September 27, 2022 | 3:27 am
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The Baseline: Taking Note of the Jazz


The NBA season is already nearing its quarter mark as the action continues to be fast and furious. You know The Baseline will not let you down covering every angle of the association. On this week show we discuss:

News & Notes

The Breakdown:

Taking Note of the Utah Jazz as the team is on an insane 10 plus game winning streak

  • What’s different about the Jazz this season?
  • Can the hot three-point shooting continue?
  • Is Donovan Mitchell deserving of MVP consideration?
  • Mike Conley, Rudy Gobert and Jordan Clarkson look comfortable in their roles
  • Should Quin Snyder garner Coach of the Year talk?
  • What’s the next step of their evolution as a team in top 10 on offense and defense?
  • Does the team need to make a move for another playmaker like Lonzo Ball, George Hill or others?

The Drop 

Evaluating some of the notable early returns from the offseason movement

As always it’s a jam-packed show. Tune in

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