But otherwise, you know, it’s business as usual in NBA JD, would you say a fam?

Jabari Davis 02:19
Yeah, I’m gonna keep it real with you. The basketball has been great. You know, there’s some teams that are under underperformance and players that maybe haven’t gotten to go in yet. But I’ve been happy with the basketball. But you know, this is just another case of one of the you know, the meme, you know, the NBA has gone zero days without being overly dramatic. Here we are.

Cal Lee 02:36
Yeah, and it’s an unfortunate circumstance, that the focus is not on the quality of play on the court, because I think a lot can be said about some teams. Totally overperforming. Some teams definitely underperforming. And some of the teams that are exactly who we thought they’d be right, like so. But again, part of this is what is the culture reflecting as far as the marketability of the game and where it is, as far as the viability of the game. So it’s going to open up a few doors, so to speak, that we’re going to have to walk in through, hopefully it when we come out of it. And hopefully, when you guys come out of it with us, there may be some some insight, you know, as to where we’re going to be when this is all said and done. So we’re definitely going to get into the situation that’s going on with the Phoenix Suns, and their owner Robert Sarver and the allegations. So that is a can’t miss discussion that we are going to have in a few moments in our segment of the breakdown. And then in our segment of the drop, man, little good little good stuff, man. Obviously, we were making our predictions in the beginning of the season. And hey, man, you know, we got to have prediction, predictors, remorse, right, like, Are we are we truly standing by what we were standing on a couple months ago with our, you know, philosophical, philosophical notions of what we thought was going on with the NBA and some of these teams and players and so forth and so on. So we got a lot to get into. And as always, we appreciate you and us for hopping on board with us. As always, give me a shot astral sports, NBA get him a man jabariya Jabari Davis NBA or you can get at me at Gameface Li, the show’s twitter handle at NBA baseline, you know where to find this just add baseline into your search of whatever you use to listen to podcasts. And when the baseline comes up, just add us on and allow us to be your go to resource discussing all things happening in the association. If you want to check out this episode and our other episodes, be sure to go to www dot the baseline That’s where you get the good stuff and you have as much free time as possible to listen to us wax poetic about all the good things you love and like to hear in regards to the association. Also you know that the baseline is rolling with 19 Media 90 Media Group is running these content streets. So not only do we get into the basketball but we also get into culture, music, politics, you name it, we on it. If you want to check out some Some really great quality content, be sure to go to 19 Media Group comm where you can download the baseline and the family of other great shows that are available on that site. So let’s get right into it. You know how we do. You know how we roll, we got a lot to get into. It’s time now for the breakdown. Time to break it. Down put the time now for the break down Callie Warren Shaw, Jabari Davis discussing the hot button topics of the NBA and our topic for the breakdown. Listen, it cannot be avoided, and it must be discussed. It is clearly in regards to the blockbuster story that was broken by ESPN. In their their investigation team, the team that they usually like to put together who breaks storylines that just don’t fall within the purview of just the gaming of itself. But specifically in regards to the the the the atmosphere that affects the game. And clearly All eyes are now completely focused on the Phoenix Suns and their owner Robert Sarver who has been accused of making racist, misogynistic comments, and also ultimately cultivating a culture over the last 17 years. That is, that permeates this type of attitude and the way that is being perceived as uncomfortable to say the least by numerous people who have stepped forward, obviously most in anonymity, who have stepped forward and have spoken to these particular allegations. And so I’m going to start with you, Shaw. When we get into really to the heart of this. We knew that something was going to happen, right? Like because this is an extension of what has taken place with the investigations regarding the Washington football team. With the situation that has happened to Jon Gruden and his Exodus as being the head coach for the Las Vegas Raiders. It was only a matter of time before this sieve of what we have already understood being the good old boys club had to have an effect with another big sports entity sports culture in basketball. And now our focus is right back again. After we’re fresh off of Donald Sterling, we got to look at a guy like Robert Sarver we’ve known as being not the greatest of owners. But this now takes it to a whole new level of just man, like we still have this kind of nonsense going on in the NBA stratosphere as it comes to ownership.

Warren Shaw 07:46
Well, again, it’s a it’s kind of the old adage, like, Stop me if you’ve heard this one before, right? A guy with millions and billions of dollars, if he will, has irrational and misogynistic and racist tendencies based on the privileges that they’ve retrained with their money. And to see that happen in the NBA is again, as you alluded to, it’s not the first time there are more servers out there. There are more Donald Sterling’s out there that haven’t been uncloaked, if you will. And I think what’s what we’re seeing here and Baxter Holmes story is just the tip of the iceberg with 7070 people coming out and saying different various accounts, and probably that now, the most notable is Earl Watson, Earl has taken AIG and said, hey, you know, I think what you want to me, I know what I had to deal with. And I’ll address the situation when I’m ready further, you know, URLs, I think he’s in Toronto right now. And this as an assistant coach, this is just, again, I think it’s just the tip of the iceberg. And you You hate to be right about something like this because remember a couple weeks ago, after some emails really got recruiters emails will leak and then we got the question in our mailbag, which owners email shouldn’t be leak, and I flippantly jokingly have hardly jokingly said proper solder. I said they write in high right now because the sun’s go went to the NBA finals and you know, they got them one hell of a brother in the coach and Monty Williams and one hell of like a point guard and pop. I mean, Chris Paul, and that doesn’t take away all the negativity and all the bullshit that has been happening behind the scenes just because your product has finally you know, been able to be good on the court. I don’t want to go on and on and on. I want to let JD here and get get get him some of this. There’s a wild wild story, but Robert Sabra in the Phoenix Suns

