December 1, 2022 | 11:06 am
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The Baseline: NBA Northwest Division Preview

The Northwest Division rolls out a list of talented players but the teams seem to find ways to fall short of what their expectations should represent.

  1. The Oklahoma City Thunder remain as the top dog in the Northwest, can Kevin Durant elevate his team another level while Russell Westbrook continues to rehab back to full havoc?
  2. After replacing their GM, their coach and their system is this one replacement too many for the Denver Nuggets team to maintain within the division?
  3. The Utah Jazz eked out 43 wins last season and to their credit hung in to try to capture a playoff seed, but in the off season they lost their interior big men to free agency. Can the Jazz continue to carry an upbeat tune or are they singing the blues all season long?
  4. Portland found their Rose uprooted from the arena asphalt in Damian Lillard and with an improved bench will the Blazers be the most improved team in the division?
  5. The Minnesota Timberwolves have waited for their team to arrive. Is there enough Kevin Love to give to them?


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