August 10, 2022 | 8:09 pm
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The Baseline: Sam Amico discusses the NBA’s bubble potential bursting

As soon as optimism started to grow for the NBA’s return, we’ve learned that bigger world issues may be at play that could stop that possibility. The Baseline NBA Podcast has taken its time in surveying the landscape before making a snap judgment about the league’s potential return to the floor. As July draws nears we dive all in on the latest developments and controversy surrounding the league.

We’ve called in a heavy-hitter Sam Amico, from Sports Illustrated and Amico Hoops, to help us breakdown the following:

The NBA’s restart is tentatively planned for July 30

  • Will the season actually happen?
  • Was the reporting overzealous by the league and media?

Kyrie Irving is leading a charge to keep players informed about potential threats to their health and their impact on social justice.

  • Why is Kyrie getting so much hate for just doing his job?

The NBA’s commitment to social responsibility & justice is greater than any other league

  • Why is the NBA the only league where serious conversations about not resuming are taking place?

Thoughts on the plan and format

  • 22 teams with an 8-game season and play-in-tournament…will it work?
  • Why didn’t the league go with a top 16 format
  • Will this test environment allow for the best teams to rise to the top?
  • Could a team like the Blazers led by Damian Lillard surprise

Troubles with the bubble

  • What happens if a player gets sick? How would the league handle a positive case to a star player?
  • Are enough restrictions in place to keep the players safe?

Potential financial ramifications of a lost season

  • Losing this season could ultimately lead to labor issues that would bleed into next season
  • Daryl Morey’s tweet about China has cost the league millions and in many ways was a catalyst to lost revenue before COVID-19

The WNBA announced a confident plan to resume play.

  • What lessons can the NBA learn from their sister organization?

Tune in as Sam helps us answer these questions and more with his vast knowledge of the league.

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