Jabari Davis 09:37
Yeah, you know, to be clear, the league had to know this was coming like that whole you know, you know, we’re starting our investigation now Stop it Stop all that ESPN is a lead partner and you know it props and shout out to Baxter Holmes, he did a fantastic job with this and anybody else that was associated, you know, with the with the research and the background on it, but you know, but yeah, the reason ESPN is a lead partner, they would have absolutely you know, been going to you Going to the league for confirmation on things for follow up on certain on things. And honestly, I believe to give them even a heads up, you know about the situation. But anyway, look, allegedly according to report, there’s W they’ve double digit members of the staff that corroborated the story of him actively displaying a picture of his wife in a bikini and mentioning how often she or her mentioning her, you know, performing oral sex on, you know, I’m saying, you know, according to report, this man, this man, upon hearing that LaMarcus Aldridge wanted to stay close to his family is, again, allegedly, according to this report, his response was that the sons essentially need to enlist the help of local strippers to get pregnant in order to play into wanting to stay in the area. This is a man that again, according to report repeatedly used the N word, both in general conversation, but specifically in terms of with Lindsey Hunter, longtime guys been in around the league forever. But anyhow, he basically and I’m gonna, I’m gonna paraphrase it, he was looking for an overseer. This is not a good person. I don’t care. I don’t I’m not going to I’m not gonna mince words, you know, I know that, you know, he and the team, you know, they’ve come out. And they’ve said, like, oh, you know, there’s no truth to a lot of these things. And and to be honest with you on some of this stuff, they’re like, Well, yeah, I said it, but not quite like, it’s like, no, no, no, this is also a man that said, you know, and I quote, according to the story, I do not like diversity, because it makes it hard for people to agree. But that pretty much says all that all the all that’s needed here, you’re dealing with someone that you know, to Warren’s point, that’s coming from a place of privilege, you know, he appears to come across as someone that is accustomed to saying and acting however, he wants, no matter the situation or the circumstance, you know, I don’t know if he’s a bigot, or a card carrying member of the Klan or anything like that. But I will say the details of this report certainly do paint a picture of ignorant prejudice. And besides, you know, beyond some other things.

Cal Lee 11:58
Yeah, I mean, there’s a lot to, to unpack when it comes to, what exactly is it that we’re really directing our ire it on? Right, like, I think there’s, there’s so many different layers to this. I think the most important thing is, you know, when we’re addressing the terminology, or addressing the concept of racism, the problem that I have at times is that all too often it not, oui, oui, oui, convolute. This perception that racism should only strictly be what’s being done to black people. Okay. Racism is more than just that. Okay? If he’s making comments that is depicting and demeaning, an another, another race of people, indigenous and Native American. I don’t even care if it’s his own Anglo Saxon, right. It is the suggestion. It is the mentality, it is the mind state, it is the actual things that are being set. The problem that I have more than anything, because we can sit here and dance around some of the things that you know, he saying he didn’t say and did say, the biggest part of this that I think needs to be highlighted is the fact that there are more than 70 people who have basically attested to the fact that he has cultivated a toxic environment in which people do not feel comfortable and did not feel safe, working around. And I think if you are the NBA, and you are sitting here talking about how you care about the people in the arena’s you care about the work staff you care about the people who are, are really the foundation for how a lot of these organizations are able to even give the fans a place for them to come watch their favorite players play or their favorite teams play. You cannot sit here and not tell me that you were not aware of the fact that this was going on under your watch. Now, I say this not to say oh, you know, Adam Silver is a horrible Commissioner. What I’m saying is and this you can even hold David Stern to hold his feet to the fire to this as well to this is exactly the reason why the NBA needs to take a firmer stance and protecting its own shield, then laying at the feet of well because we have 30 Something owners that have these teams that we’re giving them the autonomy for them to kind of clean up their own messes. You cannot afford to do that. Because when you do think when you see things like this come about, it really highlights how we as people now have to pick up the pieces that the NBA EA is failing to do. It almost makes it seem like what you were doing over the last couple of years was partial to what the whole conversation should be, right? Because in order for us to believe that the NBA is about what they’re saying, they’re they’re about and all of this money being passed around on all these different initiatives that they’re doing, working in collaboration and partnership with the NBA, with the nbpa and everything like that. You cannot sit here and say that you’re wholeheartedly giving that same kind of effort, when there are actual teams, with owners who are creating this kind of environment and saying, The NBA is fully ahead of this. The NBA is at the forefront of this. You can’t be at the forefront of it. Because you clearly have people who work literally for the NBA, even though they work specifically for the Phoenix Suns, who feel like they are marginalized. They are being demeaned. There, they are basically nobody, unless something like this occurs. And that’s just not a good look. No matter how you slice it. It’s just not a good look.

Warren Shaw 16:08
I will paraphrase you know, something I heard on Sirius XM, NBA radio, and I believe with Antonio Daniels, Antonio Daniels, who said, he was like, listen, even if it was just one person, that’s one too many. Right? I think you know, you have 70 people’s accounts of this, but then I think he was on with I think Rick rich, Rick Kamla. And it’s like, well, we need to wait and see until you need to wait and see a damn thing. Like, if it was one person, that’s one too many, or Watson is a respected member of the NBA community. And he’s out here saying X and X y&z happen and X y&z happen. And I understand, you know, the whole guilty, you know, not guilty until proven innocent situation, whatever the case may be, but it’s very hard for me in my glory, if you will, to sit here and think that nothing didn’t happen. My final point is this, you know, and this is not even on the racist perspective, so to speak. But I once had a job where the supervisor, we had three supervisors, and the middle tier supervisor was, he was interesting, let’s just let’s call it that. Right. He was an interesting dude. And he seemed to have it out for everybody. But he had favorites. I was actually one of his favorites. So I never got the ire and all the BS that he gave to other people. But I couldn’t be ignorant to seem like, oh, I don’t know he’s not treating Johnny that way. No, Johnny’s being treated like shit, I want to 100% know that, I want to proceed that that’s not my experience. But I know this is happening within this organization. So I think for all those who are coming to his quote, unquote, the fence, he may have not been that way with them for whatever reason, but it happened enough throughout the course of the 17 plus years now. And many people have been impacted by some of the things he said and did. And I think again, I don’t want to be that guy, but I’m gonna be that guy. You know, there’s a situation here that the NBA is definitely gonna have to address and I don’t I’m find it very hard to believe that he’s innocent of all charges if you are all allegations. I guess that’s a better way to say it.

