October 5, 2022 | 5:06 pm
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The Baseline: All-Star starters, Forbes franchise values, Klay Thompson and more NBA news

With All Star Weekend rapidly approaching, NBA is making sure they serve the best and most entertaining product on the hardwood for the Big Apple. While some superstars are already a lock to make their presence known, guys like Klay Thompson are putting on a performances that could set the tone for more exciting basketball to come in NYC.  This week on The Baseline:

  • Jackie Taylor, Co-Host of Da Full Court Press, joins us this week to discuss the All Star Starter Selections made by the fans. Did the fans get it right? Be sure to catch Jackie’s thoughts on those deserving and those not. She pulls no punches on who should be on the floor at MSG. A must listen for this week’s show.
  • Kurt Badenhausen from Forbes Magazine, joins the show to help us dive into 2015’s Most Valuable Franchises. Lakers top the list even with the surging Clippers, and other sports markets who’ve yielded successful returns. So how are the Lakers staying ahead of the field with all of  Kobe Bryant‘s injuries recently?  Be sure to catch Kurt’s insight on the Lakers, Hawks, and Nets and where the NBA sits on the Global scale of sports profit and popularity
  • In our segment of the drop we discuss 2 major injuries as LaMarcus Aldridge and Brandon Jennings go down. LMA is playing through his pain but Jennings is out for the season…how will these injuries impact the Blazers and Pistons respectively?
  • We also weigh-in on the NBA record setting performance by Klay Thompson vs the Sacramento Kings and the historical impact it will leave on the open jaws of those who witnessed. Was this the greatest shooting performance ever?
  • On Coast to Coast and all of the breaking story lines including the loss of Kobe Bryant for the season.

A lot happening in the association on this week’s episode of THE BASELINE.

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