December 3, 2022 | 3:38 am
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Skyllzone gives Fantasy Basketball fans a shot at easy money

“Gimme $20 dollars, gimme $20 dollars!” is the phrase I hear every time I think about the sensational fantasy sports site

Unlike the other growing fantasy sites, there is no fee required to play but you can only have two entries per week. That in turn means the potential earnings are smaller but if you are a moderate or conservative fantasy fan who still likes to compete, this might be a godsend site for you.

Participants will draft players for the day as if they were drafting for the season. Meaning not everybody will be able to have a LeBron James or Kevin Durant in their lineup. The other great twist is that you are drafting against nine reasonably intelligent computer teams.

Let’s face it, there are some sharks and experts out there in the fantasy sports world. Playing on some of the other sites can often result in a “donation” of one’s funds.

With Skyllzone the risk is none with the reward being moderate to lucrative.

Here are a few specifics from their rules page:


  1. Win your 10-team league vs computer teams and win $20.
  2. Place in the top 20 Global Standings to win more cash:
    1st Place $200
    2nd Place $150
    3rd – 4th Place $100
    5th – 6th Place $50
    7th – 10th Place $40
    11th- 20th Place $20


  1. Draft 9 starters and two bench players.
  2. Draft against 9 computer teams. Once a team is crafted, the contest plays out like most traditional fantasy basketball games.
  3. Play fantasy basketball for one single NBA contest.
  4. Snake style or serpentine draft, at your pace.
  5. Win your 10-team league and win $20.
  6. High score for each contest wins $200. (Private contests may have different prizes, please review the rules for your Private contest)
  7. Draft one or two new teams every contest.
  8. Earn more free drafts by inviting friends.
  9. No free agents pick-ups or trades between teams are allowed.
  10. Participants may view Live Scoring free of charge during NBA games to see their players accumulate points. SKYLLZONE will make best efforts to update player scores and statistics in real-time.

Roster and Start-Bench Guidelines
Your roster will consist of eleven (11) players and defenses. A Starting Team consists of eight (8) Players and one (1) Defense/Special Team:

  • 1 Center
  • 3 Guards
  • 3 Forwards
  • 2 UTILS
  • 2 Bench

Fan vs. Machine Scoring System

  • PTS = 1
  • 3PM = 1
  • FTM = 0.5
  • REB = 1.5
  • AST = 1.5
  • STL = 2
  • BLK = 2

Scoring is calculated based on total (not average) number of points each player earns in a game.

All you need is a valid e-mail address to register and you are in. They also run a similar setup for fantasy football fans as well. So the next time your friend says “Hey bruh, loan me $20” tell them to take a shot on Skyllzone.Com.

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