December 1, 2022 | 12:57 pm
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The Baseline Ep 34: NBA Southwest Division Preview

The Southwest Division can easily be argued as one of the toughest and most talent heavy of all the divisions in the NBA. Cal Lee and Warren Shaw probe further into the 5 teams who have the pedigree and personnel to make a run for the playoffs in the West.

1) Do the San Antonio Spurs have the horses to maintain their level of dominance in this division?

2) With the loss of Lionel Hollins running the show, can Dave Joerger help the Memphis Grizzlies duplicate their impressive run from last year?

3) Now that Houston has their “RocketMan”, is the tandem of James Harden, Dwight Howard & Chandler Parsons the new “Super Team” of the division?

4) After an injury-riddled season of mediocrity and a quiet off-season, can the Dallas Mavericks bounce back and keep up with rest of the Southwest?

5) The New Orleans Pelicans made some major off-season moves, and their youth movement is intact, but can their young studs grow quickly into thoroughbreds by season’s end?

We answer it all on The BASELINE.

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