September 27, 2022 | 3:50 am
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The Baseline: 19-20 NBA season review & Calida Taylor from NBA GM School

It’s been a while since we dropped an episode as we took our talents to the live streaming space for the NBA Finals, but we are back. Our traditional show format also returns with topics that are sure to excite our regular fans and listeners. On this week’s show we discuss:

The Breakdown

We pick out select topics from the 2019-2020 NBA 2020 season that include:

  • Surprise Teams
    • Oklahoma City Thunder
    • Memphis Grizzlies
    • Miami Heat
    • Phoenix Suns
    • Dallas Mavericks
    • Toronto Raptors
  • Disappointing Teams
    • Philadelphia 76’ers
    • Los Angeles Clippers
    • Utah Jazz
    • Orlando Magic

The Drop

  • Calida Taylor winner of NBATV GM School season 2 joins the show and gives us a look behind the curtain.
    • How Larry Coon’s Sports Business School prepared for this opportunity
    • Fiercest competition amongst all the contestants
    • What it was like to work with Wes Wilcox, Billy King and Renee Montgomery
    • Matching wits with Jason Terry and Sam Mitchell in various segments of the show
    • The influence of her father as a “Girl Dad” who always encouraged her no matter what
    • What’s next for her after her win and the prizes made available to her after the show

It’s a great show with tons of banter and laughs. Tune in:

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