Cal Lee 18:04
One thing before you jump in Jabari, one thing I want to add on to what you’re saying, though, shot, and again, this is part of the reason why I guess a lot of my, my fire is being directed more so to the NBA. You know, when when individuals like James Jones, who I think is doing a phenomenal job for the Phoenix Suns, right? He is in a very precarious situation. He’s really in a situation that if the NBA held its own, and James Jones is about the shield about the NBA more so than just about only being about the Phoenix Suns, he could be that type of person where he’s like, Listen, I don’t feel like I need to compromise who I am, as a black man, in an executive role, doing something that very few black men get the opportunity to do, right, which is pretty much put other black men in a position where they can be qualified for certain roles. And I know a lot of people throw this out there saying, oh, you know, well, if you, you know, you can at least say that the server has done that. So he can’t be racist, it’s got nothing to do with it. But if you’re the NBA, you should be protecting that, right? Like James Jones shouldn’t have to be the person to sit here and say, Well, I don’t ever recall that type of server that all of these people are describing. It shouldn’t even get to that point. Because to your point SHA, one person is one to many. And if you’re James Jones, you’re like, I have no comment in regards to this situation. I am just hoping that that the Phoenix Suns organization, as I am here, present, are are not doing these particular things. And we will wait and see what will occur when it needs to occur. But when he asked to come out and speak on behalf of the person who pretty much gave him the job, because not enough black men are out there in a circle can collectively say he shouldn’t be subjected to something like that. Because even if we’re saying that, right, that server wasn’t like that. to James Jones, James Jones shouldn’t be in a position to have to say I’m speaking for all a few of those executives who are hired by people who are considered racist or misogynistic to sit here and say, Well, I have to represent that brand if the NBA steps in, he, they should be protecting people like James Jones, so that it doesn’t get to that point. Because at the end of the day, regardless of whether it gets cleared or not cleared, James Jones still has to figure out a way to clean the stench off of this, and he won’t be able to do that. And it’s unfair to someone like him, who simply is trying to put together a team that goes out and competes for its fans. And at the same time is a good representation for the NBA shield.

Jabari Davis 20:46
Listen, I’m gonna make this real simple. Much like usually in situations like this, like someone does some racist shit, or you know, anything is as shit. So, you know, some brothers gonna be put off right? Friends enter your hell, you know, you know, I’ll take this blow. It’s I agree with you, cow. It’s not fair for James Jones to be that one. It’s not fair for Monty Williams to be that one. In a matter of fact, it’s funny because I had a conversation with a with a good, honestly, somebody I consider a good friend, and this is straight off of Twitter. And he was basically he considered himself an ally. And he definitely he definitely has shown to be that. And he was basically saying, like, I’m always in, I’m kind of always caught between specifically because I don’t know whether, like, this is my time that I need to step up and speak. Or this is the time when I where I need to shut the hell up and listen. And I told him, I was like, look, look at this example. James Jones, James Jones, Monty Williams, they’re the ones that are gonna be out front and center. You’re dealing with this, but then you have people like Steve Kerr, and I’m gonna name names Steve Kerr, and Rex Chapman and though and that type of folks that felt the need in the moment with all of this information out there again, O’Neill, no one forced him to make these statements felt the need in the moment to say not my Robert, and I’m going to tell you right now, that’s been bullshit and it is bullshit and I’m not standing for it anymore. They are jokes for that. They don’t like it’s the same exact thing is when someone’s that your people will say this is a crass, you know, comparison, but when someone makes a you know, sexual assault allegation, and and then someone else from that person’s life says, Oh, he’s never raped me. It’s like, yeah, you fuckface no one said, excuse my language. I’m very passionate about this. Yet no one said he raped you. She said he raped her. In these situations, I’m sick and tired of people getting the pass. I’m sick and tired of people covering from what for what another, I’m sick and tired of people go and go unjust. You’re presenting it as this, you know, you know what you were doing, you’re trying to cover a guy that the hammer is about to come down. So I’ll wrap this up with this. It’s time for the league to step up across the board. You think that after the Sterling situation, after the Knicks situation from the Zeke days, several Maverick situations, you would think that the league would have gone to these teams and these owners, you know, these ownership groups and let them know to get this crap in line. But it ultimately winds up being the case of a lot of rich and powerful people that don’t like to be told what they can do by anyone. And the league has allowed itself to be placed on the spot, you’ll in this spotlight, once again, this league let Sterling rock for parts of three decades, if I’m not mistaken, even though he had plenty of strikes against him, right? Mark Cuban, and allow me to nod to our dump tails, guys, you know, because they mentioned this on their show this week as well. They’re doing a fantastic job, make sure that you check them out, shout out, you know, fellow 19 Media Group, but Mark Cuban, by the way, he was the one that he’s had, you know, even though he’s had several, you know, several significant organizational issues that we know of, at least he was the loudest one effectively in the defense of sterling back in the day, warning that there was if I’m not mistaken, I’m gonna paraphrase it. I can’t say it’s a direct quote, but basically that it’s a slippery slope, if you force them out of the league. Oh, yes. What? It’d be a, it’s time. It’s time. But

