November 28, 2022 | 11:13 pm
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The Baseline: NBA Draft preview & addressing league rumors

We thought we were heading for a causal draft with chalk picks and transactions. We were sadly mistaken as the NBA has been ablaze with movement and trade conversation. On this week’ show:

  • Pete Philo former NBA scout and executive joins the show to discuss the NBA Draft, Paul George rumors and the importance of networking in the league. He also provides us insight into a team’s mindset in the war room and discusses his Pro Scout school taking place in Las Vegas.
  • We then tackle the Jimmy Butler rumors, question Danny Ainge‘s decision to trade the number one pick and ponder what’s next for the Cavaliers as LeBron James and Dan Gilbert say goodbye to David Griffin. Will Chauncey Billups be a good fit?

So many questions and the news keeps rolling in on this edition of The Baseline.

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