October 4, 2022 | 3:55 pm
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The Baseline: G-League Development expands to High Schoolers

With the NBA news reaching an apex, The Baseline transitions to the league’s little brother, the G-League. It’s an all developmental episode of the show diving in on all things permeating in and around the G-League.

The Breakdown 

Kevin Danna joins the show to break down the G-league development program, his recent IG chat with Jalen Green, and how the integrating top-level high school recruits may impact the league.

  • Kevin wraps up the Santa Cruz Warriors’ season
  • Is the league heading in the right direction under Shareef Abdur-Rahim
  • Will the league return this season? Kevin explains why it might not make sense.
  • Is the development program viable and how will guys like Jalen Green, Dashien Nix and Isaiah Todd fit in?

The Drop

Overtime SportsTom Weingarten brings his knowledge of the high school game to discuss how Isaiah Todd, Jalen Green & Daishen Nix are the future and what they’ll bring to the G-League development program.

  • Tom explains the Overtime platform and its exponential growth to garner millions of followers
  • He discusses Overtime’s coverage of Jalen Green over the last few years
  • Will other high schoolers follow the lead of Todd, Green and Nix?

Coast to coast

  • Adam Silver told players that the 2019-20 season could conclude as late as October
  • NBA teams opening practice facilities for workouts will be allowed to administer tests to asymptomatic players and staff
  • Bulls players advocating for the removal of Jim Boylen

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