Cal Lee 24:05
here’s the thing, and I’ll end it on this particular note. Okay. This, again, unfortunately shows how frail the empowerment really is with Adam Silver, and the NBA brand. And I hate saying that because I really do like Adam Silver. I think he is a I think he’s I think he’s a solid person. But when I don’t see him really exercise the true power of the true power that the NBA should should should yield, because it should be about the shield. It almost makes me like Roger Goodell better than Adam Silver. And exactly and I go up, because but I’ve seen where Roger Goodell has at least acted like, Hey, I don’t give a damn if you’re Robert Kraft and you’re the Patriots and you’ve been running the NFL You know, getting championships for 1520 something years, you freaking cheated, man, you know, I’m saying like, You’re a cheater. Right? And we will call you out on that. Right? And so I’m not using it because this is are far, far greater. But what I’m talking about is we have, we see where truly, some commissioners get it. Right. And I’m hoping, I don’t know, maybe I’m just I’m hopelessly hoping I’m hoping that Adam Silver recognizes that this cannot continue any longer, he needs to step in on these owners. And he needs to start exercising the importance of the fact that if the owners can’t get themselves right, then the NBA should get them out. And get people in there that are going to do the job correctly. Because no matter what you no matter what they think and say, doesn’t matter how much money is out there. Owning a team is a job, it is a requirement. And what it is, is giving pass for a lot of the nonsense that’s going on simply because they’ve got money, and they collectively can make decisions. And the NBA and the commissioner have to side with the owners on those decisions. No, if the NBA is the brand, if the NBA is something more than just the players, and then just the owners, then the NBA has to step independently and say, you are making money off of this shield, you are making money off this brand, this cannot be tolerated. And when you do things like this, you can no longer be a part of this. And that’s where the NBA is gonna, unfortunately have to get to that point, they have got to sever themselves from being on the side of what the owners do from being on the side of what the players do. They need to be independent, so that when things like this occur, there isn’t favoritism on any side of this. If it’s hurting brand, if it’s hurting the shield, if it’s hurting the players, if it’s hurting the people who are working underneath this shield, you have to hold those people accountable. And unfortunately, the way that this is going to play out even if they decide to get all of these independent lawyers to step in, and they do this investigation, Adam Silver needs to get out in front and he needs to figure out a way to separate the NBA from the perception and the way that the owners are using the NBA to get away with the things that they’re getting away with or else we’re gonna come right back to the same situation when the next scandal pops out. And Baxter Holmes and his people released another story on another thing that obviously has not been completely been cleared or has been completely uncovered properly as it pertains to ownership and the way that they conduct themselves with their own teams. You’re tuned to the baseline. Callie Warren Shaw, Jabari Davis discussing the hot button topics of the NBA. Coming up. We’ve got the drop. And when we drop stuff. Hey, baby, it’s like a hammer. On top of Thor. That’s how heavy we drop it. It’s gonna be some good stuff. We’re gonna do some revisionist history. And do we have predictions remorse? I know I do. And you cannot I’m sure you cannot wait to find out what I have to say that I’m going to have to fall back on. So we’ll get into that a little bit more. Here on the baseline. Support for the baseline is brought to you by manscaped who is the best in men’s below the waist grooming champions of the world. manscape offers precision engineer tools for your family jewels. manscape just launched their fourth generation trimmer, the lawnmower 4.0 You heard that right? Or point oh, join over 2 million men worldwide trust manscaped with this exclusive offer for you 20% off and free worldwide shipping with the code baseline and make sure you go to you put in a promo code baseline showing love to the crew and more importantly, showing love to you

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Cal Lee 31:25
our segment of the drop is brought to you by Gatorade knows there’s no one path is actually takes to unlock your true greatness. For DK Metcalf. Greatness starts with an early morning grind, going hard when everybody else wants to quit. For world record breaking TrackSTar Sydney McLaughlin it’s all about setting of goals and working hard every day to shatter it. And for Jason Tatum. Greatness starts with giving everything to live up to the legends that came before him. Whatever path you take to greatness, Gatorade proven formula is there to help you fuel it. Greatness starts with G Time now for the drop Cowley Warren show and the glorious Jabara Davis was giggling in the background a moment ago. I’m sure he’ll he’ll he’ll let us know exactly like like what that was for when he told me what it was for. So I’m like, damn, alright. So this topic of the drop, man, basically, we’re having prediction is history. Clearly, we were making some predictions at the beginning of this of the season. And you know, listen, it’s early, you know, it’s, we’re not even a quarter way into the season. But there are certain things that are trending much into the direction of me. Yeah, maybe we have maybe I have to fall back on one or two things that I was predicting was going to occur or not occur. So with that being said, Jabari, I will let you lead this officer. Help us go through our prediction is history. Okay, you want me to go through the full list? Yes, please. Absolutely. The floor is yours, sir. Alright,

Jabari Davis 33:14
shout out to our it and appreciate it. Appreciate it when I was laughing at it because you went into your like Sunday night late radio voice when you said That’s right, baby. We’re dropping the hammer. Okay, all right. Hey, do what you do. Alright. Anyhow, going back to this shout out to our guys we get you know, we got some we got some response on the timeline and some get some came from fellow 19 media folks, some came from listeners and we definitely appreciate all of you. But the first one was our guy wins at wind duster that is Brad Winchester. He is one of the CO hosts of the gimmick infringement podcast. Anybody that’s a wrestling fan. Definitely want to check that out. But what he said was, maybe I was wrong, because I thought Tyler hero wouldn’t do anything this year. I’ll turn it over to you guys because I’m going to acknowledge I was probably right alongside him. I didn’t think he wasn’t going to do anything. I just didn’t didn’t necessarily anticipate him starting the year the way he is.

Cal Lee 34:06
Well, I in fairness before you go Shaw in fairness, I didn’t expect him to explode. Um, you know what I’m saying? The way that he did like hot out the hot out fresh out the wrapper, just coming straight out firing like Peter guns and Lord to reek you know I’m saying and have me thinking that like he is the next and greatest thing since sliced bread for the Miami Heat. Whether or not he’s able to sustain that. I mean, that that to me is left to be desired. But it’s clear to me that he is definitely have a different mindset coming into this season which can only bolster and help this already solid Miami Heat Team. If this is the kind of output that the Miami Heat are going to be getting from Tyler hero, then you know, absolutely, but, you know, I knew he was gonna probably do something he would get his opportunity to do something I just didn’t know my man was gonna be like kicking fire out of people’s ass. You know, straight up from the jump for the beginning of season. I thought it was gonna be like a slow walkthrough so far.

Warren Shaw 35:09
I thought it was gonna smolder nah, nah, hey, listen, my guys, I said I thought he’d be the sixth man of the year. So well, he didn’t win it by the 19 mediagroup prediction. I was like, I think he’s gonna be that. And I told I said that. I think I was a year early because I thought coming off the bubble, he was gonna light the world on fire. And we saw what happened last year, you know. So he’s heard the slander. And he has course corrected. And so I think what we’re seeing right now was a guy who’s motivated, who wants to be mentioned right in the likes of Luka dodge and John Moran and Trey young. So while he’s not that he’s the next closest thing when it comes to bench bench players, and a guy who’s going to still play 30 plus minutes a night and trying to do a little bit more than just be a scorer. He’s also out there trying to create for his guys as well a little bit too and make the right plays and I think the Miami Heat are are starting to see you know what, alright, we can we can redeem ourselves from all designer we took from not trading him, you know, when we had opportunities to get other, more established superstars, Italian heroes are gonna be the way that he’s been so far this year. But in

Cal Lee 36:13
fairness, in fairness, though, I mean, to me when we’re talking about him wanting to be in that conversation of the train, Young’s Luka, doncic, Ches, and others, to me, that would have warranted him being you know, a starter right. Now, I understand that the way that the heat are structured, that’s not necessarily the best way to even use him, which I think he is ultimately realizing. But I to me, when we were having those kind of conversations, I was under the impression that the idea would be that they’re trying to figure out a way for this guy to be the premier to guard that they, you know, that they desperately would want or the or the premier guard and having Kyle Lowry is going to get him to that place where he’s, he now understands, like, there’s a maturity in what he’s doing. I’m just glad to hear you’re saying hey, you go and score the damn basketball, we got a point guard that’s going to be able to lead and do everything else. So you just go out there and go get buckets and I think that is what’s been helping Tyler hero and making him one of the most exciting guards that to be in that kind of conversation with you know, Trey young and Luca, Don kitchen, those guys.

