September 29, 2022 | 11:21 pm
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The Baseline: State of the NBA with AP’s Tim Reynolds

The Baseline is still adjusting to this new temporary normal with Covid-19 dominating the headlines. On this week’s show, we further discuss the state of the NBA with Associated Press journalist, Tim Reynolds.  Tune in as we discuss Tim’s latest article and we ask him about a  variety of league topics including:

  • What is the likely hood the season completes a full 82 game schedule? What would an amended schedule look like?
  • Should the league skip ahead to the playoffs? Will the playoffs end up being best of three, five or seven?
  • How will the league need to reshape its calendar?
  • All options remain on the table for the league but this evolving situation is tugging at the heartstrings of the commissioner.
  • Adam Silver’s trials as commissioner have been many. We evaluate his tenure thus far through the plight of Donald Sterling, China relations, the passing of David Stern and Kobe Bryant and now Covid-19.
  • Can the league mitigate revenue loss by partnering with China or other associations? What is the likely hood that the CBA’s force majeure clause will need to be invoked? Will the league be able to organize a charity game to lift the spirits of the public?
  • Can the league still conduct the NBA Draft Lottery, combine and draft itself? Can the process be fair to those entering the 2020 draft?
  • Player testing has come under fire as many teams have elected to conduct their own testing while the less fortunate struggle to find tests. Silver and Michelle Roberts have come to the players’ defense in a touchy subject that might be a misguided argument.
  • Should the players and owners look to do more for their communities regarding employment and testings?
  • Can players keep in shape during this pandemic? What steps are viable as training facilities remain closed?

It’s insigftul conversation with one of the best in the business. Tune in.

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