October 4, 2022 | 3:37 pm
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The Baseline: NBA Awards special with a twist

The NBA season will conclude for nearly half the league leaving only the championship-starved field of 16 to fight for a chance at the Larry O’Brien trophy.  We put a bow on the 2017-18 regular season in a major way. On this week’s show:

The Breakdown:

NBA Award predictions

The Drop:

Best Comeback story this NBA season:
Summertime Visions: We forecast some fun and random topics for the NBA’s offseason 
  • He Gone: All-star caliber player most likely to switch teams
  • Captain my Captain: Coach most likely to be fired
  • Make it rain: Team most likely to sign a terrible contract
  • Enough already: Team or player that is most likely to be involved in incessant rumors
  • Twitter Fingers: Player most likely to engage in social media beef
  • That’s all Folks: Player most likely to retire

Coast to Coast:


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