Jabari Davis 37:14
I look at it like this, he doesn’t have to be, you know, seen as those guys. And and I and I will differentiate like those guys are, you know, top line guys that are, you know, the, the, you know, the backbone of the team, as opposed to, you know, one of the pieces, but that’s okay. I’m gonna tell you, I’ll say it just like this. I’m a fan of someone that walks. You know, if someone just talks it, I’m like, Yeah, that sounds cute. Sounds nice. But I’m a fan of someone that can do that goes out and shows. So I’m here for the energy Tyler. Keep it up. Yo, it i f if at the end of the year, you want to come on to the baseline and say, I’m gonna need you to shut the hell up. I’d be here for it. But you don’t have to keep this up. Alright, give it a go. We got a we have a few more. Shout out to my mom. Did you have anything else on here? Now

Cal Lee 38:01
just need to take that take that take?

Jabari Davis 38:03
Exactly take that. She keep it going? Shout out to my guy. He’s been following me for a while you’ll actually goes back with me way back in the day. But it’s at him in so for you for Minnesota, Keaton. Ah, really good guy good follow as well, you know, kind of like, you know, Evergreen dude. But anyhow, he says, and I think that at least one of you will will relate to this. He says I didn’t think that the Knicks would be better than last season.

Warren Shaw 38:30
I don’t think the Knicks are better than less. So I think they’re just as good. I mean, it I think a lot of people expect that the drop off. But I think so far what we’ve seen was and it hasn’t been sustainable. Ironically, you know, they started off the first couple of games shooting the three ball lights out, and I think actually shoot the most amount of threes per game as well, too, which is absurd for a Tom Tibideaux led team. But that tapered off a little bit as we record tonight, they actually just had a nice win over Milwaukee, Milwaukee still banged up. So I’m not trying to take anything away from New York in that in that situation. They’re going out here and getting it done. And you can only play who’s in front of you. So I don’t think they’re better than last season. But I think they’re at least equivalent to and if that’s the statement, I could say like, yeah, maybe I didn’t think they’d be in the contention for four or five. Again, I just think that the rest of these got so much better. But there’s they’re maintaining their pace. And I think that’s that’s commendable.

Cal Lee 39:18
Look, I thought that the Knicks would be a better team, because they’re going to have to be simply because they’re going to have to figure out a way to separate them separate themselves and really give themselves an opportunity or chance now, it certainly wasn’t gonna be predicated on just them getting Kemba Walker, but I will say for us to feel like for everyone else to feel like the New York Knicks are going to be a better basketball team. It’s going to be based on what Kemba Walker gives them. You know, I think Julius Randle will take a step forward. I think RJ Barrett is going to take a step forward no question and they’re already proving that they’re, they’re still a solid defensive team. It does surprise me that they’re jacking the three up quite as you know, as if not more that they’re on pace, clearly to Eclipse or whatever they did last year. I’m not sold on Evan Fornia. Maybe Shawn still is. I again? I just

Warren Shaw 40:07
still never.

Cal Lee 40:09
I’ll never never Google. Yeah, I’ll never ever, ever, ever, ever. No, never ever. Look, Evan Fournier is a good player. But I, again, New York Knicks fans, especially out here and he’s doing it all day talking about all Yeah, this is a much improved team or deeper team, you perform a on there and you put him on like, yeah, you can roll the dice with that. The way that the Knicks get better is through their core players. If they step up and play better and are better than the Knicks are better, but not because of those two guys, because you don’t know what you’re getting from them. You don’t know if Kim is gonna stay healthy. You don’t know if Evan Fornia can stay consistent. You know what I’m saying? Like? That, to me is not the reason why I would say that the next would be better, I think that they are going to have to be better, because you still deal with the you still deal with the nets. You still deal with the with the Sixers. And if you really think about it, the Celtics are essentially taking a step back, right? I’ve said that the Toronto Raptors are going to don’t be deceived by them that they’re going to be an improved basketball team. Right? So an eight like, it’s it’s easy peasy. You know, when they position themselves to be in that four or five seat like last season, they are going to be challenged, especially in that division. You know, I’m saying so they’re going to have to be better just by just in that of itself.

Jabari Davis 41:24
Listen, for Knicks fans, I just hope they are good, stay healthy, or relatively healthy, you know, so that honestly, we can continue to have to expand to go in depth on the timeline. All right, let’s keep it going. Because we got we have four more of these and you know what this one comes from? You know, it’s funny. Another New Yorker turn south Floridian or actually Central Florida and like you weren’t even at EJ Christian seven. Shout out to ej man, I go back with him probably, actually, since the days when I started on Twitter. But he said the calves I thought you knew speaking as EJ I thought that they would be a bottom feeder of the association. Lots of ball, lots of ball to be played. And I still don’t think they’re a playoff team. But certainly they’re much better than I anticipated. If they wound up being a playoff team. I think that would surprise all three of us because I don’t think either of us had them in there even though you know we were somewhat optimistic.

Warren Shaw 42:13
No, we weren’t. We we had them sniffing sniffing the dog shit around the Eastern Conference with the Orlando Magic. None of us were like they were in our last year it is going to be a hell of a season for JB Bickerstaff. God bless you, bro. hope it all works out. But we didn’t want to be this. Yeah. And they’ve been able to run out through the three big lineup marking it at small forward mind you just madness and then Mobley has been masterful as a rookie at the power forward position. And jared allen has definitely gotten you know, he’s he’s proven to be worth well, maybe not worth all the dollars, but not you know, he’s not a bust. And I think that’s important. And to me, with all this said Collin Sexton has really played all that great. And garlin hasn’t played amazingly as well, too. And they’ve both been a little bit inconsistent and then gone missing, missing some games. Saxon missed a couple of games. Rubio has been great for them off the bench. So brick stuff hasn’t gone in Cleveland man. And you know, they’re above 500 out again, as we record the night they just beat Toronto. And Toronto has been playing great, great basketball as well to this Cavs team is definitely much better than we thought they were. And I think we all the counselor topology.

