October 5, 2022 | 5:52 pm
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The Baseline: Knicks without Fiz & NBA Trade Season primary

As we draw closer to Christmas the NBA makes our show the gift that keeps on giving each week. The Baseline boys are back to discuss all the news in the association including:

The Breakdown:

  • David Fizdale has been fired as the Knicks head coach and we discuss:
    • How will the Knicks move forward in after another peculiar move?
    • Did Fizdale get a raw deal? When should he get an opportunity to be a head coach again?
    • Should Scott Perry and Steve Mills ultimately be held accountable? Can the Knicks ever be good with James Dolan as the owner?
    • Which players should the team keep as part of the present and future of this team?
    • Are Julius Randle, Marcus Morris, Bobby Portis, Taj Gibson and Wayne Ellington attractive pieces for teams in trades?
    • Will any player be drawn to the organization based on the lure of New York alone?

The Drop:

  • NBA trade season opens up on Dec. 15.
    • Kevin Love and the Cavs have mutual interest in parting ways. The Heat, Celtics and Blazers are rumored to have an interest. Are there more teams that should be in the market for Love?
    • With the Hawks season looking lost would Jabari Parker be best served on another roster?
    • Could the Charlotte Hornets become buyers after a surprisingly competitive start?
    • Chris Paul and Danilo Gallinari have kept the Thunder relevant in the West but will they finish the season in OKC?
    • Will the Minnesota Timberwolves or Phoenix Suns make a move to solidify their place in the West?
    • D’Angelo Russell could bring the Warriors back much-needed assets for their future–will the team fully punt on this season?
    • The Rockets are star-driven with James Harden and Russell Westbrook–Cal questions if they need to make a move to help their supporting cast.
    • Could the Chicago Bulls break up their roster with trades of Thadeus Young or Kris Dunn?

Coast to Coast

  • Stephen Curry undergoes a second surgery
  • NBA Coaches aren’t fans of the coaching challenge
  • Carmelo Anthony‘s contract guaranteed for the season


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