November 29, 2022 | 12:38 am
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The Baseline: Recapping Team USA and all the controversy in the NBA

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Warren Shaw and Cal Lee break down the latest NBA news on The Baseline. On this week’s show we discuss:

  • With all the controversy in sports, the USA Men’s Basketball team remained focused and dominated  in Spain to take home the gold medal over Serbia.
  • Who was deserving of team MVP honors? What were their keys to success?
  • We also assess the performance of Derrick Rose throughout the tournament. Was his play a necessary evil to see where he is going into training camp?
  • We give the latest on Danny Ferry and his voluntary leave of absence. How has the recently released audio shaken the NBA community? What can we interpret from Danny Ferry the GM, and Danny Ferry the man as this audio is now leaked?
  • Where do the Atlanta Hawks go from here? Will they ever be able to draw superstar free agents under this ownership?
  • We also discuss the career of Chauncey Billups. Impressive numbers and leadership in his 17-year career, but is he Hall of Fame worthy?
  • Paul George is back in the center attention, this time not in a good way as his recent tweets advocating Ray Rice has not put him in a positive light. We discuss the fallout of George’s recent acts and what Larry Bird and Pacers organization really felt regarding his “thoughtless” act.
  • Greg Monroe‘s situation is the latest pro athlete to be caught by authorities on a DUI charge, but more importantly the story on this gets even stranger. Just how “pissed” was the Pistons forward about the situation?
  • We also have our new segement as we go Coast to Coast dicussing the latest news and rumors throughout the NBA.

Another power packed 60 mins of HOOPS to absorb in this week’s episode of THE BASELINE.

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