Cal Lee 43:21
Yeah, definitely. And you remember I was saying before, like when we were giving, I think one of the questions that was posed to us earlier in before the season started was, you know, who do we think might might wind up getting fired first, who’s basically on the hot seat? And obviously, my first thought process was going to be Luke Walton. If the Sacramento Kings team does not look like they’re going to prepare to compete, you know, for the season. Clearly, that’s what they’re doing right now. I don’t know whether that’s going to salvage or save his job. But I really hate to say this man, the next person in line that will probably have themselves being escorted out is going to want to be in Dwayne Casey. Because Detroit Pistons are just horrible basketball team and a punching bag for everybody right now that you if you’re on a on a losing streak, and you want to stop that losing streak. I’m sure you’re looking for the Detroit Pistons to be the next team that you’re going to want to playing against. Right like it’s it’s that bad. With that being said, we were thinking that the Cleveland Cavaliers are going to be worse than that. Right? And right now, they have four more wins of the Detroit Pistons while be early, right, they’re like right in the thick of it, you know, so I give props to to JB Bickerstaff. He is doing a hell of a job. Maybe these guys are overachieving. But this has always been about the bad teams, they get off to good starts. And they give themselves a chance now whether or not it pans out? We don’t know. But over the last few seasons, this is what we’ve seen with the Charlotte Hornets is what we’ve seen with the Orlando Magic. They are still in the conversation if they hang around by trade deadline time, or by All Star Weekend, and they’re in there hovering around even if they’re four or five games under 500. That’s still a hell I have a markup for 14 that we were saying may not even sniff out 22 wins by season’s end.

Jabari Davis 45:10
All right, let’s keep it going. Shout out to our guy at Tyler J. McDowell. He’s also he’s the other co host of the gimmick infringement podcast. Definitely check them out. And Calum coming at you first with this one. His is simple miles period, bridges pre

Cal Lee 45:25
period, mile, you period. You say Mile Zero, double zero triple zero bridges. I’m gonna do I’m gonna do like how you do miles Emmanuel bridges. I like that man. Mama that goes that man, I’m you know, saying shout out to Mark Jackson, right? Like yo, I’ve said, Watch out for this kid. Like, there’s something about him, there’s an energy about him. He is an Eastern Conference version of Draymond Green. Now, he’s gone from a guy that was relatively more about the energy to legitimately being a guy who is just like freaking off the chain average and 24 points per game, and is very quickly in the conversation of being most improved. And if you’re going to basically pair him up what you’re getting with lamella ball. I mean, this Charlotte Hornets team is going to be a dangerous basketball team for sure. In the conversation of being a perennial playoff basketball team, because nobody was expecting this kind of start from from from Miles Bridges. I mean, he’s literally becoming a go to player. Right. And if you are the Charlotte Hornets, you have to be ecstatic about that.

Warren Shaw 46:43
Last week on NBA baseline, we had some conversation about Mr. Bridges. And you know, since that time, PJ Washington has returned, Terry Rozier has returned. And bridges is still doing pretty damn special things out there. So you know, I might be wrong about how much his improvement is going to be sustainable this year. And I think in the small sample size, he’s still being given them 20 plus a game, because I think the other guys, they’re all kind of seem to be taking turns. But he’s, I wouldn’t, I don’t know if I want to call him that alpha there. But he seems to be the one who’s like, Hey, I’m ready to take the shots. And if ball wants to have an off night, or he wants to have an off night or Rajveer. He’s like, no problem. I got it. So I’m excited about Miles Bridges. But yeah, nobody saw this coming. So shout out to him. And hopefully we can keep it going awesome.

Cal Lee 47:29
37% from three men, I mean, that to me, probably surprises me more than anything, because that was never his game. So clearly, he’s been working. I have no doubt that he is going to be the person that we you know that he’s going to be the energy guy. No, no, no question. But to tell me that this guy is averaging close to 50% on the floor, and he’s, you know, shooting over 30% from three already from the outset and is over 20 points per game. That’s crazy. I mean, like I said, like, damn near crazy.

Jabari Davis 48:03
Alright, we’re going to wrap it up on one that I think is going to cause some fireworks. So that’s why I saved the best for last and it’s from at Abbott to Hassan and his you know, his uh, you know, maybe I was wrong was I thought the Celtics were going to be good. I was dead wrong. I also thought Jalen Green was going to be lights out and I was dead wrong there too. And he put in your parenthetically you know so far, but since this since since he said that Jalen Green has gone off a little bit

Warren Shaw 48:30
okay, well you know what, you’re 100% right get them get Team Green their account get Jalen green together as well.

Cal Lee 48:38
Oh, yeah. Well, to our to our man, man, Assad man, he should have sat down and had a conversation with us. We would have brought his ass to reality real quick. I don’t know where he got his interpretation. The Celtics are gonna be good. I mean, a frickin sign Dennis shooter man. The hell will you think was gonna happen? Right like, yeah, Jalen, you probably be paying more attention to Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum. And listen, Jason Tatum is struggling this year. But I knew that this was going to happen, right? Jason Tatum added on how much like 15 pounds of muscle. Right? And I’ve said this man. The problem with Jason Tatum is unfortunately, the Celtics are trying to position him or put him in places that that’s not what his game really translates to. He is not a power forward. Okay. His problem is he just dances with the ball too damn much. And there are times where he really should just, you know, he should just go to the basket. Yeah, you could take those licks or whatever the case may be, but he sells out too much. And he doesn’t take the kind of shots that I think we were expecting him to take. Now he’s added on this weight, and it never bodes well for guys who add on muscle who add on weight. It takes him about a year or two before they Know how to play with that kind of weight. And so right now you see him going through those struggles like the other night. I think it took him to the fourth quarter before he actually scored his first points even though the Celtics won against the heat. Right. That’s not sustainable. The Celtics are going to be a good basketball team. Both Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum need to be clicking on all cylinders. So with that being said, I don’t know why he surprised that the Celtics are going to be good. That’s a lot of confidence. I’m just like, Yo, man, there’s a difference between being competent and being confident. And I’m more about being competent. Right now. The Celtics are. They are who we thought they were. I’m channeling my Danny green as far as far as Jalen green goes. I mean, he’s young man, get give the kid give the kid some time. He is going to be he’s going to be a solid basketball player. But I expect him to struggle. I mean, it ain’t like he’s sitting pretty, you know in the greatest places. Right now. He’s got a he’s got an organization to shoulder so

