September 29, 2022 | 11:09 pm
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The Baseline: Black Women in Sports

The nation is still in a state of education, learning, reflection and healing. The conversations are still uncomfortable but remain as necessary as ever. The Baseline is trying to do its part in having these conversations and have taken to an unfortunately nuanced part of the discussion…Black Women in Sports.  Far too often they are left out of rooms and aren’t provided the opportunities to tell the stories quite frankly only then can.

On this week’s show, we welcome a star-studded panel of women who speak for both gender and racial equality in the sports landscape.  Our guests include:

These three ladies share their stories and help us discuss the following:

  • How they got into sports and their love for working in the field
  • The obstacles they have encountered that include insensitive comments, microaggressions, questions about their credibility, validity and more
  • The lack of diversity in the sports landscape, especially at well-known outlets and teams
  • The opportunities opening up as a result of recent events
    • Are those opportunities legitimate or are they reactionary diversity hires?
  • Sustainability of the movement and if there is such a thing happening yet
  • Colorism and fitting “the look”
  • Owning their own business as opposed to being a part of a larger network
  • Next steps and how to create an equitable space

Tune in:

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