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The 5th QTR Presents: Fantasy Football Final – Week 10

This season is moving along rapidly…. and it is hard for me to keep up sometimes. Between juggling my own three fantasy teams, doing the 5th QTR podcast and now Fantasy Basketball starting with my boys… yup, I sure am busy. But it is a good busy and given that I keep getting emails asking me for help/advice on Fantasy Football, I feel like I have take a few minutes to knock this column out for the good readers of Shaw Sports. So here goes my Week #10 analysis…

First off, let me start by saying that this is crunch time in Fantasy Football. This is now or never. Fantasy Football playoffs are usually weeks 13, 14, and 15… so now is your only chance to make some moves. Trade those bench guys for the needs you have. You might have to make another team in your league better to make your team successful as well. Never stop following injury reports for both guys going to be out (a la Aaron Rodgers) and guys coming back (a la Andre Brown), and stay active on the waiver wire. Now that we got that out of the way, let’s get into our picks for the week…


Fantasy Freaks of the Week:

1) Eddie Lacy – RB – Green Bay (owned in 97% of leagues)

I have been high on Lacy all year… anyone who isn’t is a moron. But with Aaron Rodgers about to miss in the neighborhood of a month (2-4 games minimum) it is now or never for Lacy to prove just how valuable a commodity he can be. This week he gets the silly putty defense of the Philadelphia Eagles, and even if they load up the box with 8 guys he should be able to do well. Lacy is a top 5 back from here on out.

2) Victor Cruz, Hakeem Nicks, and Randell Rueben – NY Giants WRs – (owned in 100%, 91% and 57% of leagues)

The Giants are on an upswing, winning two straight games and coming off the bye week. Andre Brown is back and combined with Peyton Hillis should provide Eli with a quality 1-2 punch from the RB position needed to free up the passing game. Eli is due so ipso-facto, so should his receivers. Cruz is firmly owned and used by whoever has him but Nicks is probably sitting on your bench and Randle is probably sitting on the Waiver Wire. Both would make for a GREAT play this week against the craptastic Oakland pass defense that allowed NICK FOLES TO THROUGH 7 TD PASSES LAST WEEK!!!!

3) Giovanni Bernard – WR – Cincinnati Bengals (owned in 93% of the leagues)

Even though the good man Bernard tends to be owned in a ton of leagues not many people are playing him. He is the third RB most people have, sitting and wasting away on the bench. His time share with The Law Firm has hurt his value but he is coming up big more and more… and now he has a great match up. Divisional game against the hapless Ravens. He is the kind of guy that hurts them, expect good results. Give him the start this week…


Fantasy Faux Pas:

1) Ray Rice – RB – Baltimore Ravens – (Owned in 99% of leagues)

Come on Ray Rice… COME ON! This dude was a no-brainer top 5 pick in MOST fantasy drafts… I have even seen him go as high as #2!!! And he is sucking it up… terribly. It is not due to injury as he has been pretty healthy. He is getting as many carries a game as he did last year, and he is on pace to have MORE catches than he did last year. But his production in terms of yards is just downright awful. He is down from around 5 yards per rush to 2.7 per rush and much less likely to gain yards in his receiving opportunities. What is the deal? I can’t figure it out… but you can’t keep beating a dead horse. You gotta park Ray Ray on the bench until he has at least 1 good game and shows life. If not you will suffer.

2) Golden Tate – WR – Seattle Seahawks – (owned in 90% of leagues)

Everything is breaking right for Tate to break out in terms of fantasy yet he keeps finding a way not to. Sidney Rice goes down and you expect Tate to blow up. But he scored one TD and then lost his mind with that stupid celebration penalty. Then last week Doug Baldwin (one of my week 9 sleepers, than you very much) has a better game than Tate. And Percy Harvin is about to return… oh man, back to mediocrity for the once promising Tate. No thank you..

3) Jordy Nelson & Jarrett Boykin – WR – Green Bay Packers (owned in 99% and 47% of leagues)

What can you say? I believe in both Nelson & Boykin, both have performed amazingly over the first 9 weeks of this year. But Rodgers is out for the next month and I for one certainly don’t believe in Seneca Wallace. Good lord, what a down grade. So look for production to fall for both GB receivers and certainly look back on these guys once Rodgers comes back.


Fantasy Sleepers:

1) Roddy White – WR – Atlanta Falcons – (owned in 89% of leagues)

White is a no-brainer top 10 WR in most years… but this has been an injury filled one for him and the rest of the Falcons. Coming off of a few weeks off and a bye week, I am confident that White is probably the healthiest that he has been all year. The Falcons will look to throw early and often, and White is a good play despite the fact he is facing the Seahwks D… I see good things from him from here on out, so get him up off that bench where you should have had him stashed!

2) Case Keenum – QB – Houston Texans – (owned in 27% of leagues)

Case can flat out toss it. Never been a question about his arm. He is clicking with WR god Andre Johnson, and seems to be gelling with the Rookie WR Hopkins as well. With Arian Foster & Ben Tate both banged up (Foster is out this week), I expect a lot of passing from the young Texan. Grab him as an insurance policy heading toward the playoffs.

3) Jake Locker – QB – Tennessee Titans – (owned in 37% of leagues)

He looked good coming of his injury against the Rams and this week he gets the hapless Jags. Greta match up, especially if you are looking for a plug and play guy for this week only. I also like his value as a back up heading towards the playoffs… I would hate to lose my guy that got me this far and be force to pick up a scrub like Chad Henne or Jason Campbell to enter the playoffs…

5th QTR8

So in the immortal words of Porky Pig: “That’s all folks!” Keep it moving forward, and good luck this week. Check out the Week 10 5th QTR podcast by clicking here.

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