September 27, 2022 | 5:10 am
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The Baseline: SE Division preview

Our second of six division previews takes us to the Southeast Division where superstar talent is sparse.  We enlist the help of ShawSports contributor, Brandon Johnson to break down all five teams in the division. On this week’s show:

Atlanta Hawks:

Orlando Magic:

  • Will Nikola Vucevic be around all season long?
  • Is Aaron Gordon primed to be the face of the franchise?
  • Can the team get by without a legitimate point guard option to begin the season?

Charlotte Hornets:

Washington Wizards:

  • Can this team get out of its own way to realize the talent it has?
  • Will this be the last season we see the duo of John Wall and Bradley Beal together?
  • How will newcomers Austin Rivers, Jeff Green and Howard help in the long run?

Miami Heat:

  • Can Coach Spoelstra pull more tricks out of his coaching hat to keep this team at the top of the division?
  • Would the return of Dwyane Wade muddy the crowded backcourt further?
  • Is Josh Richardson the true building block of this team as Hassan Whiteside and Justise Winslow have fallen out of favor in the eyes of some?

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