Warren Shaw 51:01
I think those are all well thought out things will only add this on Boston, you know, with with Tatum struggling the way that he is. It’s just it’s just not a sustainable model for success at all. Like you cannot get this done, although they did beat Miami with them not scoring any points until the fourth quarter. So maybe this is the new way the Celtics need to play. I like what you said though, cow, I think especially with it, you know, the added muscle then you add even on to I think he did that potentially maybe in preparation of the season where physicality was going to be more at play, you know, so I think he was trying to present maybe some of that and try to maybe go to the room a little bit more instead of taking all those fadeaways and steps back that he’s been kind of notorious for. It’s a problem though. And I think the parts are still kind of gel and trying to figure it out adding food or adding even Horford back to the to the realm. It’s hard at Boston right now. So I was wrong about having them I think in the mix of the tier two. While I still think they’ll be scrambling around 500. At some point, that probably puts them more of an A tier three than a tier two than when we did this earlier on. And my only comment on Jalen green is just echoing what you said. It’ll be fine. Houston’s terrible right now they’re a mess. But they’re going to be a lot better coming in the season. I think Jalen green will have a lot to say about

Cal Lee 52:10
but I will say something though, that I think is very interesting that you need to watch for. Let’s remember that part of the excitement that we were talking about for the Houston Rockets is still geared towards Christian wood. Right. Like he was exciting last year before he suffered his injury. And I think that kind of caliber player I still think plays for some of the fans right now. And I think this is a good thing for Jalen green because he can kind of like go through his struggles under the radar. Because there are still some favorite players. I think Eric Gordon is still there and stuff like that. There’s still some favorite players there that people can get excited about. I think they are realistic in the expectation that this kid’s gonna be no damn James Harden. Right. So this is going to take some time. And I wouldn’t be too harsh on on something someone like him. I wanted to go back really quick shot on what you were talking about regarding the Celtics. And I want to echo this so that there is an understanding of where my Venom really lies. Okay, the Celtics still suck at rebounding, the basketball, okay, so you do all of this changing, and you still don’t address the one thing that continually kills this basketball team. It’s just like,

Jabari Davis 53:25
Yo, guys, let me just say this. And I’m not gonna I’m actually not gonna poke the bear here. I’m gonna be I’m gonna give you an honest, your honest deals. From the outside looking in. I the reason why I was a little bit more optimistic is because I like the parts. I didn’t take enough into consideration, you know, like the fit of those parts. Ignite, I acknowledge that. After I saw them struggle, I looked at it and I said, Hey, yeah, so many moving parts. You got a new coach, you got a new front office, that’s going to be a lot of adjusting. I honestly think we’re going to be about 30 to 35 Games in in in all of us, and I’m going to say one day, flip the switch and like to tear off 16 in a row. But it wouldn’t shock me that like, you know, say maybe in the second half, it wouldn’t shock me if they put it together in a you know, they get like eight out of 10 and they get themselves back in, you know, back into a real conversation. I’m not saying that they’re going to be world beaters. I’m not gonna I’m not trying to set y’all up for that. Because I mean, y’all y’all aren’t dumb and you know that I’m not I’m not going to be that much of an asshole on a Friday night. But I will say I honestly think that this is still going to be a playoff team. I could be wrong. But shout out to Dennis shrewder man you know you out there doing the damn thing Trojan horse.

Cal Lee 54:37
Listen, I’ll ended on this part because there’s there’s one other read I want to throw it out there for you guys. The only way that I see that the Boston Celtics get themselves into a position of playing in the playoffs as they got to get back to playing. Top 10 defensive basketball like they were a few seasons ago. Not last season last season. They were atrocious. Okay. And I would think in part, that’s why you have omega DOCA. As as the head coach, I don’t think he’s going to be the head coach because he’s such an innovator. You can clearly see that that offense is either Jaylen Brown, Jason Tatum. Okay. That’s basically what you’re seeing. Alright. And I understand market smarts frustration, we obviously heard about that when he, you know, exercise that post game conference a few nights ago, but, but to me, it’s not about the offense for this team, it’s going to be about the defense is going to be about this team’s ability to get stops to turn the other team over, and give themselves multiple opportunities to score the basketball. Because if you’re going to rely on those two guys to score the basketball, they’re going to need touches. And the only way they’re going to need touch they’re going to get those touches is they got to rebound the ball better, they got to defend better. And that’s just not what you’re getting at times from this from this Boston Celtics team. So as soon as they get back to that, then we can have an actual conversation, how realistic is going to be for them to be participating in the playoffs. Alright, with that being said, my final thing that I wanted to go back on maybe fall back a little bit is when we had the over and unders. There was a over under about those Chicago Bulls. Getting about 10 wins more this season. I just did not buy into that. I’m sorry. I just it just did not click with me. It just seems such like a daunting task. With that kind of turnover for a team that they were going to amass some 10 wins. But after seeing what the Chicago Bulls team is looking like they’re already like one of the best teams already in the Eastern Conference from the early outset. Y’all had to fall back on that i To me, it just seems very realistic that they could be 10 wins above and you know what? I wouldn’t be surprised if they wind up maybe even overtaking the Milwaukee Bucks in this division, simply because two things the way that the bulls are playing it’s winnable basketball to get I just did not expect to see what I’m seeing from tomorrow. Rosen. I mean, what the hell man? Yo Dee is on another level right. Dr. For real for real. Rosen has the NBA frozen right now. Okay, straight up and down.

Warren Shaw 57:23
Here like you know what, what Fraser boy you

Cal Lee 57:34
just got me ready to whip out the fur coat?

Warren Shaw 57:41
Oh my god. Well listen, and then what? And I don’t know if we were done, but I’m just awake. So I think it’s I was about to give you a lot of props. Right. I was like, you know, you know, I think cue the cue the Kelly from insecure mean, you know, what is that that’s


Warren Shaw 57:57
you know that they’re gonna have more than 10 wins, but they’re gonna potentially beat the Milwaukee Bucks. That’s overgrowth? You pump the brakes. Yeah, you got the manscape that my guy? You mean, make sure you use the code baseline.

