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The 5th QTR Presents: Fantasy Football Final – Week 4

Hey gang… Welcome to another week of Fantasy Football Final. Here we are, heading into Week #4 of the 2013 NFL season. 1/4 of the regular season in the books… And right about the time your fantasy team needs some serious evaluating. Don’t worry about your record just yet… Its early enough for you to make some moves and get into the playoff mix in your leagues. Here are a few tips on how to do just that:

5th qtr

1) Mix up your players from teams with various records – What does this mean? Well, often a bad team’s players are ignored… And that is a fantasy mistake. There is plenty of good talent available on shitty squads. Just take Josh Gordon & Jordan Cameron of the Browns, Antonio Brown of the Steelers or Cordarrelle Paterson of the Vikings. These guys are putting up numbers regardless of their teams records… And that leads us to point #2…

2) Players on good teams may get you to the playoffs… But then cost you the playoffs! Fantasy playoffs usually take place in Weeks 11-14… But if a team is cake walking like last year’s Texans were (10-2 before going 0-4 in their last four games) you can get burnt. In those games Matt Schaub & Arian Foster were limited or pulled all together when the team fell behind… And Andre Johnson was held out for an extra month with a hamstring injury as precaution because the team was winning without him. Don’t be like me and finish with the best record in the league and then have your #1 seeded QB start to mail it in come week 12 when you need him most (Thanks again Schaub… Bum!)

3) Never stop making moves – Just cause you like your starters doesn’t mean your GM work is complete. This is the NFL… Injuries happen every day, even in practice. So make sure you are watching the free agent and waiver wire for releases. Also, watch for weak situations (like Daryl Richardson, starting Rams RB and his back up Isiah Pead. Pead is about to start getting mad burn cause Richardson isn’t getting it done) and good match ups (like Matt Cassel starting for the Vikes QB in a game against the terrible Pittsburgh defense) Never be content… You don’t play bench guys anyway, so mix and match just in case one of your guys goes down so you can plug in someone worthwhile.

Now that we got that out of the way, here are the Fantasy Freaks, Faux Pas, and Sleepers of Week #4.

Fantasy Freaks:


1) Peyton Manning. He is facing one of the worst pass defenses in the NFL in the Philly Eagles. At home. Fireworks are to be expected…

2) RGIII & the Washington offense – at 0-3, its panic time for the Chocolate City boys. Who better to line up against than the hapless Raiders defense? Not to mention that Terrell Pryor, the Raiders lone bright spot at QB, is out with a concussion. Expect and even poorer offense than usual, that plays right into RGIII’s eagerly waiting hands.

3) Mohamed Sanu, Ty Eiffer & Geovanni Benard – AJ Greeen is going to get his, but expect this trio of Bengals to get their swerve on also against the lowly Browns. The Browns D is good, but the Bengals need to crush them to make a statement. Big numbers from all…

Faux Pas –

Flippin out on Roddy

Flippin out on Roddy

1) Phillip Rivers – He has been having a great season fantasy wise, prompting some people in deep leagues (14 or 16 teams or two QB leagues) to start him. Watch out this week. Dallas has the D dialed up, and should make Rivers look much more like the last few years… Lackluster at best.

2) Buffalo D- this unit is looking good as a whole, especially with Mario Williams actually starting to earn that big contract. But they are facing the Ravens, who looked pretty good last week against the normally productive Houston Defense despite not having Ray Rice. I think the Ravens will come out hot… Stay away from this one.

3) Maurice Jones Drew – I love me some MJD, but playing against the tough Colts D is going to make his already tough weekly situation playing in the Jags offense that much tougher. The Colts shut down Kapernick & Frank Gore last week… I expect more of the same from them here. Jacksonville is bad, but MJD is always a good play… Except this week!

4) Roddy White – Listen, RW is the man. But he is playing severely hurt and his numbers show. You have to sit him and may have to watch him have a good game in weeks 4,5 or 6 before you can play him confidently again. Get on that waiver wire and grab Donnie Avery from KC or something.

Sleepers –

It's Coby Fleener Time!

It’s Coby Fleener Time!

1) Cordarrelle Patterson -(Owned in 23% of leagues) Vikes rookie is due for his breakout game… Pittsburgh’s terrible D might facilitate that.

2) Josh Gordon -(Owned in 83% of leagues, up from 22% last week) A lot of people passed on him because he had the two game suspension. That is over now. Dude had 19 targets in his first game back… And with the Browns dumping Trent Richardson they have 0 sustainable running game. They will throw it and also run Gordon on various end around wild cat plays… And his long term stock is up because he may be on the move to Detroit!

3) Coby Fleener – (Owned in only 31% of leagues) Expect big things from the TE from here on out. Luck likes him, and Fleener is the pass-catching TE in the two TE sets Indy loves to run. Indy is planning on running the ball to death, which opens up play action, which favors passes to TEnds… Get my drift.

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