September 28, 2022 | 6:32 pm
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The Baseline: Remembering Jerry Sloan with the Athletic’s Tony Jones

2020 has been tough for everybody and those in the basketball community have been hit especially hard. Last week the NBA lost Jerry Sloan who passed away from complications due to Parkinson’s Disease and Lewy Body Dementia. We here at The Baseline NBA podcast are deeply saddened by his passing and wanted to dedicate this show to his legacy.

To properly pay homage to the Hall-of-Famer we’ve enlisted the help of Tony Jones from The Athletic who has covered the Utah Jazz for a number of years. On our tribute show to Coach Sloan we discuss:

  • Where does Sloan rank amongst the all-time great coaches that include Gregg Popovich, Red Auerbach, Rick Carlisle and Phil Jackson? While ranked in the top five in wins all time, he never won a title–how does that impact his ranking?
  • Has his passing been properly covered and highlighted by the national media? Tony explains how things have been in Utah where the impact has been heavily covered and the impact is greatest. Warren and Cal have a different take as people living outside of the Utah area.
  • Jerry’s competitive streak was second to none but his compassion for his players was legendary. Coach agonized over players who were traded no matter their role.
  • Was Deron Williams a coach killer? Cal makes a case that Williams forced Sloan into retirement. Tony explains that Williams lamented his behavior and later made amends with Coach Sloan that buried the hatchet on a contentious
  • Tony shared his favorite story about Sloan which involves coach ribbing him about his writing over the years.
  • We debate where Sloan ranks as a player who turned coach. Sloan was a two-time All-Star and had his number retired by the Chicago Bulls. Do Phil Jackson, Pat Riley and Doc Rivers have claims as better players who joined the sidelines?

It’s an amazing episode about an amazing individual who impacted the game at the highest level. Tune in.

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