December 5, 2022 | 3:12 am
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The Baseline: Summer League and Free Agency closure

The Baseline keeps the news flowing like betting sites in the USA and just because the NBA is winding down–it doesn’t mean we are. There are still a plethora of topics to delve into like:

The Breakdown

Final Summer League Impressions and standouts. Lonzo Ball, Dennis Smith Jr., Wayne Selden, Jayson Tatum and more.

The Drop:
Free Agency Wrapping up
Coast to Coast:
NBA changes for 2017-18
  • Trade Deadline moved up to take place before All-Star
  • Each team will have seven timeouts per game, with no restrictions per half.
  • All team timeouts will be 75 seconds.  In the previous format, “full” timeouts were 90 seconds and “20-second” timeouts were 60 seconds.  Both “full” and “20-second” timeouts have been replaced by team timeouts.
  • Each team will have two team timeouts per overtime period; previously teams had three..
  • Halftime will last 15 minutes for all games, beginning immediately upon expiration of the second period. A delay-of-game penalty will be issued if a team is not ready to start play at the expiration of the halftime clock.

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