Cal Lee 58:11
Call me a you can call me Bobby balls cleaning. Alright. Clean and shaven? Exactly. All right. Here. What? Listen, here’s the reason why I’m saying that. Okay. If you really look at the weight, first of all, the Milwaukee Bucks, I think they already understand the landscape of their division. I think they know, after seeing the first couple of weeks, the Chicago Bulls are not going anywhere. And I really think that there is a realistic chance that if they see that, they’re not going to be able to shake that team. I don’t know how much investment they really are going to have. As far as going all out, you know, saying to completely win and be the top of the top of the Eastern Conference. Remember, Brooklyn Nets tried the same thing as well, too. They saw that it is better that their stars are healthy and ready to make a run. And that they realistically probably have to play on the road and win some games in order to advance themselves. The Milwaukee Bucks have won the championship. Okay, they know that they are the hunted, even though they tried to play out like they want to be the hunters. I think that they realistically see that the Chicago Bulls are not going anywhere. And if they say that they’re still in striking distance, they may be looking at their schedule as they’re continuing through the season. And I’m not saying they’re trying to take off games. I’m just saying they’re probably not going to go as hard as long as they are positioning themselves that they’re going to still be able to make that run. If they know that the bulls are certainly going to be gunning for them and they actually exceed them. Look at how like the market Bucs are already struggling right now. Part of it is health and part of it is just a slow start. And if you’re the Chicago Bulls is perfect, you’re off to a fast start. You’re beating good teams. Who’s to say that You come play matchup against the Milwaukee Bucks and that it will happen. They get beaten, the marquee bucks basically gonna have to start thinking about, you know that these guys made it, they’re gonna be in it for the long haul. And to me, I thought that maybe the first encounter that the Bucs played a bowls that if the Bucs beat the brakes off of the bulls, that the bulls will fall down to earth their struggle, they’ll they’ll, you know, they’ll do enough to position themselves to be in the playoffs, but probably not be able to stay with them a Waukee bucks, I don’t think that that’s going to be the case.

Jabari Davis 1:00:33
I’ll just chime in with this and not to belabor it because I actually agree with the thought like say for instance, there eight games back in the second half, I don’t think they’re gonna, you know, put, I don’t think they’re gonna do you push the pedal to the metal in order to try to catch up. But if they’re, you know, within striking distance, I gotta be honest with you, I think that I think Chicago is gonna get both raced. I like it has nothing to do with, you know, losing faith in Chicago, because, you know, I said I wouldn’t be shocked if they won as many as 48 games this year. But Milwaukee is still going to be tough. I honestly attribute this slow start to them being you’re not being healthy. I’m a little bit of you know, obviously, you know, championship hangover, but once they get it going, if they get healthy, I think they’re gonna be there.

Cal Lee 1:01:15
I don’t have any data about that. I listen, again, I’m on board with you guys. But I’m just saying the way that I’m seeing how the Chicago Bulls are playing and what you’re getting out of the Marta Rosen. This is a different version of the Marta Rosen guys. This isn’t like, I don’t know further, let’s put it like this. I think the only thing that we’re going to be questioning is can this version of the Marja rose and carry himself into the playoffs? Right. And I’m just saying he is the last age old question. Yeah, that’s he’s the last of quote unquote, The Last of the Mohicans when we speak about this because colorare exercise those demons when he had to be an important part next to Kawhi Leonard to help the Toronto Raptors go get that chip, right. Tomorrow, Rosen was sitting on the sidelines watching all of this occur, okay. He actually has a legit opportunity to position himself to right those wrongs of his playoff pass. And I’m just saying that like, if the bulls are hanging around, and they actually go out, and they beat these Milwaukee Bucks, and they beat these Brooklyn Nets, and I’m saying their style of play, they impose their will in doing so. I’m just saying to me, it’s realistic, that they could very much take that division, simply because they’re not going to go anywhere. And by getting off to this type of fast start, it’s going to put them in a position to do so. I know from the silence from Shaw, he’s just like, Man, my man smoking something, but that’s okay.

Warren Shaw 1:02:35
I honestly, I think you’ve recorded yourself. Well, I think that kind of the motto, Jabari said if it’s if it’s kind of a foregone conclusion and Waukee has to do a lot to catch up. They’re not pressed because they feel like they will be fine in the playoffs no matter what CDR Chicago’s out here was something approved this year, so they can continue this run in Milwaukee. You know, it was kind of staggering for maybe, you know, to mid season. Yeah. And then there’s actually some validity to that as well, too. But off rip, I would have said no way. But I think again, you’ve recorded yourself extremely well. So nice job.

Cal Lee 1:03:03
Thank you. I don’t normally like to walk back. But if I’m gonna do it, I’m gonna do it. Like, you know, I’m saying Michael Jackson moonwalking? So there you go. Take us out. All right, man, listen, this has been a great great show a lot of good stuff. And we definitely want to hear from you. So please get at us at NBA baseline and let us know your thoughts in regards to the server situation and basically you know how I was moonwalking. How my man JD, you know, I’m saying was doing his spinner Rooney. And my man Shaw was like, you know, saying crip walking on on some of his predictions as well, too. So it’s a final thoughts, Mr. J. D.

Jabari Davis 1:03:42
Oh, I’m sorry. I was all wrapped up in my Russell Westbrook at half court. Um, no, you’re my final thought is that it’s still early in the season. A lot of people are still overreacting. But that’s not to say that you’re overreactions are warranted. Mr. Schock.

Warren Shaw 1:03:56
And just a shout out to our listeners for you know, tapping in with us and giving us some great content to discuss. We’ll make sure we’ll shout you out on the timeline. Now, once the show airs and posts out there and we would love to continue to get your great feedback. Make sure you tap into all of the media because we got some dope dope things coming up online man. It’s gonna be an amazing holiday season. So stay with us.

Cal Lee 1:04:15
Absolutely. Once again, we appreciate you and you’re still hopping on board with us this week. For the baseline, Cal Lee, Warren Shaw, Jabari Davis. We appreciate you guys you know we do and we’ll catch up with you next time.

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