November 29, 2022 | 12:09 am
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The Baseline: Hornets without sting, DMC vs AD, Mavs potent offense and more

Cal Lee and Warren Shaw breaking down an action packed week of NBA play. This week we breakdown:

  • The Charlotte Hornets are very slow out of the gate this season. Can Lance Stephenson, Kemba Walker and Al Jefferson all produce to get this team back on track? Will the impact of the Jeffery Taylor suspension be a distraction?
  • Are Jason Kidd and the Bucks being overlooked as lower seed playoff contenders?
  • First Brandon Jennings now Josh Smith is having issues with SVG can the Pistons right their ship?
  • Are the Knicks putting too much pressure on the return of Jose Calderon to turn things around?
  • Was Eric Bledsoe out of line for saying the Kentucky Wildcats could beat the 76ers? Did Nerlens Noel answer that question for us with his foul on Bledsoe?
  • The short-handed Pacers have not been the pushovers their roster would suggest, are the playoffs realistic if  George Hill and David West return soon?
  • Out in Big D the Mavs offense is posting insane statistics despite mediocre play from Chandler Parsons. Rick Carlisle deserves credit for the buy-in he is getting from his squad but can this torrid efficiency continue?
  • Who Ya Got?  Anthony Davis vs DeMarcus Cousins. Which guy would you rather have to start a team?
  • Did the Lakers finally get their swag back with Nick Young returning to the lineup, probably not but we look at how he will coexist with Kobe Bryant and L.A.’s hopes to turn their season around.

We get into that and a lot more on this week’s episode of The Baseline.


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