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The 5th QTR Presents: Fantasy Football Final – Week 5

Well… here we go! It’s about that time to enter the 2nd quarter of the NFL season, and for those of you participating in Fantasy Football this is definitely the most important part of your season. Why you ask? Cause now is when you must tinker and fine tune your team to adjust for under-performing and hurt players. You must act quick, cause if you don’t right the ship you may find yourself on the outside of the playoff picture. So don’t be afraid to stash hurt stars on the bench, cut dead weight talent that you evaluated wrong and troll the waiver wire for the next bright spot player on some team surprising people. So lets get started…

This KC Defense is Sppoky Scary!!!

This KC Defense is Sppoky Scary!!!

Fantasy Freaks:

1) Eddie Lacy – Green Bay Packers RB –

Coming back after missing a few weeks with an injury, expect Lacy to break out against the porous run defense of the Detroit Lions. Detroit is a killer on offense, but Green Bay will not just lay down as they can score as well. I expect Lacy to run strong and play an active part in the pass game.

2) Phillip Rivers – San Diego QB –

Rivers is experiencing a true renaissance this season with the Super-Chargers (whatup CL… I see you!) and he has a great match up with the terrible Raiders D. I called RGIII’s breakout against them last week, and I see no reason why Rivers won’t light it up just the same if not better. He is really loving his RB/WR/Scatback Danny Woodhead and a resurgence in TE Antonio Gates, so as long as we keep seeing Good Phillip from this year and not Bad Phillip from last year you will achieve great success playing Rivers….

3) The Kansas City & New Orleans Defense –

What can I say about these two surprise defensive units that their records don’t say themselves? 8-0 for both of these teams that missed the playoffs last year. And they are doing it with D… KC is looking fierce on D, and they pile up the fantasy points because they get sacks, fumbles and INTs. Their special teams game is diesel thanks to Dexter McCluster, New Orleans is enjoying a new era under Rob Ryan, and I have always said that those Ryan boys know their Defense (now if only Rex would realize that and stop trying to be a head coach and just be the best coordinator). New Orleans is supplementing their always strong offense with stout defensive play, and for some strange reason BOTH OF THESE TEAMS are still available in over 50% of Yahoo leagues. Cut bait on your first choice for a defense and grab one of these two.

Down and Out

Down and Out

And now for the Fantasy Faux Pas’s –

1) Roddy White Atlanta Falcons WR and Ray Rice Baltimore Ravens RB –

I know… I know. These guys are studs. Major studs. Like late first round, early second round studs that you used a high pick on. But they are probably killing you so far because both are nursing injuries and just aren’t right. Have you been projected to win a week but ended up losing by a point or two? Yup, its probably because of these anchors weighing you down. Both keep getting cleared to play and both keeping doing very little… White hasn’t missed a game with his high ankle sprain but has yet to even have one semi good game. Rice hurt his hip, missed one week, and the came back last week to promptly put up ZERO fantasy points. Unfortunately you need to shut these guys down, even if their coaches won’t. Stash them on the bench, and maybe they can provide you with a boost come playoff time when they have hopefully healed.

2) Terrell Pryor – Oakland Raiders QB –

The more I think on this one, the more I think I may have made mistake here. I am becoming a believer in Pryor, and I don’t know why. He is one of the lone bright spots on the Raiders, and with Darren ‘Run DMC’ McFadden hurt again he will probably play even better. I am buying Pryor… just not this week. He is coming off a concussion which caused him to miss a game and facing a surprise upstart San Diego Charger team this week in a Monday Morning game… (yup I said that, game time is Sunday at 11:35 PM eastern time!). All these factors lead me to leave Pryor on the bench this week in favor of someone else.

3) ALL New England Offensive Position Players –

Here is the thing… the Pats are 4-0 and Brady is making miracles with scraps. Kembrall Thompkins, Antoine Dobson, Julian Edelman, Stevan Ridley, LaGarette Blunt, and Zach Sudfeld are all POTENTIAL good plays… but not ALL of them can have a good game at the same time. So who has the breakout game this week? Who the hell knows!!! Cincy is a pretty tough D, and I think the Pats will take it. But since I don’t know exactly who to point to as the guy to start, maybe avoid them all together if you can. In a few weeks Amendola and Gronk will be back, and things will be much more clear cut. Till then, stay away…

Peanut Butter & Powell Time!!!

Peanut Butter & Powell Time!!!

Fantasy Sleepers of Week 5 –

1) Charles Clay – Miami Dolphins TE –

The TE position can be feast or famine, and its because people are too stubborn to look outside the box. People want to expect miracles from old greats like Tony Gonzalez, Antonio Gates, and Heath Miller… but sometimes you gotta go younger, especially if they have a good match up for the week. I told you guys to buy Coby Fleener of Indianapolis last week, and he had a great game. Now I am telling you to pick up Charles Clay. The dude is versatile, lines up as a Full Back and Wide Receiver, and is a fave of QB Ryan Tannehill. With Mike Wallace struggling to connect with his QB, Clay is the man to pick up considering he is available in over 50% of leagues!

2) Donnie Avery – KC Chiefs WR –

I like Avery, have for a few weeks now. When Dwayne Bowe was slumping/taking it easy this season at the beginning, Avery was becoming QB Alex Smith’s favorite targets. Bowe has come on as of late, but Avery is still viable as a WR 2 or 3 and a Flex play. He gets a lot of receptions, and makes more out of short passes with his speed. The dude is out there in over 76% of leagues (not in my leagues… I own him in all of them!) and has a favorable match up this week against a injury riddled Tennessee team. Don’t miss the boat on this guy….

3) Bilal Powell – New York Jets RB –

I drank the Jesus Juice on Powell early and it has paid off. Running Backs historically have been the bread and butter of all successful fantasy teams, but it is becoming harder and harder to depend on any guys outside of the elite backs (Peterson, Foster, Rice, McCoy, etc) because teams are trotting out two backs and splitting the work load. That leads to different guys leading a team in points every week… and that plain sucks. But with Powell’s counterpart Chris Ivory banged up, he has no one stealing his points. And with Geno Smith looking shitty as hell, expect more running from Powell. When a guy gets 25 plus touches at RB in the NFL and he is not an elite guy, you should gobble him up. He is only available in 25% of the leagues, but he is a guy to maybe steal in a trade if you can cause he is involved in all aspects of the Jets offense (as bad as it may be… lol)

So that is that… make sure you check out Mixcloud and I-Tunes for my weekly football podcast the 5th QTR with my main man Cal Lee every Thursday, and check back here on Shaw Sports for more of my contributions in the coming future. Good luck… have a week!!!

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