December 3, 2022 | 3:43 am
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The Baseline: NBA Central Division Preview

While everyone waited with baited breathe for the return of Derrick Rose to help elevate the Chicago Bulls back to prominence in the Central, what seemed to fly under the radar was the fact that the Central Division brought 3 teams into the 2012-13 Playoffs. Indiana loudly marched their way into Eastern Conference Finals and Milwaukee quietly snuck their way in at the eight seed. With all of the off season moves made, many can argue the 2nd most competitive division lies in the middle.

1) Can the emergence of Paul George and Roy Hibbert translate to another dominant defensive season sprinkled with an offensive spark from a healthy Granger?

2) Rose is back, and by many accounts better than ever, does this mean we finally can see the Bulls potential?

3) After losing their 2/3 of their starters are the Bucks in rebuilding mode?

4) The Pistons are restocked and reloaded adding Josh Smith & Brandon Jennings… is it their time?

5) They started from the bottom but with a new coach and new pieces are the Cavs finally here?

Find out…on the Central Division preview of The Baseline with Cal Lee and Warren Shaw.


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