September 29, 2022 | 9:12 pm
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The Baseline on Social Justice with Jabari Davis and Joe Cardoso

We will not stay in a lane or be boxed into any specific topic while the country is literally on fire. We have to take some time away from the game to provide some insight on the issues of social justice. The topic is heavy and we needed to bring in some of our closest colleagues in the business to speak on where we are in America.

On this week’s show founder of Nuts and Bolts Sports, Joe Cardoso joins the show along with Jabari Davis from Dunks and Discourse. Two of the most outspoken brothers in our media circle help us breakdown a nation that is completely divided.  We discuss:

  • The impact of America’s social justice issues in each of our regions
  • What’s made the movement different this time?
  • Perception of media coverage regionally, nationally and globally. Are we being sheep-herded to certain beliefs and angles of the story?
  • The difference between protesters and looters. It’s important to understand how and why looters are disrupting the message with their actions.
  • How has Donald Trump’s style of leadership impacted the narrative?
  • Voting has power but it will require the nation to gain education about the politicians at the local and state levels when they go to the polls.
  • All Lives Matters vs Black Lives Matters and how the former screams disrespect.
  • Drew Brees and his comments about the American flag. Did his apology hold water as something genuine?
  • Michael Jordan’s commitment to funding and aiding the black community
  • The validity of the statements of support made by various businesses, media and celebrities
  • What’s the likelihood of change without the help of white America?
  • Are enough people outraged enough to invoke true sustainable change and reform?
  • Stories of inspiration: Is there reason to be optimistic with some of the positive things we’ve seen
  • Where will be next year at this time? We give our take on the most likely scenarios as opposed to the best-case ones.

It’s a necessary episode that speaks to our beliefs about humanity and the need to contribute.

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