September 29, 2022 | 8:02 pm
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The Baseline: Harden to Brooklyn & the NBA’s COVID dilema

Two weeks into 2021 and not much has changed from 2020 with the exception that the league’s image is currently under fire.  A blockbuster trade has diverted the attention of some of the negative press but The Baseline is here to discuss it all with no filter. On this week’s episode they get into:

The Breakdown

Four-team trade sends James Harden to the Nets

  • Brooklyn is all in after mortgaging their future and sacrificing depth to have three offensive geniuses in Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving and Harden.
  • Can the trio build chemistry and play enough defense to be champions?
  • Why this move now? Will this be too much for Steve Nash to handle?
  • Victor Oladipo lands in Houston as part of the trade. We question if John Wall, Christian Wood and Oladipo can form a trio of their own.
  • Cleveland loads up on bigs with the addition of Jarrett Allen as part of the deal. Will this signify the end for Kevin Love or Andre Drummond in Cleveland?

The Drop

COVID-19 impact on the NBA

  • Postponed games are becoming a new normal in the NBA as COVID-19 runs wild.
  • Should the league consider a shutdown?
  • Are the players taking things seriously and is the league being negligent for the sake of billions?

Injury Impact being felt around the league

Tune in as the fellas debate the impact of all these topics and more.


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