October 4, 2022 | 3:46 pm
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The Baseline: NBA Draft Lottery Review

With the first pick in the NBA Draft the New Orleans Pelicans select…

A phrase not many thought would be coming to fruition before the NBA’s Draft Lottery. But after some unprecedented good fortune, thanks to a lucky tie, David Griffin and the Pelicans jumped six slots from their predicted spot to number one. We dive in on the chaos that seems to have changed the landscape of the NBA.

  • Will the Pelicans still trade Anthony Davis or will they try to pair him Zion Williamson?
  • The Memphis Grizzlies will most likely move Mike Conley and replace him with Ja Morant.
  • The Knicks are the only team with the highest chance to finish in the top three that actually did, but is losing out on Zion the end of their overhaul plans this summer?
  • Is tanking officially dead as the Suns and Cavs finish out of the top three picks?
  • Could the Celtics have had a worse scenario while their rivals in LA also skipped ahead to go after Davis?

Find out our thoughts on a wild night in the NBA.

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