December 9, 2022 | 7:41 am
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The Baseline Podcast dicussing the NBA’s hot topics (Kobe’s Return & more)

Where there is smoke, fire and faulty generators you know those Game Face Boys are at the heart of it. That’s what happens when Cal Lee and Warren Shaw get the mic…games in Mexico City get cancelled.

Big topics on tap for this week’s show:

  • The Return of #24 and what this means for the Lake Show and the NBA.
  • Derrick Rose’s bold proclamation. Optimism or out of touch?
  • The Bynum Experiment: What is his current prognosis?
  • The Pauper of Princeton has finally become a Prince in Atlanta. Kyle Korver’s big achievement.
  • The man child Andre Drummond has emerged in less than 2 years playing like a man amongst toddlers.
  • New York’s Knicks have won two out of three games… are they ready to turn the corner?
  • The current performance of the Eastern Conference have many calling it the Least-ern Conference. With such dominant and exciting play from the West will the East be able to keep up?

All this and a ton more on THE BASELINE

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