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The 5th QTR Presents: Fantasy Football Final – Week 8

Yeah buddy… we are back! Week 8 is on the horizon, and I am a happy Fantasy Football player. I play in a number of leagues, but two of them take precedent of all the others. In one league that my brother in law Rich got me in I am cruising at 6-1 and in full command of 1st place. In the other league that I love, with my brothers from the Irish Haven Bar, I am 3-4… but have won TWO straight and am trending in an upwards slope! I have scored the most points in the league thus far, so my record does not indicate how good my team has been playing. I am really happy with both teams, and have loved most (I have to say most, not all) of the moves I made. But the truth is you gotta keep moving forward. Bye season is upon us, and you must improve your team for the Playoff run you should be prepping for. So lets get right into this week:


Fantasy Freaks –

1) Jarrett Boykin – Green Bay WR – Owned in 71% of Yahoo Leagues

Yup. Boykin is a true threat. My man is benefiting from the injury riddled Green Gay receiving corps, and the golden arm of Aaron Rodgers. The GB offense is plug and play, meaning that any person who is in the starting line up is valuable by default. With Eddie Lacy running effectively and James Jones out at least another week & Jermichael Finley out for the season (and maybe his career… prayers go out to you JF), Boykin started last week and had a monster week with 103 yards and a TD. With another week working with the starting team, he will only fare better in the immediate future. And he has a dream match up against the lowly Vikings.

2) Jordan Reed – Washington Redskins WR/TE – Owned in 68% of Yahoo Leagues

Over the last few years we are in the golden age of the athletic TE. Vernon Davis, Gronk, and Jimmy Graham have shown that you can get a TE and line him up at WR, causing match up nightmares. But Jordan Reed is an even more interesting hybrid. He is a big bodied WR that is be playing at the TE position, and he is quickly becoming RG III’s favorite target. This is also weird because the other Washington TE, Fred Davis, was a fan and fantasy favorite last year. He is quickly being phased out, and Reed is the new client in town. Coming of his 9 catches (on 9 targets… got em all!) for 134 and a TD, he is heading into a shootout with the Denver Broncos and their horrible defense. Champ Bailey is also out for the game, so expect RG III to find his favorite toy early and often.

3) Marshawn Lynch – Seattle Seahawks RB – Owned in 100% of Yahoo Leagues

Marsahwn Lynch. Most consistent RB in the NFC. Playing the Rams. Trade for this man if you want to win!!! This is a great time to get this guy, and offer more than his owner can turn down. I have had him for a few years on most of my teams, and Beast Mode is the real deal. Explosions in St Louis abound!!!!!!


Fantasy Faux Pas –

1) Jordan Cameron and Josh Gordon – TE & WR of the Cleveland Browns – Owned in 97% and 92% of leagues

Both of these guys have been great for a very bad team. Over achieving if you will… especially when Brian Hoyer had the team playing well. But Hoyer is out for the year, Weedon is back in control… oh wait, no he isn’t. Jason Campbell is the QB. I don’t like those apples at all…. and it will definitely trickle down on the production of our two noble Brownies. They are also playing the killer Kansas City Chiefs defense, in Kansas City!!! If there was ever a reason to sit these guys, this is it. Play at your own risk.

2) CJ Spiller – Buffalo Bills RB – Owned in 96% of leagues

CJ Spiller is still hurt. Maybe not bad, not season ending… but hurt enough that it is hurting his performance on the field. Fred Jackson is like Robocop, built Ford tough and injuries do not seem to slow him down. But his counterpart Spiller has been suffering. Not nearly as much suffering as his fantasy owners… who have watched Spiller eat up their number 1 draft pick in their Fantasy Draft to the tune of two out of 8 games in double digits. Another tough match up with a defense playing well in New Orleans, so steer away from Spiller till he shows he is healthy.

3) Chris Ivory & Bilal Powell – NY Jets RBs – Owned in 54% and 61% of leagues

The Jets are winning. Not convincingly, and not a lot… but winning. And they are doing it with a revolving circle of RBs, which is never really good for fantasy owners. Neither one of these guys should be owned, let alone started… and its a shame. Because I like both of them individually. I really do. But you never know which one will be the guy with the stats, so how can you play them in good conscious? You can’t… so don’t!


Sleepers –

1) Marques Colston – New Orleans WR – Owned in 96% of Yahoo leagues

Colston is a commodity. Dude is a stud, and Brees loves him. But for the last few weeks he has not been doing anything, and you may have shifted him to the bench. Get him up. Get him in. Jimmy Graham is ailing, and may miss the game. Lance Moore is also hurting. Cue up Colston, who will probably have one of his best games of the year against the porous Bills Defense.

2) Harry Douglas – Atlanta Falcons WR – Owned in 73% of Yahoo leagues

Douglas is about to blow up. He has been valuable all year, considering Roddy White’s debilitating injury. But with Julio Jones gone for the year and White finally shutting it down for a week or two to try and fully heal up… yup, its the Harry Douglas show. He caught 7 balls for 149 yards and a TD last week, and this week he has the mediocre Arizona Defense as a match up. I think this game will be exciting, which is great for Douglas owners. Play him!!!!!!!!!!

3) Le’Veon Bell – Pittsburgh Steelers RB – Owned in 86% of leagues

Dream match up for a RB on the rise, the Oakland Raiders. Steelers have looked better, mostly due to Bell’s emergence. It is hard to ignore his contributions. The guy is getting better and better, and you can probably get him for cheap since most people don’t believe in him. Make a move and get him, and if you have him… PLAY HIM!

So that’s all folks. Week 8 is sure to be fun. Make sure you check out the 5th QTR Football Podcast that I co-host with my man Cal Lee… we discuss fantasy football as well as match ups and many football news topics! See you next week…

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