October 5, 2022 | 4:59 pm
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The Baseline: The Last Dance Episodes 1 & 2

For the basketball-starved public, ESPN is providing a pseudo fix with the release of The Last Dance. This in-depth look at Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls is nostalgia, history and greatness all rolled into a ten-episode ride. The Baseline boys figured it was only right to do after shows on this engaging content that has fascinated the basketball community. We will be taking a look each Sunday after the episodes drop. This week we dive into episodes one and two which feature:

  • Jerry Krause’s “little man” complex and his desire to be recognized in a greater capacity for Chicago’s accomplishments.
    • Krause’s openly brazen disrespect of Phil Jackson and how Jordan and Scottie Pippen turned on him as a result.
    • How Krause didn’t care about breaking up a dynasty to prove that management was more important than the players on the floor.
  • Pippen not wanting to “f” up his summer and delaying surgery before the team’s sixth title chase.
    • The best running mate in the history of the NBA was grossly underpaid as the 122nd highest-paid player but did he take enough responsibility for signing a seven-year deal?
    • Jordan’s frustration with Pippen for not putting the team first in a difficult personal situation.
  • The various incidents that impacted Jordan’s rise to greatness, from being cut in high school, the shot at North Carolina and becoming rookie of the year.
    • MJ overcoming injury in his second season, creating his own rehab plan and essentially bullying the front office in allowing him to play again.
    • We learn about his disdain for load management before it was actually a term and how the front office alienated him early with some of their views of building a team.
  • Nuanced stories from the bench and Jordan’s account in his rookie year when he saw the majority of the team engaged in drug use and sexual exploits.

We end the show by looking ahead to episodes 3 and 4 which will highlight Dennis Rodman joining the team from the hated Detroit Pistons (aka The Bad Boyz). Tune in.

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